Definition of row

"row" in the noun sense

1. row

an arrangement of objects or people side by side in a line

"a row of chairs"

2. quarrel, wrangle, row, words, run-in, dustup

an angry dispute

"they had a quarrel"

"they had words"

3. row

a long continuous strip (usually running horizontally

"a mackerel sky filled with rows of clouds"

"rows of barbed wire protected the trenches"

4. course, row

construction) a layer of masonry

"a course of bricks"

5. row

a linear array of numbers, letters, or symbols side by side

6. row

a continuous chronological succession without an interruption

"they won the championship three years in a row"

7. rowing, row

the act of rowing as a sport

"row" in the verb sense

1. row

propel with oars

"row the boat across the lake"

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WordNet®. Princeton University. 2010.

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Quotations for row

Row on whatever happens. [ Rabelais ]

To row one way and look another. [ Proverb ]

He that is carried down the stream needs not row. [ Proverb ]

You may row your heart out, if the wind and tide set against you. [ Proverb ]

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Words containing the sequence row

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Longer words containing row

arrow arrowed harrowed

arrow arrowed marrowed

arrow arrowed narrowed

arrow arrowed tarrowed

arrow arrowed wheelbarrowed

arrow arrowgrass arrowgrasses

arrow arrowhead arrowheads

arrow arrowing harrowing

arrow arrowing narrowing

arrow arrowing tarrowing

arrow arrowing wheelbarrowing

arrow arrowless marrowless

arrow arrowless sparrowless

arrow arrowlike marrowlike

arrow arrowlike sparrowlike

arrow arrowplate arrowplates

arrow arrowroot arrowroots

arrow arrows arrowsmith arrowsmiths

arrow arrows backarrows

arrow arrows barrows wheelbarrows

arrow arrows harrows restharrows

arrow arrows marrows bonemarrows

arrow arrows narrows

arrow arrows sparrows

arrow arrows tarrows

arrow arrows yarrows

arrow arrowweed arrowweeds

arrow arrowwood arrowwoods

arrow arrowworm arrowworms

arrow backarrow backarrows

arrow barrow barrowload barrowloads

arrow barrow barrows wheelbarrows

arrow barrow wheelbarrow wheelbarrowed

arrow barrow wheelbarrow wheelbarrower wheelbarrowers

arrow barrow wheelbarrow wheelbarrowful

arrow barrow wheelbarrow wheelbarrowing

arrow barrow wheelbarrow wheelbarrows

arrow harrow harrowed

arrow harrow harrowing

arrow harrow harrows restharrows

arrow harrow restharrow restharrows

arrow marrow bonemarrow bonemarrows

arrow marrow marrowbone marrowbones

arrow marrow marrowcell marrowcells

arrow marrow marrowed

arrow marrow marrowfat marrowfats

arrow marrow marrowish

arrow marrow marrowless

arrow marrow marrowlike

arrow marrow marrows bonemarrows

arrow marrow marrowy

arrow narrow narrowband

arrow narrow narrowcast narrowcasted

arrow narrow narrowcast narrowcasting

arrow narrow narrowcast narrowcasts

arrow narrow narrowed

arrow narrow narrower

arrow narrow narrowest

arrow narrow narrowing

arrow narrow narrowly

arrow narrow narrowminded narrowmindedly

arrow narrow narrowminded narrowmindedness

arrow narrow narrowness

arrow narrow narrows

arrow narrow ultranarrow

arrow sparrow sparrowhawk sparrowhawks

arrow sparrow sparrowish

arrow sparrow sparrowless

arrow sparrow sparrowlike

arrow sparrow sparrows

arrow sparrow sparrowwort sparrowworts

arrow tarrow tarrowed

arrow tarrow tarrowing

arrow tarrow tarrows

arrow uparrow

arrow yarrow yarrows

borrow borrowable unborrowable

borrow borrowed overborrowed

borrow borrowed reborrowed

borrow borrowed unborrowed

borrow borrower borrowers

borrow borrowing borrowings

borrow borrowing overborrowing

borrow borrowing reborrowing

borrow borrows overborrows

borrow borrows reborrows

borrow overborrow overborrowed

borrow overborrow overborrowing

borrow overborrow overborrows

borrow reborrow reborrowed

borrow reborrow reborrowing

borrow reborrow reborrows

brow browache browaches

brow browallia browallias

brow browband browbands

brow browbeat browbeaten

brow browbeat browbeater browbeaters

brow browbeat browbeating browbeatings

brow browbeat browbeats

brow browed eyebrowed

brow browed highbrowed

brow browless eyebrowless

brow brown browned unbrowned

brow brown browner

brow brown brownest

brow brown brownie brownies

brow brown browning

brow brown brownish

brow brown brownness

brow brown brownnose brownnosed

brow brown brownnose brownnoser brownnosers

brow brown brownnose brownnoses

brow brown brownnosing

brow brown brownout brownouts

brow brown browns brownshirt brownshirts

brow brown browns brownstone brownstones

brow brown browntail browntails

brow brown brownwort brownworts

brow brown unbrown unbrowned

brow brows browsability

brow brows browsable browsables

brow brows browse browsed unbrowsed

brow brows browse browser browsers

brow brows browse browses

brow brows browse overbrowse

brow brows browsing overbrowsing

brow brows eyebrows

brow brows highbrows

brow brows unibrows

brow eyebrow eyebrowed

brow eyebrow eyebrowing

brow eyebrow eyebrowless

brow eyebrow eyebrows

brow highbrow highbrowed

brow highbrow highbrows

brow lowbrow

brow middlebrow

brow unibrow unibrows

budgerow budgerows

burrow burrowed unburrowed

burrow burrower burrowers

burrow burrowing nonburrowing

burrow burrowing unburrowing

burrow burrows unburrows

burrow unburrow unburrowed

burrow unburrow unburrowing

burrow unburrow unburrows

checkrow checkrowed

checkrow checkrower checkrowers

checkrow checkrowing

checkrow checkrows

cornrow cornrows

crow cockcrow cockcrower cockcrowers

crow cockcrow cockcrowing cockcrowings

crow cockcrow cockcrows

crow crowbar crowbarred

crow crowbar crowbarring

crow crowbar crowbars

crow crowberries

crow crowberry

crow crowd crowded crowdedness overcrowdedness

crow crowd crowded noncrowded

crow crowd crowded outcrowded

crow crowd crowded overcrowded overcrowdedly

crow crowd crowded overcrowded overcrowdedness

crow crowd crowded uncrowded

crow crowd crowded undercrowded

crow crowd crowders

crow crowd crowding outcrowding

crow crowd crowding overcrowding

crow crowd crowds crowdsource crowdsourced

crow crowd crowds crowdsource crowdsources

crow crowd crowds crowdsourcing

crow crowd crowds outcrowds

crow crowd crowds overcrowds

crow crowd outcrowd outcrowded

crow crowd outcrowd outcrowding

crow crowd outcrowd outcrowds

crow crowd overcrowd overcrowded overcrowdedly

crow crowd overcrowd overcrowded overcrowdedness

crow crowd overcrowd overcrowding

crow crowd overcrowd overcrowds

crow crowed outcrowed

crow crowfeet

crow crowfoot crowfoots

crow crowing cockcrowing cockcrowings

crow crowing outcrowing

crow crown crowned decrowned

crow crown crowned recrowned

crow crown crowned uncrowned

crow crown crowning decrowning

crow crown crowning recrowning

crow crown crowning uncrowning

crow crown crownland crownlands

crow crown crownless

crow crown crownlike

crow crown crownmaker crownmakers

crow crown crownmaking

crow crown crownpiece crownpieces

crow crown crowns decrowns

crow crown crowns recrowns

crow crown crowns uncrowns

crow crown crownwork crownworks

crow crown decrown decrowned

crow crown decrown decrowning

crow crown decrown decrowns

crow crown recrown recrowned

crow crown recrown recrowning

crow crown recrown recrowns

crow crown uncrown uncrowned

crow crown uncrown uncrowning

crow crown uncrown uncrowns

crow crows cockcrows

crow crows crowsfeet

crow crows crowsfoot

crow crows crowstep crowstepped

crow crows crowstep crowstepper crowsteppers

crow crows crowstep crowstepping

crow crows crowstep crowsteps

crow crows crowstone crowstones

crow crows escrows

crow crows outcrows

crow crows scarecrows

crow escrow escrows

crow macroweather

crow macroworld

crow microwatt microwatts

crow microwavable unmicrowavable

crow microwave microwaveable

crow microwave microwaved unmicrowaved

crow microwave microwaves

crow microwaving

crow microwire microwires

crow microworld microworlds

crow outcrow outcrowd outcrowded

crow outcrow outcrowd outcrowding

crow outcrow outcrowd outcrowds

crow outcrow outcrowed

crow outcrow outcrowing

crow outcrow outcrows

crow scarecrow scarecrows

drown drowned

drown drowning drownings

drown drowns


electrowinning electrowinnings


frown frowned outfrowned

frown frowner frowners

frown frowning frowningly

frown frowning outfrowning

frown frownless

frown frowns outfrowns

frown frowny

frown outfrown outfrowned

frown outfrown outfrowning

frown outfrown outfrowns






furrow crossfurrow

furrow furrowed unfurrowed

furrow furrower furrowers

furrow furrowing

furrow furrowless

furrow furrowlike

furrow furrows overfurrows

furrow furrows underfurrows

furrow furrowy

furrow overfurrow overfurrows

furrow underfurrow underfurrows

grow growable

grow growed

grow grower coffeegrower coffeegrowers

grow grower fruitgrower fruitgrowers

grow grower growers coffeegrowers

grow grower growers fruitgrowers

grow grower growers haygrowers

grow grower growers silkgrowers

grow grower growers vinegrowers

grow grower growers wheatgrowers

grow grower growers winegrowers

grow grower growers woolgrowers

grow grower haygrower haygrowers

grow grower silkgrower silkgrowers

grow grower vinegrower vinegrowers

grow grower wheatgrower wheatgrowers

grow grower winegrower winegrowers

grow grower woolgrower woolgrowers

grow growing coffeegrowing

grow growing fruitgrowing

grow growing growingly

grow growing ingrowing

grow growing lowgrowing

grow growing misgrowing

grow growing outgrowing

grow growing overgrowing

grow growing regrowing

grow growing stronggrowing

grow growing winegrowing

grow growing woolgrowing woolgrowings

grow growl growled

grow growl growler growlers

grow growl growlier

grow growl growliest

grow growl growliness

grow growl growling growlingly

grow growl growling growlings

grow growl growls

grow growl growly

grow grown fullgrown

grow grown grownup grownups

grow grown homegrown

grow grown ingrown

grow grown misgrown

grow grown outgrown

grow grown overgrown nonovergrown

grow grown regrown

grow grows misgrows

grow grows outgrows

grow grows overgrows

grow grows regrows

grow growth aftergrowth aftergrowths

grow growth growthier

grow growth growthiest

grow growth growthless

grow growth growths aftergrowths

grow growth growths ingrowths

grow growth growths misgrowths

grow growth growths outgrowths

grow growth growths overgrowths

grow growth growths regrowths

grow growth growths undergrowths

grow growth growthy

grow growth ingrowth ingrowths

grow growth misgrowth misgrowths

grow growth nongrowth

grow growth outgrowth outgrowths

grow growth overgrowth overgrowths

grow growth regrowth regrowths

grow growth undergrowth undergrowths

grow growth upgrowth

grow misgrow misgrowing

grow misgrow misgrown

grow misgrow misgrows

grow misgrow misgrowth misgrowths

grow outgrow outgrowing

grow outgrow outgrown

grow outgrow outgrows

grow outgrow outgrowth outgrowths

grow overgrow overgrowing

grow overgrow overgrown nonovergrown

grow overgrow overgrows

grow overgrow overgrowth overgrowths

grow regrow regrowing

grow regrow regrown

grow regrow regrows

grow regrow regrowth regrowths

grow undergrow undergrowth undergrowths

gyrowheel gyrowheels

hedgerow hedgerows

morrow tomorrow tomorrows

prow prowess

prow prowfish prowfishes

prow prowl prowled

prow prowl prowler prowlers

prow prowl prowling

prow prowl prowls

prow proworker proworkers

prow prows

rowboat rowboats


rowdies rowdiest



rowdy rowdyism

rowed arrowed harrowed

rowed arrowed marrowed

rowed arrowed narrowed

rowed arrowed tarrowed

rowed arrowed wheelbarrowed

rowed borrowed overborrowed

rowed borrowed reborrowed

rowed borrowed unborrowed

rowed browed eyebrowed

rowed browed highbrowed

rowed burrowed unburrowed

rowed checkrowed

rowed crowed outcrowed

rowed furrowed unfurrowed

rowed growed

rowed sorrowed

rowed strowed bestrowed

rower borrower borrowers

rower burrower burrowers

rower checkrower checkrowers

rower cockcrower cockcrowers

rower furrower furrowers

rower grower coffeegrower coffeegrowers

rower grower fruitgrower fruitgrowers

rower grower growers coffeegrowers

rower grower growers fruitgrowers

rower grower growers haygrowers

rower grower growers silkgrowers

rower grower growers vinegrowers

rower grower growers wheatgrowers

rower grower growers winegrowers

rower grower growers woolgrowers

rower grower haygrower haygrowers

rower grower silkgrower silkgrowers

rower grower vinegrower vinegrowers

rower grower wheatgrower wheatgrowers

rower grower winegrower winegrowers

rower grower woolgrower woolgrowers

rower narrower

rower rowers borrowers

rower rowers burrowers

rower rowers checkrowers

rower rowers cockcrowers

rower rowers furrowers

rower rowers growers coffeegrowers

rower rowers growers fruitgrowers

rower rowers growers haygrowers

rower rowers growers silkgrowers

rower rowers growers vinegrowers

rower rowers growers wheatgrowers

rower rowers growers winegrowers

rower rowers growers woolgrowers

rower rowers sorrowers

rower rowers throwers flamethrowers

rower rowers throwers overthrowers

rower rowers wheelbarrowers

rower sorrower sorrowers

rower thrower flamethrower flamethrowers

rower thrower overthrower overthrowers

rower thrower throwers flamethrowers

rower thrower throwers overthrowers

rower wheelbarrower wheelbarrowers

rowhouse rowhouses


rowing arrowing harrowing

rowing arrowing narrowing

rowing arrowing tarrowing

rowing arrowing wheelbarrowing

rowing borrowing borrowings

rowing borrowing overborrowing

rowing borrowing reborrowing

rowing burrowing nonburrowing

rowing burrowing unburrowing

rowing checkrowing

rowing crowing cockcrowing cockcrowings

rowing crowing outcrowing

rowing eyebrowing

rowing furrowing

rowing growing coffeegrowing

rowing growing fruitgrowing

rowing growing growingly

rowing growing ingrowing

rowing growing lowgrowing

rowing growing misgrowing

rowing growing outgrowing

rowing growing overgrowing

rowing growing regrowing

rowing growing stronggrowing

rowing growing winegrowing

rowing growing woolgrowing woolgrowings

rowing sorrowing

rowing strowing bestrowing

rowing throwing outthrowing

rowing throwing overthrowing

rowing throwing throwings

rows arrows arrowsmith arrowsmiths

rows arrows backarrows

rows arrows barrows wheelbarrows

rows arrows harrows restharrows

rows arrows marrows bonemarrows

rows arrows narrows

rows arrows sparrows

rows arrows tarrows

rows arrows yarrows

rows bestrows

rows borrows overborrows

rows borrows reborrows

rows brows browsability

rows brows browsable browsables

rows brows browse browsed unbrowsed

rows brows browse browser browsers

rows brows browse browses

rows brows browse overbrowse

rows brows browsing overbrowsing

rows brows eyebrows

rows brows highbrows

rows brows unibrows

rows budgerows

rows burrows unburrows

rows checkrows

rows cornrows

rows crows cockcrows

rows crows crowsfeet

rows crows crowsfoot

rows crows crowstep crowstepped

rows crows crowstep crowstepper crowsteppers

rows crows crowstep crowstepping

rows crows crowstep crowsteps

rows crows crowstone crowstones

rows crows escrows

rows crows outcrows

rows crows scarecrows

rows drowse drowsed

rows drowse drowses

rows drowsier

rows drowsiest

rows drowsily

rows drowsiness

rows drowsing

rows drowsy nondrowsy

rows frowsier

rows frowsiest

rows frowsily

rows frowst frowsted

rows frowst frowstier

rows frowst frowstiest

rows frowst frowstiness

rows frowst frowsting

rows frowst frowsts

rows frowst frowsty

rows frowsy

rows furrows overfurrows

rows furrows underfurrows

rows grows misgrows

rows grows outgrows

rows grows overgrows

rows grows regrows

rows hedgerows

rows prows

rows skidrows

rows sorrows

rows throws outthrows

rows throws overthrows

rows throws toothrows

rows tomorrows

rows windrows


skidrow skidrows

sorrow sorrowed

sorrow sorrower sorrowers

sorrow sorrowful oversorrowful

sorrow sorrowful sorrowfulest

sorrow sorrowful sorrowfully

sorrow sorrowful sorrowfulness

sorrow sorrowing

sorrow sorrowless sorrowlessly

sorrow sorrowless sorrowlessness

sorrow sorrows

strow bestrow bestrowed

strow bestrow bestrowing

strow bestrow bestrown

strow bestrow bestrows

strow strowed bestrowed

strow strowing bestrowing

strow strown bestrown

throw outthrow outthrowing

throw outthrow outthrown

throw outthrow outthrows

throw overthrow overthrowable

throw overthrow overthrower overthrowers

throw overthrow overthrowing

throw overthrow overthrown

throw overthrow overthrows

throw rethrow

throw throwaway throwaways

throw throwback throwbacks

throw throwdown

throw thrower flamethrower flamethrowers

throw thrower overthrower overthrowers

throw thrower throwers flamethrowers

throw thrower throwers overthrowers

throw throwing outthrowing

throw throwing overthrowing

throw throwing throwings

throw thrown outthrown

throw thrown overthrown

throw throwout

throw throws outthrows

throw throws overthrows

throw throws toothrows

throw toothrow toothrows

trowel troweled

trowel troweler trowelers

trowel trowelful

trowel troweling

trowel trowelled

trowel troweller trowellers

trowel trowelling

trowel trowels

windrow windrows