Had I A Cave

by Robert Burns

Had I a cave on some wild, distant shore,
Where the winds howl to the waves' dashing roar:
There would I weep my woes,
There seek my lost repose,
Till grief my eyes should close,
Ne'er to wake more.

Falsest of womankind, canst thou declare
All thy fond, plighted vows - fleeting as air!
To thy new lover hie,
Laugh o'er thy perjury,
Then in thy bosom try
What peace is there!

Notes to the poem:

This song gives expression to the disappointment of a friend of Burns's, Mr. Alexander Cunningham, who had been cruelly jilted for a wealthier suitor, a solicitor in Edinburgh.

Now Spring Has Clad The Grove In Green, was written to soothe this same friends' feelings.


The Poetical Works Of Robert Burns
Copyright 1910
Ward, Lock, and Co., Ltd