Words Extracted From The
Enable Censored Word List (170,695 Words)

Enable Censored Word List (170,695 Words)

Words ending with us in the enable censored word list.

This is a list of all words that end with the letters us contained within the enable censored word list.

1,783 Words

(1.044553 % of all words in this word list.)

abacus aboideaus aboiteaus abomasus abstemious abstentious acajous acanthus acarpous acarus acaulous acephalous acerous acervulus acetous acidulous acinous acinus acrimonious actinomycetous aculeus adenocarcinomatous adenomatous adenovirus adieus adipous adscititious adulterous aduncous advantageous adventitious adventurous aeneous aeneus afflatus agamous agapanthus ailanthus airbus alacritous albuminous alliaceous allogamous allosaurus altitudinous altocumulus altostratus aluminous alumnus alveolus amadous ambidextrous ambiguous ambitious amentiferous amiantus amorous amorphous amphibious amphioxus amplexus anachronous anadromous analogous anasarcous anatropous androgynous anemophilous anestrous anestrus anfractuous angelus anginous angiomatous angiospermous angulous anhydrous anilinctus animus anisogamous ankus ankylosaurus annulus anomalous anonymous anserous anthophilous anthropophagous anthropophagus antireligious antituberculous antivirus antonymous anurous anus anxious apatosaurus apercus apetalous aphthous apiculus apodous apogamous aposporous apparatus apterous aqueous aquiferous araceous arboreous arborous arbovirus arbutus arcus arduous arenaceous arenicolous arenous argentiferous argillaceous argus armigerous arquebus arsenious arsenous arsonous arteriovenous asbestus ascomycetous ascus asparagus aspergillus assiduous astomous asynchronous atheromatous atrabilious atrocious audacious aureus auriferous aurous auspicious autobus autocephalous autochthonous autoecious autogamous autogenous autologous autonomous autotomous avaricious awmous azygous babassus babus bacchius bacillus bandeaus barbarous basidiomycetous battailous bayous beaus beauteous bebeerus bejeezus bejesus bibliolatrous bibulous bigamous bijous bijugous bilious bimanous biogenous biparous biramous bituminous blasphemous blusterous bodacious bogus boisterous boletus bolus bonhomous bonus borborygmus botulinus boubous bounteous brachypterous bronchus brontosaurus brumous bulbous bullous bumptious bunrakus bureaus burglarious burnous bus butyrous byssus cachous cacophonous cactus cadaverous caduceus caducous caestus calamitous calamus calathus calcaneus calcareous calcicolous calciferous calcifugous calculous calculus caliginous callipygous callous callus calumnious calyculus camphoraceous campus campylotropous canaliculus cancellous cancerous cankerous canorous cantankerous canthus cantus capacious capricious captious carbonaceous carboniferous carcajous carcinomatous caribous carious carnivorous carolus carpus cartilaginous caseous casus catadromous cataractous catechus caucus cautious cavernicolous cavernous ceanothus cementitious censorious census cercus ceremonious cereus cernuous cerous ceruminous cestus cetaceous champertous chancrous chapeaus chateaus chiasmus chiaus chitinous chivalrous chlorophyllous chlorous choragus choregus chorus chromous chylous chymous cinereous circuitous circumfluous circus cirrocumulus cirrostratus cirrous cirrus cistus citreous citrous citrus clamorous clangorous clavus cleistogamous clonus clypeus cobaltous coccous coccus coenurus coetaneous coitus coleopterous coleus collagenous collembolous collenchymatous colobus colonus colossus commodious comous compendious complicitous compunctious conatus conceptus condylomatous congenerous congius congous congruous coniferous consanguineous conscientious conscious consensus consentaneous conspectus conspicuous contagious contemporaneous contemptuous contentious conterminous contiguous continuous contradictious contrarious contumacious contumelious conus convolvulus copious coprophagous coprophilous coriaceous cormous corneous cornus corpus coryphaeus coterminous cothurnus coumarous courageous courteous couscous covetous coypous coypus crankous crapulous credulous cretinous cribrous criminous crocus croupous cruciferous crustaceous cryptococcus cryptogamous cultus cumbrous cumulonimbus cumulous cumulus cunnilinctus cupreous cupriferous cuprous curious curvaceous curvacious cuscus cutaneous cymous cyprus cysticercus cytomegalovirus dactylus dangerous decapodous deciduous declivitous decorous defocus deinonychus deleterious delicious delirious deltoideus denarius dentulous desirous despiteous detritus deuteranomalous devious dexterous dextrous diadelphous diadromous diamondiferous dianthus diaphanous diathermanous diatomaceous dichogamous dichotomous diclinous dicotyledonous didymous diecious diestrous diestrus digamous dimerous dimorphous dingus dioecious dioicous diplococcus diplodocus dipterous disadvantageous disastrous discontinuous discourteous discus disharmonious disingenuous dispiteous disputatious dissensus dissentious distichous dizygous dolorous drupaceous dubious duplicitous duteous echinococcus echinodermatous echinus echovirus ecrus ecus eczematous edacious edematous edentulous efficacious egregious electrophorus electrotonus elenchus elytrous embolus emeritus emeus emphysematous emulous emus enantiomorphous endogamous endogenous enginous enormous entellus enterococcus enterocoelous enterovirus entomophagous entomophilous envious eohippus ephebus epigeous epigonous epigonus epigynous epiphanous epitheliomatous eponymous eremurus ericaceous erogenous erroneous erythematous esophagus estrous estrus eucalyptus euonymus euphonious euripus eurokous eurythermous evonymus exanthematous excrementitious excursus exiguous eximious exodus exogamous exogenous exophthalmus expeditious extemporaneous extraneous fabulous facetious factious factitious fallacious famous famulus fantabulous farinaceous farraginous fasciculus fashious fastidious fastuous fatuous favus felicitous felonious ferocious ferreous ferriferous ferrous ferruginous fetus feus feverous fibromatous fibrous fichus fictitious ficus filamentous fissiparous fistulous flagitious flambeaus flatus flexuous flirtatious flocculus floccus floriferous flus focus foetus foliaceous folious fondus foraminous fortuitous fossiliferous frabjous fractious fractus fremitus fricandeaus frivolous froufrous fructuous frugivorous fucous fucus fugacious fugus fulgurous fuliginous fulvous fumulus fundus fungous fungus funiculus furious fuscous gagakus gallinaceous gallous gallus gametogenous gamopetalous gangrenous garnetiferous garrulous gaseous gastrocnemius gelatinous generous genius genus geosynchronous gibbous glabrous gladiolus glamorous glamourous glaucous globous glomerulus glomus glorious glutenous gluteus glutinous gluttonous gnus goitrous gonococcus gorgeous gracious gradus gramineous graminivorous grampus granivorous granulomatous gratuitous gregarious grievous griseous grugrus grumous gummatous gummous gurus gymnospermous gynandrous gypseous gypsiferous gyrus habitus habus halitus halogenous hamulous hamulus harmonious harquebus hausfraus hazardous hebetudinous heinous heliolatrous hellacious hematogenous hematophagous hemimetabolous hemipterous hemizygous herbaceous herbivorous herpesvirus heterocystous heteroecious heterogamous heterogeneous heterogenous heterologous heteronomous heterophyllous heteropterous heterosporous heterozygous hiatus hibiscus hideous hilarious hilus hippocampus hippopotamus hocus holometabolous homogamous homogeneous homogenous homologous homonymous homophonous homopterous homosporous homozygous homunculus horrendous hugeous humerus hummus humongous humorous humungous humus hydrocephalus hydrogenous hydrous hygrophilous hymenopterous hypercautious hyperconscious hyperfastidious hypogeous hypogynous hypothalamus iambus ichorous ichthyophagous icterus ictus idolatrous idoneous iglus igneous ignominious ignoramus ileus illustrious impecunious imperious impervious impetiginous impetuous impetus impious imporous impromptus inauspicious incautious incestuous incommodious incongruous inconnus inconspicuous incredulous incubus incurious incus indecorous indigenous industrious inefficacious infamous infectious infelicitous ingenious ingenuous inglorious inharmonious inhomogeneous iniquitous injudicious injurious innocuous innumerous insalubrious insectivorous insidious instantaneous intercampus interreligious interstimulus intracutaneous intravenous invidious iodous irreligious isochronous isogamous isomorphous isthmus jabirus jacobus jealous jehus jiujitsus jiujutsus joyous judicious jujitsus jujus jujutsus kabeljous kagus keratinous kinkajous kudus kudzus kurus laborious lacteous lactiferous lactobacillus laminous landaus languorous lanuginous lapillus lapsus larcenous lascivious lecherous lecythus leguminous lekythus lemniscus lentivirus lepidopterous lepromatous leprous leptocephalus libellous libelous libidinous licentious lichenous lieus ligamentous ligneous limbus limulus lipomatous literatus litigious litmus loculus locus longevous loquacious lotus luaus lubricious lubricous luciferous ludicrous lugubrious lulus luminiferous luminous lupous lupus luscious lustrous lusus luteous luxurious lymphomatous macronucleus macropterous magnanimous magus malarious malicious malleolus malleus malodorous mammatus mandamus manganous manitous manitus manteaus manus marabous marasmus marvellous marvelous meandrous meatus medicamentous medius melanous mellifluous melodious membranous mendacious meningococcus meniscus menus meous mercurous meretricious meritorious mesophyllous metacarpus metalliferous metatarsus metestrus meticulous miaous micaceous microbus micrococcus microfungus microlepidopterous micronucleus microphyllous microporous microsporous microvillous microvillus migrainous milieus minibus minus miraculous miscellaneous mischievous misfocus missus mittimus modiolus modulus modus momentous momus monadelphous monecious monestrous monocotyledonous monoecious monogamous monogynous monophagous monotonous monstrous motorbus mountainous mucilaginous mucinous mucocutaneous mucous mucus multicampus multifarious multiparous multireligious multitudinous mumus mundungus murderous murmurous mus muticous mutinous muumuus mycetomatous mycetophagous mycophagous myelogenous myelomatous myoclonus myomatous myrmecophilous mysterious myxedematous myxomatous myxovirus nacreous naevus narcissus nauplius nauseous nautilus nebulous necessitous necrophagous nectarous nefarious negus nervous neuropterous nevus nexus nickeliferous nidicolous nidifugous nidus nilgaus nilghaus nimbostratus nimbus nimious niobous nisus nitrogenous nitrous niveous nocuous nodous nodulous nodus nonambiguous nonaqueous nonautonomous noncampus noncancerous nonconscious noncontagious noncontiguous noncontinuous nonferrous nonfilamentous nonfrivolous nongaseous nonglamorous nongregarious nonhazardous nonhomogeneous nonhomologous nonindigenous noninfectious nonleguminous nonluminous nonmonogamous nonnutritious nonobvious nonplus nonpoisonous nonporous nonreligious nonsensuous nonserious nonsimultaneous nonsynchronous nonunanimous nonvenomous nonviscous notorious noxious nubilous nucellus nucleolus nucleus nulliparous numerous numinous nunchakus nus nutritious nylghaus nystagmus obelus oblivious obnoxious obolus obsequious obstreperous obvious ocellus ocherous ochreous ochrous octopus oculus odious odoriferous odorous oesophagus oestrous oestrus officious oleaginous oleoresinous oligophagous olivaceous ominous omnibus omnifarious omnivorous oncornavirus onerous onus oogamous opprobrious opus orchidaceous organophosphorous organophosphorus orgulous ormolus orthotropous osmious osmous osseous ostentatious outrageous overambitious overanxious overcautious overconscientious overconscious overcredulous overfastidious overfocus overgenerous overingenious overobvious overplus overscrupulous overserious oversolicitous oversuspicious overzealous oviparous ovoviviparous ozonous pachydermatous palladous palpus pandanus papilionaceous papillomatous papillomavirus papovavirus pappous pappus papyrus paramyxovirus parenchymatous pareus parlous paronymous parous parsimonious parvenus parvovirus passus patulous pectinaceous pediculous pellagrous pelorus pemphigus pendulous pentamerous penurious peplus percutaneous perdus perfidious perigynous perilous peripatus peritrichous perjurious pernicious perspicacious perspicuous pertinacious pervious pestiferous petalous petasus petrous phallus philadelphus phoebus phosphorous phosphorus phycomycetous phytophagous piceous picornavirus pignus pilaus pileous pileus pilous pilus pious pirarucus piscivorous piteous pithecanthropus plateaus platitudinous platypus plenitudinous plenteous plexus plumbous plunderous plus pluteus pluvious pneumococcus poaceous poilus poisonous poliovirus polyandrous polyanthus polychotomous polyestrous polygamous polygynous polymorphous polyonymous polypetalous polyphagous polyphonous polypous polypus polysemous polystichous pomaceous pompous ponderous populous porcelaneous porcellaneous porous portentous portmanteaus posthumous poststimulus poxvirus poyous prahus praus precalculus precancerous precarious precious precipitous precocious preconscious predaceous predacious prefocus preposterous prestigious presumptuous pretentious previous priapus priedieus primiparous primus prodigious proestrus prognathous prolegomenous promiscuous pronucleus propitious propositus prospectus prosperous proteinaceous proteus prothallus proventriculus provirus prunus pruritus pseudomorphous pseudonymous pseudoparenchymatous pugnacious pulchritudinous pulpous pulvillus pulvinus pumiceous punctilious purlieus pus pusillanimous pylorus pyritous quadrumanous querulous quietus quippus quipus racemous radius railbus rambunctious ramous rampageous ramulous ramus rancorous ranunculus rapacious rapturous raucous ravenous rebellious rebus rectitudinous redivivus refocus regius regulus religious rendezvous reovirus repetitious reseaus resinous retiarius retrovirus rhabdovirus rhamnus rhesus rhinovirus rhizomatous rhizopus rhomboideus rhombus rhonchus ricinus rictus ridiculous righteous rigorous rimous riotous risus rivalrous robustious roisterous rosaceous rosinous rotavirus rouleaus rousseaus rubious rubus ruckus ructious rufous rugous ruinous rumbustious rumpus sabulous sacculus sacrilegious saddhus sadhus sagacious sajous salacious saleratus salubrious salutiferous samshus sanctimonious sanguineous sanious sapajous saphenous saponaceous saporous saprophagous sarcomatous sarcophagus sarcous sardius sartorius savorous saxicolous scabious scabrous scalenus scandalous scarabaeus scarious schizogonous scirrhous scirrhus sclerenchymatous sclerous scoriaceous scrofulous scrumptious scrupulous scurrilous scyphus sebaceous seditious sedulous seleniferous selenous semiautonomous semiconscious semilustrous seminiferous semiprecious semireligious senarius sensuous sententious sepalous seppukus septenarius sequacious serendipitous sericeous serious serotinous serous serpiginous setaceous setous setulous sextarius shamus shiatsus shiatzus shoyus silenus siliceous silicious simious simultaneous sinistrous sinuous sinus situs slanderous slaughterous slumberous slumbrous snafus socioreligious solanaceous soleus solicitous solidus solus sombrous somniferous sonorous soporiferous sorcerous sorus spacious specious spermous sphagnous sphygmus spinous spiritous spirituous splendiferous splendorous splendrous splenius spontaneous sporogenous spumous spurious squamous stannous staphylococcus status steatopygous stegosaurus stercoraceous stertorous stimulus stoloniferous strabismus stratocumulus stratous stratus strenuous streptobacillus streptococcus stridulous strobilus strumous struthious studious stupendous stuporous stylus subaqueous subbituminous subconscious subcoriaceous subcutaneous suberous subgenus submenus subreptitious subterraneous succedaneous succubus sudoriferous sulcus sulfurous sulphureous sulphurous sulus sumptuous superambitious supercautious supercilious superfluous superluxurious superstitious suppositious supposititious surplus surreptitious suspicious susurrous susurrus syllabus sympetalous symphonious syncarpous synchronous synonymous tableaus tabus talcous talus tamandus tamaraus tantalus tarsometatarsus tarsus taus tautologous taxus tedious teledus temerarious tempestuous tenacious tendencious tendentious tendinous tendrilous tenebrious tenebrous tenesmus tenuous terminus terraqueous terricolous terrigenous testaceous tetanus tetradynamous tetramerous thalamus thallous thallus theonomous thermophilous thesaurus thous thrombus thunderous thus thymus thyrsus timaraus timeous timorous tinamous tinnitus tiramisus titaniferous titanous tofus tolus tonneaus tonus tophus torous tortious tortuous torturous torus tragus traitorous transcutaneous transpicuous trapezius trappous treacherous treasonous tremendous tremulous trichinous trichotomous trimerous triquetrous trismus tristimulus trochilus troilus trolleybus troublous trousseaus tuberculous tuberous tubulous tufaceous tuffaceous tumorous tumulous tumultuous tumulus turacous tutus typhous typhus tyrannosaurus tyrannous ubiquitous ulcerous ultracautious ultrafastidious ultraglamorous ultrahazardous ultraserious umbelliferous umbilicus umbrageous unadventurous unambiguous unambitious unanimous unaus uncensorious unceremonious unchivalrous uncinus unconscious uncontentious uncourageous unctuous uncurious uncus unenvious unfamous unfastidious unfossiliferous unfrivolous ungenerous unglamorous ungracious unhumorous unmalicious unmelodious unostentatious unpretentious unpropitious unprosperous unreligious unrighteous unscrupulous unserious unsuspicious untimeous uproarious uraeus uranous urinous urus us usurious uterus utriculus uveous uxorious vacuous vagarious vaginismus vagus vainglorious valgus valorous vanadous vaporous various varus vatus venomous venous ventriculus venturous venulous veracious verdurous verisimilitudinous verminous versus vertiginous vertus vexatious vicarious vicious vicissitudinous victorious vigorous villainous villous villus vinaceous vinous violaceous viperous viraginous virtuous virtus viruliferous virus viscous viscus vitellus vitreous vivacious viviparous vociferous voluminous voluptuous volvulus vomitous vomitus voracious vulgus vulturous walrus wamefous wammus wampus wamus williwaus wondrous xanthous xerophilous xerus xylophagous xystus zealous zebus zincous zoophilous zygodactylous