Definition of lock

"lock" in the noun sense

1. lock

a fastener fitted to a door or drawer to keep it firmly closed

2. lock, curl, ringlet, whorl

a strand or cluster of hair

3. lock

a mechanism that detonates the charge of a gun

4. lock, lock chamber

enclosure consisting of a section of canal that can be closed to control the water level used to raise or lower vessels that pass through it

5. lock, ignition lock

a restraint incorporated into the ignition switch to prevent the use of a vehicle by persons who do not have the key

6. lock

any wrestling hold in which some part of the opponent's body is twisted or pressured

"lock" in the verb sense

1. lock

fasten with a lock

"lock the bike to the fence"

2. engage, mesh, lock, operate

keep engaged

"engaged the gears"

3. lock

become rigid or immoveable

"The therapist noticed that the patient's knees tended to lock in this exercise"

4. lock, interlock, interlace

hold in a locking position

"He locked his hands around her neck"

5. interlock, lock

become engaged or intermeshed with one another

"They were locked in embrace"

6. lock

hold fast (in a certain state

"He was locked in a laughing fit"

7. lock in, lock away, lock, put away, shut up, shut away, lock up

place in a place where something cannot be removed or someone cannot escape

"The parents locked her daughter up for the weekend"

"She locked her jewels in the safe"

8. lock

pass by means through a lock in a waterway

9. lock

build locks in order to facilitate the navigation of vessels

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Quotations for lock

Your key fits not that lock. [ Proverb ]

A bad padlock invites a pick-lock. [ Proverb ]

A silver key can open an iron lock. [ Proverb ]

Lock the stable before you lose the steed. [ Proverb ]

Lose not thyself, nor give thy humors way;
God gave them to thee under lock and key. [ George Herbert ]

Love not thyself, nor give thy humours way;
God gave them to thee under lock and key. [ George Herbert ]

No lock will hold against the power of gold. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

See what money can do: that can change
Men's manners; alter their conditions!
How tempestuous the slaves are without it!
O thou powerful metal! what authority
Is in thee! thou art the key to all mens
Mouths: with thee, a man may lock up the jaws
Of an informer; and without thee, he
Cannot open the lips of a lawyer. [ Richard Brome ]

As fast lock'd up in sleep, as guiltless labor,
When it lies starkly in the traveller's bones. [ William Shakespeare ]

He's not honest whom the lock only makes honest. [ Proverb ]

You contend about a goat's beard or lock of wool. [ Proverb ]

He's miserable indeed that must lock up his miseries. [ Proverb ]

When a lackey comes to hell's door, the devils lock the gates. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

Prayer should be the key of the day, and the lock of the night. [ Proverb ]

'Tis in my memory lock'd, And you yourself shall keep the key of it. [ William Shakespeare ]

It is wit to pick a lock and steal a horse, but it is wisdom to let it alone. [ Proverb ]

Prudent men lock up their motives, letting familiars have a key to their hearts, as to their garden. [ Shenstone ]

It is rare that, after having given the key of her heart, a woman does not change the lock the day after. [ Sainte-Beuve ]

Simple as it seems, it was a great discovery that the key of knowledge could turn both ways, that it could open, as well as lock, the door of power to the many. [ Lowell ]

In beginning the world, if you don't wish to get chafed at every turn, fold up your pride carefully, put it under lock and key, and only let it out to air upon grand occasions. Pride is a garment all stiff brocade outside, all grating sackcloth on the side next to the skin. [ Lytton ]

Hair is the most delicate and lasting of our materials, and survives us, like love. It is so light, so gentle, so escaping from the idea of death, that, with a lock of hair belonging to a child or friend, we may almost look up to heaven and compare notes with the angelic nature, - may almost say, I have a piece of thee here not unworthy of thy being now. [ Leigh Hunt ]

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airlock airlocked

airlock airlocking

airlock airlocks hairlocks

airlock hairlock hairlocks

alcolock alcolocks


armlock armlocked

armlock armlocking

armlock armlocks

block antiblock antiblockade antiblockader antiblockaders

block antiblock antiblocked

block antiblock antiblocker antiblockers

block antiblock antiblocking

block antiblock antiblocks

block backblock backblocked

block backblock backblocker backblockers

block backblock backblocking

block backblock backblocks

block blockable nonblockable

block blockable unblockable

block blockade antiblockade antiblockader antiblockaders

block blockade blockaded counterblockaded

block blockade blockaded nonblockaded

block blockade blockaded preblockaded

block blockade blockaded unblockaded

block blockade blockader antiblockader antiblockaders

block blockade blockader blockaders antiblockaders

block blockade blockader blockaderunner blockaderunners

block blockade blockader blockaderunning

block blockade blockades counterblockades

block blockade counterblockade counterblockaded

block blockade counterblockade counterblockades

block blockade preblockade preblockaded

block blockade problockade

block blockading counterblockading

block blockage blockages reblockages

block blockage reblockage reblockages

block blockbased

block blockboard blockboards

block blockbust blockbusted

block blockbust blockbuster blockbusters

block blockbust blockbusting blockbustings

block blockbust blockbusts

block blockchain blockchains

block blocked antiblocked

block blocked backblocked

block blocked deblocked

block blocked heartblocked

block blocked interblocked

block blocked multiblocked

block blocked nerveblocked

block blocked nonblocked

block blocked reblocked

block blocked roadblocked

block blocked spamblocked

block blocked stopblocked

block blocked unblocked

block blocker antiblocker antiblockers

block blocker backblocker backblockers

block blocker betablocker betablockers

block blocker blockers antiblockers

block blocker blockers backblockers

block blocker blockers betablockers

block blocker blockers multiblockers

block blocker blockers nerveblockers

block blocker blockers spamblockers

block blocker multiblocker multiblockers

block blocker nerveblocker nerveblockers

block blocker spamblocker spamblockers

block blockheaded blockheadedly

block blockheaded blockheadedness

block blockheadish blockheadishness

block blockheadism blockheadisms

block blockheads

block blockhole blockholed

block blockhole blockholer blockholers

block blockhole blockholes

block blockholing

block blockhouse blockhouses

block blockier

block blockiest

block blockiness blockinesses

block blocking antiblocking

block blocking backblocking

block blocking blockings

block blocking deblocking

block blocking heartblocking

block blocking interblocking

block blocking multiblocking

block blocking nerveblocking

block blocking nonblocking

block blocking reblocking

block blocking roadblocking

block blocking spamblocking

block blocking stopblocking

block blocking unblocking

block blockish blockishly

block blockish blockishness

block blocklayer blocklayers

block blocklaying

block blocklike

block blockline blocklines

block blockmaker blockmakers

block blockmaking

block blockout blockouts

block blocks antiblocks

block blocks backblocks

block blocks blockship blockships

block blocks breechblocks

block blocks cellblocks

block blocks cinderblocks

block blocks codeblocks

block blocks gigablocks

block blocks hawseblocks

block blocks heartblocks

block blocks iconblocks

block blocks interblocks

block blocks keelblocks

block blocks kiloblocks

block blocks megablocks

block blocks multiblocks

block blocks nerveblocks

block blocks officeblocks

block blocks reblocks

block blocks roadblocks

block blocks sketchblocks

block blocks spamblocks

block blocks stopblocks

block blocks stumblingblocks

block blocks subblocks

block blocks superblocks

block blocks swivelblocks

block blocks unblocks sunblocks

block blocks woodblocks

block blockwood

block blockwork blockworked

block blockwork blockworker blockworkers

block blockwork blockworking

block blockwork blockworks

block blocky

block breechblock breechblocks

block cellblock cellblocks

block cinderblock cinderblocks

block deblock codeblock codeblocks

block deblock deblocked

block deblock deblocking

block gablock gigablock gigablocks

block gablock megablock megablocks

block hawseblock hawseblocks

block heartblock heartblocked

block heartblock heartblocking

block heartblock heartblocks

block iconblock iconblocks

block interblock interblocked

block interblock interblocking

block interblock interblocks

block keelblock keelblocks

block kiloblock kiloblocks

block multiblock multiblocked

block multiblock multiblocker multiblockers

block multiblock multiblocking

block multiblock multiblocks

block nerveblock nerveblocked

block nerveblock nerveblocker nerveblockers

block nerveblock nerveblocking

block nerveblock nerveblocks

block officeblock officeblocks

block reblock preblockade preblockaded

block reblock reblockage reblockages

block reblock reblocked

block reblock reblocking

block reblock reblocks

block roadblock roadblocked

block roadblock roadblocking

block roadblock roadblocks

block sketchblock sketchblocks

block spamblock spamblocked

block spamblock spamblocker spamblockers

block spamblock spamblocking

block spamblock spamblocks

block stopblock stopblocked

block stopblock stopblocking

block stopblock stopblocks

block stumblingblock stumblingblocks

block subblock subblocks

block superblock superblocks

block swivelblock swivelblocks

block unblock sunblock sunblocks

block unblock unblockable

block unblock unblockaded

block unblock unblocked

block unblock unblocking

block unblock unblocks sunblocks

block woodblock woodblocks

block yuleblock

boxlock boxlocks

bullock bullocked

bullock bullocking

bullock bullocks

caplock caplocks

carlock carlocks

clock alarmclock alarmclocks

clock clocked downclocked

clock clocked overclocked

clock clocked reclocked

clock clocked underclocked

clock clocked upclocked

clock clocker clockers

clock clockface clockfaces

clock clockhand clockhands

clock clockhouse clockhouses

clock clocking clockings

clock clocking downclocking

clock clocking overclocking

clock clocking reclocking

clock clocking underclocking

clock clocking upclocking

clock clockkeeper clockkeepers

clock clockless

clock clocklike

clock clockmaker clockmakers

clock clockmaking

clock clocks alarmclocks

clock clocks clocksmith clocksmiths

clock clocks downclocks

clock clocks ladyclocks

clock clocks miniclocks

clock clocks overclocks

clock clocks reclocks

clock clocks underclocks

clock clocks upclocks

clock clocktower clocktowers

clock clockwatcher clockwatchers

clock clockwise anticlockwise

clock clockwise contraclockwise

clock clockwise counterclockwise

clock clockwork clockworks

clock downclock downclocked

clock downclock downclocking

clock downclock downclocks

clock ladyclock ladyclocks

clock miniclock miniclocks

clock overclock overclocked

clock overclock overclocking

clock overclock overclocks

clock reclock reclocked

clock reclock reclocking

clock reclock reclocks

clock underclock underclocked

clock underclock underclocking

clock underclock underclocks

clock upclock upclocked

clock upclock upclocking

clock upclock upclocks

daglock daglocks

deadlock deadlocked undeadlocked

deadlock deadlocking

deadlock deadlocks

doorlock doorlocks

downlock downlocked

downlock downlocking

downlock downlocks

dreadlock dreadlocks

earlock earlocks

enlock enlocked

enlock enlocking

enlock enlocks genlocks

enlock enlocks stenlocks

enlock genlock genlocks

enlock stenlock stenlocks

fetlock fetlocked

fetlock fetlocking

fetlock fetlocks

fetterlock fetterlocks

flintlock flintlocks

flock elflock elflocks

flock flockbed flockbeds

flock flocked

flock flockier

flock flockiest

flock flocking flockings

flock flockless

flock flocklike

flock flockmaster flockmasters

flock flockowner flockowners

flock flocks elflocks

flock flocky

gavelock gavelocks

glockenspiel glockenspiels

gridlock gridlocked

gridlock gridlocking

gridlock gridlocks

hammerlock hammerlocks

handlock handlocks

havelock havelocks

headlock headlocks

hemlock hemlocks

hillock hillocked

hillock hillocks

hillock hillocky

hoolock hoolocks

inlock inlocked spinlocked

inlock inlocking spinlocking

inlock inlocks spinlocks

inlock spinlock spinlocked

inlock spinlock spinlocking

inlock spinlock spinlocks

interlock interlocked uninterlocked

interlock interlocker interlockers

interlock interlocking noninterlocking

interlock interlocks


killock killocks

landlock landlocked

lockable blockable nonblockable

lockable blockable unblockable

lockable nonlockable

lockable unlockable

lockaway lockaways

lockbox lockboxes

lockdown lockdowns

locked airlocked

locked armlocked

locked blocked antiblocked

locked blocked backblocked

locked blocked deblocked

locked blocked heartblocked

locked blocked interblocked

locked blocked multiblocked

locked blocked nerveblocked

locked blocked nonblocked

locked blocked reblocked

locked blocked roadblocked

locked blocked spamblocked

locked blocked stopblocked

locked blocked unblocked

locked bullocked

locked clocked downclocked

locked clocked overclocked

locked clocked reclocked

locked clocked underclocked

locked clocked upclocked

locked deadlocked undeadlocked

locked downlocked

locked enlocked

locked fetlocked

locked flocked

locked gridlocked

locked hillocked

locked inlocked spinlocked

locked interlocked uninterlocked

locked landlocked

locked lockedjaw

locked nonlocked

locked overlocked

locked padlocked unpadlocked

locked powerlocked

locked relocked forelocked

locked shylocked

locked sidelocked

locked springlocked

locked taglocked

locked triggerlocked

locked underlocked

locked unlocked

locked uplocked

locked ziplocked

locker blocker antiblocker antiblockers

locker blocker backblocker backblockers

locker blocker betablocker betablockers

locker blocker blockers antiblockers

locker blocker blockers backblockers

locker blocker blockers betablockers

locker blocker blockers multiblockers

locker blocker blockers nerveblockers

locker blocker blockers spamblockers

locker blocker multiblocker multiblockers

locker blocker nerveblocker nerveblockers

locker blocker spamblocker spamblockers

locker clocker clockers

locker footlocker footlockers

locker interlocker interlockers

locker lockers blockers antiblockers

locker lockers blockers backblockers

locker lockers blockers betablockers

locker lockers blockers multiblockers

locker lockers blockers nerveblockers

locker lockers blockers spamblockers

locker lockers clockers

locker lockers footlockers

locker lockers interlockers

locker lockers overlockers

locker lockers schlockers

locker lockers shlockers

locker lockers sidelockers

locker lockers underlockers

locker lockers unlockers

locker overlocker overlockers

locker schlocker schlockers

locker shlocker shlockers

locker sidelocker sidelockers

locker underlocker underlockers

locker unlocker unlockers

locket lockets

lockhouse blockhouse blockhouses

lockhouse clockhouse clockhouses

lockhouse lockhouses blockhouses

lockhouse lockhouses clockhouses

locking airlocking

locking armlocking

locking blocking antiblocking

locking blocking backblocking

locking blocking blockings

locking blocking deblocking

locking blocking heartblocking

locking blocking interblocking

locking blocking multiblocking

locking blocking nerveblocking

locking blocking nonblocking

locking blocking reblocking

locking blocking roadblocking

locking blocking spamblocking

locking blocking stopblocking

locking blocking unblocking

locking bullocking

locking clocking clockings

locking clocking downclocking

locking clocking overclocking

locking clocking reclocking

locking clocking underclocking

locking clocking upclocking

locking deadlocking

locking downlocking

locking enlocking

locking fetlocking

locking flocking flockings

locking gridlocking

locking inlocking spinlocking

locking interlocking noninterlocking

locking nonlocking

locking overlocking overlockings

locking padlocking

locking powerlocking

locking relocking forelocking

locking shylocking

locking sidelocking

locking slockingstone slockingstones

locking springlocking

locking taglocking

locking triggerlocking

locking underlocking underlockings

locking unlocking

locking uplocking

locking ziplocking

lockjaw lockjaws

lockjoint lockjoints

lockkeeper clockkeeper clockkeepers

lockkeeper lockkeepers clockkeepers

lockless clockless

lockless flockless

lockmaker blockmaker blockmakers

lockmaker clockmaker clockmakers

lockmaker lockmakers blockmakers

lockmaker lockmakers clockmakers

lockmaking blockmaking

lockmaking clockmaking


lockmaster flockmaster flockmasters

lockmaster lockmasters flockmasters


locknut locknuts

lockout blockout blockouts

lockout lockouts blockouts

lockpick lockpicks

lockpin lockpins

lockring lockrings

locks airlocks hairlocks

locks alcolocks

locks armlocks

locks blocks antiblocks

locks blocks backblocks

locks blocks blockship blockships

locks blocks breechblocks

locks blocks cellblocks

locks blocks cinderblocks

locks blocks codeblocks

locks blocks gigablocks

locks blocks hawseblocks

locks blocks heartblocks

locks blocks iconblocks

locks blocks interblocks

locks blocks keelblocks

locks blocks kiloblocks

locks blocks megablocks

locks blocks multiblocks

locks blocks nerveblocks

locks blocks officeblocks

locks blocks reblocks

locks blocks roadblocks

locks blocks sketchblocks

locks blocks spamblocks

locks blocks stopblocks

locks blocks stumblingblocks

locks blocks subblocks

locks blocks superblocks

locks blocks swivelblocks

locks blocks unblocks sunblocks

locks blocks woodblocks

locks boxlocks

locks bullocks

locks caplocks

locks carlocks

locks clocks alarmclocks

locks clocks clocksmith clocksmiths

locks clocks downclocks

locks clocks ladyclocks

locks clocks miniclocks

locks clocks overclocks

locks clocks reclocks

locks clocks underclocks

locks clocks upclocks

locks daglocks

locks deadlocks

locks doorlocks

locks downlocks

locks dreadlocks

locks earlocks

locks enlocks genlocks

locks enlocks stenlocks

locks fetlocks

locks fetterlocks

locks flintlocks

locks flocks elflocks

locks gavelocks

locks gridlocks

locks hammerlocks

locks handlocks

locks havelocks

locks headlocks

locks hemlocks

locks hillocks

locks hoolocks

locks inlocks spinlocks

locks interlocks

locks killocks

locks lockset locksets

locks locksman

locks locksmen

locks locksmith clocksmith clocksmiths

locks locksmith locksmitheries

locks locksmith locksmithery

locks locksmith locksmithing locksmithings

locks locksmith locksmiths clocksmiths

locks lockstep locksteps

locks lockstitch lockstitched

locks lockstitch lockstitches

locks lockstitch lockstitching

locks lovelocks

locks matchlocks

locks oarlocks

locks overlocks

locks padlocks

locks picklocks

locks pollocks

locks powerlocks

locks relocks firelocks

locks relocks forelocks

locks schlocks

locks shlocks marshlocks

locks shylocks

locks sidelocks

locks sillocks

locks slockster slocksters

locks springlocks

locks stedlocks

locks stocklocks

locks taglocks

locks triggerlocks

locks underlocks

locks unlocks gunlocks

locks uplocks

locks warlocks

locks wedlocks

locks wristlocks

locks ziplocks

lockup lockups

lovelock lovelocks

matchlock matchlocks

oarlock oarlocks

overlock overlocked

overlock overlocker overlockers

overlock overlocking overlockings

overlock overlocks

padlock padlocked unpadlocked

padlock padlocking

padlock padlocks

padlock unpadlock unpadlocked

picklock picklocks

powerlock powerlocked

powerlock powerlocking

powerlock powerlocks

relock firelock firelocks

relock forelock forelocked

relock forelock forelocking

relock forelock forelocks

relock relocked forelocked

relock relocking forelocking

relock relocks firelocks

relock relocks forelocks

schlock schlocker schlockers

schlock schlockier

schlock schlockiest

schlock schlockmeister schlockmeisters

schlock schlocks

schlock schlocky

shlock marshlock marshlocks

shlock shlocker shlockers

shlock shlockier

shlock shlockiest

shlock shlockmeister shlockmeisters

shlock shlocks marshlocks

shlock shlocky

shylock shylocked

shylock shylockian shylockians

shylock shylocking

shylock shylockism shylockisms

shylock shylocks

sidelock sidelocked

sidelock sidelocker sidelockers

sidelock sidelocking

sidelock sidelocks

sillock sillocks

slock slockdolager slockdolagers

slock slockdoliger slockdoligers

slock slockdologer slockdologers

slock slocken slockened

slock slocken slockening

slock slocken slockens

slock slockingstone slockingstones

slock slockster slocksters

springlock springlocked

springlock springlocking

springlock springlocks

stedlock stedlocks

stocklock stocklocks

taglock taglocked

taglock taglocking

taglock taglocks

triggerlock triggerlocked

triggerlock triggerlocking

triggerlock triggerlocks

underlock underlocked

underlock underlocker underlockers

underlock underlocking underlockings

underlock underlocks

unlock gunlock gunlocks

unlock unlockable

unlock unlocked

unlock unlocker unlockers

unlock unlocking

unlock unlocks gunlocks

uplock uplocked

uplock uplocking

uplock uplocks

warlock warlocks

wedlock wedlocks

wristlock wristlocks

ziplock ziplocked

ziplock ziplocking

ziplock ziplocks