Achsa White Sprague

Nov. 17, 1827 - Jul. 6, 1862


Who Are The Beautiful?

by Achsa White Sprague

Who are the beautiful? They with a face
Gifted by nature with every grace?
They with a form termed faultless by art?
They are the beautiful, who own a true heart.

Who are the beautiful? They with an eye
Dark as the midnight, or blue as the sky,
Ever like magic on others to roll?
They are the beautiful who've wealth of soul.

Who are the beautiful? Those who are young,
And sunny and fresh, as the poets have sung,
Graceful and floating, and free as the wind?
They are the beautiful, -- the noble in mind.

These are the beautiful: They that can stand
Nobly forever with heart and with hand,
Making thrice lovely the spot they have trod; --
They are the beautiful, -- types of the God!


The Poet And Other Poems.
Copyright 1864
Boston: William White And Co.,
158 Washington Street.