Definition of sex

"sex" in the noun sense

1. sexual activity, sexual practice, sex, sex activity

activities associated with sexual intercourse

"they had sex in the back seat"

2. sex

either of the two categories (male or female) into which most organisms are divided

"the war between the sexes"

3. sex, sexual urge

all of the feelings resulting from the urge to gratify sexual impulses

"he wanted a better sex life"

"the film contained no sex or violence"

4. sex, gender, sexuality

the properties that distinguish organisms on the basis of their reproductive roles

"she didn't want to know the sex of the foetus"

"sex" in the verb sense

1. arouse, sex, excite, turn on, wind up

stimulate sexually

"This movie usually arouses the male audience"

2. sex

tell the sex (of young chickens)

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Quotations for sex

Vanity has no sex. [ Colton ]

The sex is ever to a soldier kind. [ Homer ]

To so perverse a sex all grace is vain. [ Dryden ]

Women as a sex are Sphinxes without secrets. [ Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance ]

If you are wise, and prize your peace of mind,
Believe me true, nor listen to your Jealousy,
Let not that devil which undoes your sex,
That cursed curiosity seduce you
To hunt for needless secrets, which, neglected,
Shall never hurt your quiet, but once known
Shall sit upon your heart, pinch it with pain,
And banish sweet sleep forever from you. [ Rowe ]

To a gentleman every woman is a lady in right of her sex.

Women always find their bitterest foes among their own sex. [ J. Petit-Senn ]

She hugged the offender and forgave the offense - sex to the last! [ Dryden ]

In the case of a very fascinating woman, sex is a challenge, not a defense. [ Oscar Wilde, An Ideal Husband ]

A beau is everything of a woman but the sex, and nothing of a man beside it. [ Fielding ]

As a sex, women are habitually indolent; and everything tends to make them so. [ Mary Wollstonecraft ]

The first vice of the first woman was curiosity, and it runs through the whole sex. [ Richardson ]

The acceptance of favors from the other sex is a woman's first step towards self-committal. [ Mme. de Puisieux ]

It is a powerful sex; they were too strong for the first, the strongest, and the wisest man that was. [ Howell ]

At a ball, men are the timid sex, and also the feebler sex; for they are always the first to be fatigued. [ A. Karr ]

The haughty woman who can stand alone, and requires no leaning-place in our hearts, loses the spell of her sex. [ Edward Bulwer-Lytton ]

Dame Fortune, like most others of the female sex, is generally most indulgent to the nimble-mettled blockheads. [ Otway ]

Sympathy is a relationship of the heart and mind: between two persons of different sex the senses enter the relationship. [ A. Dupuy ]

A woman who plays with the love of a loyal man is a curse; she may close his heart forever against all confidence in her sex.

Talk not to me of the wisdom of women, - I know my own sex well; the wisest of us all are but little less foolish than the rest. [ Mary, Queen of Scots ]

No age, sex, or condition is above or below the absolute necessity of modesty; but without it one is vastly beneath the rank of man. [ Barton ]

At twenty, man is less a lover of woman than of women: he is more in love with the sex than with the individual, however charming she may be. [ Ritif de la Bretonne ]

No woman, plain or pretty, has any commonsense at all. Common-sense is the privilege of our sex and we men are so self-sacrificing that we never use it. [ Oscar Wilde, An Ideal Husband ]

It is a fact capable of amiable interpretation that ladies are not the worst disposed towards a new acquaintance of their own sex, because she has points of inferiority. [ George Eliot ]

The passion for praise, which is so very vehement in the fair sex, produces excellent effects in women of sense, who desire to be admired for that which only deserves admiration. [ Addison ]

Miss Edgeworth and Mme. de Stael have proved that there is no sex in style; and Mme. la Roche Jacqueline, and the Duchesse d'Angouleme have proved that there is no sex in courage. [ Colton ]

Genius never grows old - young today, mature yesterday, vigorous tomorrow, always immortal. It is peculiar to no sex or condition, and is the divine gift to woman no less than to man. [ Juan Lewis ]

Who has not seen how women bully women? What tortures have men to endure compared to those daily repeated shafts of scorn and cruelty with which poor women are riddled by the tyrants of their sex? [ Thackeray ]

No improvement that takes place if either sex can possibly be confined to itself. Each is a universal mirror to each, and the respective refinement of the one will always be in. reciprocal proportion to the polish of the other. [ Colton ]

I have often reflected within myself on this unaccountable humor in womankind of being smitten with everything that is showy and superficial, and on the numberless evils that befall the sex from this light fantastical disposition. [ Addison ]

Virgil has very finely touched upon the female passion for dress and shows, in the character of Camilla; who, though she seems to have shaken off all the other weaknesses of her sex, is still described as a woman in this particular. [ Addison ]

A woman who is guided by the head, and not by the heart, is a social pestilence: she has all the defects of the passionate and affectionate woman, with none of her compensations; she is without pity, without love, without virtue, without sex. [ Balzac ]

Eyes speak all languages; wait for no letter of introduction; they ask no leave of age or rank; they respect neither poverty nor riches, neither learning, nor power, nor virtue, nor sex, but intrude and come again, and go through and through you in a moment of time. [ Ralph Waldo Emerson ]

If once a woman breaks through the barriers of decency, her case is desperate; and if she goes greater lengths than the men, and leaves the pale of propriety farther behind her, it is because she is aware that all return is prohibited, and by none so strongly as by her own sex. [ Colton ]

Nothing makes a woman more esteemed by the opposite sex than chastity; whether it be that we always prize those most who are hardest to come at, or that nothing besides chastity, with its collateral attendants, truth, fidelity, and constancy, gives the man a property in the person he loves, and consequently endears her to him above all things. [ Addison ]

We are foolish, and without excuse foolish, in speaking of the superiority of one sex to the other, as if they could be compared in similar things! Each has what the other has not; each completes the other; they are in nothing alike; and the happiness and perfection of both depend on each asking and receiving from the other what the other only can give. [ Ruskin ]

Eyes are bold as lions, roving, running, leaping, here and there, far and near. They speak all languages; they wait for no introduction; they are no Englishmen; ask no leave of age or rank; they respect neither poverty nor riches, neither learning nor power, nor virtue, nor sex, but intrude, and come again, and go through and through you in a moment of time. What inundation of life and thought is discharged from one soul into another through them! [ Emerson ]

No woman is a genius: women are a decorative sex. They never have anything to say, but they say it charmingly. They represent the triumph of matter over mind, just as men represent the triumph of mind over morals. There are only two kinds of women, the plain and the colored. The plain women are very useful. If you want to gain a reputation for respectability you have merely to take them down to supper. The other women are very charming. They commit one mistake, however. They paint in order to try to look young. Our grandmothers painted in order to try to talk brilliantly. Rouge and esprit used to go together. That has all gone out now. As long as a woman can look ten years younger than her own daughter she is perfectly satisfied. [ Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Grey ]

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Words containing the sequence sex

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Word Growth involving sex

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Longer words containing sex

crossexamination crossexaminations

crossexamine crossexamined uncrossexamined

crossexamine crossexaminer crossexaminers

crossexamine crossexamines


desex desexed

desex desexes

desex desexing

desex desexualisation desexualisations

desex desexualise desexualised

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desex desexualising

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intersex intersexes

intersex intersexual intersexualism intersexualisms

intersex intersexual intersexualities

intersex intersexual intersexuality

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misexplain misexplained

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misexplanation misexplanations

misexpression misexpressions


pseudosex pseudosexual pseudosexualities

pseudosex pseudosexual pseudosexuality

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sexism cissexism

sexism heterosexism

sexism sexisms

sexist heterosexist heterosexists

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sexual ambosexual ambosexualities

sexual ambosexual ambosexuality

sexual ambosexual ambosexually

sexual ambosexual ambosexuals

sexual asexual asexualisation

sexual asexual asexualise asexualised

sexual asexual asexualise asexualises

sexual asexual asexualising

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sexual asexual asexualism contrasexualism

sexual asexual asexualist asexualists

sexual asexual asexuality contrasexuality

sexual asexual asexuality intrasexuality

sexual asexual asexuality parasexuality

sexual asexual asexualization

sexual asexual asexualize asexualized

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sexual asexual asexualizing

sexual asexual asexually contrasexually

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sexual asexual contrasexualities

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sexual asexual parasexual parasexually

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sexual autosexual autosexuality

sexual autosexual autosexually

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sexual bisexual ambisexual ambisexualities

sexual bisexual ambisexual ambisexuality

sexual bisexual ambisexual ambisexually

sexual bisexual ambisexual ambisexuals

sexual bisexual bisexualism

sexual bisexual bisexualist bisexualists

sexual bisexual bisexuality ambisexuality

sexual bisexual bisexually ambisexually

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sexual bisexual bisexuals nonbisexuals

sexual bisexual nonbisexual nonbisexuals

sexual cissexual cissexuality

sexual cissexual cissexuals

sexual gerontosexual gerontosexuality

sexual gerontosexual gerontosexually

sexual gerontosexual gerontosexuals

sexual heterosexual heterosexualisation heterosexualisations

sexual heterosexual heterosexualise heterosexualised

sexual heterosexual heterosexualise heterosexualises

sexual heterosexual heterosexualising

sexual heterosexual heterosexualisms

sexual heterosexual heterosexualist heterosexualists

sexual heterosexual heterosexuality nonheterosexuality

sexual heterosexual heterosexualization heterosexualizations

sexual heterosexual heterosexualize heterosexualized

sexual heterosexual heterosexualize heterosexualizes

sexual heterosexual heterosexualizing

sexual heterosexual heterosexually

sexual heterosexual heterosexualness

sexual heterosexual heterosexuals nonheterosexuals

sexual heterosexual nonheterosexual nonheterosexuality

sexual heterosexual nonheterosexual nonheterosexuals

sexual homosexual homosexualisation dehomosexualisation

sexual homosexual homosexualisation homosexualisations

sexual homosexual homosexualise dehomosexualise dehomosexualised

sexual homosexual homosexualise dehomosexualise dehomosexualises

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sexual hypersexual hypersexuality

sexual hypersexual hypersexually

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sexual hyposexual hyposexualities

sexual hyposexual hyposexuality

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sexual intersexual intersexualism intersexualisms

sexual intersexual intersexualities

sexual intersexual intersexuality

sexual intersexual intersexually

sexual monosexual monosexualities

sexual monosexual monosexuality

sexual monosexual monosexually

sexual monosexual monosexuals

sexual nonsexual nonsexualised

sexual nonsexual nonsexualising

sexual nonsexual nonsexuality

sexual nonsexual nonsexualized

sexual nonsexual nonsexualizing

sexual nonsexual nonsexually

sexual omnisexual omnisexuality

sexual omnisexual omnisexually

sexual omnisexual omnisexuals

sexual paedosexual paedosexuality

sexual paedosexual paedosexually

sexual paedosexual paedosexuals

sexual pansexual pansexualism pansexualisms

sexual pansexual pansexualist pansexualists

sexual pansexual pansexualities

sexual pansexual pansexuality

sexual pansexual pansexualize pansexualized

sexual pansexual pansexualize pansexualizes

sexual pansexual pansexualizing

sexual pansexual pansexuals

sexual pedosexual pedosexuality

sexual pedosexual pedosexually

sexual pedosexual pedosexuals

sexual polysexual polysexuality

sexual polysexual polysexually

sexual polysexual polysexuals

sexual pomosexual pomosexualities

sexual pomosexual pomosexuality

sexual pomosexual pomosexually

sexual pomosexual pomosexuals

sexual pornosexual nonpornosexual

sexual pornosexual pornosexualities

sexual pornosexual pornosexuality

sexual pornosexual pornosexually

sexual pornosexual pornosexuals

sexual postsexual postsexuality

sexual postsexual postsexually

sexual postsexual postsexuals

sexual presexual presexuality

sexual presexual presexually

sexual presexual presexuals

sexual pseudosexual pseudosexualities

sexual pseudosexual pseudosexuality

sexual pseudosexual pseudosexually

sexual pseudosexual pseudosexuals

sexual psychosexual nonpsychosexual nonpsychosexuals

sexual psychosexual psychosexualities

sexual psychosexual psychosexuality

sexual psychosexual psychosexually

sexual psychosexual psychosexuals nonpsychosexuals

sexual retrosexual retrosexualities

sexual retrosexual retrosexuality

sexual retrosexual retrosexually

sexual retrosexual retrosexuals

sexual robosexual robosexualities

sexual robosexual robosexuality

sexual robosexual robosexually

sexual robosexual robosexuals

sexual sapiosexual sapiosexuality

sexual sapiosexual sapiosexually

sexual sapiosexual sapiosexuals

sexual sexualisation asexualisation

sexual sexualisation desexualisation desexualisations

sexual sexualisation heterosexualisation heterosexualisations

sexual sexualisation homosexualisation dehomosexualisation

sexual sexualisation homosexualisation homosexualisations

sexual sexualisation oversexualisation oversexualisations

sexual sexualisation sexualisations desexualisations

sexual sexualisation sexualisations heterosexualisations

sexual sexualisation sexualisations homosexualisations

sexual sexualisation sexualisations oversexualisations

sexual sexualisation unsexualisation

sexual sexualise asexualise asexualised

sexual sexualise asexualise asexualises

sexual sexualise desexualise desexualised

sexual sexualise desexualise desexualises

sexual sexualise heterosexualise heterosexualised

sexual sexualise heterosexualise heterosexualises

sexual sexualise homosexualise dehomosexualise dehomosexualised

sexual sexualise homosexualise dehomosexualise dehomosexualises

sexual sexualise homosexualise homosexualised dehomosexualised

sexual sexualise homosexualise homosexualises dehomosexualises

sexual sexualise oversexualise oversexualised

sexual sexualise oversexualise oversexualises

sexual sexualise sexualised asexualised

sexual sexualise sexualised desexualised

sexual sexualise sexualised heterosexualised

sexual sexualise sexualised homosexualised dehomosexualised

sexual sexualise sexualised nonsexualised

sexual sexualise sexualised oversexualised

sexual sexualise sexualised unsexualised

sexual sexualise sexualises asexualises

sexual sexualise sexualises desexualises

sexual sexualise sexualises heterosexualises

sexual sexualise sexualises homosexualises dehomosexualises

sexual sexualise sexualises oversexualises

sexual sexualise sexualises unsexualises

sexual sexualise unsexualise unsexualised

sexual sexualise unsexualise unsexualises

sexual sexualising asexualising

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sexual sexualising homosexualising dehomosexualising

sexual sexualising nonsexualising

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sexual sexualising unsexualising

sexual sexualism antisexualism antisexualisms

sexual sexualism asexualism asexualisms

sexual sexualism asexualism contrasexualism

sexual sexualism bisexualism

sexual sexualism heterosexualisms

sexual sexualism intersexualism intersexualisms

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sexual sexualism transexualism

sexual sexualism transsexualism

sexual sexualism unisexualism

sexual sexualist antisexualist antisexualists

sexual sexualist asexualist asexualists

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sexual sexualist heterosexualist heterosexualists

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sexual sexualist unisexualist unisexualists

sexual sexualist unsexualist unsexualists

sexual sexualities ambisexualities

sexual sexualities ambosexualities

sexual sexualities contrasexualities

sexual sexualities hyposexualities

sexual sexualities intersexualities

sexual sexualities metrosexualities

sexual sexualities monosexualities

sexual sexualities pansexualities

sexual sexualities parasexualities

sexual sexualities pomosexualities

sexual sexualities pornosexualities

sexual sexualities pseudosexualities

sexual sexualities psychosexualities

sexual sexualities retrosexualities

sexual sexualities robosexualities

sexual sexualities sociosexualities

sexual sexualities subsexualities

sexual sexualities transexualities

sexual sexuality ambosexuality

sexual sexuality asexuality contrasexuality

sexual sexuality asexuality intrasexuality

sexual sexuality asexuality parasexuality

sexual sexuality autosexuality

sexual sexuality bisexuality ambisexuality

sexual sexuality cissexuality

sexual sexuality gerontosexuality

sexual sexuality heterosexuality nonheterosexuality

sexual sexuality homosexuality nonhomosexuality

sexual sexuality hypersexuality

sexual sexuality hyposexuality

sexual sexuality intersexuality

sexual sexuality metrosexuality

sexual sexuality monosexuality

sexual sexuality nonsexuality

sexual sexuality omnisexuality

sexual sexuality paedosexuality

sexual sexuality pansexuality

sexual sexuality pedosexuality

sexual sexuality polysexuality

sexual sexuality pomosexuality

sexual sexuality pornosexuality

sexual sexuality postsexuality

sexual sexuality presexuality

sexual sexuality pseudosexuality

sexual sexuality psychosexuality

sexual sexuality retrosexuality

sexual sexuality robosexuality

sexual sexuality sapiosexuality

sexual sexuality sociosexuality

sexual sexuality subsexuality

sexual sexuality transexuality

sexual sexuality unsexuality

sexual sexuality zoosexuality

sexual sexualization asexualization

sexual sexualization desexualization desexualizations

sexual sexualization heterosexualization heterosexualizations

sexual sexualization homosexualization dehomosexualization

sexual sexualization homosexualization homosexualizations

sexual sexualization oversexualization oversexualizations

sexual sexualization sexualizations desexualizations

sexual sexualization sexualizations heterosexualizations

sexual sexualization sexualizations homosexualizations

sexual sexualization sexualizations oversexualizations

sexual sexualization unsexualization

sexual sexualize asexualize asexualized

sexual sexualize asexualize asexualizes

sexual sexualize desexualize desexualized

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sexual sexualize heterosexualize heterosexualizes

sexual sexualize homosexualize dehomosexualize dehomosexualized

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sexual sexualize homosexualize homosexualized dehomosexualized

sexual sexualize homosexualize homosexualizes dehomosexualizes

sexual sexualize oversexualize oversexualized

sexual sexualize oversexualize oversexualizes

sexual sexualize pansexualize pansexualized

sexual sexualize pansexualize pansexualizes

sexual sexualize sexualized asexualized

sexual sexualize sexualized desexualized

sexual sexualize sexualized heterosexualized

sexual sexualize sexualized homosexualized dehomosexualized

sexual sexualize sexualized nonsexualized

sexual sexualize sexualized oversexualized

sexual sexualize sexualized pansexualized

sexual sexualize sexualized unsexualized

sexual sexualize sexualizes asexualizes

sexual sexualize sexualizes desexualizes

sexual sexualize sexualizes heterosexualizes

sexual sexualize sexualizes homosexualizes dehomosexualizes

sexual sexualize sexualizes oversexualizes

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sexual sexualize sexualizes unsexualizes

sexual sexualize unsexualize unsexualized

sexual sexualize unsexualize unsexualizes

sexual sexualizing asexualizing

sexual sexualizing desexualizing

sexual sexualizing heterosexualizing

sexual sexualizing homosexualizing dehomosexualizing

sexual sexualizing nonsexualizing

sexual sexualizing oversexualizing

sexual sexualizing pansexualizing

sexual sexualizing unsexualizing

sexual sexually ambosexually

sexual sexually antisexually

sexual sexually asexually contrasexually

sexual sexually asexually intrasexually

sexual sexually asexually parasexually

sexual sexually autosexually

sexual sexually bisexually ambisexually

sexual sexually gerontosexually

sexual sexually heterosexually

sexual sexually homosexually

sexual sexually hypersexually

sexual sexually hyposexually

sexual sexually intersexually

sexual sexually metrosexually

sexual sexually monosexually

sexual sexually nonsexually

sexual sexually omnisexually

sexual sexually paedosexually

sexual sexually pedosexually

sexual sexually polysexually

sexual sexually pomosexually

sexual sexually pornosexually

sexual sexually postsexually

sexual sexually presexually

sexual sexually pseudosexually

sexual sexually psychosexually

sexual sexually retrosexually

sexual sexually robosexually

sexual sexually sapiosexually

sexual sexually subsexually

sexual sexually supersexually

sexual sexually transexually

sexual sexually transsexually

sexual sexually zoosexually

sexual sexualness heterosexualness

sexual sexualness homosexualness

sexual sexuals ambosexuals

sexual sexuals antisexuals

sexual sexuals asexuals biasexuals

sexual sexuals asexuals intrasexuals

sexual sexuals asexuals parasexuals

sexual sexuals autosexuals

sexual sexuals bisexuals ambisexuals

sexual sexuals bisexuals nonbisexuals

sexual sexuals cissexuals

sexual sexuals gerontosexuals

sexual sexuals heterosexuals nonheterosexuals

sexual sexuals homosexuals nonhomosexuals

sexual sexuals hypersexuals

sexual sexuals hyposexuals

sexual sexuals metrosexuals

sexual sexuals monosexuals

sexual sexuals omnisexuals

sexual sexuals paedosexuals

sexual sexuals pansexuals

sexual sexuals pedosexuals

sexual sexuals polysexuals

sexual sexuals pomosexuals

sexual sexuals pornosexuals

sexual sexuals postsexuals

sexual sexuals presexuals

sexual sexuals pseudosexuals

sexual sexuals psychosexuals nonpsychosexuals

sexual sexuals retrosexuals

sexual sexuals robosexuals

sexual sexuals sapiosexuals

sexual sexuals subsexuals

sexual sexuals supersexuals

sexual sexuals transexuals

sexual sexuals transsexuals

sexual sexuals unisexuals

sexual sexuals unsexuals

sexual sexuals zoosexuals

sexual sociosexual sociosexualities

sexual sociosexual sociosexuality

sexual subsexual subsexualities

sexual subsexual subsexuality

sexual subsexual subsexually

sexual subsexual subsexuals

sexual transexual transexualism

sexual transexual transexualist transexualists

sexual transexual transexualities

sexual transexual transexuality

sexual transexual transexually

sexual transexual transexuals

sexual transsexual nontranssexual

sexual transsexual transsexualism

sexual transsexual transsexualist transsexualists

sexual transsexual transsexually

sexual transsexual transsexuals

sexual unisexual unisexualism

sexual unisexual unisexualist unisexualists

sexual unisexual unisexuals

sexual zoosexual zoosexuality

sexual zoosexual zoosexually

sexual zoosexual zoosexuals

sexy pseudosexy

sexy unsexy


unisex unisexual unisexualism

unisex unisexual unisexualist unisexualists

unisex unisexual unisexuals

unsex unsexagesimal unsexagesimals

unsex unsexagintillion unsexagintillions

unsex unsexagintillion unsexagintillionth unsexagintillionths

unsex unsexed

unsex unsexualisation

unsex unsexualise unsexualised

unsex unsexualise unsexualises

unsex unsexualising

unsex unsexualist unsexualists

unsex unsexuality

unsex unsexualization

unsex unsexualize unsexualized

unsex unsexualize unsexualizes

unsex unsexualizing

unsex unsexuals

unsex unsexy