Definition of ice

"ice" in the noun sense

1. ice, water ice

water frozen in the solid state

"Americans like ice in their drinks"

2. ice

the frozen part of a body of water

3. ice, sparkler


"look at the ice on that dame!"

4. frosting, icing, ice

a flavored sugar topping used to coat and decorate cakes

5. ice, frappe

a frozen dessert with fruit flavoring (especially one containing no milk)

6. methamphetamine, methamphetamine hydrochloride, Methedrine, meth, deoxyephedrine, chalk, chicken feed, crank, glass, ice, shabu, trash

an amphetamine derivative (trade name Methedrine) used in the form of a crystalline hydrochloride used as a stimulant to the nervous system and as an appetite suppressant

7. internal-combustion engine, ICE

a heat engine in which combustion occurs inside the engine rather than in a separate furnace heat expands a gas that either moves a piston or turns a gas turbine

8. ice rink, ice-skating rink, ice

a rink with a floor of ice for ice hockey or ice skating

"the crowd applauded when she skated out onto the ice"

"ice" in the verb sense

1. frost, ice

decorate with frosting

"frost a cake"

2. ice

cause to become ice or icy

"an iced summer drink"

3. ice

put ice on or put on ice

"Ice your sprained limbs"

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Princeton University "About WordNet®."
WordNet®. Princeton University. 2010.

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Quotations for ice

Trust not one night's ice. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

You look for hot water under the ice. [ Proverb ]

Injuries do not use to be written on ice. [ Proverb ]

Like fragile ice anger passes away in time. [ Ovid ]

Fire, quoth the fox, when he pissed on the ice. [ Proverb ]

Try whether the ice will bear, before you venture upon it. [ Proverb ]

Be thou as chaste as ice, as pure as snow, thou shalt not escape calumny. [ William Shakespeare, Hamlet ]

Nothing can check his watchful daring. For him the summer has no heat, the winter no ice. [ Boileau of Louis XIV ]

Who listens once will listen twice; her heart be sure is not of ice, and one refusal no rebuff. [ Byron ]

Every man turns his dreams into realities as far as he can. Man is cold as ice to the truth, but as fire to falsehood. [ La Fontaine ]

Every one turns his dreams into realities as far as he can; man is cold as ice to the truth, hot as fire to falsehood. [ La Fontaine ]

Not the mountain ice, congealed to crystals, is so frosty chaste as thy victorious soul, which conquers man, and man's proud tyrant, passion. [ Dryden ]

More bounteous run rivers when the ice that locked their flow melts into their waters. And when fine natures relent, their kindness is swelled by the thaw. [ Edward Bulwer-Lytton ]

Gentle feelings produce profoundly beneficial effects upon stern natures. It is the spring rain which melts the ice-covering of the earth, and causes it to open to the beams of heaven. [ Fredrika Bremer ]

Men and communities in this world are often in the position of Arctic explorers, who are making great speed in a given direction, while the ice-floe beneath them is making greater speed in the opposite. [ John Burroughs ]

Persecuting bigots may be compared to those burning lenses which Lenhenhoeck and others composed from ice; by their chilling apathy they freeze the suppliant; by their fiery zeal they burn the sufferer. [ Colton ]

The lowest people are generally the first to find fault with show or equipage; especially that of a person lately emerged from his obscurity. They never once consider that he is breaking the ice for themselves. [ Shenstone ]

To gild refined gold, to paint the lily, to throw a perfume on the violet, to smooth the ice, or add another hue unto the rainbow, or with taper-light to seek the beauteous eye of heaven to garnish, is wasteful and ridiculous excess. [ William Shakespeare ]

Irony is an insult conveyed in the form of a compliment placing its victim naked on a bed of briars and bristles, thinly covered with rose-leaves, adorning his brow with a crown of gold, which burns into his brain; teasing, and fretting, and riddling him through and through with incessant discharges of hot shot from a masked battery; laying bare the most sensitive and shrinking nerves of his mind, and then blandly touching them with ice, or smilingly pricking them with needles. [ E. P. Whipple ]

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Words containing the sequence ice

Words with ice in them (620 words)


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Shorter words in ice

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anticentralist anticentralists


armistice armistices

artifice artifices

barbicel barbicels


beneficent beneficently



bicentennial bicentennials




choice choiceful

choice choiceless

choice choicer

choice choices choicest

choice choices mischoices

choice mischoice mischoices

choice prochoice

coppice coppiced

coppice coppices


decicentillion decicentillions undecicentillions

decicentillion decicentillionth decicentillionths undecicentillionths

decicentillion decicentillionth undecicentillionth undecicentillionths

decicentillion undecicentillion undecicentillions

decicentillion undecicentillion undecicentillionth undecicentillionths

deice deiced

deice deicer deicers

deice deices

dice appendicectomies

dice appendicectomy

dice bodice bodicemaker bodicemakers

dice bodice bodicemaking

dice bodice bodices

dice bodice underbodice

dice cardicentesis pericardicentesis

dice cowardice

dice diceboard diceboards

dice diced jaundiced unjaundiced

dice diced prejudiced prejudicedly

dice diced prejudiced unprejudiced

dice dicentric

dice dicephalic

dice dicephalous

dice dicephaly

dice dicer diceratheriine

dice dicer dicers

dice dices appendices

dice dices bodices

dice dices caudices

dice dices codices

dice dices indices subindices

dice dices jaundices

dice dices prejudices

dice dices radices

dice dicey

dice jaundice jaundiced unjaundiced

dice jaundice jaundices

dice pedicel pedicels

dice pericardicenteses

dice prejudice prejudiced prejudicedly

dice prejudice prejudiced unprejudiced

dice prejudice prejudiceless

dice prejudice prejudices

dice radicel radicellose

dice radicel radicels

edifice edifices


entice enticeable

entice enticed apprenticed unapprenticed

entice enticed unenticed

entice enticement apprenticement apprenticements

entice enticement enticements apprenticements

entice enticer enticers

entice entices apprentices apprenticeship apprenticeships

entice prentice apprentice apprenticed unapprenticed

entice prentice apprentice apprenticehood apprenticehoods

entice prentice apprentice apprenticement apprenticements

entice prentice apprentice apprentices apprenticeship apprenticeships

epicene epicenes



epicenter epicenters

epicentre epicentres





iceball iceballs

iceberg icebergs

iceboat iceboater iceboaters

iceboat iceboating

iceboat iceboats


icebox iceboxes sluiceboxes

icebox iceboxes voiceboxes

icebox sluicebox sluiceboxes

icebox voicebox voiceboxes

icebreaker icebreakers


icecap icecapped

icecap icecaps




icecrystal icecrystals


iced coppiced

iced creviced

iced deiced

iced diced jaundiced unjaundiced

iced diced prejudiced prejudicedly

iced diced prejudiced unprejudiced

iced enticed apprenticed unapprenticed

iced enticed unenticed

iced icedam icedammed

iced icedam icedamming

iced icedam icedams

iced intersticed

iced juiced

iced latticed

iced noticed renoticed

iced noticed unnoticed

iced policed overpoliced

iced policed underpoliced

iced policed unpoliced

iced poulticed

iced practiced malpracticed

iced practiced mispracticed

iced practiced outpracticed

iced practiced practicedness

iced practiced unpracticed

iced pumiced

iced reiced

iced rejoiced

iced riced priced highpriced

iced riced priced lowpriced

iced riced priced mispriced

iced riced priced outpriced

iced riced priced overpriced

iced riced priced repriced

iced riced priced underpriced

iced riced priced unpriced

iced sacrificed selfsacrificed

iced satisficed

iced serviced multiserviced

iced serviced overserviced

iced serviced reserviced

iced serviced underserviced

iced serviced unserviced

iced sliced resliced

iced sliced unsliced

iced sluiced

iced spiced overspiced

iced spiced unspiced

iced spliced backspliced

iced spliced respliced

iced sufficed

iced unbeneficed

iced voiced invoiced reinvoiced

iced voiced outvoiced

iced voiced revoiced

iced voiced softvoiced

iced voiced unvoiced

iced voiced voicedness

iced vraiced

icefall icefalls

icefield icefields

icefish icefishes

icefloe icefloes

iceflow iceflows

icehouse icehouses spicehouses

icehouse spicehouse spicehouses

iceless choiceless

iceless juiceless

iceless justiceless

iceless policeless

iceless prejudiceless

iceless priceless pricelessness

iceless spiceless

iceless viceless

iceless voiceless voicelessly

iceless voiceless voicelessness

icemaker bodicemaker bodicemakers

icemaker icemakers bodicemakers

icemaker icemakers pricemakers

icemaker pricemaker pricemakers

icemaking bodicemaking

iceman icemans policemanship policemanships

iceman policeman policemanish

iceman policeman policemanism

iceman policeman policemanlike

iceman policeman policemanship policemanships

iceman serviceman

icemass icemasses

icemen enticement apprenticement apprenticements

icemen enticement enticements apprenticements

icemen policemen

icemen rejoicement

icemen servicemen

icepack icepacks

icepail icepails

icepick icepicks

icequake icequakes

icer anticeremonialist anticeremonialists

icer basicerite

icer chelicer chelicerate chelicerates

icer chelicer chelicers

icer choicer

icer ciceritol

icer cysticercoids

icer cysticercoses

icer cysticercosis neurocysticercosis

icer deicer deicers

icer dicer diceratheriine

icer dicer dicers

icer enticer enticers

icer icers chelicers

icer icers deicers

icer icers dicers

icer icers enticers

icer icers juicers

icer icers justicers

icer icers officers subofficers

icer icers practicers

icer icers pumicers

icer icers rejoicers

icer icers ricers pricers

icer icers sacrificers

icer icers satisficers

icer icers servicers

icer icers slicers

icer icers sluicers

icer icers spicers

icer icers splicers ropesplicers

icer icers sufficers

icer icers voicers

icer juicer juicers

icer justicer justicers

icer nicer

icer officer officers subofficers

icer officer subofficer subofficers

icer practicer practicers

icer pumicer pumicers

icer rejoicer rejoicers

icer ricer pricer pricers

icer ricer ricers pricers

icer ricer triceratops triceratopses

icer sacrificer sacrificers

icer satisficer satisficers

icer servicer servicers

icer slicer slicers

icer sluicer sluicers

icer spicer spicers

icer spicer spicery

icer splicer ropesplicer ropesplicers

icer splicer splicers ropesplicers

icer sufficer sufficers

icer viceregency

icer viceregent viceregents

icer viceroy viceroyalties

icer viceroy viceroyalty

icer viceroy viceroys viceroyship viceroyships

icer voicer voicers

ices accomplices

ices apices

ices armistices

ices artifices

ices chalices

ices choices choicest

ices choices mischoices

ices coppices

ices cornices

ices cortices neocortices

ices cortices subcortices

ices deices

ices dices appendices

ices dices bodices

ices dices caudices

ices dices codices

ices dices indices subindices

ices dices jaundices

ices dices prejudices

ices dices radices

ices edifices

ices entices apprentices apprenticeship apprenticeships

ices helices

ices icescape icescapes

ices iceskate iceskated

ices iceskate iceskater iceskaters

ices iceskate iceskates

ices iceskating

ices icespar

ices icestone icestones

ices interstices

ices juices verjuices

ices justices injustices

ices justices justiceship justiceships

ices lattices superlattices

ices malices

ices nicest

ices notices renotices

ices offices boxoffices

ices offices postoffices

ices offices suboffices

ices orifices

ices polices overpolices

ices polices underpolices

ices pollices

ices poultices

ices practices malpractices

ices practices mispractices

ices practices outpractices

ices precipices

ices pumices

ices reices

ices rejoices

ices rices accusatrices

ices rices adjutrices

ices rices administratrices coadministratrices

ices rices aviatrices

ices rices bisectrices

ices rices cicatrices

ices rices cockatrices

ices rices competrices

ices rices conductrices

ices rices coredemptrices

ices rices dentifrices

ices rices dominatrices

ices rices editrices

ices rices executrices

ices rices generatrices

ices rices indicatrices

ices rices inheritrices

ices rices interlocutrices

ices rices licorices

ices rices liquorices

ices rices matrices nanomatrices

ices rices matrices submatrices

ices rices mediatrices

ices rices persecutrices

ices rices prices caprices

ices rices prices misprices

ices rices prices outprices

ices rices prices overprices

ices rices prices reprices

ices rices prices underprices

ices rices prosecutrices

ices rices rectrices correctrices

ices rices varices avarices

ices rices zelatrices

ices sacrifices selfsacrifices

ices satisfices

ices scolices

ices slices multislices

ices slices reslices

ices slices timeslices

ices sluices

ices solstices

ices spices auspices

ices spices haruspices

ices spices hospices

ices spices overspices

ices splices backsplices

ices splices resplices

ices statices

ices suffices

ices suffrutices

ices vertices

ices vices advices

ices vices crevices

ices vices devices microdevices

ices vices devices nanodevices

ices vices devices radiodevices

ices vices novices

ices vices services disservices

ices vices services foodservices

ices vices services multiservices

ices vices services overservices

ices vices services reservices

ices vices services underservices

ices voices invoices reinvoices

ices voices revoices

ices vortices

icetray icetrays

icewagon icewagons

icewater icewaters

icewine icewines ricewines

icewine ricewine ricewines

interstice intersticed

interstice interstices

juice juiced

juice juiceless

juice juicer juicers

juice juices verjuices

juice juicey

juice lemonjuice

juice verjuice verjuices

justice injustice injustices

justice justiceless

justice justicelike

justice justicer justicers

justice justices injustices

justice justices justiceship justiceships

justice justiceweed justiceweeds

lattice latticed

lattice lattices superlattices

lattice latticework latticeworked

lattice latticework latticeworker latticeworkers

lattice latticework latticeworking

lattice latticework latticeworks

lattice nonlattice

lattice superlattice superlattices

lice accomplice accomplices

lice barklice

lice chalice chalices

lice chelicer chelicerate chelicerates

lice chelicer chelicers

lice helicene helicenes

lice helices

lice licence licenced unlicenced

lice licence licenceless licencelessness

lice licence licences

lice licencing

lice license licensed nonlicensed

lice license licensed relicensed

lice license licensed sublicensed

lice license licensed unlicensed

lice license licensee licensees sublicensees

lice license licensee sublicensee sublicensees

lice license licenseless licenselesses

lice license licenseless licenselessness

lice license licenses relicenses

lice license licenses sublicenses

lice license licenses unlicenses

lice license relicense relicensed

lice license relicense relicenses

lice license unlicense unlicensed

lice license unlicense unlicenses

lice licensing relicensing

lice licensing unlicensing

lice licensure

lice licentious licentiously overlicentiously

lice licentious licentiousness overlicentiousness

lice licentious overlicentious overlicentiously

lice licentious overlicentious overlicentiousness

lice malice malices

lice police overpolice overpoliced

lice police overpolice overpolices

lice police policecommissioner policecommissioners

lice police policed overpoliced

lice police policed underpoliced

lice police policed unpoliced

lice police policeless

lice police policeman policemanish

lice police policeman policemanism

lice police policeman policemanlike

lice police policeman policemanship policemanships

lice police policemen

lice police polices overpolices

lice police polices underpolices

lice police policewoman

lice police policewomen

lice police underpolice underpoliced

lice police underpolice underpolices

lice pollices

lice scolices

lice siliceous

lice slice multislice multislices

lice slice nonslice

lice slice reslice resliced

lice slice reslice reslices

lice slice sliceable

lice slice sliced resliced

lice slice sliced unsliced

lice slice slicer slicers

lice slice slices multislices

lice slice slices reslices

lice slice slices timeslices

lice slice timeslice timeslices

lice splice backsplice backspliced

lice splice backsplice backsplices

lice splice resplice respliced

lice splice resplice resplices

lice splice spliced backspliced

lice splice spliced respliced

lice splice spliceosomal

lice splice spliceosome spliceosomes

lice splice splicer ropesplicer ropesplicers

lice splice splicer splicers ropesplicers

lice splice splices backsplices

lice splice splices resplices

lice woodlice


magnificent magnificently

mesaticephalic mesaticephalics




mice coalmice

mice dormice

mice fieldmice

mice hemicellulase hemicellulases

mice hemicellulose hemicelluloses

mice micella micellae

mice micella micellar

mice micelle micelles

mice pumice pumiced

mice pumice pumiceous

mice pumice pumicer pumicers

mice pumice pumices

mice titmice

mice vermicelli

monticellite monticellites

multicell multicelled

multicell multicells

multicell multicellular multicellularity





munificent munificently

munificent munificentness

nice cornice cornicen

nice cornice cornices

nice janiceps

nice nicely overnicely

nice niceness overniceness

nice nicer

nice nicest

nice niceties overniceties

nice nicety overnicety

nice overnice overnicely

nice overnice overniceness

nice overnice overniceties

nice overnice overnicety

nice unicellular

notice noticeable unnoticeable unnoticeableness

notice noticeably unnoticeably

notice noticeboard noticeboards

notice noticed renoticed

notice noticed unnoticed

notice notices renotices

notice renotice renoticed

notice renotice renotices

office boxoffice boxoffices

office interoffice

office officeblock officeblocks

office officeholder officeholders

office officemate officemates

office officer officers subofficers

office officer subofficer subofficers

office offices boxoffices

office offices postoffices

office offices suboffices

office postoffice postoffices

office suboffice subofficer subofficers

office suboffice suboffices

poultice poulticed

poultice poultices

practice malpractice malpracticed

practice malpractice malpractices

practice mispractice mispracticed

practice mispractice mispractices

practice outpractice outpracticed

practice outpractice outpractices

practice practiced malpracticed

practice practiced mispracticed

practice practiced outpracticed

practice practiced practicedness

practice practiced unpracticed

practice practicer practicers

practice practices malpractices

practice practices mispractices

practice practices outpractices

precipice precipices



reice reiced

reice reices

rejoice rejoiced

rejoice rejoiceful

rejoice rejoicement

rejoice rejoicer rejoicers

rejoice rejoices


rice avarice avarices

rice aviatrice aviatrices

rice cicatrice cicatrices

rice cockatrice cockatrices

rice dentifrice dentifrices

rice interlocutrice interlocutrices

rice licorice licorices

rice liquorice liquorices

rice pericellular

rice pericentric

rice price cutprice

rice price misprice mispriced

rice price misprice misprices

rice price outprice outpriced

rice price outprice outprices

rice price overprice overpriced

rice price overprice overprices

rice price priceable

rice price pricecut pricecutting

rice price priced highpriced

rice price priced lowpriced

rice price priced mispriced

rice price priced outpriced

rice price priced overpriced

rice price priced repriced

rice price priced underpriced

rice price priced unpriced

rice price pricefixed

rice price pricefixing

rice price priceless pricelessness

rice price pricelist pricelists

rice price pricemaker pricemakers

rice price pricer pricers

rice price prices caprices

rice price prices misprices

rice price prices outprices

rice price prices overprices

rice price prices reprices

rice price prices underprices

rice price pricetag pricetags

rice price pricewar

rice price pricey

rice price propriception

rice price reprice repriced

rice price reprice reprices

rice price underprice underpriced

rice price underprice underprices

rice quadricentennial quadricentennials

rice quadricep quadriceps

rice ricebird ricebirds

rice riced priced highpriced

rice riced priced lowpriced

rice riced priced mispriced

rice riced priced outpriced

rice riced priced overpriced

rice riced priced repriced

rice riced priced underpriced

rice riced priced unpriced

rice ricegrain ricegrains

rice ricegrass ricegrasses

rice ricelike

rice ricer pricer pricers

rice ricer ricers pricers

rice ricer triceratops triceratopses

rice rices accusatrices

rice rices adjutrices

rice rices administratrices coadministratrices

rice rices aviatrices

rice rices bisectrices

rice rices cicatrices

rice rices cockatrices

rice rices competrices

rice rices conductrices

rice rices coredemptrices

rice rices dentifrices

rice rices dominatrices

rice rices editrices

rice rices executrices

rice rices generatrices

rice rices indicatrices

rice rices inheritrices

rice rices interlocutrices

rice rices licorices

rice rices liquorices

rice rices matrices nanomatrices

rice rices matrices submatrices

rice rices mediatrices

rice rices persecutrices

rice rices prices caprices

rice rices prices misprices

rice rices prices outprices

rice rices prices overprices

rice rices prices reprices

rice rices prices underprices

rice rices prosecutrices

rice rices rectrices correctrices

rice rices varices avarices

rice rices zelatrices

rice ricewine ricewines

rice sericeous

rice thrice thricetold

rice tricentennial tricentennials

rice tricep tricephalic

rice tricep tricephalous

rice tricep triceps tricepses

rice uricemia hyperuricemia

rice uricemia hypouricemia

rice uricemic hyperuricemic

rice uricemic hypouricemic

rice varicella

rice zelatrice zelatrices

rubicelle rubicelles

sacrifice nonsacrifice

sacrifice sacrificed selfsacrificed

sacrifice sacrificer sacrificers

sacrifice sacrifices selfsacrifices

sacrifice selfsacrifice selfsacrificed

sacrifice selfsacrifice selfsacrifices

satisfice satisficed

satisfice satisficer satisficers

satisfice satisfices

septicemia colisepticemia

septicemia pyosepticemia




sesquicentennial sesquicentennially

sesquicentennial sesquicentennials

sluice sluicebox sluiceboxes

sluice sluiced

sluice sluicegate sluicegates

sluice sluicelike

sluice sluicer sluicers

sluice sluices

sluice sluiceway sluiceways

solstice solstices

spice allspice

spice auspice auspices

spice haruspice haruspices

spice hospice hospices

spice overspice overspiced

spice overspice overspices

spice respice

spice spiceberries

spice spiceberry

spice spicebush spicebushes

spice spicecake spicecakes

spice spiced overspiced

spice spiced unspiced

spice spicehouse spicehouses

spice spiceless

spice spicelike

spice spicemill spicemills

spice spicer spicers

spice spicer spicery

spice spices auspices

spice spices haruspices

spice spices hospices

spice spices overspices

spice spicey

statice statices

suffice sufficed

suffice sufficer sufficers

suffice suffices


surgicenter surgicenters

toxicemia toxicemias


twice twicetold

vice advice advices

vice advice counteradvice

vice advice misadvice

vice advice preadvice

vice cervicectomies

vice cervicectomy

vice crevice creviced

vice crevice crevices

vice device devices microdevices

vice device devices nanodevices

vice device devices radiodevices

vice device microdevice microdevices

vice device nanodevice nanodevices

vice device radiodevice radiodevices

vice novice novices

vice ovicell ovicelled

vice ovicell ovicells

vice service disservice disservices

vice service eyeservice

vice service lipservice

vice service multiservice multiserviced

vice service multiservice multiservices

vice service overservice overserviced

vice service overservice overservices

vice service reservice reserviced

vice service reservice reservices

vice service serviceability

vice service serviceable serviceableness

vice service serviceable unserviceable

vice service serviceably unserviceably

vice service servicebased

vice service serviceberries

vice service serviceberry

vice service serviced multiserviced

vice service serviced overserviced

vice service serviced reserviced

vice service serviced underserviced

vice service serviced unserviced

vice service serviceman

vice service servicemen

vice service servicer servicers

vice service services disservices

vice service services foodservices

vice service services multiservices

vice service services overservices

vice service services reservices

vice service services underservices

vice service servicewoman

vice service servicewomen

vice service underservice underserviced

vice service underservice underservices

vice vicechairman

vice vicechancellor vicechancellors

vice viceless

vice vicelike

vice vicepresidency

vice vicepresident vicepresidential

vice vicepresident vicepresidents

vice viceregency

vice viceregent viceregents

vice viceroy viceroyalties

vice viceroy viceroyalty

vice viceroy viceroys viceroyship viceroyships

vice vices advices

vice vices crevices

vice vices devices microdevices

vice vices devices nanodevices

vice vices devices radiodevices

vice vices novices

vice vices services disservices

vice vices services foodservices

vice vices services multiservices

vice vices services overservices

vice vices services reservices

vice vices services underservices

vice viceversa

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