Last Lines of Robert Burns

A family in heav'n!A towmond's Tooth-ache!Amang the rigs o' barley.And by a Mauchline lady.And ev'n devotion!And joy shall revisit my bosom no more.And lasses lads too.And mingle sighs with mine, love.And smile as thou wert wont to do?And soft as their parting tear - Jessy!Approach this shrine, and worship here.Are spent amang the lasses, O.Assist me to resign.But live, an' love my Nannie, O.Cock up your beaver!Coggie, an' the King come.Delighteth to forgive.Directs thee best.For auld lang syne!Gie her a Haggis!Hear'st thou the groans that rend his breast?Here lies a famous Bullock!His sweaty, wizen'd hide.I bear a heart shall support me still.I guess an' fear.I think I maun wed him to-morrow.I will prefer before you, O.If it were kent ye did it.I'll meet thee with an undaunted mind.In bright succession raise, her ornament and guard!Its joys and griefs alike resign.May a' pack aff.My heart's in the Highlands, whereever I go.Nae kinder spirits dwell.Ne'er fail in old Scotland!Now hopeless, comfortless, forsaken!O, aid me with Thy help, Omnipotence Divine!Or haply lies beneath th' Atlantic roar.Or my poor heart is broken.Resolv'd to meet some ither day.Shall be thy doom!Shall live my Highland Mary!Shall ne'er be truly blest.She reigns without control.Tam Samson's livin'.Than stockit mailens.The hour and the moment o' time!The langer ye hae them - the mair they're carest.The most resembles God.The rantin' dog the daddie o 't.Though it were ten thousand mile.Thrill the deepest notes of woe.To sing my Highland Lassie, O!We'll welcome hame fair Albany.What peace is there!Where Devon, sweet Devon, meandering flows.Will ken as weel's mysel'.With him I love, at rest!Within thy cold embrace!Ye'll mend or ye win near him.