Words Extracted From The
Mammoth Censored Word List (343,463 Words)

Mammoth Censored Word List (343,463 Words)

Words ending with se in the mammoth censored word list.

This is a list of all words that end with the letters se contained within the censored mammoth word list.

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3,440 Words

(1.001563 % of all words in this word list.)

abase abnormalise abolitionise abrase abscise abscisse absolutise abstruse abuse academise acarbose acaulose accessorise acclimatise accoucheuse accurse accuse accustomise acerose acetose acetylcholinesterase achromatise acinose acronymise activase activise actualise acuminose acylase adipose adonise adrenalise adulterise adverbialise adverse advertise advise aerobicise aeropause aeropulse aerosolise aestheticise affranchise agarose agatise agenise agglutinise aggrandise agnise agonise agrise aguise ahorse airbase airwise albitise albumenise albuminise albumose alchemise alcoholise aldoheptose aldohexose aldolase aldopentose aldose alehouse algebraise alkalinise alkalise allegorise allpurpose almshouse alphabetise altarwise altesse aluminise amalgamise americanise amidase amidohydrolase aminohydrolase aminopeptidase aminopherase aminotransferase amortise amuse amylase amylose anabaptise anabolise anaesthetise anagrammatise analogise analyse anaphase anarchise anastomose anatase anathematise anathemise anatomise anchylose androgenise andropause anesthetise angelicise angelise anginose angiotensinase anglewise anglicise angulose anhydrase anhydridise animalise animose anise ankylose annalise annualise annulose anodise anonymise anorthoclase antagonise anthemwise anthologise anthracitise anthracnose anthropomorphise antiabuse anticatalyse anticholinesterase anticise anticlockwise antinoise antioxidase antiquarianise antisense antisepticise antrorse anywise aphetise aphorise apocalypse apologise apophthegmatise apostatise apostolise apostrophise apothegmatise apotheosise apozymase appease appetise applause appose appraise apprise appulse apyrase arabicise arabinose arabise araise arayse arborise archaise archdiocese archwise arcwise arenose arginase ariose arise arithmetise arkose aromatise arose arouse arterialise artificialise asepticise asexualise asparaginase asperse aspheterise astronomise atheise athetise atmolyse atomise atticise attitudinise authorise autocatalyse autohypnotise autoimmunise autolyse automatise autooxidise autotomise auxoamylase averse avianise avise avulse axiomatise azotise bachelorwise backhouse backpulse bacteriolyse bacterise bagasse baghouse bakehouse balkanise ballanwrasse banalise baptise barbarise bargeese bargoose barklouse barrelhouse base basse bathhouse bathorse battologise bawdyhouse beadhouse bearnaise becasse because becurse bedehouse bedlamise beerhouse bellhouse bellicose beltcourse bemuse bendwise benzolise bepraise beprose berceuse bespouse bessemerise bestialise betalactamase betasecretase betise binodose biocatalyse biocenose biocoenose biographise biomineralise biosense biosynthesise biphase bipolarise biramose birdhouse birse bise bituminise bitwise bladdernose blaise blanchisseuse blase bleachhouse blockhouse blouse blowse bluecheese bluenose boardinghouse boathouse bolshevise bonilasse bonnilasse bookcase booklouse boose boothose bordelaise botanise botryose bottlenose bouillabaisse bourgeoise bourse bouse bowdlerise bowse boxercise bracteose braincase braintease braise brandise breadthwise breathalyse breese bretesse brewhouse bridlewise briefcase brighouse brise broadwise brominise bromise broose brose brownnose browse bruise brunoise brutalise bughouse bullnose bulse bunkhouse bureaucratese bureaucratise burglarise burnettise burnoose burnouse burse caboose cacqueteuse caese caespitose cakehouse calaboose calabrese calculose calendarise callose calorise camboose camese camise canalise canisterise cannibalise canonicalise canonise cantonise canulise capitalise caponise capsulise caramelise carbohydrase carbolise carbonise carboxykinase carboxylase carboxylesterase carboxymethylcellulose carboxypeptidase carburise carcase cardcase cardhouse cargeese cargoose cariose carnalise carnose carouse carse cartelise carthorse case casease caseose casualise catabolise catalase catalogise cataloguise catalyse catchphrase catechise categorise catharise catheterise cathodise catholicise cathouse cause causticise cauterise cayuse cease celestialise cellobiose cellose cellulase cellulose cense centipoise centralise centrifugalise cerebralise ceremonialise cerise ceruse cespitose cesse chaise chamise channelise chanteuse chaptalise chapterhouse characterise chargehouse chargenurse charleyhorse charmeuse charterhouse charthouse chartreuse chase chastise chattelise chauffeuse cheese chemicalise chemise chequerwise chersonese chloralose chloridise chlorinise chloroformise cholinephosphotransferase cholinesterase choose chophouse chordwise chose chouse chowse christianise chromise chronologise chrysoprase chuse chymase cicatricose cicatrise cinchonise cinematise circularise circumcise circumfuse circumpose cirrose citizenise civilianise civilise classicise clathrose clause cleanse clearinghouse climatise cliticise clockhouse clockwise cloisterwise close clotheshorse clubhouse cluse coagulase coalhouse coalise coalmouse coarse coastwise cocainise cocarboxylase cocatalyse cockhorse cocrystallise coequalise coffeehouse cognise coiffeuse coldhouse collagenase collapse collateralise collectivise colloquialise colloquise colocalise colonialise colonise colorise colourise columnise columnwise comatose combwise cometabolise commercialese commercialise commoditise commonsense communalise communise comose compartmentalise compense compose comprehensivise comprise compromise compulse computerese computerise concause conceptualise concertise concise concourse concretise condense conenose confuse connaturalise conscientise conservatise constitutionalise containerise contemporise contextualise contraclockwise contrariwise contredanse controverse contuse conventionalise converse conveyorise convulse cookhouse coolhouse copolymerise copperise copse copurchase cordialise coreductase corfhouse corinthianise cornemuse cornerwise corporatise corporealise corpse corse corticose corymbose cosmeticise cosmopolitanise costotransverse cothouse cotise cottise cottonise coulisse counteraccuse counteradvise counterbase counterclockwise countermobilise counterpeise counterpoise counterpose counterresponse countinghouse course courthouse covetise cowhouse crabwise crankcase creamcheese crease creepmouse creese creolise crescentwise cretinise crevasse cribrose criminalese criminalise crinose crise criticise crosscollateralise crosse crossfertilise crosspurpose crosswise crouse crucethouse cruise cruse crustose cryostase crystalise crystallise cubbyhouse cuckoldise cuisse culturise culverhouse cumulose curarise curse customhouse customise customshouse cutinise cutpurse cyanise cyanose cyclase cyclise cyclohydrolase cyclooxygenase cymose cytase cytidyltransferase cytozymase dacquoise dampcourse dancercise danseuse database datewise deacetylase deaconise deacylase deadhouse dealbuminise dealcoholise dealkalise deamidase deamidise deaminase deaminise deauthorise debase debenzolise debruise decanonise decapitalise decarbonise decarboxylase decarburise decasualise decease decentralise decerebrise dechemicalise dechloridise dechristianise decimalise decitizenise decivilise deckhouse declasse decollectivise decolonise decolorise decolourise decompose decondense decrease decreolise decriminalise decrystalise decrystallise dedramatise deemphasise deepithelialise defascistise defeminise defense defeudalise defibrinise definitise deformalise defunctionalise defuse degenderise degeneralise deglamorise deglamourise deglycerolise degrease dehalogenase deheroicise dehomosexualise dehumanise dehydrase dehydratase dehydrochlorinase dehydrogenase dehydrogenease dehydrogenise dehypnotise deincentivise deindividualise deindustrialise deinstitutionalise deiodinase deionise delapse delegalise delegitimise delocalise delouse demagnetise demarginalise dematerialise demedicalise demerse demethylase demilitarise demineralise demise demitasse demobilise democratise demoisturise demonetarise demonetise demonise demoralise demutualise demythologise denarcotise denationalise denaturalise denaturise denoise denominationalise dense denuclearise deodorise deoxidise deoxygalactose deoxygenise deoxyribonuclease deoxyribose deparaffinise departmentalise depathologise depauperise depersonalise depolarise depoliticise depolymerise depopularise depose depressurise deputise deracialise deradicalise derandomise derecognise dereligionise derivatise desacralise desalinise desamidase desaminase desaturase desensitise desentimentalise deserialise desexualise desiliconise desilverise desmolase desocialise desoxyribonuclease desoxyribose despiritualise despise despotise desse destabilise destalinise desterilise desulfurise desulphurise desulphydrase desynchronise deterritorialise detraditionalise detribalise deuterogelatose devalorise devise devitalise devitaminise devocalise devolatilise dexterwise dextranase dextroglucose dextrorse dextrose diabase diabolise diagnose diagonalise dialecticise dialogise dialyse diapase diapause diaphorase diarise diastase diazotise dichotomise dieselise differentialise diffuse digitalise digitise dikaryophase dimerise diocese dioptase dioxygenase dipeptidase diphase diphosphatase diphthongise diploidise diplomatese diplomatise diplophase disabuse disaccharidase disadvise disauthorise disburse discase disclose discompose discourse discourteise disease disenclose disenfranchise disequalise disespouse diseuse disfranchise disguise disharmonise dishorse dishouse dishumanise disillusionise disinclose disindividualise disindustrialise dismutase disnaturalise disorganise disozonise dispauperise dispense disperse displease dispose dispraise dispurse disrealise disseise dissocialise disthronise disuse diverse diverticulise divertise divinise divisionalise divulse dockhouse dockise documentarise doghouse dogmatise dollarise dollhouse dolomitise dolosse domesticise doorcase dorise dormouse dorse dose dosshouse douse dowse drafthorse dragonise dramatise draughthouse drawhorse drayhorse dropwise drowse druse dryhouse dualise duchesse ductase ductilise dulcose dulse dumose duresse dyehouse dynamise earlierise earthrise ease ebionise ebonise ebriose echoise eclipse eclose economise ecossaise ecstasise eczematise edematose edgewise editorialise educationese effeminise effuse eggcase eglandulose eglomise egotise elapse elastase elasticise electricise electrise electrocatalyse electrocauterise electrodialyse electrofuse electrogalvanise electrolyse electromagnetise electropermeabilise electrophorese electropolymerise elegise elementalise ellipse elongase else elsewise embase emblematise emblemise embolise embourgeoise emerse emotionalise emparadise empathise emperise emphasise empresse emprise empuse empyreumatise emulsionise encarnalise encase enchase enclose encrease endocytose endoglycosidase endonuclease endopeptidase endorse endosmose endothelialise endwise energise energywise enfranchise enginehouse enhearse enhypostatise enigmatise enolase enterokinase enteropeptidase enterprise enthronise enthuse entomologise entremesse entrepreneuse epicurise epidotise epigrammatise epilogise epiloguise epimerase epimerise episcopise epistolise epithelialise epithelise epitomise epoxidise eprise epruinose epuise equalise equipoise erase ergotise erose eroticise erotise espouse esquisse essentialise esterase esterise eternalise eternise etherealise etherialise etherise ethicise etymologise euclase euhemerise eulogise eunuchise euphemise euphonise euphuise europeanise euthanatise euthanise evangelise eventualise evulse excise excurse excursionise excuse exercise exocytose exonuclease exopeptidase exorcise exosmose expanse expense experimentalise expertise expose expulse extemporise extense exteriorise externalise extrapose extrorse fabulise factorise fadaise faineantise false familiarise fanaticise fanbase fantasise fanwise faradise farceuse farinose farmhouse farse fascisticise fascistise favose fease feblesse federalese federalise feese feldspathise feldspathose felspathose feminise ferritise ferromanganese ferropericlase ferroxidase ferryhouse fertilise fesse fesswise fetichise fetishise feudalise fiberise fibrillose fibrise fibroadipose fibrose fictionalise fictionise fieldmouse filamentose filasse filmise filose finalise finesse firebase firehose firehouse fiscalise fishhouse fistulose flatwise flense flexuose flightcase flittermouse floccose flophouse flouse fluidise fluoridise focalise foliolose foliose folliculose foolhardise footloose foreclose forecourse foreglimpse forehorse foreignise forlese formalise formularise formulise fortunise fosse fossilise fougasse fractionalise fractionise fragmentise fraise framboise franchise francise frankincense fraternise freebase frise froise frondose frontwise fructose fruticose fucose fullhouse fumarase functionalise fundraise funhouse furanose fuse fustianise gaelicise galactase galactopyranose galactose galactosidase galliardise gallicise gallise gallisise galvanise galvanocauterise gargarise gashouse gastnesse gatehouse gearcase geese gelatinise gelatose gelose genderise genealogise generalise genialise genoise genteelise gentilesse gentilise gentlenesse geologise geometricise geometrise germanise gesse ghesse ghettoise gibbose ginhouse glamorise glamourise glasshouse glauconitise glimpse globalise globose globulose glottalise glucocerebrosidase glucokinase glucose glucosidase glucosylceramidase glucuronidase glucuronosyltransferase glutaminase gluttonise glycerinise glycerolise glycogenase glycogenise glycose glycosidase glyoxalase gneissose gnosticise goliathise goose gorgonise gormandise gorse gospelise gospellise gosse gothicise gourmandise governmentalise governmentese graecise grammaticise grandiose grangerise granitise granulase granulose graphitise grease grecianise grecise greenhouse greese greisenise grese grilse grindhouse grise groupwise grouse grumose guanase guardhouse guesthouse guestwise guise gummose gunhouse gutturalise guyse gyrase gyrostabilise halse hamose hamulose hansardise hanse haploidise hardcase hardnose harmonise harquebuse hartlesse hause haussmannise hawknose hawse headcase headcheese headlease headwise hearse heartsease heathenesse heathenise hebraise helicase heliopause hellenise hellraise hemicellulase hemicellulose hemolyse henhouse heparinise hepatectomise hepatise heptose herborise herbose heroicise heroinise heroise herse heterodimerise heterosexualise hexametrise hexokinase hexosaminidase hexose hexoseaminidase hibernicise hibernise hierarchise highdose highrise hispanicise hispaniolise histaminase historicise hoarse hobbyhorse hognose hoise hollandaise holophrase hominise homodimerise homogenise homologise homosexualise horse hose hospitalise hostlesse hothouse house humanise humblesse hyalinise hyaluronidase hybridise hydrase hydrocellulose hydrogenase hydrogenise hydrolase hydrolyse hydroxylase hydroxylise hyperbolise hypercriticise hyperimmunise hyperintense hyperpolarise hypersensitise hypertense hyphenise hypnoidise hypnotise hypointense hypophyse hyposensitise hypostasise hypostatise hypotenuse hypothenuse hypothesise hypothetise hysterectomise icehouse iconise idealise ideologise idlesse idocrase idolatrise idolise illapse illegalise illiberalise imbase imburse immaterialise immense immerse immiserise immobilise immortalise immunise imparadise impasse imperialise impersonalise impose imprecise imprese impresse improvise impulse incase incense incentivise inchase incise inclose incorpse increase incuse indigenise indispose individualise indorse industrialise inexpertise infamise infamonise infantilise informalise infuse inhearse inhouse initialise inphase insolubilise institutionalise instrumentalise insulinase insulse insurrectionise integrase intellectualise intense intercolonise intercourse intercrystallise interdiffuse interfuse interiorise internalise internationalise interphase interpose intersperse introrse intuse inulase inverse invertase iodinase iodise ionise ionomerise ionopause iridectomise iridise ironise irrationalise isobase isochronise isodose isoimmunise isointense isomerase isomerise italianise italicise itemise ivresse jailhouse jalouse japanise jargonise jarovise jasperise jaunse jealouse jeopardise jesse jocose journalese journalise jovialise jumboise juxtapose kaolinise keratinise keratose kermesse ketoheptose ketohexose ketonise ketopentose ketose keyphrase kilobase kinase kreese kyanise labialise labiovelarise labrose lachrymose lacrosse lactamase lactase lactonise lactose lacunose laevulose laicise laipse lairise laisse lamellose laminarise laminose lampasse lanose lanuginose lapse largesse lateralise laterise latinise lease leastwise lecithinase leese legalese legalise legendise legitimatise legitimise lemmatise lengthwise lense lentiginose leprose lethargise leukoprotease levulose lexicalise liaise liberalise libidinise license lichenise lichenose ligase lighthouse lignitise lignocellulose lignose likewise linearise lionise lipase liquidise literalise literose lithoclase lithophyse lithotomise lithotritise lobose lobotomise lobscouse lobulose localise lockhouse logicalise logicise longcase longhouse longnose longwise loose lose louse lowercase lowse loyalise luciferase luteinise lyase lymphoprotease lyonnaise lyophilise lyricise lyse lysogenise macadamise macarise machinise maculose maderise madhouse madonnawise magnetise magnetopause mainprise maise malaise maltase malthouse maltose manganese mannoheptulose mannose manorhouse manse manwise mapwise marbelise marbleise marchese marginalise marmalise marmarise marmelise marmose marquise marse marsupialise martialise martyrise masculinise mase masseuse masthouse matelasse matellasse materialise maternalise mathematicise mathematise matronise mauvaise maximise mayonnaise mease mechanise mechanosense medialise mediatise medicalese medicalise medrese meetinghouse megadose megasse melanise melodise melodramatise memorialise memorise menopause mense mentalese mentalise mercerise merchandise mercurialise mercurise merse merveilleuse mesmerise mesopause mesprise metabolise metagrabolise metagrobolise metalise metallicise metallise metalloproteinase metamerise metamorphise metamorphose metaphase metaphrase metaphysicise metastasise metathesise methodise methylase methylcellulose methylferase methylkinase methylpentose metisse metricise metrise metropolitanise meuse microdose microembolise microminiaturise micronise midcourse militarise milkhouse millhouse mineralise mineralogise miniaturise minicourse minimalise minimise minutiose miraculise mirandise mirrorwise misadvise misappraise misauthorise mischaracterise mischoose mischose misdiagnose misease misemphasise misorganise misparaphrase misparse misphrase misplease mispoise mispraise misprise misraise misrehearse missense missionarise missionise misuse mithridatise mitrailleuse mixedcase mobilise modalise modernise modularise moisturise molasse molochise monarchise monasticise monetarise monetise mongeese mongolise mongoose mongrelise monodeiodinase monodisperse monokaryophase monologise monologuise monooxygenase monophase monophthongise monopolise monopulse monosaccharose monosyllabise monotonise monoxygenase monumentalise moonphase moonrise moose moothouse moralise morbidise morose morse mortalise mortise mose motherese motherhouse motorise mouse mousse mucose mulse multicourse multiphase multipurpose multisense multiuse multiverse mungoose municipalise muscose muse musicalise musse mutagenise mutase mutualise myelinise mylonitise myopulse mythicise mythise mythologise nanocellulose nanodisperse naphthalise narcose narcotise nasalise nathelesse nationalise naturalise nebularise nebulise nebulose neckverse necrose necrotise nectarise needlenose neese neologise neopaganise neoterise nephrectomise neuraminidase neurosynapse neuroticise neurotomise neutralise neutropause nickase nickelise nicoise niggardise nimblesse nipcheese nisse nitridise nitrocellulose nitrogenase nitrogenise nixtamalise nobilesse noblesse nodalise nodose nodulise nodulose noise nomadise nominalise noncrustose nondecrease nondefense nondiffuse nondiverse nonenterprise nonexpense nonfalse nonfructose nonintense nonintercourse nonmanganese nonmouse nonnurse nonobese nonobtuse nonpolarise nonrecourse nonrelease nonresponse nonreverse nonsense nonuse noose normalise norse northernise nose notarise notecase novelese novelise nowise nubilose nuclearise nuclease nucleotidase nurse nutcase nuthouse nymphwise oasthouse obelise obese objectivise obtuse obverse occidentalise occluse octose odorise oedematose offense officialese officialise oligoclase omniverse oncomouse oophorectomise oose openhouse operahouse operationalise operatise operose oppose opsonise optimalise optimise organise orientalise ornamentalise orthoclase orthogonalise orthographise osmose ostracise otherwise otiose outchase outcurse outercourse outhouse outorganise outplease outpraise outpromise outraise outtease overadvertise overanalyse overappraise overarouse overblouse overbrowse overcapitalise overcentralise overcivilise overclose overcollateralise overcondense overcriticise overdiagnose overdiffuse overdose overdramatise overemotionalise overemphasise overexercise overexpose overfeminise overfertilise overformalise overgeneralise overglamorise overhomogenise overidealise overimpose overindividualise overindustrialise overintense overmasculinise overnationalise overobese overorganise overphilosophise overplease overpoise overpraise overprecise overpromise overpurchase overrationalise oversentimentalise oversexualise oversocialise overspecialise overunionise overurbanise overuse overutilise overwise owse oxalise oxidase oxidise oxidoreductase oxygenase oxygenise oysterhouse ozonise packetise packhorse packhouse packinghouse paganise paillasse pairwise paise palatalise palatise palewise palletise palliasse palmhouse paludose pampelmoose pampelmouse pamphletise pamphletwise pancreatectomise panegyrise pannose pantheonise pantihose pantyhose papalise papillose papoose pappoose pappose papulose parabolise paradise paraffinise paragraphise parallelise parallelwise paralogise paralyse paramese parameterise parametrise paraphrase parasitise parathyroidectomise parcelwise parchmentise parclose parenthesise parfocalise parochialise paronymise parse partialise particularise parvise passivise passphrase pasteurise paternalise pathologise patinise patrialise patronise pauperise pause pavise pavisse pease peathouse pectase pectinesterase pectise pectose peculiarise pedantise pedestrianise peelhouse peise pekingese pelisse pelletise penalise pencase penelopise penicillinase penthouse pentise pentose peptidase peptise peptonise percase percentagewise perennialise perfectionise perfectivise perfuse periclase perimenopause periphrase permease peroxidase peroxidise personalise personise pertuse peruse perverse pesthouse petrarchise petroleuse petrolise petuntse peyse phagocytise phagocytose phantomise phase pheese phenolise phenomenalise phenomenise phese philanthropise philhorse philosophise phlebotomise phonemicise phoneticise phonetise phosphatase phosphatise phosphodiesterase phosphofructokinase phosphoglucomutase phosphokinase phospholipase phosphomonoesterase phosphonuclease phosphorise phosphorylase photocatalyse photocompose photodecompose photoelectrocatalyse photoionise photolyse photooxidise photophase photopolymerise photosense photosensitise photosynthesise phrase phrenologise physiognomise pictorialise picturise pidginise piecemealwise piecewise pilgrimise pillorise pillowcase pilose pilothouse pincase pinealectomise pinocytose pise plagiarise plagioclase plasmolyse plasticise platinise platitudinise playhouse please plebeianise plisse ploughwise plowwise plumose plumulose pluralise pluviose pneumatise podsolise podzolise poeticise poetise poetresse poise polarise polemicise polemise policise politesse politicalise politicise pollenise pollinise polonaise polonise polydextrose polydisperse polygamise polymerase polymerise polyose polyphase polysaccharose pompelmoose pompelmouse poorhouse popularise porcelainise porcellanise porose porpesse porphyrise porpoise porterhouse portesse porthouse portoise pose poseuse posse postbase posterise postexercise posthouse postmenopause postpose postsynapse posturise potentialise potentise pothouse pousse powderise powellise powerhouse poyse practise pragmatise praise prase preaccuse preadvise prease preasse preauthorise preceese prechoose prechose precieuse precise preclose precognise precompose preconise precrease precurse predecease predisguise predisperse predispose preendorse preexpose preimpose preinitialise prelatise prelease premenopause premise premonopolise premorse prepense prepose prepromise preprophase prepurchase prerelease prerinse presbyterianise prese pressurise prestandardise presterilise presuppose presurmise presynapse pretense previse primase primrose princesse prioritise prise prisonhouse privatise processionise proctorise prodigalise prodnose productise professionalise profitwise profuse prognose prolapse proletarianise proletarise prologise prologuise promise pronominalise propagandise propense prophase propose propylitise prose proselytise protease proteinase protense proteolyse proteose protocolise protogelatose prototelomerase proverbialise provincialise pruinose prussianise pryse psalmodise pseudobase pseudocholinesterase pseudonymise psychoanalyse psychologise ptyalise publicise pulse pulverise purchase puritanise purpose purse pyocyanase pyranose pyritise pyrolise pyrolyse quantise quarterhorse quartzose quasibase quelquechose quininise quinovose quintessentialise racecourse racehorse racemise racemose racialise raconteuse radialise radicalise radicellose radicose radiculose radiosensitise radiumise raffinose raise ramose ramulose randomise randomwise rapturise rascasse rasse rasterise rathouse rationalise reacclimatise reaccuse readvertise readvise realise reanalyse reapologise reappease reapplause reappraise rearhorse rearise rearmouse rearose rearouse reauthorise rebaptise rebase rebrutalise recanalise recapitalise recarbonise recase recategorise recense recentralise recharacterise rechlesse rechoose rechose reciprocalise recivilise recleanse reclose recluse recognise recollapse recolonise recombinase recompense recompose reconceptualise recondense recontextualise recourse recrease recriminalise recriticise recrystallise recurse recuse redhorse rediffuse redisburse redispose redose reductase reemphasise reenclose reendorse reendothelialise reenergise reepithelialise reexercise reexpose refactorise refeminise refertilise reflectorise refuse regalvanise regenderise regionalise regrease regularise regulise reharmonise rehearse rehospitalise rehouse rehumanise rehybridise rehypnotise reimburse reimmerse reimmunise reimpose reincentivise reincrease reindustrialise reinfuse reinitialise reionise rejuvenise relapse relativise relaxase release relegalise relegitimise relicense religieuse religionise religiose relocalise remagnetise remarginalise rematerialise remilitarise remineralise remise remobilise remoisturise remonetise remoralise remorse remuscularise remythologise renarcotise renationalise rennase renormalise renverse reobjectivise reoffense reoppose reoptimise reorganise reorthogonalise reoxidise reoxygenise repacketise repaganise repalletise reparameterise reparse repenalise reperfuse repersonalise reperuse repetiteuse rephosphorise rephrase replicase repolarise repolymerise repopularise repose repousse repraise repressurise reprioritise reprise reprivatise repromise repropose republicanise repulse repurchase repurpose reracialise reradicalise reraise rerandomise reredosse rerelease reremouse rerevise rerinse rerise rerose rescrutinise resensitise reserialise resinise resocialise resolubilise respectabilise respiritualise response restabilise restalinise restandardise resterilise resthouse restrategise resurrectionise resymbolise resynchronise resynthesise resystematise retelevise reterritorialise retexturise retheorise retokenise retraditionalise retranquilise retraumatise retraverse retrorse retrotranscriptase retrotranspose retrousse retroverse retuse reuse reutilise revalorise revaporise revapourise revascularise reverse reveuse revise revisualise revitalise revivalise revolutionise revulse rhamnohexose rhamnose rhapsodise rheobase rhetorise rheumateese rheumatise rhodanise rhotacise rhythmicise rhythmise ribonuclease ribose richesse rigidise rimose ringwise rinse riotise rise ritualise rivalise rivulose roadhouse robotise rockrose roentgenise romanise romanticise rontgenise roose rose roughhouse roundhouse rouse routinise rowhouse rowwise royalise rubasse rubberise rubiginose rubricise ruffianise ruggedise rugose rugulose rulesse ruralise ruse rusticise sabbatise sabulose saccharase saccharise saccharose sacerdotalise sacralise sacramentise saddlenose salinise salse salthouse saltirewise sanctuarise sandgrouse sanitise sarmentose sasse satellitise satirise saucisse sawhorse scandalise scapose scarfwise scariose scenarioise scenarise schanse schematise schillerise schismatise schistose schmoose schoolhouse scientise scissorwise sclerose sclerotise scorse scourse scouse scripturalise scrollwise scrutinise scuse seahorse sease secalose secretase sectarianise sectionalise sectionise sectorise secularise securitise sedentarise sedoheptulose seedcase seemelesse seise selfanalyse selfdiagnose selfimpose selfrecognise semanticise semicomatose semiellipse semienclose semisupervise sensationalise sense sensibilise sensitise sensualise sentimentalise sequelise sequentialise serialise sermonise serpentinise serpentise sese setose setulose sexercise sexualise shamanise sheephouse sherardise shirehouse shmoose shoalwise shouse shovelnose showcase shrewmouse shuttlewise siamese sicknurse sidewise siffleuse signalise silanise silicomanganese siliconise siliculose siliquose silverise similise simonise simplesse singularise sinicise sinisterwise sinistrorse sinuose sirenise sironise skeletonise skepticise slantwise slaughterhouse slenderise slipcase slipnoose sloganise slopewise slowrelease sluggardise sluse smartarse smearcase smeuse smiercase smokehouse smouse snakewise snowhouse snubnose soberise socialise sociologese sodomise solarise solecise solemnise solidphase soliloquise solodise solubilise somatise somewise somnambulise somniloquise sonnetise sonse soporose sorbitise sorbose sororise soubise sourse southernise sovietise sowse sowsse spaniolise sparse spathose spatialise spatlese specialise speise spense sperse spheroidise sphingomyelinase spicehouse spinose spinulose spiralise spirewise spiritualise splenectomise spokewise spongiose spoonwise spouse springhase springhouse squamose squamulose squarewise squarrose stabilise stadhouse stadthouse stagehouse staircase stairwise standardise 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