Words Extracted From The
Enable Censored Word List (170,695 Words)

Enable Censored Word List (170,695 Words)

9 letter words ending with ns in the enable censored word list.

This is a list of all words that end with the letters ns and are 9 letters long contained within the enable censored word list.

702 Words

(0.411260 % of all words in this word list.)

ablations ablutions abortions abrasions abscisins abutilons acaridans acroleins acromions actinians adaptions additions adhesions adnations adoptions advowsons aequorins aerations affusions agnations agrarians alfaquins alizarins allergens allergins allusions alluvions amanitins ambitions amelcorns amidogens amylogens anatoxins anchusins androgens antiarins antiphons aphelions aphidians apiarians aquarians arcadians ascidians assassins auditions autobahns aversions aviations avulsions backspins bacterins barbicans bartisans bartizans baudekins bearskins bedarkens bedeafens bemaddens benjamins benzidins berberins bescreens betatrons bevatrons biathlons bigaroons billycans biotoxins blackfins bloodfins blowdowns bludgeons bluejeans bohemians bombesins boomtowns bouillons bourgeons boxthorns brainpans brasilins brazilins brightens bromelins bryozoans buckbeans buckskins bulletins bullhorns busulfans cabochons calfskins calutrons campaigns cannabins cannelons cannikins capeskins capsicins capuchins carageens cardamons cardigans carillons carrotins caryotins catechins cauldrons cephalins ceruleans cesareans cesarians cetaceans chairmans chaldrons chamfrons champions chanfrons chaperons chaplains characins cheverons chitosans chlordans chrismons christens chymosins cinnamons cinquains citations citrinins civilians coactions codesigns coercions cognomens cohesions colistins collagens colophons comedians comedowns complains conations conquians cooldowns coonskins cooptions copatrons cordovans cordwains cotillons cotqueans coumarins countians coxswains crampoons crankpins creations crumhorns cryotrons cultigens culverins cyanogens cyclamens dakerhens decisions decurions deerskins definiens delations deletions delusions demijohns demotions derisions deuterons devilkins devotions diapasons diazinons dieldrins dihedrons dilations dilutions diluvions diobolons diocesans diolefins dipterans discrowns distrains disunions divisions dominions donations dotations doubloons downtowns downturns dragomans drawdowns driftpins durations dynatrons eclosions ectozoans eductions effusions egestions eighteens einsteins ejections elaterins elections electrons emblazons emboldens emersions emissions empoisons empyreans emulsions endbrains enneagons entozoans envisions ephedrins equations erections erigerons eruptions erythrons estragons estrogens ethephons ethicians eudaemons eulachans eulachons evections eversions evictions evulsions exactions excisions exertions exotoxins facedowns falchions fanfarons fenthions ferritins fetations fixations flashguns flatirons flections flexagons florigens forenoons foreskins forewarns formalins fountains fourteens fractions franklins frictions frightens fruitions functions furfurans gambesons ganglions garrisons gelations globulins glucagons glutelins glycerins glycogens gnathions goatskins gombroons gonfalons gonfanons gorgerins grandsons gravamens gravitons gridirons guanidins guardians gumptions gyrations haematins halations harridans hawthorns hazelhens heightens hemateins henequens henequins heniquens heptagons himations histamins histidins histogens hoactzins holsteins homespuns hometowns hominians honeybuns hooligans hyalogens hydrogens hypopyons ideations ignitions ignitrons iguanians illations illusions imboldens impatiens imprisons inactions incisions infixions infusions inhesions invasions iodations iodopsins isochrons isopodans isthmians jerricans jerrycans jettisons junctions kaiserins kakiemons kallidins kenotrons kephalins khamseens klystrons krumhorns lambskins langshans lanthorns larrigans larrikins lavations laxations lecithins legations lengthens lenitions lewissons libations lichenins ligations limekilns linchpins lobations locations lockdowns locutions logicians longerons longhorns lookdowns lunarians lunations luncheons luteolins luxations lynchpins macaroons macrurans magdalens magicians magnetons maintains mandarins mandolins mannikins marathons margarins markdowns marocains martagons marzipans mastodons melodeons meltdowns menhadens meridians mesotrons metazoans mezereons midbrains mirlitons misaligns misbegins mislearns mistrains misunions moccasins moleskins monellins monitions mortmains moufflons mountains mulligans munchkins munitions musicians mutations mutchkins myrmidons napoleons natations negations negatrons neomycins neuraxons nigrosins nineteens nitrogens nonpagans nonunions nonwovens northerns notations novations nutations nystatins oblations oblivions obsidians occasions octoroons omissions oolachans ophidians opticians orthicons outfrowns outlearns outpreens outscorns overburns overplans overspins overturns overweens oxymorons oxytocins pagurians palmitins pangolins pannikins pantheons papillons paraffins parazoans partisans partizans parvolins pathogens pattypans pauldrons pavilions pavillons pearmains pemmicans pentagons pentosans petitions phenazins phosphins phthalins picaroons planktons plantains plastrons playdowns plebeians plectrons pleustons pliotrons poltroons polyzoans positions positrons potations pozzolans precleans prehumans prenomens pressruns pretrains preunions prolamins protamins psilocins psoralens publicans puncheons punitions pupations purpurins pushdowns quadroons quarterns quatrains questions quinolins quintains rambutans ramequins ramshorns rataplans reactions reassigns reattains reawakens rebuttons recisions redesigns refastens rehardens relations religions remotions reobtains reordains replevins replicons rescreens reseasons resorcins restrains resummons revisions rhodamins rifampins rigadoons rigaudons roentgens rogations rosarians rotations safranins sainfoins sanctions santonins saucepans scalepans scallions scansions scarfpins scissions scorpions scullions sealskins searobins seatrains secretins sedations seditions shadchans shagreens shalloons shoehorns showdowns shutdowns shwanpans sialidans sideburns sidespins simoleons sirenians skeletons slatterns slowdowns smidgeons smoothens solations solutions sorptions southerns southrons spalpeens spearguns specimens spilikins spittoons sponsions spontoons squadrons squireens stallions steapsins stegodons sternsons stickpins stictions straitens sturgeons subbasins subhumans subtaxons subtilins suburbans sudations superfans suzerains swanskins syrphians tailspins takedowns talapoins talismans tarlatans tarletans tarragons taxations teardowns teaspoons telethons terrapins tetragons theremins thermions thespians thindowns thiophens thirteens tholepins threatens thrombins thumbkins thymosins thyroxins toboggans toluidins tractions tragopans treelawns trillions trimarans troponins trudgeons trunnions tungstens turbofans turndowns unburdens unbuttons uncoffins underpins underruns unfastens unloosens unpersons unreasons vacations valerians vanillins venations venetians veratrins vesuvians vexations vignerons viomycins viridians vitellins vocations volitions volutions wannigans warfarins windburns wineskins wingspans woolskins xantheins yataghans yestreens zeppelins zonations