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Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

11 letter words ending with ss

This is a list of all words that end with the letters ss and are 11 letters long contained within the Litscape.com default word list. If you need words ending with more than 2 letters, use our live dictionary words ending with search tool.

663 Words

(0.299027 % of all words in this word list.)

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abashedness abidingness abusiveness adamantness adaptedness adventuress adverseness agelessness aimlessness airlessness airsickness amiableness amorousness ancientness angelicness animateness antiqueness anxiousness archaicness archduchess arduousness armlessness artlessness ashamedness attriteness averageness awesomeness awkwardness balefulness barristress bashfulness battledress beardedness bearishness beastliness belatedness billowiness bittercress bizarreness bladderless blanketless blessedness bloatedness blokishness blossomless blotchiness blueishness blunderbuss boarishness bookishness boorishness boundedness breathiness bristleless bristliness brittleness brotherless brusqueness brutishness bullishness butcherless caddishness callousness capableness capitalness captionless carefulness carsickness causticness censureless chaoticness charityless charterless chimneyless chintziness circumsciss cleanliness cliqueyness clothesless clottedness cloudliness cloyingness cluefulness coadjutress cockishness coequalness cofoundress cognateness collectress comfortless comfortress comicalness commandless commandress compactness compassless complexness concaveness conciseness condignness conductress conicalness contactless contendress contentless contextless controlless copiousness cordialness correctness correctress corruptless corruptness corruptress courtliness crabbedness crimsonness crinkliness crookedness crowdedness crumbliness crunchiness crypticness cubicalness cultishness cultureless cunningness curableness curiousness cursiveness cursoriness curtainless cushionless damningness dampishness darlingness dartingness dataprocess deadishness deathliness debasedness decayedness decidedness defenceless defenseless defiantness definedness defunctness delightless demigoddess derivedness desiredness detractress deviousness devotedness diffuseness disputeless diverseness dividedness doglessness dolefulness doltishness doublecross doveishness draughtless drunkenness dubiousness ductileness durableness duteousness dutifulness earnestness earthliness elasticness elderliness elusiveness elusoriness emotionless emotiveness emulousness enchantress endlessness enviousness epitaphless equableness erosiveness erraticness eternalness evasiveness exaltedness excitedness exhaustless expenseless exposedness expositress extremeness eyebrowless eyelessness faddishness fashionless fatefulness fearfulness featherless featureless feignedness fervourless fibrousness fidgetiness fillingness fingerglass finickiness fissureless fixtureless flavourless flexionless flightiness floweriness flowingness fluxiveness foolishness foppishness foreignness foreverness forgiveness forlornness fortuneless forwardness fragileness franticness freckliness freightless fretfulness frizzliness frowstiness fulsomeness furiousness furtiveness gainfulness gallowglass garmentless gaseousness generalness genericness genuineness germaneness ghastliness ghostliness girlishness glamourless glamourpuss gleefulness goatherdess goatishness godlessness goosishness gradualness grammarless graphicness gristliness grouchiness guardedness guerdonless gutlessness gyrocompass hackishness haggardness haggishness haltingness haplessness harbourless harmfulness harnessless harvestless hatefulness haughtiness hawkishness healthiness heathenness heedfulness heinousness hellishness helpfulness hideousness hirsuteness hoggishness hopefulness horizonless hurtfulness husbandless hyperstress illegalness illicitness immenseness inexactness inheritress inhumanness insipidness intenseness irksomeness jealousness jitteriness joblessness jobmistress jointedness joylessness justiceless kiddishness kindredness kitchenless knavishness knowingness kvetchiness laboredness laggardness languidness lastingness lawfullness lawlessness learnedness leisureless lengthiness letterpress liberalness libertyless libraryless licenceless licenseless likableness limitedness literalness loathedness loathliness logicalness loutishness lovableness lustfulness macabreness machineless mannishness massiveness mawkishness meadowgrass meaningless measureless mentionless microaccess microbeless microstress middleclass mindfulness minxishness miserliness mongrelness mottledness mournerless multiaccess mundaneness musicalness mutableness naturalness naughtiness needfulness needlegrass nervousness neutralness noisomeness nominalness nonetheless nonsaneness notableness nothingness noxiousness obliqueness obsceneness obscureness obviousness offhandness ominousness onerousness orderedness orderliness orthogneiss outlineless outwardness overdepress overdiscuss overexpress overimpress overprocess oversadness overwetness painfulness panickiness parchedness partnerless passionless passiveness patientless patternless paymistress peccantness peevishness pensionless pensiveness pepperiness perfectness perfumeless pettishness pictureless piebaldness piggishness pinkishness piteousness pitifulness playfulness pleasedness plebianness pliableness plunderless poetastress pointedness pompousness portionless postprocess potableness poultryless powderiness preacheress preachiness preceptress preciseness predistress prickliness privateness productress profaneness profuseness promiseless prophetless prudishness puerileness purposeless puzzledness qualityless queenliness radiantness radicalness railwayless ramekinless raptureless raucousness raunchiness receiptless recoverless reddishness redressless refinedness regularness regulatress relatedness relaxedness remorseless removedness renewedness repleteness respectless restfulness restiveness revengeless ricketiness riotousness roadstoness roguishness roosterless rubberiness ruthfulness saintliness salableness savouriness scepterless scrappiness scrawliness scrawniness scrimpiness scruffiness seasickness seeableness seemingness selfengross selfishness sensualness seriousness servantless servileness settledness sexlessness shadowiness shallowness shapeliness shelterless shepherdess shockedness shrubbiness shutterless shuttleless sightedness sightliness silveriness sincereness sinlessness sketchiness slavishness slenderness slumberless snakishness solubleness solventless soulfulness sparkliness sparrowless specialness speckliness spindliness splashiness spottedness sprightless springiness squalidness squeakiness squirminess starchiness stateliness staunchless staunchness steepleless sterileness stiltedness stintedness stomachless strangeness streakiness stretchless stringiness stroppiness studentless stuntedness stylishness subjectless sublimeness subprioress succourless suggestress sulphurless supportless supremeness surgeonless surmistress survivoress swarthiness swollenness symptomless tactfulness taintedness teacherless tearfulness tediousness teleprocess tensileness tensionless tenuousness terpeneless textureless theaterless theatreless thiopheness thirstiness thoughtless threadiness thriftiness throatiness thunderless tigrishness toilfulness toplessness tormentress torrentless torsionless trafficless treacliness treasonless tricksiness trickstress triggerless trouserless trumpetless tuitionless tunefulness twitchiness typicalness unawareness uncanniness uncleanness unclearness uncouthness unctionless undatedness underassess understress unequalness ungodliness unhappiness uniformless uniformness unkemptness unluckiness unmanliness unsoundness unusualness upholstress uprightness uproariness uptightness uselessness vacuousness velvetiness verboseness verdureless viciousness victoryless viscountess viscousness waggishness wakefulness warrantless waspishness waywardness wealthiness webmistress weightiness welcomeless welcomeness whiskerless whisperless whorishness willfulness willingness wimpishness winningness winsomeness wintercress winteriness wishfulness wistfulness witlessness wolfishness womanliness worldliness worriedness wrinkleless wrinkliness yellowcress zealousness zestfulness