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Enable Censored Word List (170,695 Words)

Enable Censored Word List (170,695 Words)

11 letter words ending with ve in the enable censored word list.

This is a list of all words that end with the letters ve and are 11 letters long contained within the enable censored word list.

175 Words

(0.102522 % of all words in this word list.)

abstractive acetylative acquisitive adumbrative adversative affirmative affricative aggregative alternative antitussive appellative applicative arbitrative argumentive associative assortative attributive carminative circulative coextensive colligative combinative commutative comparative competitive compressive conflictive confutative conjunctive connotative consecutive consumptive contractive contrastive cooperative corporative correlative countermove declarative deformative degradative delineative denigrative descriptive desiccative designative destructive devastative deverbative diapositive disjunctive dispositive dissipative distinctive distractive duplicative elaborative eliminative elucidative enumerative evaporative exfoliative exhortative exonerative expectative explanative explicative explorative facultative germinative gravitative hereinabove hyperactive hypotensive imaginative implicative inattentive ineffective inequivalve inexpensive informative inoculative inoffensive inoperative inquisitive inscriptive insensitive insinuative instigative instinctive instructive integrative interactive irradiative irreflexive legislative lubricative maladaptive meliorative microgroove misconceive misperceive neuroactive nociceptive nonabrasive nonadaptive nonadditive nonadhesive noncoercive noncreative nonelective noninvasive nonnegative nonpunitive nonreactive nuncupative obstructive originative overachieve penetrative persecutive personative perspective preadaptive preconceive predicative preparative prepositive prerogative presumptive procreative progressive prohibitive propagative prospective protractive provocative qualitative radioactive rebarbative reeducative reformative reiterative replicative reprobative restorative restrictive retaliative retributive retroactive segregative shirtsleeve speculative sporulative stimulative subcurative subjunctive substantive subtractive suffocative superlative suppressive suppurative syncopative terminative titillative translative unassertive uncombative underactive uninventive unobtrusive unreceptive unselective vindicative