Words Extracted From The
Mammoth Censored Word List (343,463 Words)

Mammoth Censored Word List (343,463 Words)

10 letter words ending with ve in the mammoth censored word list.

This is a list of all words that end with the letters ve and are 10 letters long contained within the censored mammoth word list.

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340 Words

(0.098992 % of all words in this word list.)

abaptative abdicative aberrative abjunctive abnegative abreactive abrogative absolutive absorptive abstersive accusative acervative adaptative adequative adjunctive admirative admonitive adsorptive advocative affinitive afflictive affrontive aftershave aggressive alterative ambulative ampliative annotative apodictive apperceive appetitive applausive appointive appositive appraisive architrave arrogative ascriptive assaultive assumptive astrictive attractive automotive babblative broomstave capacitive capitative catenative coadjutive coatsleeve cogitative cohibitive collective combustive comitative completive compulsive conceptive concessive conclusive concoctive concretive concussive conductive congestive connective constative consultive contortive convective conversive convertive convictive convulsive cooptative copulative corelative corrective corruptive cumulative cunctative decorative dedicative definitive deflective defunctive degressive delegative denotative depositive depressive depurative derivative derogative detonative detractive digressive diminutive disapprove disbelieve discretive discursive discussive disenslave disimprove disinvolve dismissive dispensive dispersive disruptive dissective dissuasive distensive distortive dominative dubitative elongative enervative entitative entreative eructative estimative evacuative evaluative excitative execrative exhaustive exhibitive expeditive exploitive expositive expressive extinctive extractive federative fermentive figurative gainstrive gainstrove geminative generative hebetative hesitative hypoactive impeditive imperative impressive imputative inadaptive inchoative incitative incohesive incubative indagative indecisive indicative indurative infinitive inflective inflictive ingressive inhibitive initiative injunctive innovative inspective interfluve interleave intervolve interweave invocative irrelative irrigative irritative judicative lacerative liberative limitative locomotive lustrative macerative maturative medicative meditative memorative microdrive misbelieve misdeserve misimprove misobserve mitigative modulative motivative multivalve mutilative nauseative neglective nominative nonabusive nonconcave noncursive nonerosive nonevasive nonfestive nonmassive nonpassive nonreserve nonstative numerative obligative obvolutive occupative oppilative oppositive oppressive optoactive outachieve overactive oversleeve overstrive palliative pejorative pendentive perceptive percussive perfective permeative permissive persistive persuasive perversive possessive preachieve preapprove preceptive preclusive precursive predictive preemptive prehensive preinvolve preobserve prepensive presentive pretensive preventive productive projective promissive propensive propulsive protective protensive protrusive quantitive recitative reconceive recusative redemptive redissolve redressive reflective refractive regressive regulative relaxative renovative reparative reperceive repetitive repressive reputative resolutive resorptive respective responsive resumptive retractive retreative revelative rheumative ruminative semblative semiactive separative servodrive similative simulative smartdrive somniative splenative spokeshave spoliative subjective submissive subreptive subsultive subventive subversive successive succussive suggestive suppletive supportive surjective susceptive suspensive sustentive tempestive thirtyfive tolerative tonalitive tormentive traductive transceive transitive turtledove twentyfive ulcerative unabrasive unadaptive uncoercive uncreative undecisive underdrive undergrove underserve undilative undivisive undulative unplausive unreactive unrelative usurpative vasoactive vegetative venerative vindictive visitative waterdrive