Definition of rip

"rip" in the noun sense

1. rake, rakehell, profligate, rip, blood, roue

a dissolute man in fashionable society

2. rip, rent, snag, split, tear

an opening made forcibly as by pulling apart

"there was a rip in his pants"

"she had snags in her stockings"

3. rip, riptide, tide rip, crosscurrent, countercurrent

a stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current

4. rent, rip, split

the act of rending or ripping or splitting something

"he gave the envelope a vigorous rip"

"rip" in the verb sense

1. rend, rip, rive, pull

tear or be torn violently

"The curtain ripped from top to bottom"

"pull the cooked chicken into strips"

2. rip

move precipitously or violently

"The tornado ripped along the coast"

3. rip

cut (wood) along the grain

4. steal, rip off, rip

take without the owner's consent

"Someone stole my wallet on the train"

"This author stole entire paragraphs from my dissertation"

5. rip

criticize or abuse strongly and violently

"The candidate ripped into his opponent mercilessly"

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WordNet®. Princeton University. 2010.

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rip in Scrabble®

The word rip is playable in Scrabble®, no blanks required.

Scrabble® Letter Score: 5

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rip in Words With Friends™

The word rip is playable in Words With Friends™, no blanks required.

Words With Friends™ Letter Score: 6

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Words containing the sequence rip

Words with rip in them (521 words)


Word Growth involving rip

Shorter words in rip

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Longer words containing rip


drip dripdried

drip dripdries

drip dripdry dripdrying

drip dripless

drip drippage drippages

drip dripped

drip dripper drippers

drip drippier

drip drippiest

drip drippily

drip drippiness

drip dripping drippings

drip dripping nondripping

drip dripproof

drip drippy

drip drips dripstick dripsticks

drip drips dripstone dripstones

drip nondrip nondripping

drip quadriparesis

drip quadriplegia quadriplegias

drip quadriplegic quadriplegics

drip quadripolar quadripolarities

drip quadripolar quadripolarity

drip quadripole quadripoles

grip agriproduct agriproducts

grip gripe griped

grip gripe griper gripers

grip gripe gripes

grip griping

grip gripped regripped

grip gripper grippers

grip grippier

grip grippiest

grip grippiness

grip gripping grippingly

grip gripping regripping

grip grippy

grip grips handgrips

grip grips regrips

grip handgrip handgrips

grip regrip regripped

grip regrip regripping

grip regrip regrips


liripipe liripipes

liripoop liripoops

odoriphore odoriphores



paripinnate imparipinnate

parturiphobe parturiphobes


parturiphobic parturiphobics





peripheral peripherally

peripheral peripherals







peripolar peripolarity




pluripotent pluripotential


riparian nonriparian

riparian pseudoriparian

riparian riparianism

riparian riparianness

riparian riparians

riparian semiriparian

riparian xeroriparian

ripcord ripcords

ripe gripe griped

ripe gripe griper gripers

ripe gripe gripes

ripe overripe overripely

ripe overripe overripen overripened

ripe overripe overripen overripeness overripenesses

ripe overripe overripen overripening

ripe overripe overripen overripens

ripe riped cirriped cirripede cirripedes

ripe riped cirriped cirripedial

ripe riped cirriped cirripeds

ripe riped griped

ripe riped peripeduncular

ripe riped triped striped bestriped

ripe riped triped striped eyestriped

ripe riped triped striped nonstriped

ripe riped triped striped pinstriped

ripe riped triped striped restriped

ripe riped triped striped unstriped

ripe riped triped striped weatherstriped

ripe riped triped tripeds

ripe ripely overripely

ripe ripen overripen overripened

ripe ripen overripen overripeness overripenesses

ripe ripen overripen overripening

ripe ripen overripen overripens

ripe ripen peripenultimate

ripe ripen ripened overripened

ripe ripen ripened underripened

ripe ripen ripened unripened

ripe ripen ripeness overripeness overripenesses

ripe ripen ripeness unripeness

ripe ripen ripening overripening

ripe ripen ripening ripenings

ripe ripen ripens overripens

ripe riper griper gripers

ripe riper striper pinstriper

ripe riper striper stripers

ripe riper unriper

ripe ripes gripes

ripe ripes ripest unripest

ripe ripes stripes bestripes

ripe ripes stripes eyestripes

ripe ripes stripes pinstripes

ripe ripes stripes restripes

ripe tripe centripetal centripetalism

ripe tripe centripetal centripetally

ripe tripe stripe bestripe bestriped

ripe tripe stripe bestripe bestripes

ripe tripe stripe eyestripe eyestriped

ripe tripe stripe eyestripe eyestripes

ripe tripe stripe pinstripe pinstriped

ripe tripe stripe pinstripe pinstriper

ripe tripe stripe pinstripe pinstripes

ripe tripe stripe restripe restriped

ripe tripe stripe restripe restripes

ripe tripe stripe striped bestriped

ripe tripe stripe striped eyestriped

ripe tripe stripe striped nonstriped

ripe tripe stripe striped pinstriped

ripe tripe stripe striped restriped

ripe tripe stripe striped unstriped

ripe tripe stripe striped weatherstriped

ripe tripe stripe stripeless

ripe tripe stripe striper pinstriper

ripe tripe stripe striper stripers

ripe tripe stripe stripes bestripes

ripe tripe stripe stripes eyestripes

ripe tripe stripe stripes pinstripes

ripe tripe stripe stripes restripes

ripe tripe stripe stripey

ripe tripe triped striped bestriped

ripe tripe triped striped eyestriped

ripe tripe triped striped nonstriped

ripe tripe triped striped pinstriped

ripe tripe triped striped restriped

ripe tripe triped striped unstriped

ripe tripe triped striped weatherstriped

ripe tripe triped tripeds

ripe tripe tripeptide tripeptides

ripe underripe underripened

ripe unripe unripened

ripe unripe unripeness

ripe unripe unriper

ripe unripe unripest

ripoff ripoffs

rippable strippable

ripped dripped

ripped gripped regripped

ripped tripped stripped fieldstripped

ripped tripped stripped outstripped

ripped tripped stripped strippeddown

ripped tripped stripped unstripped

ripped tripped stripped weatherstripped

ripped unripped

ripper dripper drippers

ripper gripper grippers

ripper rippers drippers

ripper rippers grippers

ripper rippers trippers daytrippers

ripper rippers trippers strippers weatherstrippers

ripper tripper daytripper daytrippers

ripper tripper stripper strippergram strippergrams

ripper tripper stripper strippers weatherstrippers

ripper tripper stripper weatherstripper weatherstrippers

ripper tripper trippers daytrippers

ripper tripper trippers strippers weatherstrippers

ripping dripping drippings

ripping dripping nondripping

ripping gripping grippingly

ripping gripping regripping

ripping tripping egotripping

ripping tripping stripping fieldstripping

ripping tripping stripping outstripping

ripping tripping stripping unstripping

ripping tripping stripping weatherstripping weatherstrippings

ripping unripping

ripple cripple becripple becrippled

ripple cripple becripple becripples

ripple cripple crippled becrippled

ripple cripple crippled uncrippled

ripple cripple crippler cripplers

ripple cripple cripples becripples

ripple rippled crippled becrippled

ripple rippled crippled uncrippled

ripple rippleless

ripple rippler crippler cripplers

ripple rippler ripplers cripplers

ripple ripples cripples becripples

ripple ripplet ripplets



rippling crippling becrippling

rippling crippling cripplingly

rippling ripplingly cripplingly

rippling ripplings


rips drips dripstick dripsticks

rips drips dripstone dripstones

rips grips handgrips

rips grips regrips

rips ripstop ripstops

rips scrips

rips thrips

rips tiderips

rips trips anatripsis

rips trips cantrips

rips trips daytrips

rips trips egotrips

rips trips fieldtrips

rips trips lithotripsic lithotripsical lithotripsically

rips trips lithotripsies

rips trips lithotripsy cholecystolithotripsy

rips trips lithotripsy cholelithotripsy

rips trips lithotripsy nephrolithotripsy

rips trips strips airstrips

rips trips strips biostrips

rips trips strips fieldstrips

rips trips strips filmstrips

rips trips strips glowstrips

rips trips strips outstrips

rips trips strips stripsearch stripsearched

rips trips strips stripsearch stripsearcher stripsearchers

rips trips strips stripsearch stripsearches

rips trips strips stripsearch stripsearching

rips trips strips unstrips

rips trips strips weatherstrips

riptide riptides

scrip scripless

scrip scripophile scripophiles

scrip scripophilies

scrip scripophilist scripophilists

scrip scripophily

scrip scrips

scrip script ascription ascriptions misascriptions

scrip script ascription misascription misascriptions

scrip script circumscript circumscription circumscriptions

scrip script circumscript circumscriptive circumscriptively

scrip script circumscript circumscripts

scrip script conscript conscripted

scrip script conscript conscripting

scrip script conscript conscription

scrip script conscript conscripts

scrip script description descriptionless

scrip script description descriptions misdescriptions

scrip script description misdescription misdescriptions

scrip script descriptive descriptively misdescriptively

scrip script descriptive descriptiveness misdescriptiveness

scrip script descriptive descriptiveness overdescriptiveness

scrip script descriptive descriptiveness underdescriptiveness

scrip script descriptive misdescriptive misdescriptively

scrip script descriptive misdescriptive misdescriptiveness

scrip script descriptive nondescriptive

scrip script descriptive overdescriptive overdescriptiveness

scrip script descriptive underdescriptive underdescriptiveness

scrip script descriptive undescriptive

scrip script descriptivism descriptivisms

scrip script descriptivist descriptivists

scrip script descriptor descriptors

scrip script descriptor descriptory

scrip script inscription inscriptional

scrip script inscription inscriptions reinscriptions

scrip script inscription reinscription reinscriptions

scrip script javascript

scrip script manuscript manuscripts

scrip script nondescript nondescriptive

scrip script playscript playscripts

scrip script postscript postscripts

scrip script proscription proscriptions

scrip script proscriptive

scrip script rescript prescript prescriptible

scrip script rescript prescript prescription nonprescription nonprescriptions

scrip script rescript prescript prescription overprescription overprescriptions

scrip script rescript prescript prescription prescriptions nonprescriptions

scrip script rescript prescript prescription prescriptions overprescriptions

scrip script rescript prescript prescriptive nonprescriptive

scrip script rescript prescript prescriptive prescriptively

scrip script rescript prescript prescriptive prescriptiveness

scrip script rescript prescript prescripts

scrip script rescript rescripted

scrip script rescript rescripting

scrip script rescript rescripts prescripts

scrip script scripted conscripted

scrip script scripted rescripted

scrip script scripted subscripted nonsubscripted

scrip script scripted superscripted

scrip script scripted unscripted

scrip script scripter scripters

scrip script scripting conscripting

scrip script scripting rescripting

scrip script scripting subscripting

scrip script scripting superscripting

scrip script scriptophobe scriptophobes

scrip script scriptophobia

scrip script scriptophobic scriptophobics

scrip script scripts circumscripts

scrip script scripts conscripts

scrip script scripts manuscripts

scrip script scripts playscripts

scrip script scripts postscripts

scrip script scripts rescripts prescripts

scrip script scripts subscripts

scrip script scripts superscripts

scrip script scripts transcripts

scrip script scripts typescripts

scrip script scriptural nonscriptural

scrip script scriptural scripturalise scripturalised

scrip script scriptural scripturalise scripturalises

scrip script scriptural scripturalising

scrip script scriptural scripturalism scripturalisms

scrip script scriptural scripturalist scripturalists

scrip script scriptural scripturality

scrip script scriptural scripturalize scripturalized

scrip script scriptural scripturalize scripturalizes

scrip script scriptural scripturalizing

scrip script scriptural scripturally

scrip script scriptural scripturalness

scrip script scripture scriptures

scrip script scripturist antiscripturist antiscripturists

scrip script scripturist scripturists antiscripturists

scrip script scriptwriter scriptwriters

scrip script subscript subscripted nonsubscripted

scrip script subscript subscripting

scrip script subscript subscription nonsubscription nonsubscriptions

scrip script subscript subscription oversubscription oversubscriptions

scrip script subscript subscription resubscription resubscriptions

scrip script subscript subscription subscriptions nonsubscriptions

scrip script subscript subscription subscriptions oversubscriptions

scrip script subscript subscription subscriptions resubscriptions

scrip script subscript subscription subscriptions undersubscriptions

scrip script subscript subscription undersubscription undersubscriptions

scrip script subscript subscriptive

scrip script subscript subscripts

scrip script superscript superscripted

scrip script superscript superscripting

scrip script superscript superscription superscriptions

scrip script superscript superscripts

scrip script transcript transcriptase retrotranscriptase retrotranscriptases

scrip script transcript transcriptase transcriptases retrotranscriptases

scrip script transcript transcription mistranscription mistranscriptions

scrip script transcript transcription nontranscription nontranscriptions

scrip script transcript transcription retranscription pretranscription pretranscriptional

scrip script transcript transcription retranscription pretranscription pretranscriptions

scrip script transcript transcription retranscription retranscriptions pretranscriptions

scrip script transcript transcription teletranscription teletranscriptions

scrip script transcript transcription transcriptional posttranscriptional posttranscriptionally

scrip script transcript transcription transcriptional pretranscriptional

scrip script transcript transcription transcriptional transcriptionally posttranscriptionally

scrip script transcript transcription transcriptionist transcriptionists

scrip script transcript transcription transcriptions mistranscriptions

scrip script transcript transcription transcriptions nontranscriptions

scrip script transcript transcription transcriptions retranscriptions pretranscriptions

scrip script transcript transcription transcriptions teletranscriptions

scrip script transcript transcriptive nontranscriptive

scrip script transcript transcriptive transcriptively

scrip script transcript transcriptomic transcriptomics

scrip script transcript transcripts

scrip script typescript typescripts

scrip script unscript unscripted


suriphobe suriphobes


suriphobic suriphobics

tiderip tiderips

trip amitriptyline

trip cantrip cantrips

trip daytrip daytripper daytrippers

trip daytrip daytrips

trip egotrip egotripping

trip egotrip egotrips

trip fieldtrip fieldtrips

trip lithontriptic lithontriptics

trip lithontriptist lithontriptists

trip lithontriptor lithontriptors

trip lithotripter lithotripters

trip lithotriptic lithotriptics

trip lithotriptist lithotriptists

trip lithotriptor lithotriptors

trip nortriptyline nortriptylines

trip patripotestal

trip portriptyline

trip strip airstrip airstrips

trip strip biostrip biostrips

trip strip fieldstrip fieldstripped

trip strip fieldstrip fieldstripping

trip strip fieldstrip fieldstrips

trip strip filmstrip filmstrips

trip strip glowstrip glowstrips

trip strip outstrip outstripped

trip strip outstrip outstripping

trip strip outstrip outstrips

trip strip outstrip outstript

trip strip stripagram stripagrams

trip strip stripe bestripe bestriped

trip strip stripe bestripe bestripes

trip strip stripe eyestripe eyestriped

trip strip stripe eyestripe eyestripes

trip strip stripe pinstripe pinstriped

trip strip stripe pinstripe pinstriper

trip strip stripe pinstripe pinstripes

trip strip stripe restripe restriped

trip strip stripe restripe restripes

trip strip stripe striped bestriped

trip strip stripe striped eyestriped

trip strip stripe striped nonstriped

trip strip stripe striped pinstriped

trip strip stripe striped restriped

trip strip stripe striped unstriped

trip strip stripe striped weatherstriped

trip strip stripe stripeless

trip strip stripe striper pinstriper

trip strip stripe striper stripers

trip strip stripe stripes bestripes

trip strip stripe stripes eyestripes

trip strip stripe stripes pinstripes

trip strip stripe stripes restripes

trip strip stripe stripey

trip strip stripier

trip strip stripiest

trip strip striping bestriping

trip strip striping eyestriping

trip strip striping restriping

trip strip striping stripings

trip strip striplight striplighting

trip strip striplight striplights

trip strip stripling striplings

trip strip stripmine stripmined

trip strip stripmine stripminer stripminers

trip strip stripmine stripmines

trip strip stripmining

trip strip strippable

trip strip stripped fieldstripped

trip strip stripped outstripped

trip strip stripped strippeddown

trip strip stripped unstripped

trip strip stripped weatherstripped

trip strip stripper strippergram strippergrams

trip strip stripper strippers weatherstrippers

trip strip stripper weatherstripper weatherstrippers

trip strip stripping fieldstripping

trip strip stripping outstripping

trip strip stripping unstripping

trip strip stripping weatherstripping weatherstrippings

trip strip strips airstrips

trip strip strips biostrips

trip strip strips fieldstrips

trip strip strips filmstrips

trip strip strips glowstrips

trip strip strips outstrips

trip strip strips stripsearch stripsearched

trip strip strips stripsearch stripsearcher stripsearchers

trip strip strips stripsearch stripsearches

trip strip strips stripsearch stripsearching

trip strip strips unstrips

trip strip strips weatherstrips

trip strip stript outstript

trip strip stript striptease stripteased

trip strip stript striptease stripteaser stripteasers

trip strip stript striptease stripteases

trip strip stript stripteasing

trip strip stripy

trip strip unstrip unstriped

trip strip unstrip unstripped

trip strip unstrip unstripping

trip strip unstrip unstrips

trip strip weatherstrip weatherstriped

trip strip weatherstrip weatherstripped

trip strip weatherstrip weatherstripper weatherstrippers

trip strip weatherstrip weatherstripping weatherstrippings

trip strip weatherstrip weatherstrips

trip tripartite

trip tripe centripetal centripetalism

trip tripe centripetal centripetally

trip tripe stripe bestripe bestriped

trip tripe stripe bestripe bestripes

trip tripe stripe eyestripe eyestriped

trip tripe stripe eyestripe eyestripes

trip tripe stripe pinstripe pinstriped

trip tripe stripe pinstripe pinstriper

trip tripe stripe pinstripe pinstripes

trip tripe stripe restripe restriped

trip tripe stripe restripe restripes

trip tripe stripe striped bestriped

trip tripe stripe striped eyestriped

trip tripe stripe striped nonstriped

trip tripe stripe striped pinstriped

trip tripe stripe striped restriped

trip tripe stripe striped unstriped

trip tripe stripe striped weatherstriped

trip tripe stripe stripeless

trip tripe stripe striper pinstriper

trip tripe stripe striper stripers

trip tripe stripe stripes bestripes

trip tripe stripe stripes eyestripes

trip tripe stripe stripes pinstripes

trip tripe stripe stripes restripes

trip tripe stripe stripey

trip tripe triped striped bestriped

trip tripe triped striped eyestriped

trip tripe triped striped nonstriped

trip tripe triped striped pinstriped

trip tripe triped striped restriped

trip tripe triped striped unstriped

trip tripe triped striped weatherstriped

trip tripe triped tripeds

trip tripe tripeptide tripeptides

trip triphalangeal

trip triphasia

trip triphasic

trip triphenylamine triphenylamines

trip triphenylmethane triphenylmethanes

trip triphenylphosphine

trip triphosphate thiotriphosphate thiotriphosphates

trip triphosphate triphosphates thiotriphosphates

trip triphthong triphthongal

trip triphthong triphthongs

trip tripinnate

trip triplane triplanes

trip triple tripled

trip triple triples

trip triple triplet triplets

trip triple triplexer triplexers

trip triple triplexes

trip triplicate triplicated

trip triplicate triplicates

trip triplicating

trip triplication triplications

trip triplinerved

trip tripling stripling striplings

trip triploblast triploblastic

trip triploblast triploblasts

trip triploblast triploblasty

trip triploid autotriploid autotriploidic

trip triploid autotriploid autotriploids

trip triploid autotriploid autotriploidy

trip triploid triploidal

trip triploid triploidic autotriploidic

trip triploid triploidies

trip triploid triploids autotriploids

trip triploid triploidy autotriploidy

trip triplostichous

trip triply

trip tripod tripodal

trip tripod tripodfish tripodfishes

trip tripod tripods

trip tripolar tripolarities

trip tripolar tripolarity

trip tripole tripoles

trip tripped stripped fieldstripped

trip tripped stripped outstripped

trip tripped stripped strippeddown

trip tripped stripped unstripped

trip tripped stripped weatherstripped

trip tripper daytripper daytrippers

trip tripper stripper strippergram strippergrams

trip tripper stripper strippers weatherstrippers

trip tripper stripper weatherstripper weatherstrippers

trip tripper trippers daytrippers

trip tripper trippers strippers weatherstrippers

trip tripping egotripping

trip tripping stripping fieldstripping

trip tripping stripping outstripping

trip tripping stripping unstripping

trip tripping stripping weatherstripping weatherstrippings

trip triprism triprismatic

trip triprism triprisms

trip trips anatripsis

trip trips cantrips

trip trips daytrips

trip trips egotrips

trip trips fieldtrips

trip trips lithotripsic lithotripsical lithotripsically

trip trips lithotripsies

trip trips lithotripsy cholecystolithotripsy

trip trips lithotripsy cholelithotripsy

trip trips lithotripsy nephrolithotripsy

trip trips strips airstrips

trip trips strips biostrips

trip trips strips fieldstrips

trip trips strips filmstrips

trip trips strips glowstrips

trip trips strips outstrips

trip trips strips stripsearch stripsearched

trip trips strips stripsearch stripsearcher stripsearchers

trip trips strips stripsearch stripsearches

trip trips strips stripsearch stripsearching

trip trips strips unstrips

trip trips strips weatherstrips

trip triptan triptane triptanes

trip triptan triptans

trip triptych triptychs

trip tripwire tripwires