Thomas Moore

May 28, 1780 - Feb 26, 1852


This World Is All A Fleeting Show

by Thomas Moore

This world is all a fleeting show,
For man's illusion given;
The smiles of joy, the tears of woe,
Deceitful shine, deceitful flow --
There's nothing true but Heaven!

And false the light on glory's plume,
As fading hues of even;
And Love and Hope, and Beauty's bloom
Are blossoms gather'd for the tomb --
There's nothing bright but Heaven!

Poor wand'rers of a stormy day!
From wave to wave we're driven,
And fancy's flash and reason's ray
Serve but to light the troubled way --
There's nothing calm but Heaven!


The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore.
Copyright undated, very old
The Walter Scott Publishing Co. Ltd.