Achsa White Sprague

Nov. 17, 1827 - Jul. 6, 1862


Last Lines of Achsa White Sprague

All, all around seems bright.Always ready to endure.And call for God and Liberty. Ho, Eagle! scorn to die!And ever keep.And our own broad Land has its deeds of might.And so, beloved, Good-Night!And still keep faith in prayer.And their banner raised from out the dust.Be on his soul.Beautiful sleep!Best when it seems for one.Bury me there, alone with God!By His directing mind.E'en though 'twere with the dead!Far beyond all time.Farewell! farewell!For health can ne'er be mine again.For which his soul had panted.I come to join with you.In sorrow's dark hour!In that Morning Land!Joins hands with Liberty!Lean strong and fearless on His mighty power!Like waves shall roll fore'er to Thee.Loved ones, and be taken in!No more forever.O God, I'm praising Thee!Of the dark and gloomy Past.Oh, take me, take me home!Or I die in the effort to win!Saying, Ye have done it unto me.Speaks only of the dead.That forevermore shall stand.That Priest the living God!The bright fire quenched and gone.The fruit of patriot's blood is Liberty.The soul's true offering forever!Then come, come back again!There's left but flight for me!They are the beautiful, -- types of the God!Till all of life is o'er!Till it has cleansed the nation's stain!'Tis treasured up in Heaven!To all within that's wrong!To all, until they LET MY PEOPLE GO!To calmly bear my weary lot with firmness while I live.To give my soul's deep homage unto God.To welcome their return with smiles, long hoped with prayers and tears.True and faithful to the last.Whene'er the tone is heard.White-robed, walk hand-in-hand!Wisdom's rays disperse the night.With such a dreary lot?Yet still relief is left us -- 'tis fervent, heart-felt prayer!