Achsa White Sprague

Nov. 17, 1827 - Jul. 6, 1862


Recovery From Sickness

by Achsa White Sprague

My heart was almost breaking
In those dark hours of pain,
But now once more I'm waking
To light and hope again.

The hours were dark and lonely
Until thou came at last;
But now I know I only
Should thank thee for the past.

Oh, when I lay enshrouded
In darkness and despair,
And hope's bright star was clouded,
Then thou wert with me there.

But ah, amid my anguish,
I knew not thou wert nigh;
My doom was then to languish,
Methought alone to die.

But glorious light is breaking
Within my prison's gloom,
And now new flowers are waking --
New flowers of fadeless bloom.

To thee, O God, I'm raising
An anthem glad and free,
And every hour I'm praising,
O God, I'm praising Thee!

An early poem, composed during sickness.


The Poet And Other Poems.
Copyright 1864
Boston: William White And Co.,
158 Washington Street.