Words Extracted From The
Enable Censored Word List (170,695 Words)

Enable Censored Word List (170,695 Words)

Words ending with ve in the enable censored word list.

This is a list of all words that end with the letters ve contained within the enable censored word list.

1,194 Words

(0.699493 % of all words in this word list.)

ablative abortive above abrasive absolutive absolve absorptive abstractive abusive accelerative acceptive accommodative accretive acculturative accumulative accusative acetylative achieve acquisitive active adaptive addictive additive adductive adhesive adjective adjudicative adjunctive adjustive administrative admissive adoptive adsorptive adumbrative advective adventive adversative advocative affective affirmative afflictive affricative aftershave agave agentive agglomerative agglutinative aggregative aggressive aggrieve agitative airwave alcove alive alliterative allusive alternative amative ameliorative amusive annotative anticompetitive anticonvulsive anticorrosive anticreative antiderivative antihypertensive antinarrative antiprogressive antireflective antispeculative antisubversive antitussive appellative apperceive apperceptive appetitive applicative appointive appositive appraisive appreciative apprehensive appropriative approve approximative arbitrative archconservative architrave archive argumentative argumentive arrive articulative ascensive ascriptive assaultive assertive asseverative assimilative associative assortative assuasive assumptive attentive attractive attributive auditive augmentative authoritative autoclave automotive aversive beehive behave behoove behove believe belive bereave biconcave bijective bioactive bivalve brave breve burgrave calmative calve capacitive captive caressive carminative carve causative cave champleve chemoreceptive chive circulative clave cleave clove coactive coderive codrive codrove coercive coevolve coextensive cogitative cognitive cohesive collaborative collective colligative collusive combative combinative combustive commemorative commiserative commove communicative commutative comparative compensative competitive completive comprehensive compressive compulsive conative concave conceive concentrative conceptive concessive conciliative conclave conclusive concoctive concussive conducive conductive confederative configurative conflictive confutative congestive conglomerative conjunctive connective connive connotative consecrative consecutive conservative conserve constative constitutive constrictive constructive consultative consultive consummative consumptive contaminative contemplative continuative contortive contraceptive contractive contradistinctive contraoctave contrapositive contrastive contributive contrive convective convolve convulsive cookstove cooperative coordinative copulative corporative corrasive corrective correlative corresponsive corroborative corrosive corruptive costive counteractive counterincentive counterintuitive countermove counteroffensive counterproductive cove crave creative crescive cryopreserve cryoprotective cumulative cunctative curative cursive curve dative deave deceive deceptive decisive declarative decongestive deconstructive decorative decretive decurve deductive defective defensive definitive deflective deformative degenerative degradative degressive deleave deliberative delineative delusive delve demonstrative denigrative denominative denotative denotive denunciative depletive deprave depreciative depressive deprive derisive derivative derive derogative descriptive deserve desiccative desiderative designative destructive detective deteriorative determinative detersive detonative detractive devastative deverbative devolve diapositive diffusive digestive digressive dilative dilutive diminutive directive disaggregative disapprove disbelieve discriminative discursive disincentive disintegrative disjunctive dismissive dispersive dispositive disprove disruptive dissave disserve dissipative dissociative dissolve dissuasive distinctive distractive distributive ditransitive dive divisive dominative donative dove drave drawshave drive drove duplicative durative eave educative eductive effective effusive egestive ejective elaborative elative elective electroconvulsive electronegative electropositive eliminative elucidative elusive emanative embracive emissive emotive emulative emulsive enactive enclave endive engrave enslave enumerative erective ergative erosive eruptive estimative evacuative evaluative evaporative evasive eve evincive evocative evolve exaggerative exceptive excessive excitative exclave exclusive excogitative excommunicative excursive execrative executive exertive exfoliative exhaustive exhibitive exhilarative exhortative exonerative expansive expectative expensive explanative expletive explicative exploitative exploitive explorative explosive expositive expressive expulsive extensive exteroceptive extinctive extortive extractive extrapolative extrusive exudative facilitative factitive facultative fauve fave federative fermentative festive fictive figurative five fixative forgave forgetive forgive formative foxglove frequentative fricative fugitive furtive gave generative genitive germinative gerundive gesticulative give glaive glove grave gravitative greave grieve groove grove gyve halve have heave helve hereinabove hive hortative hove hyperactive hyperaggressive hypercompetitive hyperreactive hyperresponsive hypersensitive hypertensive hypotensive ideative illative illuminative illusive illustrative imaginative imitative immunoreactive immunosuppressive impactive impassive imperative imperceptive imperfective implicative implosive impressive improve impulsive imputative inactive inappreciative inattentive incentive inceptive inchoative incisive inclusive incommunicative inconclusive inconsecutive incorporative incubative incurve indecisive indicative indistinctive inductive indurative ineffective inequivalve inexpensive inexpressive infective infiltrative infinitive inflective inflictive informative infusive ingestive ingressive inhibitive initiative injective injunctive innerve innovative inoculative inoffensive inoperative inquisitive inscriptive insensitive insinuative inspective instigative instinctive instructive integrative intellective intensive interactive interdictive interfluve interinvolve interleave interoceptive interoperative interpolative interpretative interpretive interrogative interruptive intersubjective interweave interwove intransitive introgressive introspective introversive intrusive intuitive intussusceptive invasive invective inventive inversive investigative involve inweave inwove irradiative irreflexive irrelative irrespective irresponsive irritative irruptive iterative jive jussive justificative keeve khedive knave lacerative ladylove laudative lave laxative leave legislative lenitive lieve ligative limitative live locative locomotive love lubricative lucrative magnetostrictive maladaptive maladjustive mangrove manipulative margrave massive mauve mechanoreceptive mediative meditative meliorative microgroove microwave misbehave misbelieve misconceive misdrive misdrove misgave misgive mislive mismove misperceive misrepresentative missive mitigative monitive motivative motive move multiplicative mutative myeloproliferative naive narrative native nave negative neoconservative nerve neuroactive neurodegenerative nieve nociceptive nominative nonabrasive nonabsorptive nonacquisitive nonadaptive nonaddictive nonadditive nonadhesive nonaggressive nonassertive nonautomotive noncoercive noncognitive noncombative noncommunicative noncommutative noncompetitive nonconductive nonconsecutive nonconservative nonconstructive nonconsumptive noncooperative noncorrosive noncreative noncumulative nondeceptive nondeductive nonderivative nondescriptive nondestructive nondirective nondiscursive nondispersive nondisruptive nondistinctive noneffective nonelective nonevaluative nonexclusive nonexecutive nonexploitative nonexploitive nonexplosive nonfigurative nonimitative noninductive noninfective noninteractive nonintrusive nonintuitive noninvasive nonnarrative nonnative nonnegative nonnormative nonnutritive nonobjective nonoperative nonpassive nonpermissive nonproductive nonprogressive nonpunitive nonpurposive nonquantitative nonradioactive nonreactive nonrepresentative nonreproductive nonresponsive nonrestrictive nonretroactive nonselective nonsensitive nonspeculative nonsubjective normative normotensive nosedive nuncupative nutritive objective obliterative observe obsessive obstructive obtrusive occlusive octave offensive ogive olive omissive operative opinionative oppressive optative orective originative ostensive outachieve outbrave outcurve outdrive outdrove outgave outgive outlive outlove outmove outrave outserve overachieve overactive overaggressive overassertive overconservative overdrive overdrove overimaginative overlive overlove overprotective oversave oversensitive overtalkative oxidative palliative palsgrave pareve participative partitive parve passive pave peeve pejorative pendentive penetrative pensive perceive perceptive percussive perfective performative permeative permissive persecutive personative perspective persuasive pervasive perversive philoprogenitive phosphorylative photoconductive photoemissive photoengrave photoinductive photonegative photooxidative photopositive photoreceptive photosensitive placative plaintive plausive plosive pollutive polyphiloprogenitive portative positive possessive postdive posteruptive postoperative postpositive preadaptive preapprove preceptive precipitative preclusive precognitive preconceive predicative predictive predive preemptive prefigurative prelusive premeditative preoperative preparative prepositive prerogative prescriptive presentative preservative preserve presumptive preventative preventive primitive privative proactive probative procreative productive prognosticative progressive prohibitive projective proliferative promotive propagative proprioceptive propulsive proscriptive prospective protective protensive protractive protrusive prove provocative psychoactive punitive purgative purposive putative putrefactive qualitative quantitative radiative radioactive radioprotective radiosensitive ratiocinative rave reactive reapprove reave rebarbative receive receptive recessive reciprocative recitative reclusive reconceive reconstructive recriminative recuperative recursive recurve redemptive redintegrative redissolve redistributive redrive redrove reductive reduplicative reeducative reengrave reeve reflective reflexive reformative refractive regave regenerative regive regressive regroove regulative rehabilitative reintegrative reiterative reive rejective relative releve relieve relive remonstrative remove remunerative renovative renunciative reobserve reparative repave repercussive repetitive replicative reprehensive representative repressive reprieve reprobative reproductive reprove repulsive reserve reshave resistive resolve resorptive respective responsive restive restorative restrictive restrive restrove resuscitative retaliative retentive retributive retrieve retroactive retrodictive retrogressive retroreflective retrospective reverberative revive revolve revulsive reweave rewove ringdove rive rotative rove ruminative salve sanative save scrieve scrive seclusive secretive sedative seducive seductive segregative selective semibreve semiconservative semiquantitative sensitive separative seronegative seropositive serve shave sheave sheeve shelve shirtsleeve shive shortwave shove shrieve shrive shrove sieve significative simulative skive skydive skydove slave sleave sleeve soave solve sorptive speculative spokeshave sportive sporulative starve stative stave steeve stimulative stove strive strove suasive suave subcontraoctave subcurative subjective subjunctive submissive subordinative subserve substantiative substantive substitutive subtractive subversive successive suffocative suffusive suggestive summative supercompetitive superconductive superconservative supereffective superexpensive superlative supermassive superregenerative supersensitive superwave suppletive supportive suppressive suppurative surjective survive susceptive suspensive sustentative swerve swive syncopative talkative tensive tentative terminative thieve thrave thrive throve titillative tolerative tractive transformative transgressive transitive translative transmissive transmutative trave trivalve trove truelove turtledove tussive twelve ulcerative ultraconservative ultraexclusive ultraprogressive ultrasensitive unaggressive unappreciative unassertive unattractive uncoercive uncombative uncommunicative uncompetitive unconstructive uncooperative uncreative undeceive undemonstrative underachieve underactive unexpressive unglove unimaginative unimpressive uninformative uninstructive uninventive unitive univalve unlive unnerve unobtrusive unperceptive unpersuasive unproductive unprogressive unreceptive unreeve unreflective unrepresentative unreserve unresponsive unrove unselective unweave unwove upcurve updive updove upheave uphove valve varve vasoactive vasoconstrictive vegetative vegetive verve vindicative vindictive violative visive vituperative vocative volitive vomitive votive waive wave weave wharve wherve wive woodstove wove zouave