Thomas Moore

May 28, 1780 - Feb 26, 1852


Last Lines of Thomas Moore

Ah! we can return no more!All the soul of its sweetness is drawn out by tears.And -- thus I kiss thee -- oh, my love!And a blessing for me to that alley of limes!And all the wild sweetness I wak'd was thy own!And all things fair and bright are Thine!And bids thee go, and sin no more!And gleam along the watery way.And grimly bid us -- drink no more!And hallow each drop that foams for him.And he will -- if thou wilt be mine, love!And in freedom's cause advancing!And leave dull earth behind us.And live my follies o'er again.And memory gild the past!And mingle sweet song and sunshine together!And my soul dies of wanting thee!And our death come on, holy and calm as the night!And our hearts, like thy waters, be mingled in peace.And paddle their white canoe!And pledge the universe in wine!And shield thee, and save thee, or perish there too!And teases, though divinely pleasing!And the finer they are, the more sure to run through.And the hope that liv'd thro' it shall blossom at last.And there never was moonlight so sweet as this.And think 'twould lead to some bright isle of rest.And we must away, away!And yet who did not, and yet who did not.And, oh! 'tis delicious to hate you!As first it arose, my lost Erin! on thee.As others would take a millennium in feeling!As sunny and as vain!As sweetly as they've ruin'd mine!As that light which heaven sheds!As these that sparkle here!As wake again one bliss they gave.As would blanch for ever her rosy light!Be all that e'er shall meet thy glances!Because I cannot love thee more than now!Before I love such things again!Beneath Shamrocks of Erin and Olives of Spain!Breathed back again!Burns the same where'er it goes.But all earth's power couldn't cast from its base.But keep your tears for me.But the scent of the roses will hang round it still.But the Snow-Spirit cannot come here!By such benign, blessed sounds again.Call my spirit to the fields above?Can sweetly soothe, and not betray!Consumed in sweets away!Cradle our crying woes to sleep!Dearest, thus we'll join the two.Enough for me that she's a new one.Faintly answering still the notes that once were so dear.Fare thee well!Fly up at once and fix me there!For love intoxicates my mind!For the long-faded glories they cover.From her own lov'd island of sorrow!From honey flowers the morning dew!From the fountain divine, 'tis sufficient for me!From the image he left there in dying!Gave out all its sweets to love's exquisite flame!Glory still will sigh for you!Guiding my way.Has been made resembling thee!He but flew to that smile, and rekindled it there.He might happen to take thee for one, my dear.Hope, Fancy, and Cara may smile for me still.I feel it breaks the lover's heart!I surrender all my soul!I'll weep with thee, tear for tear.In sympathies of angel love!Is lifeless to one gleam of thine!Is looked up to the more, because Heaven is there!Is now as weak as ever!Is pure as it shone in the lowly shed.Is the pride of thus dying for thee!Is worth a dull eternity!It dies 'mid the tears of the cup!It may smile in his light, but it blooms not again.Jehovah has triumph'd -- His people are free!Jubilate, Amen.Just budded in her blooming arms!Let me, too, die away.Let the rainbow of Hope be her Wellington's name!Like them in tears it sets, dear love! like them in tears it sets!Like those sweet flowers from thee.Love reasons much better than Reason.May be more bless'd than I.May frown or smile for me!May seem to give their perfume too!My life! what should I not have done?None so bright, so blest as thou!O love! O music! how I hate you!O woman!Obey no wand but Pleasure's.O'er the flame within us.O'er whom a wondering world shall weep!Of fire long passed away.Of joy that's left behind us.Of other days around me.Of vengeance they have left us!Oh Cara, -- does the infant live?Oh! who would live a slave in this?Oh, how he flies away!Oh, 'tis the utmost Heaven can do!Old Erin's native Shamrock!On life's dull stream!One arch of peace!One chord from that harp, or one lock from that hair.One joy so sweet as that worst pain.One Mary in the world for me.One ray upon its chords from thee.Or died in the porch, than thus dishonour the fane.Our great forefathers trod.Proclaims he's wanting on earth!Ranks next to divine!Revenge on a tyrant is sweetest of all!Shall guard the flame awak'd by thee.Shall long keep his memory green in our souls.She spins the bright tissue again.Shed light on the soul that was darken'd before!Should sip and kiss them while they may.Shudder as o'er you we tread.Since I can dream such dearer things!Since Love and you are near related!Smile, and a world is weak before thee!Smiling, o'er the fatal tide!So drink them all! so drink them all!So he oped the window, and flew away!Such as saints might feel above.Sure such a life should never cease!Take day and night for woman's love, what angels we should be!Tell how they liv'd and died.Than guilt and shame hath made thee.Than to remember thee, Mary!Than written, with Harvey, whole volumes upon it?That Hope shall shed on scenes before us!That is fondest and truest in love.That light for ever flying.That love is scarce worth the repose it will cost!That warms your eyes, my Nora Creina!The bowl but brightens my love for thee.The demon answer, Never!The rapids are near and the daylight's past!The sage's immortality!The same look which she turn'd when he rose.The throne and laws more sovereign still than he!The tremblings of an hour like this!Then left the remainder to darkness and showers!Then lost for evermore.Then rest thee, bark, but not till then.Then you and I are sages, Fanny.Then, for Erin and her cause, hurra!There's nothing calm but Heaven!They drink but little wine below!They shall never sound in slavery!This bleak world alone?Through prison-bars, its hymn to liberty!Thus I enjoy the goblet most.Thus love declines -- cold eve of love!Thus melts into eternity.To -- do without you altogether!To be love when I'm near thee, and grief when away!To earth and heaven, Hush, all, hush!To fall in banquet than in war!To find that they fell there in vain!To Jericho.To live and die unseen!To settle ere morning between them.To show that still she lives!To soothe my misery!To wield a universe at will!Truth, valour, or love, by a standard like this!We have but to make love to the lips that are near.We never saw by day!What gold could never buy.What Heaven had made so glorious!Where others knelt to heaven!Where valour sleeps, unnamed, forgot!Which had never been sigh'd on by any but mine!Who could wish for liberty?Who live to weep our fall!Whose flowing souls the goblet blends!Will never shine so bright again.With harmony of soul and song!With memory to embalm it there!With those we love exchanged at night!Within their current turns to stone.Yet cannot find that madness there.Yet, oh! I love thee better now.