Definition of pin

"pin" in the noun sense

1. pin

a piece of jewelry that is pinned onto the wearer's garment

2. fall, pin

when a wrestler's shoulders are forced to the mat

3. peg, pin

small markers inserted into a surface to mark scores or define locations etc.

4. personal identification number, PIN, PIN number

a number you choose and use to gain access to various accounts

5. pin, peg, stick

informal terms for the leg

"fever left him weak on his sticks"

6. pivot, pin

axis consisting of a short shaft that supports something that turns

7. pin, pin tumbler

cylindrical tumblers consisting of two parts that are held in place by springs when they are aligned with a key the bolt can be thrown

8. pin, flag

flagpole used to mark the position of the hole on a golf green

9. pin

a small slender (often pointed) piece of wood or metal used to support or fasten or attach things

10. peg, pin, thole, tholepin, rowlock, oarlock

a holder attached to the gunwale of a boat that holds the oar in place and acts as a fulcrum for rowing

11. bowling pin, pin

a club-shaped wooden object used in bowling set up in triangular groups of ten as the target

"pin" in the verb sense

1. trap, pin, immobilize, immobilise

to hold fast or prevent from moving

"The child was pinned under the fallen tree"

2. pin

attach or fasten with pins

"pin the needle to the shirt"

3. pin

pierce with a pin

"pin down the butterfly"

4. pin

chess) immobilize a piece

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WordNet®. Princeton University. 2010.

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Quotations for pin

He that will steal a pin
Will steal a better thing. [ Proverb ]

A pin a-day is a groat a-year. [ Proverb ]

He has a head, and so has a pin. [ Port ]

To waste a candle to find a pin. [ French Proverb ]

Leave boy's play and go to push-pin. [ Proverb ]

Great businesses turn on a little pin. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

He that takes not up a pin, slights his wife. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

He that will not stoop for a pin shall never be worth a point. [ Proverb ]

A penny saved is two pence clear, A pin a day's a groat a year. [ Franklin ]

Even a pin is good for something, and that is more than you are. [ Proverb ]

The prick of a pin is enough to make an Empire insipid for a time. [ Proverb ]

Every library should try to be complete on something, if it were only the history of pin-heads. [ Holmes ]

The most influential books, and the truest in their influence, are works of fiction. They do not pin the reader to a dogma which he must afterwards discover to be inexact; they do not teach him a lesson which he must afterwards unlearn. They repeat, they rearrange, they clarify the lessons of life. [ R. L, Stevenson ]

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pine benzodiazepine benzodiazepines

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pine clozapine

pine epinecral

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pine pines benzodiazepines

pine pines benzodiazipines

pine pines bumpiness bumpinesses

pine pines campiness

pine pines chippiness

pine pines chirpiness

pine pines choppiness

pine pines crappiness scrappiness

pine pines creepiness

pine pines crimpiness scrimpiness

pine pines croupiness

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pine pines dumpiness

pine pines floppiness

pine pines frumpiness

pine pines gimpiness

pine pines grippiness

pine pines grumpiness

pine pines happiness unhappiness

pine pines humpiness

pine pines jumpiness jumpinesses

pine pines lumpiness clumpiness

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pine pines nippiness snippiness

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pine pines spines gaspiness

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pine pines spines spinescent

pine pines spines wispiness

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pine pines stumpiness

pine pines swampiness

pine pines terpines

pine pines weepiness

pine pines wimpiness

pine porcupine porcupinefish porcupinefishes

pine porcupine porcupines

pine repine norepinephrine norepinephrines

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pine repine repineful

pine repine repinement repinements

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pine spine spinebill spinebills

pine spine spineboard spineboards

pine spine spinebone spinebones

pine spine spinechilling

pine spine spined microspined

pine spine spinel chlorospinel chlorospinels

pine spine spinel spinelbearing

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pine vulpine

pinfall pinfalls

pinfeather pinfeathered

pinfeather pinfeathers

pinfeather pinfeathery

pinfire pinfires

pinfish pinfishes

pinfold pinfolded

pinfold pinfolding

pinfold pinfolds

ping aping escaping

ping aping gaping

ping aping heaping cheaping

ping aping heaping overheaping

ping aping heaping reheaping

ping aping inscaping

ping aping landscaping relandscaping

ping aping leaping leapingly

ping aping leaping outleaping

ping aping leaping overleaping

ping aping raping draping redraping

ping aping raping draping undraping

ping aping raping reraping

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ping aping soaping

ping aping soundscaping

ping aping taping audiotaping

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ping aping uncaping

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ping beeping

ping bleeping

ping bopping

ping burping

ping camping decamping

ping camping encamping

ping camping scamping

ping capping backcapping

ping capping handicapping rehandicapping

ping capping kneecapping kneecappings

ping capping mudcapping

ping capping recapping

ping capping uncapping

ping carping escarping

ping champing

ping cheeping

ping chipping chippings

ping chipping microchipping

ping chipping nonchipping

ping chipping unchipping

ping chipping woodchipping

ping chirping

ping chirruping

ping chomping

ping clamping reclamping

ping clamping unclamping

ping clasping claspings

ping clasping enclasping

ping clasping inclasping

ping clasping interclasping

ping clasping overclasping

ping clasping reclasping

ping clasping unclasping

ping clomping

ping cooping scooping outscooping

ping cooping uncooping

ping coping copings

ping coping noncoping

ping coping scoping fluoroscoping

ping coping scoping kaleidoscoping

ping coping scoping kinescoping

ping coping scoping polariscoping

ping coping scoping rescoping

ping coping scoping rotoscoping

ping coping scoping telescoping

ping coping scoping unscoping

ping coping uncoping

ping copping

ping couping recouping

ping cramping

ping creeping

ping crisping

ping cropping intercropping

ping cropping outcropping outcroppings

ping cropping overcropping

ping cropping sharecropping

ping cusping

ping damping dampings

ping damping nondamping

ping dapping

ping dipping redipping

ping dipping skinnydipping

ping doping overdoping

ping doping photodoping

ping doping selfdoping

ping drooping droopingly

ping drooping undrooping

ping dropping airdropping

ping dropping backdropping

ping dropping bedropping

ping dropping droppings namedroppings

ping dropping eavesdropping

ping dropping jawdroppingly

ping dropping namedropping namedroppings

ping dropping paradropping

ping duping

ping extirping

ping gapping

ping gasping gaspingly

ping gawping

ping glamping

ping gossiping

ping griping

ping grouping groupings

ping grouping regrouping

ping gulping gulpingly

ping gypping

ping happing chapping

ping happing mishapping

ping harping sharping

ping helping helpings

ping helping selfhelping

ping helping whelping

ping hiccuping

ping hooping whooping

ping hoping overhoping

ping hopping barhopping

ping hopping carhopping

ping hopping chopping woodchopping woodchoppings

ping hopping clodhopping

ping hopping shopping teleshopping

ping hopping shopping windowshopping

ping hopping tablehopping

ping hopping whopping

ping hyping overhyping

ping imping crimping scrimping scrimpingly

ping imping gimping

ping imping impinge impinged

ping imping impinge impingement impingements

ping imping impinge impinger impingers

ping imping impinge impinges

ping imping impinging

ping imping limping blimping

ping imping pimping

ping imping primping

ping imping shrimping

ping imping skimping

ping imping wimping

ping keeping barkeeping

ping keeping beekeeping

ping keeping bookkeeping

ping keeping gamekeeping

ping keeping gatekeeping

ping keeping goalkeeping

ping keeping greenkeeping

ping keeping groundskeeping

ping keeping housekeeping housekeepings

ping keeping housekeeping nonhousekeeping

ping keeping outkeeping

ping keeping overkeeping

ping keeping peacekeeping

ping keeping recordkeeping

ping keeping safekeeping safekeepings

ping keeping schoolkeeping

ping keeping scorekeeping

ping keeping sheepkeeping

ping keeping shipkeeping

ping keeping shopkeeping

ping keeping stablekeeping

ping keeping stallkeeping

ping keeping stockkeeping

ping keeping storekeeping

ping keeping streetkeeping

ping keeping timekeeping timekeepings

ping keeping underkeeping

ping keeping watchkeeping

ping keeping wicketkeeping

ping kelping skelping skelpings

ping kepping

ping lapping clapping

ping lapping flapping backflapping

ping lapping overlapping nonoverlapping

ping lapping shiplapping

ping lapping slapping backslapping backslappings

ping lapping underlapping

ping lipping blipping

ping lipping clipping clippings

ping lipping clipping reclipping

ping lipping clipping unclipping

ping lipping flipping backflipping

ping lipping flipping reflipping

ping lipping slipping nonslipping

ping lipping slipping overslipping

ping lipping slipping sideslipping

ping lisping lispingly

ping lisping lispings

ping looping blooping

ping looping interlooping

ping looping nonlooping

ping loping eloping developing codeveloping

ping loping eloping developing misdeveloping

ping loping eloping developing nondeveloping

ping loping eloping developing overdeveloping

ping loping eloping developing redeveloping predeveloping

ping loping eloping developing underdeveloping

ping loping eloping developing undeveloping

ping loping eloping enveloping nonenveloping

ping loping galloping outgalloping

ping loping interloping

ping loping scalloping escalloping

ping loping sloping downsloping

ping loping sloping upsloping

ping loping walloping wallopings

ping lopping clopping

ping lopping flopping bellyflopping

ping lopping flopping flipflopping

ping lopping plopping

ping lopping slopping

ping mapping bitmapping

ping mapping demapping

ping mapping geomapping

ping mapping mappings

ping mapping photomapping

ping mapping remapping

ping mapping unmapping

ping moping mopingly

ping mopping

ping napping catnapping

ping napping dognapping dognappings

ping napping kidnapping kidnappings

ping napping kidnapping rekidnapping

ping napping petnapping petnappings

ping napping snapping resnapping

ping napping snapping unsnapping

ping nipping frostnipping

ping nipping snipping

ping peeping

ping pepping

ping pinged impinged

ping pinger impinger impingers

ping pinger pingers impingers

ping pinging impinging

ping pingle pingled

ping pingle pingler pinglers

ping pingle pingles

ping pingling

ping pingo pingoes

ping pingo pingos salpingoscope salpingoscopes

ping pingo pingos salpingostomatomies

ping pingo pingos salpingostomatomy

ping pingo pingos salpingostomies

ping pingo pingos salpingostomy

ping pingo salpingo salpingooophorectomies

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ping pingo salpingo salpingostomatomies

ping pingo salpingo salpingostomatomy

ping pingo salpingo salpingostomies

ping pingo salpingo salpingostomy

ping pingo salpingo salpingotomies

ping pingo salpingo salpingotomy

ping pingpong

ping pings backslappings

ping pings chippings

ping pings claspings

ping pings clippings

ping pings copings

ping pings dampings

ping pings dognappings

ping pings drippings

ping pings droppings namedroppings

ping pings gropings

ping pings groupings

ping pings helpings

ping pings housekeepings

ping pings jumpings buckjumpings

ping pings jumpings showjumpings

ping pings jumpings skijumpings

ping pings karyotypings

ping pings kidnappings

ping pings kneecappings

ping pings lispings

ping pings mappings

ping pings mistypings

ping pings outcroppings

ping pings petnappings

ping pings rappings trappings strappings

ping pings rappings wrappings

ping pings revampings

ping pings safekeepings

ping pings scrapings

ping pings serotypings

ping pings shippings

ping pings skelpings

ping pings sleepings

ping pings soppings

ping pings steppingstone steppingstones

ping pings stereotypings

ping pings stripings

ping pings swoppings

ping pings tampings stampings

ping pings tapings

ping pings tappings wiretappings

ping pings thumpings

ping pings timekeepings

ping pings tippings

ping pings toppings tabletoppings

ping pings trampings

ping pings wallopings

ping pings warpings

ping pings weatherstrippings

ping pings weepings sweepings minesweepings

ping pings whippings

ping pings woodchoppings

ping pings yawpings

ping piping bagpiping

ping piping blowpiping

ping piping outpiping

ping piping repiping

ping piping tailpiping

ping pooping

ping popping joypopping

ping popping repopping

ping prepping

ping propping underpropping

ping pulping

ping quipping counterquipping

ping quipping equipping reequipping preequipping

ping rapping crapping scrapping unscrapping

ping rapping rappings trappings strappings

ping rapping rappings wrappings

ping rapping trapping entrapping coentrapping

ping rapping trapping livetrapping

ping rapping trapping mousetrapping

ping rapping trapping outrapping

ping rapping trapping retrapping

ping rapping trapping strapping bootstrapping

ping rapping trapping strapping restrapping

ping rapping trapping strapping strappings

ping rapping trapping strapping unstrapping

ping rapping trapping trappings strappings

ping rapping trapping untrapping

ping rapping wrapping enwrapping

ping rapping wrapping giftwrapping

ping rapping wrapping overwrapping

ping rapping wrapping rewrapping prewrapping

ping rapping wrapping shrinkwrapping

ping rapping wrapping underwrapping

ping rapping wrapping unwrapping

ping rapping wrapping wrappings

ping rasping grasping engrasping

ping rasping grasping graspingly

ping rasping grasping graspingness

ping rasping grasping overgrasping

ping rasping grasping regrasping

ping rasping grasping undergrasping

ping rasping grasping ungrasping

ping rasping raspingly graspingly

ping resorping

ping ripping dripping drippings

ping ripping dripping nondripping

ping ripping gripping grippingly

ping ripping gripping regripping

ping ripping tripping egotripping

ping ripping tripping stripping fieldstripping

ping ripping tripping stripping outstripping

ping ripping tripping stripping unstripping

ping ripping tripping stripping weatherstripping weatherstrippings

ping ripping unripping

ping romping

ping roping groping gropingly

ping roping groping gropings

ping roping tightroping

ping salpingectomies oophorosalpingectomies

ping salpingectomy oophorosalpingectomy

ping salpinges

ping salpingian

ping salpingitis

ping sapping

ping scalping

ping schlepping

ping seeping

ping shipping misshipping

ping shipping nonshipping

ping shipping reshipping

ping shipping shippings

ping shipping transshipping

ping shipping unshipping

ping shipping worshipping misworshipping

ping shipping worshipping selfworshipping

ping shipping worshipping worshippingly

ping sipping gossipping

ping skipping nonskipping

ping skipping outskipping

ping sleeping outsleeping

ping sleeping oversleeping

ping sleeping sleepings

ping sleeping undersleeping

ping sleeping unsleeping

ping slurping

ping sniping countersniping

ping snooping

ping sopping milksopping

ping sopping soppings

ping souping

ping steeping

ping stepping counterstepping

ping stepping crowstepping

ping stepping doorstepping

ping stepping goosestepping

ping stepping lightstepping

ping stepping misstepping

ping stepping outstepping

ping stepping overstepping

ping stepping quickstepping

ping stepping restepping

ping stepping sidestepping

ping stepping stairstepping

ping stepping steppingstone steppingstones

ping stepping twostepping

ping stepping unstepping

ping stomping

ping stooping stoopingly

ping striping bestriping

ping striping eyestriping

ping striping restriping

ping striping stripings

ping stropping

ping stuping

ping swamping

ping swapping

ping swooping

ping swopping swoppings

ping syruping

ping tamping stamping backstamping

ping tamping stamping handstamping

ping tamping stamping misstamping

ping tamping stamping restamping prestamping

ping tamping stamping rubberstamping

ping tamping stamping stampings

ping tamping stamping timestamping

ping tamping tampings stampings

ping tapping doubletapping

ping tapping multitapping

ping tapping retapping wiretapping wiretappings

ping tapping tappings wiretappings

ping tipping overtipping

ping tipping tippings

ping tipping undertipping

ping topping blacktopping

ping topping overtopping

ping topping stopping backstopping

ping topping stopping doorstopping

ping topping stopping showstopping

ping topping stopping unstopping

ping topping tabletopping tabletoppings

ping topping toppings tabletoppings

ping tramping trampings

ping trooping

ping trouping

ping typing allotyping

ping typing audiotyping

ping typing autotyping

ping typing daguerreotyping

ping typing electrotyping

ping typing genotyping

ping typing haplotyping

ping typing heliotyping

ping typing holotyping

ping typing idiotyping antiidiotyping

ping typing isotyping

ping typing karyotyping karyotypings

ping typing linotyping

ping typing lithotyping

ping typing mistyping mistypings

ping typing overtyping

ping typing phaenotyping

ping typing phenotyping

ping typing phonotyping

ping typing phototyping

ping typing polytyping

ping typing prototyping

ping typing retyping pretyping

ping typing serotyping serotypings

ping typing somatotyping

ping typing stenotyping

ping typing stereotyping stereotypings

ping typing teletyping

ping typing touchtyping

ping typing varityping

ping umping bumping

ping umping dumping

ping umping gazumping

ping umping jumping buckjumping buckjumpings

ping umping jumping jumpings buckjumpings

ping umping jumping jumpings showjumpings

ping umping jumping jumpings skijumpings

ping umping jumping outjumping

ping umping jumping overjumping

ping umping jumping showjumping showjumpings

ping umping jumping skijumping skijumpings

ping umping lumping clumping

ping umping lumping flumping

ping umping lumping plumping

ping umping lumping slumping

ping umping pumping multipumping

ping umping pumping overpumping

ping umping pumping repumping

ping umping rumping grumping

ping umping rumping trumping outtrumping

ping umping stumping restumping

ping umping thumping bethumping

ping umping thumping thumpingly

ping umping thumping thumpings

ping upping cupping hiccupping

ping upping cupping uncupping

ping upping pupping

ping upping supping

ping upping whupping

ping usurping

ping vamping revamping revampings

ping warping timewarping

ping warping warpings

ping weeping outweeping

ping weeping sweeping chimneysweeping

ping weeping sweeping minesweeping minesweepings

ping weeping sweeping resweeping

ping weeping sweeping sweepingly

ping weeping sweeping sweepingness

ping weeping sweeping sweepings minesweepings

ping weeping sweeping undersweeping

ping weeping weepingly sweepingly

ping weeping weepings sweepings minesweepings

ping whipping bullwhipping

ping whipping horsewhipping

ping whipping overwhipping

ping whipping underwhipping

ping whipping whippings

ping wiping rewiping

ping wiping swiping sideswiping

ping wisping

ping worshiping

ping yapping

ping yauping

ping yawping yawpings

ping yelping outyelping

ping yipping

ping zapping

ping zipping rezipping

ping zipping unzipping

ping zipping zippingly

pinhead pinheaded pinheadedness

pinhead pinheads

pinhold pinholds

pinhole pinholes

pinhook pinhooker pinhookers

pinhook pinhooks

pining opining propining

pining repining repiningly

pining repining repiningness

pining repining repinings

pinion opinion opinionated nonopinionated

pinion opinion opinionated overopinionated

pinion opinion opinionator opinionators

pinion opinion opinions

pinion pinioned

pinion pinioning

pinion pinionless

pinion pinionlike

pinion pinions opinions


pink nonpink

pink pinkeared

pink pinked

pink pinken pinkened

pink pinken pinkening

pink pinken pinkens

pink pinker pinkers

pink pinkest

pink pinkey pinkeye pinkeyes

pink pinkey pinkeys

pink pinkie pinkier

pink pinkie pinkies pinkiest

pink pinkified

pink pinkify pinkifying

pink pinkiness

pink pinking pinkings

pink pinkish pinkishness

pink pinkly

pink pinkness

pink pinks

pink pinky

pinless spinless

pinmaker pinmakers


pinna pinnacle pinnacled

pinna pinnacle pinnacles

pinna pinnae

pinna pinnate bipinnate bipinnated

pinna pinnate bipinnate bipinnately

pinna pinnate evenpinnate

pinna pinnate oddpinnate

pinna pinnate paripinnate imparipinnate

pinna pinnate paucipinnate

pinna pinnate tetrapinnate

pinna pinnate tripinnate

pinna pinnatifid pinnatifids

pinna pinnatipartite

pinna pinnatisect bipinnatisect

pinna spinnable

pinna spinnaker spinnakers

pinna unpinnable

pinned electrospinned

pinned outspinned

pinned overspinned

pinned repinned

pinned respinned

pinned tailspinned

pinned topspinned

pinned underpinned

pinned underspinned

pinned unpinned

pinning repinning

pinning spinning electrospinning

pinning spinning handspinning

pinning spinning outspinning

pinning spinning overspinning

pinning spinning respinning

pinning spinning silkspinning

pinning spinning spinnings

pinning spinning tailspinning

pinning spinning topspinning

pinning spinning underspinning

pinning underpinning underpinnings

pinning unpinning


pinochle pinochles

pinocytic pinocytically

pinocytize pinocytized

pinocytize pinocytizes


pinocytose pinocytosed

pinocytose pinocytoses


pinocytosis micropinocytosis

pinocytotic micropinocytotic

pinocytotic pinocytotical pinocytotically

pinophyte pinophytes

pinpoint pinpointed unpinpointed

pinpoint pinpointing

pinpoint pinpoints

pinpoint unpinpointable


pinprick pinpricked

pinprick pinpricking

pinprick pinpricks

pins bobbypins

pins breastpins

pins chinkapins

pins chinquapins

pins corticotropins adrenocorticotropins

pins crankpins

pins doxepins

pins driftpins

pins duckpins

pins gonadotropins

pins hairpins

pins hatpins

pins inchpins linchpins

pins kingpins

pins lipotropins

pins lockpins

pins lupins

pins lynchpins

pins ninepins

pins oxylipins

pins pinscher pinschers

pins pinsetter pinsetters

pins pinspotter pinspotters

pins pinstripe pinstriped

pins pinstripe pinstriper

pins pinstripe pinstripes

pins pippins

pins pushpins

pins repins

pins scarfpins

pins somatotropins

pins spins backspins

pins spins clevispins

pins spins clothespins

pins spins downspins

pins spins electrospins

pins spins handspins

pins spins outspins

pins spins overspins

pins spins respins

pins spins sidespins

pins spins spinster spinsterhood

pins spins spinster spinsterish

pins spins spinster spinsterlike

pins spins spinster spinsterly

pins spins spinster spinsters

pins spins spinstress spinstresses

pins spins tailspins

pins spins topspins

pins spins underspins

pins stickpins

pins tailpins

pins tenpins

pins terrapins

pins thyrotropins

pins tiepins

pins underpins

pins unpins

pins wapinschaw wapinschawing wapinschawings

pins wapinschaw wapinschaws

pins wapinshaw wapinshawing wapinshawings

pins wapinshaw wapinshaws

pint pintail pintails

pint pinto pintos

pint pints

pint spinthariscope spinthariscopes

pint spinthariscopic

pint spintronic spintronics

pinup pinups

pinwheel pinwheeled

pinwheel pinwheeling

pinwheel pinwheels

pinworm pinworms

pinwrench pinwrenches



pippin pippins

popinjay popinjays




pushpin pushpins

repin repine norepinephrine norepinephrines

repin repine repined

repin repine repineful

repin repine repinement repinements

repin repine repiner repiners

repin repine repines

repin repining repiningly

repin repining repiningness

repin repining repinings

repin repinique repiniques

repin repinned

repin repinning

repin repins

salpinx mesosalpinx

scarfpin scarfpins


somatotropin somatotropins


spin backspin backspins

spin clasping claspings

spin clasping enclasping

spin clasping inclasping

spin clasping interclasping

spin clasping overclasping

spin clasping reclasping

spin clasping unclasping

spin clevispin clevispins

spin clothespin clothespins

spin crisping

spin cusping

spin downspin downspins

spin electrospin electrospinned

spin electrospin electrospinner electrospinners

spin electrospin electrospinning

spin electrospin electrospins

spin gasping gaspingly

spin handspin handspinner handspinners

spin handspin handspinning

spin handspin handspins

spin isospin

spin lisping lispingly

spin lisping lispings

spin outspin outspinned

spin outspin outspinning

spin outspin outspins

spin overspin overspinned

spin overspin overspinner overspinners

spin overspin overspinning

spin overspin overspins

spin rasping grasping engrasping

spin rasping grasping graspingly

spin rasping grasping graspingness

spin rasping grasping overgrasping

spin rasping grasping regrasping

spin rasping grasping undergrasping

spin rasping grasping ungrasping

spin rasping raspingly graspingly

spin respin prespinal prespinally

spin respin respinned

spin respin respinning

spin respin respins

spin sidespin sidespins

spin spinach spinaches

spin spinach spinachlike

spin spinach spinachy

spin spinal anospinal

spin spinal anterospinal anterospinally

spin spinal bulbospinal bulbospinally

spin spinal cephalospinal encephalospinal encephalospinally

spin spinal cerebellospinal

spin spinal cerebrospinal cerebrospinally

spin spinal cervicispinal

spin spinal corticospinal

spin spinal costispinal

spin spinal craniospinal craniospinally

spin spinal dorsispinal

spin spinal epispinal

spin spinal extraspinal extraspinally

spin spinal genitospinal

spin spinal iliospinal ciliospinal

spin spinal iliospinal iliospinally

spin spinal infraspinal infraspinally

spin spinal interspinal interspinalis

spin spinal interspinal interspinally

spin spinal intraspinal intraspinally

spin spinal juxtaspinal

spin spinal medullispinal

spin spinal meningospinal

spin spinal musculospinal

spin spinal nonspinal nonspinally

spin spinal oculospinal oculospinally

spin spinal paraspinal paraspinally

spin spinal posterospinal posterospinally

spin spinal postspinal postspinally

spin spinal prespinal prespinally

spin spinal propriospinal propriospinally

spin spinal rubrospinal rubrospinally

spin spinal sacrospinal sacrospinalis

spin spinal sacrospinal sacrospinally

spin spinal scapulospinal

spin spinal semispinalis

spin spinal spinally anterospinally

spin spinal spinally bulbospinally

spin spinal spinally cerebrospinally

spin spinal spinally craniospinally

spin spinal spinally encephalospinally

spin spinal spinally extraspinally

spin spinal spinally iliospinally

spin spinal spinally infraspinally

spin spinal spinally interspinally

spin spinal spinally intraspinally

spin spinal spinally nonspinally

spin spinal spinally oculospinally

spin spinal spinally paraspinally

spin spinal spinally posterospinally

spin spinal spinally postspinally

spin spinal spinally prespinally

spin spinal spinally propriospinally

spin spinal spinally rubrospinally

spin spinal spinally sacrospinally

spin spinal spinally supraspinally

spin spinal spinally transversospinally

spin spinal spinals

spin spinal supraspinal supraspinally

spin spinal tectospinal

spin spinal thoracispinal

spin spinal transversospinal transversospinally

spin spinal vesicospinal

spin spinal vestibulospinal

spin spindle spindled

spin spindle spindlelike

spin spindle spindler spindlers

spin spindle spindles spindleshank spindleshanks

spin spindle spindles spindleshaped

spin spindlier

spin spindliest

spin spindliness

spin spindling

spin spindly

spin spindried

spin spindrier spindriers

spin spindries

spin spindrift spindrifts

spin spindry spindrying

spin spine spinebill spinebills

spin spine spineboard spineboards

spin spine spinebone spinebones

spin spine spinechilling

spin spine spined microspined

spin spine spinel chlorospinel chlorospinels

spin spine spinel spinelbearing

spin spine spinel spineless spinelessly

spin spine spinel spineless spinelessness

spin spine spinel spinelet spinelets

spin spine spinel spinelike

spin spine spinel spinels chlorospinels

spin spine spines crispiness

spin spine spines gaspiness

spin spine spines raspiness

spin spine spines spinescent

spin spine spines wispiness

spin spine spinet spinetail spinetails

spin spine spinet spinets

spin spinier

spin spiniest

spin spiniprocess spiniprocesses

spin spinless

spin spinlock spinlocked

spin spinlock spinlocking

spin spinlock spinlocks

spin spinmeister spinmeisters

spin spinnable

spin spinnaker spinnakers

spin spinner electrospinner electrospinners

spin spinner handspinner handspinners

spin spinner overspinner overspinners

spin spinner spinneret spinnerets

spin spinner spinneret spinnerette spinnerettes

spin spinner spinners electrospinners

spin spinner spinners handspinners

spin spinner spinners overspinners

spin spinner spinners underspinners

spin spinner spinners wordspinners

spin spinner underspinner underspinners

spin spinner wordspinner wordspinners

spin spinnet spinnets

spin spinney spinneys

spin spinning electrospinning

spin spinning handspinning

spin spinning outspinning

spin spinning overspinning

spin spinning respinning

spin spinning silkspinning

spin spinning spinnings

spin spinning tailspinning

spin spinning topspinning

spin spinning underspinning

spin spinny

spin spinobulbar

spin spinocerebellar

spin spinodal

spin spinode spinodes

spin spinoff spinoffs

spin spinon spinons

spin spinose

spin spinous sacrospinous

spin spinout spinouts

spin spins backspins

spin spins clevispins

spin spins clothespins

spin spins downspins

spin spins electrospins

spin spins handspins

spin spins outspins

spin spins overspins

spin spins respins

spin spins sidespins

spin spins spinster spinsterhood

spin spins spinster spinsterish

spin spins spinster spinsterlike

spin spins spinster spinsterly

spin spins spinster spinsters

spin spins spinstress spinstresses

spin spins tailspins

spin spins topspins

spin spins underspins

spin spinthariscope spinthariscopes

spin spinthariscopic

spin spintronic spintronics

spin spinule spinules

spin spiny

spin supraspinatus

spin tailspin tailspinned

spin tailspin tailspinning

spin tailspin tailspins

spin topspin topspinned

spin topspin topspinning

spin topspin topspins

spin underspin underspinned

spin underspin underspinner underspinners

spin underspin underspinning

spin underspin underspins

spin wisping

stickpin stickpins

supinate resupinate hyperresupinate

supinate resupinate resupinated

supinate resupinate resupinates

supinate supinated resupinated

supinate supinates resupinates

supinating resupinating

supination resupination

supination supinations

supinator supinators

tailpin tailpins

tapinophobe tapinophobes


tapinophobic tapinophobics

tenpin tenpins

terpinol terpinolene terpinolenes

terpinol terpinols

terrapin terrapins

thyrotropin thyrotropins

underpin underpinned

underpin underpinning underpinnings

underpin underpins

unpin unpindownable

unpin unpinnable

unpin unpinned

unpin unpinning

unpin unpinpointable

unpin unpinpointed

unpin unpins