Definition of ark

"ark" in the noun sense

1. Ark, Ark of the Covenant

Judaism) sacred chest where the ancient Hebrews kept the two tablets containing the Ten Commandments

2. ark

a boat built by Noah to save his family and animals from the flood

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Quotations for ark

Presume to lay their hand upon the ark
Of her magnificent and awful cause. [ Cowper ]

Philologists, who chase
A panting syllable through time and space,
Start it at home, and hunt it in the dark
To Gaul, to Greece, and into Noah's ark. [ William Cowper ]

Education is our only political safety. Outside of this ark all is deluge. [ Horace Mann ]

You know the Ark of Israel and the calf of Belial were both made of gold. Religion has never yet changed the metal of her one adoration. [ Ouida ]

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aardvark aardvarks

arkose arkoses


arks aardvarks

arks barks debarks

arks barks embarks disembarks

arks barks embarks reembarks

arks barks ironbarks

arks barks outbarks

arks barks ropebarks

arks barks shagbarks

arks barks shellbarks

arks barks snakebarks

arks barks stringybarks

arks barks wattlebarks

arks bulwarks

arks darks

arks harks sharks angelsharks

arks harks sharks cardsharks

arks harks sharks foxsharks

arks harks sharks loansharks

arks harks sharks sawsharks

arks harks sharks sharkskin sharkskins

arks harks sharks sharksucker sharksuckers

arks larks larkspur larkspurs

arks larks meadowlarks

arks larks skylarks

arks larks titlarks

arks larks woodlarks

arks marks airmarks

arks marks benchmarks

arks marks birthmarks

arks marks bitemarks

arks marks bookmarks

arks marks brandmarks

arks marks breastmarks

arks marks brushmarks

arks marks checkmarks

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arks parks ballparks

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arks quarks antiquarks

arks quarks pentaquarks

arks quarks tetraquarks

arks snarks

bark barkbeetle barkbeetles

bark barked debarked

bark barked embarked disembarked

bark barked embarked reembarked

bark barked outbarked

bark barkeep barkeeper barkeepers

bark barkeep barkeeping

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bark barkless

bark barklice

bark barklouse

bark barkometer barkometers

bark barks debarks

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bark barks outbarks

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bark debark debarkation debarkations

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bark embark disembark disembarkation disembarkations

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bark embark embarks disembarks

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bark embark reembark reembarkation

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bark embark reembark reembarks

bark ironbark ironbarks

bark outbark outbarked

bark outbark outbarking

bark outbark outbarks

bark ropebark ropebarks

bark shagbark shagbarks

bark shellbark shellbarks

bark snakebark snakebarks

bark stringybark stringybarks

bark wattlebark wattlebarks

bulwark bulwarked

bulwark bulwarking

bulwark bulwarks

dark bedark bedarken bedarkened

dark bedark bedarken bedarkening

dark bedark bedarken bedarkens

dark darken bedarken bedarkened

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dark darker

dark darkest

dark darkfield

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dark darkly

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dark darkroom darkrooms

dark darks

dark qindarka qindarkas



hark harked sharked loansharked

hark harken harkened

hark harken harkening

hark harken harkens

hark harking sharking loansharking loansharkings

hark harks sharks angelsharks

hark harks sharks cardsharks

hark harks sharks foxsharks

hark harks sharks loansharks

hark harks sharks sawsharks

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hark shark sawshark sawsharks

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hark shark sharklike

hark shark sharks angelsharks

hark shark sharks cardsharks

hark shark sharks foxsharks

hark shark sharks loansharks

hark shark sharks sawsharks

hark shark sharks sharkskin sharkskins

hark shark sharks sharksucker sharksuckers

hearken hearkened

hearken hearkening

hearken hearkens

lark clarkia clarkias

lark larked

lark larking

lark larkish

lark larks larkspur larkspurs

lark larks meadowlarks

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lark larks titlarks

lark larks woodlarks

lark meadowlark meadowlarks

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lark woodlark woodlarks

mark airmark airmarker airmarkers

mark airmark airmarks

mark benchmark benchmarked

mark benchmark benchmarking benchmarkings

mark benchmark benchmarks

mark birthmark birthmarks

mark bitemark bitemarks

mark bookmark bookmarked unbookmarked

mark bookmark bookmarker bookmarkers

mark bookmark bookmarking

mark bookmark bookmarks

mark brandmark brandmarks

mark breastmark breastmarks

mark brushmark brushmarks

mark checkmark checkmarked

mark checkmark checkmarking

mark checkmark checkmarks

mark demark demarked trademarked untrademarked

mark demark demarking trademarking

mark demark demarks tidemarks

mark demark demarks trademarks

mark demark tidemark tidemarks

mark demark trademark trademarked untrademarked

mark demark trademark trademarking

mark demark trademark trademarks

mark earmark earmarked unearmarked

mark earmark earmarker earmarkers

mark earmark earmarking earmarkings

mark earmark earmarks

mark filemark filemarks

mark fingermark fingermarks

mark floodmark floodmarks

mark footmark footmarks

mark hallmark hallmarked

mark hallmark hallmarking

mark hallmark hallmarks

mark hashmark hashmarks

mark hoofmark hoofmarks

mark landmark landmarked

mark landmark landmarking

mark landmark landmarks

mark logomark logomarks

mark marka markable remarkable remarkableness

mark marka markable remarkable unremarkable

mark marka markas

mark marka remarkably

mark markdown markdowns

mark marked benchmarked

mark marked bookmarked unbookmarked

mark marked checkmarked

mark marked demarked trademarked untrademarked

mark marked earmarked unearmarked

mark marked hallmarked

mark marked landmarked

mark marked markedly remarkedly

mark marked mismarked

mark marked nonmarked

mark marked overmarked

mark marked platemarked

mark marked pockmarked

mark marked postmarked

mark marked remarked remarkedly

mark marked remarked unremarked

mark marked toolmarked

mark marked undermarked

mark marked unmarked

mark marked watermarked

mark marked waymarked

mark marked wellmarked

mark marker airmarker airmarkers

mark marker biomarker biomarkers

mark marker bookmarker bookmarkers

mark marker earmarker earmarkers

mark marker markerless

mark marker markers airmarkers

mark marker markers biomarkers

mark marker markers bookmarkers

mark marker markers earmarkers

mark marker markers milemarkers

mark marker markers remarkers

mark marker milemarker milemarkers

mark marker remarker remarkers

mark market aftermarket aftermarkets

mark market fleamarket fleamarkets

mark market foodmarket foodmarkets

mark market hypermarket hypermarkets

mark market marketability unmarketability

mark market marketable nonmarketable

mark market marketable unmarketable

mark market marketed nonmarketed

mark market marketed overmarketed

mark market marketed remarketed premarketed

mark market marketed undermarketed

mark market marketeer marketeering

mark market marketeer marketeers

mark market marketer marketers nonmarketers

mark market marketer marketers overmarketers

mark market marketer marketers telemarketers

mark market marketer marketers undermarketers

mark market marketer nonmarketer nonmarketers

mark market marketer overmarketer overmarketers

mark market marketer telemarketer telemarketers

mark market marketer undermarketer undermarketers

mark market marketing micromarketing

mark market marketing nonmarketing

mark market marketing overmarketing

mark market marketing remarketing premarketing

mark market marketing telemarketing

mark market marketing undermarketing

mark market marketplace marketplaces

mark market marketplace nonmarketplace

mark market markets aftermarkets

mark market markets fleamarkets

mark market markets foodmarkets

mark market markets hypermarkets

mark market markets overmarkets

mark market markets remarkets premarkets

mark market markets supermarkets

mark market markets undermarkets

mark market nonmarket nonmarketable

mark market nonmarket nonmarketed

mark market nonmarket nonmarketer nonmarketers

mark market nonmarket nonmarketing

mark market nonmarket nonmarketplace

mark market overmarket overmarketed

mark market overmarket overmarketer overmarketers

mark market overmarket overmarketing

mark market overmarket overmarkets

mark market remarket premarket premarketed

mark market remarket premarket premarketing

mark market remarket premarket premarkets

mark market remarket remarketed premarketed

mark market remarket remarketing premarketing

mark market remarket remarkets premarkets

mark market supermarket supermarkets

mark market undermarket undermarketed

mark market undermarket undermarketer undermarketers

mark market undermarket undermarketing

mark market undermarket undermarkets

mark market upmarket

mark marking benchmarking benchmarkings

mark marking bookmarking

mark marking checkmarking

mark marking demarking trademarking

mark marking earmarking earmarkings

mark marking hallmarking

mark marking landmarking

mark marking markings benchmarkings

mark marking markings earmarkings

mark marking markings mismarkings

mark marking mismarking mismarkings

mark marking nonmarking

mark marking overmarking

mark marking platemarking

mark marking pockmarking

mark marking postmarking

mark marking remarking

mark marking toolmarking

mark marking undermarking

mark marking unmarking

mark marking watermarking

mark marking waymarking

mark marks airmarks

mark marks benchmarks

mark marks birthmarks

mark marks bitemarks

mark marks bookmarks

mark marks brandmarks

mark marks breastmarks

mark marks brushmarks

mark marks checkmarks

mark marks daymarks

mark marks demarks tidemarks

mark marks demarks trademarks

mark marks earmarks

mark marks filemarks

mark marks fingermarks

mark marks floodmarks

mark marks footmarks

mark marks hallmarks

mark marks hashmarks

mark marks hoofmarks

mark marks landmarks

mark marks logomarks

mark marks marksheet marksheets

mark marks marksman marksmanship

mark marks marksmen

mark marks metalmarks

mark marks mintmarks

mark marks mismarks

mark marks overmarks

mark marks platemarks

mark marks pockmarks

mark marks postmarks

mark marks pressmarks

mark marks remarks firemarks

mark marks stretchmarks

mark marks stylemarks

mark marks tapemarks

mark marks teethmarks

mark marks thumbmarks

mark marks toolmarks

mark marks toothmarks

mark marks touchmarks

mark marks undermarks

mark marks unmarks

mark marks watermarks

mark marks waymarks

mark markup markups

mark metalmark metalmarks

mark mintmark mintmarks

mark mismark mismarked

mark mismark mismarking mismarkings

mark mismark mismarks

mark overmark overmarked

mark overmark overmarket overmarketed

mark overmark overmarket overmarketer overmarketers

mark overmark overmarket overmarketing

mark overmark overmarket overmarkets

mark overmark overmarking

mark overmark overmarks

mark platemark platemarked

mark platemark platemarking

mark platemark platemarks

mark pockmark pockmarked

mark pockmark pockmarking

mark pockmark pockmarks

mark postmark postmarked

mark postmark postmarking

mark postmark postmarks

mark pressmark pressmarks

mark remark firemark firemarks

mark remark remarkable remarkableness

mark remark remarkable unremarkable

mark remark remarkably

mark remark remarked remarkedly

mark remark remarked unremarked

mark remark remarker remarkers

mark remark remarket premarket premarketed

mark remark remarket premarket premarketing

mark remark remarket premarket premarkets

mark remark remarket remarketed premarketed

mark remark remarket remarketing premarketing

mark remark remarket remarkets premarkets

mark remark remarking

mark remark remarks firemarks

mark stylemark stylemarks

mark tapemark tapemarks

mark thumbmark thumbmarks

mark toolmark toolmarked

mark toolmark toolmarking

mark toolmark toolmarks

mark toothmark toothmarks

mark touchmark touchmarks

mark undermark undermarked

mark undermark undermarket undermarketed

mark undermark undermarket undermarketer undermarketers

mark undermark undermarket undermarketing

mark undermark undermarket undermarkets

mark undermark undermarking

mark undermark undermarks

mark unmark unmarked

mark unmark unmarketability

mark unmark unmarketable

mark unmark unmarking

mark unmark unmarks

mark watermark watermarked

mark watermark watermarking

mark watermark watermarks

park ballpark ballparks

park doublepark doubleparked

park doublepark doubleparker doubleparkers

park doublepark doubleparking

park doublepark doubleparks

park parka parkade parkades

park parka parkas

park parked doubleparked

park parked reparked

park parked sparked

park parker doubleparker doubleparkers

park parker sparker sparkers

park parking doubleparking

park parking reparking

park parking sparking nonsparking

park parkland parklands

park parklike sparklike

park parks ballparks

park parks doubleparks

park parks reparks

park parks skateparks

park parks sparks

park parks waterparks

park parkway parkways

park repark reparked

park repark reparking

park repark reparks

park skatepark skateparks

park spark sparked

park spark sparker sparkers

park spark sparkier

park spark sparkiest

park spark sparkily

park spark sparking nonsparking

park spark sparkish

park spark sparkle outsparkle outsparkled

park spark sparkle outsparkle outsparkles

park spark sparkle sparkleberries

park spark sparkle sparkleberry

park spark sparkle sparkled outsparkled

park spark sparkle sparkler sparklers

park spark sparkle sparkles outsparkles

park spark sparkle sparkles sparkless

park spark sparklier

park spark sparklies sparkliest

park spark sparklike

park spark sparkliness

park spark sparkling nonsparkling

park spark sparkling outsparkling

park spark sparkling sparklingly

park spark sparkling sparklings

park spark sparkly

park spark sparkplug sparkplugged

park spark sparkplug sparkplugging

park spark sparkplug sparkplugs

park spark sparkproof

park spark sparks

park spark sparky

park waterpark waterparks

quark antiquark antiquarks

quark pentaquark pentaquarks

quark quarkonia

quark quarkonium

quark quarks antiquarks

quark quarks pentaquarks

quark quarks tetraquarks

quark tetraquark tetraquarks

snark snarked

snark snarkier

snark snarkiest

snark snarkiness

snark snarking snarkingly

snark snarks

snark snarky

stark starker

stark starkest

stark starkly

stark starkness