Definition of ape

"ape" in the noun sense

1. ape

any of various primates with short tails or no tail at all

2. copycat, imitator, emulator, ape, aper

someone who copies the words or behavior of another

3. anthropoid, ape

person who resembles a nonhuman primate

"ape" in the verb sense

1. ape

imitate uncritically and in every aspect

"Her little brother apes her behavior"

2. caricature, ape

represent in or produce a caricature of

"The drawing caricatured the President"

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Princeton University "About WordNet®."
WordNet®. Princeton University. 2010.

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Quotations for ape

It is like nuts to an ape. [ Proverb ]

An old ape hath an old eye. [ Proverb ]

An ape is never so like an ape,
As when he wears a doctor's cap. [ Proverb ]

Spiders that kill a man cure an ape. [ Proverb ]

An ape's an ape, a varlet's a varlet,
Though they be clad in silk or scarlet. [ Proverb ]

Cunning craft is but the ape of wisdom. [ Proverb ]

The ape hugs her darling till she kills it. [ Proverb ]

O sleep, thou ape of death, lie dull upon her
And be her sense but as a monument. [ William Shakespeare ]

An ape may chance to sit amongst the Doctors. [ Proverb ]

As fond of it, as an ape is of a whip and a bell. [ Proverb ]

The higher the ape goes the more he shows his tail. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

The higher an ape mounts, the more he shews his breech. [ Proverb ]

Ambiguous things that ape goats in their visage, women in their shape. [ Byron ]

A poor man who aspires to ape the manners and habits of the rich, is sure to be ruined. [ Phaedrus ]

Permanence, perseverance, persistence in spite of hindrances, discouragements, and "impossibilities:" it is this that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak; the civilised burgher from the nomadic savage - the species Man from the genus Ape. [ Carlyle ]

This is he that kiss'd away his hand in courtesy; This is the ape of form, monsieur the nice. That when he plays at tables, chides the dice in honorable terms; nay, he can sing a mean most meanly; and in ushering, mend him who can; the ladies call him sweet; The stairs, as he treads on them, kiss his feet. [ William Shakespeare ]

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Longer words containing ape

aped caped escaped unescaped

aped caped inscaped

aped caped landscaped relandscaped

aped caped landscaped unlandscaped

aped caped soundscaped

aped caped uncaped

aped gaped

aped heaped cheaped

aped heaped overheaped

aped heaped reheaped

aped leaped outleaped

aped leaped overleaped

aped neaped

aped raped draped redraped

aped raped draped undraped

aped raped reraped

aped raped scraped backscraped

aped raped scraped unscraped

aped reaped

aped shaped anvilshaped

aped shaped bandshaped

aped shaped bellshaped

aped shaped bladdershaped

aped shaped boatshaped

aped shaped bowlshaped

aped shaped bowshaped

aped shaped budshaped

aped shaped clawshaped

aped shaped clubshaped

aped shaped coinshaped

aped shaped coneshaped

aped shaped crescentshaped

aped shaped crossshaped

aped shaped cubeshaped

aped shaped cucumbershaped

aped shaped cupshaped

aped shaped cylindershaped

aped shaped discshaped

aped shaped diskshaped

aped shaped domeshaped

aped shaped dropletshaped

aped shaped eggshaped

aped shaped fanshaped

aped shaped forkshaped

aped shaped funnelshaped

aped shaped gobletshaped

aped shaped heartshaped

aped shaped kettleshaped

aped shaped kidneyshaped

aped shaped lanceshaped

aped shaped lensshaped

aped shaped manyshaped

aped shaped misshaped

aped shaped needleshaped

aped shaped ovoidshaped

aped shaped pearshaped spearshaped

aped shaped pencilshaped

aped shaped pitchershaped

aped shaped reshaped preshaped

aped shaped reshaped squareshaped

aped shaped ribshaped

aped shaped rodshaped

aped shaped saddleshaped

aped shaped screwshaped corkscrewshaped

aped shaped scrollshaped

aped shaped shieldshaped

aped shaped sickleshaped

aped shaped slingshaped

aped shaped spindleshaped

aped shaped spoonshaped

aped shaped spurshaped

aped shaped starshaped

aped shaped stirrupshaped

aped shaped swordshaped

aped shaped toothshaped

aped shaped treeshaped

aped shaped trumpetshaped

aped shaped tubshaped

aped shaped tunnelshaped

aped shaped tuskshaped

aped shaped unshaped

aped shaped wartshaped

aped shaped wedgeshaped

aped shaped wellshaped

aped shaped wingshaped

aped shaped wormshaped

aped soaped

aped taped audiotaped

aped taped mediostapedial

aped taped retaped pretaped

aped taped sellotaped

aped taped stapedectomies

aped taped stapedectomy

aped taped untaped

aped taped videotaped

aped vaped

apelike grapelike

apelike tapelike

apeman tapeman

apemen escapement escapements

apemen tapemen

aper aperiodic aperiodical aperiodically

aper aperitif aperitifs

aper aperitive aperitives

aper apertometer apertometers

aper aperture apertures multiapertures

aper aperture multiaperture multiapertured

aper aperture multiaperture multiapertures

aper caper beancaper beancapers

aper caper capered

aper caper capering

aper caper capers beancapers

aper caper capers escapers

aper caper capers landscapers

aper caper capers soundscapers

aper caper escaper escaperoute escaperoutes

aper caper escaper escapers

aper caper landscaper landscapers

aper caper soundscaper soundscapers

aper chaperon chaperonage

aper chaperon chaperone chaperoned unchaperoned

aper chaperon chaperone chaperones

aper chaperon chaperoning

aper chaperon chaperonless

aper chaperon chaperons

aper diaper diapered undiapered

aper diaper diapering

aper diaper diapers

aper heaper cheaper

aper heaper heapers

aper leaper leapers

aper multiaperturing

aper paper chartpaper chartpapers

aper paper filterpaper filterpapers

aper paper flypaper flypapers

aper paper glasspaper glasspapered

aper paper glasspaper glasspapering

aper paper glasspaper glasspapers

aper paper graphpaper graphpapers

aper paper headpaper

aper paper letterpaper letterpapers

aper paper newspaper newspapering

aper paper newspaper newspaperman

aper paper newspaper newspapermen

aper paper newspaper newspapers

aper paper newspaper newspaperwoman

aper paper newspaper newspaperwomen

aper paper nonpaper nonpapers

aper paper notepaper notepapers

aper paper paperback paperbacked

aper paper paperback paperbacker paperbackers

aper paper paperback paperbacking

aper paper paperback paperbacks

aper paper paperboard paperboards

aper paper paperboy paperboys

aper paper paperclip paperclips

aper paper papercut papercuts

aper paper papercut papercutting

aper paper papered glasspapered

aper paper papered repapered

aper paper papered sandpapered unsandpapered

aper paper papered tarpapered

aper paper papered wallpapered

aper paper paperer paperers sandpaperers

aper paper paperer sandpaperer sandpaperers

aper paper papergirl papergirls

aper paper paperhanger paperhangers

aper paper paperhanging paperhangings

aper paper paperier

aper paper paperiest

aper paper paperiness

aper paper papering glasspapering

aper paper papering newspapering

aper paper papering repapering

aper paper papering sandpapering

aper paper papering wallpapering

aper paper paperknife

aper paper paperknives

aper paper paperless

aper paper paperlike

aper paper papermaker papermakers

aper paper papermaking

aper paper papermill papermills

aper paper papers chartpapers

aper paper papers filterpapers

aper paper papers flypapers

aper paper papers glasspapers

aper paper papers graphpapers

aper paper papers letterpapers

aper paper papers newspapers

aper paper papers nonpapers

aper paper papers notepapers

aper paper papers repapers

aper paper papers sandpapers

aper paper papers starchpapers

aper paper papers tarpapers

aper paper papers touchpapers

aper paper papers tracingpapers

aper paper papers wallpapers

aper paper papers wastepapers

aper paper papers waxpapers

aper paper paperthin

aper paper papertowel papertowels

aper paper paperware paperwares

aper paper paperweight paperweights

aper paper paperwork

aper paper papery sandpapery

aper paper repaper repapered

aper paper repaper repapering

aper paper repaper repapers

aper paper sandpaper sandpapered unsandpapered

aper paper sandpaper sandpaperer sandpaperers

aper paper sandpaper sandpapering

aper paper sandpaper sandpapers

aper paper sandpaper sandpapery

aper paper starchpaper starchpapers

aper paper tarpaper tarpapered

aper paper tarpaper tarpapers

aper paper touchpaper touchpapers

aper paper tracingpaper tracingpapers

aper paper wallpaper wallpapered

aper paper wallpaper wallpapering

aper paper wallpaper wallpapers

aper paper wastepaper wastepapers

aper paper waxpaper waxpapers

aper raper draper draperies

aper raper draper drapers

aper raper draper drapery

aper raper extrapericardiac

aper raper extrapericardial

aper raper extraperineal

aper raper extraperiosteal

aper raper extraperitoneal

aper raper intraperitonal intraperitonally

aper raper intraperitoneal intraperitoneally

aper raper intraperitoneal intraperitonealy

aper raper paraperigonium

aper raper rapers drapers

aper raper rapers extrapersonal

aper raper rapers scrapers backscrapers

aper raper rapers scrapers bootscrapers

aper raper rapers scrapers footscrapers

aper raper rapers scrapers plyscrapers

aper raper rapers scrapers skyscrapers

aper raper scraper backscraper backscrapers

aper raper scraper bootscraper bootscrapers

aper raper scraper footscraper footscrapers

aper raper scraper plyscraper plyscrapers

aper raper scraper scraperboard scraperboards

aper raper scraper scrapers backscrapers

aper raper scraper scrapers bootscrapers

aper raper scraper scrapers footscrapers

aper raper scraper scrapers plyscrapers

aper raper scraper scrapers skyscrapers

aper raper scraper skyscraper skyscrapers

aper reaper reapers

aper shaper bodyshaper bodyshapers

aper shaper misshaper misshapers

aper shaper reshaper reshapers

aper shaper shapers bodyshapers

aper shaper shapers misshapers

aper shaper shapers reshapers

aper soaper soapers

aper taper taperbearer taperbearers

aper taper taperecorded

aper taper taperecording

aper taper tapered untapered

aper taper taperer taperers

aper taper tapering taperingly

aper taper tapering taperings

aper taper tapermaker tapermakers

aper taper tapermaking

aper taper tapers taperstick tapersticks

aper taper tapers videotapers

aper taper videotaper videotapers

aper vaper vapers

apes capes scapes airscapes

apes capes scapes bathyscapes

apes capes scapes beachscapes

apes capes scapes cityscapes

apes capes scapes cloudscapes

apes capes scapes dreamscapes

apes capes scapes escapes fireescapes

apes capes scapes escapes icescapes

apes capes scapes escapes treescapes

apes capes scapes farmscapes

apes capes scapes inscapes

apes capes scapes landscapes relandscapes

apes capes scapes lunarscapes

apes capes scapes mindscapes

apes capes scapes moonscapes

apes capes scapes riverscapes

apes capes scapes roofscapes

apes capes scapes seascapes

apes capes scapes skyscapes

apes capes scapes snowscapes

apes capes scapes soundscapes

apes capes scapes streetscapes

apes capes scapes townscapes

apes capes scapes waterscapes

apes capes scapes xeriscapes

apes capes uncapes

apes cheapest

apes gapes agapes

apes napes anapest anapestic anapestically

apes napes anapest anapestic anapestics

apes napes anapest anapests

apes napes canapes

apes rapes drapes redrapes

apes rapes drapes undrapes

apes rapes grapes grapeseed grapeseeds

apes rapes grapes grapeshot grapeshots

apes rapes grapes grapeskin grapeskins

apes rapes rapeseed grapeseed grapeseeds

apes rapes rapeseed rapeseeds grapeseeds

apes rapes rerapes

apes rapes sarapes

apes rapes satrapess satrapesses

apes rapes scrapes backscrapes

apes rapes scrapes shootingscrapes

apes rapes serapes

apes shapes heartshapes

apes shapes misshapes

apes shapes reshapes preshapes

apes shapes shapeshift shapeshifted

apes shapes shapeshift shapeshifter shapeshifters

apes shapes shapeshift shapeshifting

apes shapes shapeshift shapeshifts

apes shapes waveshapes

apes tapes audiotapes

apes tapes nametapes

apes tapes retapes pretapes

apes tapes sellotapes

apes tapes stapes

apes tapes tapestried

apes tapes tapestries

apes tapes tapestry

apes tapes tickertapes

apes tapes videotapes

apes vapes

apex apexed

apex apexes

apex apexification

apex apexified

apex apexifies

apex apexify apexifying

apex apexing

apex apexogenesis

cape caped escaped unescaped

cape caped inscaped

cape caped landscaped relandscaped

cape caped landscaped unlandscaped

cape caped soundscaped

cape caped uncaped

cape caper beancaper beancapers

cape caper capered

cape caper capering

cape caper capers beancapers

cape caper capers escapers

cape caper capers landscapers

cape caper capers soundscapers

cape caper escaper escaperoute escaperoutes

cape caper escaper escapers

cape caper landscaper landscapers

cape caper soundscaper soundscapers

cape capes scapes airscapes

cape capes scapes bathyscapes

cape capes scapes beachscapes

cape capes scapes cityscapes

cape capes scapes cloudscapes

cape capes scapes dreamscapes

cape capes scapes escapes fireescapes

cape capes scapes escapes icescapes

cape capes scapes escapes treescapes

cape capes scapes farmscapes

cape capes scapes inscapes

cape capes scapes landscapes relandscapes

cape capes scapes lunarscapes

cape capes scapes mindscapes

cape capes scapes moonscapes

cape capes scapes riverscapes

cape capes scapes roofscapes

cape capes scapes seascapes

cape capes scapes skyscapes

cape capes scapes snowscapes

cape capes scapes soundscapes

cape capes scapes streetscapes

cape capes scapes townscapes

cape capes scapes waterscapes

cape capes scapes xeriscapes

cape capes uncapes

cape cefcapene

cape decapeptide decapeptides didecapeptides

cape decapeptide decapeptides dodecapeptides

cape decapeptide decapeptides monodecapeptides

cape decapeptide decapeptides tridecapeptides

cape decapeptide decapeptides undecapeptides

cape decapeptide didecapeptide didecapeptides

cape decapeptide dodecapeptide dodecapeptides

cape decapeptide monodecapeptide monodecapeptides

cape decapeptide tridecapeptide tridecapeptides

cape decapeptide undecapeptide undecapeptides

cape scape airscape airscapes

cape scape bathyscape bathyscapes

cape scape beachscape beachscapes

cape scape cityscape cityscapes

cape scape cloudscape cloudscapes

cape scape dreamscape dreamscapes

cape scape escape escaped unescaped

cape scape escape escapee escapees

cape scape escape escapeless

cape scape escape escapement escapements

cape scape escape escaper escaperoute escaperoutes

cape scape escape escaper escapers

cape scape escape escapes fireescapes

cape scape escape escapes icescapes

cape scape escape escapes treescapes

cape scape escape escapeway escapeways

cape scape escape fireescape fireescapes

cape scape escape icescape icescapes

cape scape escape treescape treescapes

cape scape farmscape farmscapes

cape scape inscape inscaped

cape scape inscape inscapes

cape scape landscape landscaped relandscaped

cape scape landscape landscaped unlandscaped

cape scape landscape landscaper landscapers

cape scape landscape landscapes relandscapes

cape scape landscape relandscape relandscaped

cape scape landscape relandscape relandscapes

cape scape lunarscape lunarscapes

cape scape mindscape mindscapes

cape scape moonscape moonscapes

cape scape riverscape riverscapes

cape scape roofscape roofscapes

cape scape scapegoat scapegoated

cape scape scapegoat scapegoater

cape scape scapegoat scapegoating

cape scape scapegoat scapegoatism

cape scape scapegoat scapegoats

cape scape scapes airscapes

cape scape scapes bathyscapes

cape scape scapes beachscapes

cape scape scapes cityscapes

cape scape scapes cloudscapes

cape scape scapes dreamscapes

cape scape scapes escapes fireescapes

cape scape scapes escapes icescapes

cape scape scapes escapes treescapes

cape scape scapes farmscapes

cape scape scapes inscapes

cape scape scapes landscapes relandscapes

cape scape scapes lunarscapes

cape scape scapes mindscapes

cape scape scapes moonscapes

cape scape scapes riverscapes

cape scape scapes roofscapes

cape scape scapes seascapes

cape scape scapes skyscapes

cape scape scapes snowscapes

cape scape scapes soundscapes

cape scape scapes streetscapes

cape scape scapes townscapes

cape scape scapes waterscapes

cape scape scapes xeriscapes

cape scape seascape seascapes

cape scape skyscape skyscapes

cape scape snowscape snowscapes

cape scape soundscape soundscaped

cape scape soundscape soundscaper soundscapers

cape scape soundscape soundscapes

cape scape streetscape streetscapes

cape scape townscape townscapes

cape scape waterscape waterscapes

cape scape xeriscape xeriscapes

cape uncape uncaped

cape uncape uncapes

chapel chapels

cheapen cheapened

cheapen cheapening

cheapen cheapens

gape agape agapes

gape gaped

gape gapes agapes

gape gapeworm gapeworms

hexapentagesimal hexapentagesimals

hexapeptide hexapeptides

icosapeptide eicosapeptide eicosapeptides

icosapeptide icosapeptides eicosapeptides

jalapeno jalapenos

lapel lapeled

lapel lapelled

lapel lapels

nape canape canapes

nape napes anapest anapestic anapestically

nape napes anapest anapestic anapestics

nape napes anapest anapests

nape napes canapes

nape nonapeptide nonapeptides

rape crape scrape backscrape backscraped

rape crape scrape backscrape backscraper backscrapers

rape crape scrape backscrape backscrapes

rape crape scrape scraped backscraped

rape crape scrape scraped unscraped

rape crape scrape scrapegood

rape crape scrape scraper backscraper backscrapers

rape crape scrape scraper bootscraper bootscrapers

rape crape scrape scraper footscraper footscrapers

rape crape scrape scraper plyscraper plyscrapers

rape crape scrape scraper scraperboard scraperboards

rape crape scrape scraper scrapers backscrapers

rape crape scrape scraper scrapers bootscrapers

rape crape scrape scraper scrapers footscrapers

rape crape scrape scraper scrapers plyscrapers

rape crape scrape scraper scrapers skyscrapers

rape crape scrape scraper skyscraper skyscrapers

rape crape scrape scrapes backscrapes

rape crape scrape scrapes shootingscrapes

rape crape scrape shootingscrape shootingscrapes

rape drape draped redraped

rape drape draped undraped

rape drape draper draperies

rape drape draper drapers

rape drape draper drapery

rape drape drapes redrapes

rape drape drapes undrapes

rape drape redrape redraped

rape drape redrape redrapes

rape drape undrape undraped

rape drape undrape undrapes

rape extrapelvic

rape grape grapefern grapeferns

rape grape grapefruit grapefruits

rape grape grapeless

rape grape grapelike

rape grape grapes grapeseed grapeseeds

rape grape grapes grapeshot grapeshots

rape grape grapes grapeskin grapeskins

rape grape grapetree grapetrees

rape grape grapevine grapevines

rape parapet parapets

rape raped draped redraped

rape raped draped undraped

rape raped reraped

rape raped scraped backscraped

rape raped scraped unscraped

rape raper draper draperies

rape raper draper drapers

rape raper draper drapery

rape raper extrapericardiac

rape raper extrapericardial

rape raper extraperineal

rape raper extraperiosteal

rape raper extraperitoneal

rape raper intraperitonal intraperitonally

rape raper intraperitoneal intraperitoneally

rape raper intraperitoneal intraperitonealy

rape raper paraperigonium

rape raper rapers drapers

rape raper rapers extrapersonal

rape raper rapers scrapers backscrapers

rape raper rapers scrapers bootscrapers

rape raper rapers scrapers footscrapers

rape raper rapers scrapers plyscrapers

rape raper rapers scrapers skyscrapers

rape raper scraper backscraper backscrapers

rape raper scraper bootscraper bootscrapers

rape raper scraper footscraper footscrapers

rape raper scraper plyscraper plyscrapers

rape raper scraper scraperboard scraperboards

rape raper scraper scrapers backscrapers

rape raper scraper scrapers bootscrapers

rape raper scraper scrapers footscrapers

rape raper scraper scrapers plyscrapers

rape raper scraper scrapers skyscrapers

rape raper scraper skyscraper skyscrapers

rape rapes drapes redrapes

rape rapes drapes undrapes

rape rapes grapes grapeseed grapeseeds

rape rapes grapes grapeshot grapeshots

rape rapes grapes grapeskin grapeskins

rape rapes rapeseed grapeseed grapeseeds

rape rapes rapeseed rapeseeds grapeseeds

rape rapes rerapes

rape rapes sarapes

rape rapes satrapess satrapesses

rape rapes scrapes backscrapes

rape rapes scrapes shootingscrapes

rape rapes serapes

rape rerape reraped

rape rerape rerapes

rape sarape sarapes

rape serape serapes

rape tetrapeptide tetrapeptides

rape tetrapetalous

rape therapeutic aromatherapeutic

rape therapeutic autohaemotherapeutic

rape therapeutic autohemotherapeutic

rape therapeutic bacteriotherapeutic bacteriotherapeutical bacteriotherapeutically

rape therapeutic biotherapeutic

rape therapeutic chemotherapeutic chemotherapeutical chemotherapeutically

rape therapeutic chemotherapeutic chemotherapeuticness

rape therapeutic chemotherapeutic chemotherapeutics

rape therapeutic cryotherapeutic

rape therapeutic dietotherapeutic dietotherapeutical dietotherapeutically

rape therapeutic dietotherapeutic dietotherapeutics

rape therapeutic electrotherapeutic electrotherapeutical electrotherapeutically

rape therapeutic electrotherapeutic electrotherapeutics

rape therapeutic immunotherapeutic immunotherapeutics

rape therapeutic metallotherapeutic metallotherapeutical

rape therapeutic nontherapeutic nontherapeutical nontherapeutically

rape therapeutic pharmacotherapeutic

rape therapeutic phototherapeutic

rape therapeutic phthisiotherapeutic

rape therapeutic physicotherapeutic

rape therapeutic physiotherapeutic physiotherapeutical physiotherapeutically

rape therapeutic physiotherapeutic physiotherapeutics

rape therapeutic psychotherapeutic psychotherapeutical psychotherapeutically

rape therapeutic psychotherapeutic psychotherapeutics

rape therapeutic radiotherapeutic radiotherapeutics

rape therapeutic roentgenotherapeutic roentgenotherapeutical roentgenotherapeutically

rape therapeutic therapeutical bacteriotherapeutical bacteriotherapeutically

rape therapeutic therapeutical chemotherapeutical chemotherapeutically

rape therapeutic therapeutical dietotherapeutical dietotherapeutically

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rape therapeutic therapeutical metallotherapeutical

rape therapeutic therapeutical nontherapeutical nontherapeutically

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rape therapeutic therapeutical therapeutically chemotherapeutically

rape therapeutic therapeutical therapeutically dietotherapeutically

rape therapeutic therapeutical therapeutically electrotherapeutically

rape therapeutic therapeutical therapeutically nontherapeutically

rape therapeutic therapeutical therapeutically physiotherapeutically

rape therapeutic therapeutical therapeutically psychotherapeutically

rape therapeutic therapeutical therapeutically roentgenotherapeutically

rape therapeutic therapeutics chemotherapeutics

rape therapeutic therapeutics dietotherapeutics

rape therapeutic therapeutics electrotherapeutics

rape therapeutic therapeutics immunotherapeutics

rape therapeutic therapeutics neurotherapeutics

rape therapeutic therapeutics physiotherapeutics

rape therapeutic therapeutics psychotherapeutics

rape therapeutic therapeutics radiotherapeutics

rape therapeutic therapeutics thermotherapeutics

rape therapeutic therapeutics vibrotherapeutics

rape therapeutic thermotherapeutic thermotherapeutics

rape therapeutic vibrotherapeutic vibrotherapeutics

rape therapeutist electrotherapeutist electrotherapeutists

rape therapeutist psychotherapeutist psychotherapeutists

rape therapeutist radiotherapeutist radiotherapeutists

rape therapeutist roentgenotherapeutist roentgenotherapeutists

rape trapeze trapezes

rape trapeziectomies

rape trapeziectomy

rape trapezing

rape trapezist trapezists

rape trapezium trapeziums

rape trapezohedra trapezohedral

rape trapezohedra trapezohedras

rape trapezohedric

rape trapezohedron trapezohedrons

rape trapezoid scaphotrapeziotrapezoid scaphotrapeziotrapezoidal

rape trapezoid subtrapezoid subtrapezoidal subtrapezoidally

rape trapezoid subtrapezoid subtrapezoids

rape trapezoid trapezoidal scaphotrapeziotrapezoidal

rape trapezoid trapezoidal subtrapezoidal subtrapezoidally

rape trapezoid trapezoids subtrapezoids

shape bodyshape bodyshaper bodyshapers

shape fanshape fanshaped

shape heartshape heartshaped

shape heartshape heartshapes

shape misshape misshaped

shape misshape misshapen misshapenly

shape misshape misshapen misshapenness

shape misshape misshaper misshapers

shape misshape misshapes

shape reshape preshape preshaped

shape reshape preshape preshapes

shape reshape reshaped preshaped

shape reshape reshaped squareshaped

shape reshape reshaper reshapers

shape reshape reshapes preshapes

shape shapeable

shape shaped anvilshaped

shape shaped bandshaped

shape shaped bellshaped

shape shaped bladdershaped

shape shaped boatshaped

shape shaped bowlshaped

shape shaped bowshaped

shape shaped budshaped

shape shaped clawshaped

shape shaped clubshaped

shape shaped coinshaped

shape shaped coneshaped

shape shaped crescentshaped

shape shaped crossshaped

shape shaped cubeshaped

shape shaped cucumbershaped

shape shaped cupshaped

shape shaped cylindershaped

shape shaped discshaped

shape shaped diskshaped

shape shaped domeshaped

shape shaped dropletshaped

shape shaped eggshaped

shape shaped fanshaped

shape shaped forkshaped

shape shaped funnelshaped

shape shaped gobletshaped

shape shaped heartshaped

shape shaped kettleshaped

shape shaped kidneyshaped

shape shaped lanceshaped

shape shaped lensshaped

shape shaped manyshaped

shape shaped misshaped

shape shaped needleshaped

shape shaped ovoidshaped

shape shaped pearshaped spearshaped

shape shaped pencilshaped

shape shaped pitchershaped

shape shaped reshaped preshaped

shape shaped reshaped squareshaped

shape shaped ribshaped

shape shaped rodshaped

shape shaped saddleshaped

shape shaped screwshaped corkscrewshaped

shape shaped scrollshaped

shape shaped shieldshaped

shape shaped sickleshaped

shape shaped slingshaped

shape shaped spindleshaped

shape shaped spoonshaped

shape shaped spurshaped

shape shaped starshaped

shape shaped stirrupshaped

shape shaped swordshaped

shape shaped toothshaped

shape shaped treeshaped

shape shaped trumpetshaped

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