Words Extracted From The
Mammoth Censored Word List (343,463 Words)

Mammoth Censored Word List (343,463 Words)

9 letter words ending with re in the mammoth censored word list.

This is a list of all words that end with the letters re and are 9 letters long contained within the censored mammoth word list.

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333 Words

(0.096954 % of all words in this word list.)

acrospire adipocere admeasure admixture adventure aerophore affixture aftercare agateware angashore antiglare ascospore attolitre attometre autoflare autospore auxoflore auxospore backshore baignoire bandalore belamoure belvedere biosphere bloatware bookstore brassiere brassware broodmare brushfire cafetiere calenture canephore cannelure caponiere capsomere carnivore cassimere ceasefire ceftamere chaussure chevelure childcare chinaware chokebore climature cochleare coculture coexplore cofeature comfiture commodore composure concentre configure confiture connature coverture creamware crenature crossfire curvature daycentre debenture debonaire decalitre decametre decastere decilitre decimetre decistere decocture defeature deflexure dekalitre dekametre delftware departure depasture depicture desoeuvre detrivore dictature dimestore dinothere disattire disfigure disimmure dislustre disposure divesture doucepere dromedare drugstore dulcimore eachwhere ecosphere ecritoire eldercare elsewhere embrasure embrazure enclosure endospore engendure enrapture epicentre esclandre etrangere everwhere exclosure exosphere exposture extempore faithcure fiberware fieldfare fileshare fioriture flatshare florivore foliature foodstore foreshore foreswore fourscore frugivore fungivore furniture garniture geosphere gigalitre gigametre glassware gonophore grandsire granivore grassfire groupware guidewire gynophore gynospore hackamore heartsore hellebore herbivore holloware houseware hyalomere hydrosere hyperpure illnature immixture imposture inclosure indenture inflexure insincere intercore interfere intermure involucre ionophore jobcentre karyomere kilolitre kilometre laevogyre lakeshore larvivore lavaliere lehrjahre licensure longshore luminaire macromere macropore madrepore manoeuvre manticore mariniere massymore mattamore megalitre megametre megampere megaspore megastore megathere meiospore melaphyre metalware micromere micropore microwire millepore mindshare miniature misoclere multicore myelomere nanolitre nanometre nanostore nathemore nearshore nervature neuromere neuropore nevermore nightfire nightmare ninescore nonfuture nonmature nonsecure nonsquare noosphere nouriture nullipore numeraire ordinaire osmophore osteomere outfigure outlustre overscare overscore overshare overstare overswore palampore palempore paperware persevere petalitre petametre phonopore phosphore photocure picolitre picometre piscivore plicature plowshare pneophore pourboire preadhere preassure prefigure preinsure prelature premature procedure prompture provedore queercore quickfire reacquire recapture recompare reconjure redeclare reexplore reinquire reinspire remeasure remixture rencontre reobscure repasture reseizure retexture retrofire rheophore ricercare saltpetre sarcomere scripture scrutoire sculpture selfaware semaphore sepulchre sepulture serrature setsquare shareware shellfire signature simulacre solitaire somewhere sophomore steelware stevedore stiffware stoneware striature stricture structure subentire subsphere subtenure tablature tableware teralitre terametre terramare tessiture therefore tightwire timeshare torchiere tourtiere transpire treenware trialware ultrapure ultrarare underbore underfire underwire unprepare vaporware vermivore vestiture wherefore whiteware zoosphere zygophore zygospore zymophore