Definition of lay

"lay" in the noun sense

1. ballad, lay

a narrative song with a recurrent refrain

2. ballad, lay

a narrative poem of popular origin

"lay" in the verb sense

1. lie

be located or situated somewhere occupy a certain position

"Put your things here"

"Set the tray down"

"Set the dogs on the scent of the missing children"

"Place emphasis on a certain point"

2. lie

be lying, be prostrate be in a horizontal position

"lay the books on the table"

"lay the patient carefully onto the bed"

"The sick man lay in bed all day"

"the books are lying on the shelf"

3. dwell, consist, lie, lie in

originate (in

"lay a fire"

"lay the foundation for a new health care plan"

"The problems dwell in the social injustices in this country"

4. lie

be and remain in a particular state or condition

"This hen doesn't lay"

"lie dormant"

5. lie

tell an untruth pretend with intent to deceive

"lay a responsibility on someone"

"Don't lie to your parents"

"She lied when she told me she was only 29"

6. lie, rest

have a place in relation to something else

"The fate of Bosnia lies in the hands of the West"

"The responsibility rests with the Allies"

7. lie down, lie

assume a reclining position

"lie down on the bed until you feel better"

"lay" in the adjective sense

1. laic, lay, secular

characteristic of those who are not members of the clergy

"set his collar in laic rather than clerical position"

"the lay ministry"

2. lay

not of or from a profession

"a lay opinion as to the cause of the disease"

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WordNet®. Princeton University. 2010.

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Quotations for lay

Who will not lay up a penny,
Shall never have many. [ Proverb ]

Shall I lay perjury upon my soul?
No, not for Venice! [ William Shakespeare ]

Rock'd in the cradle of the deep,
I lay me down in peace to sleep. [ Emma Willard ]

A black hen will lay a white egg. [ Proverb ]

All lay load on the willing horse. [ Proverb ]

Come, lay thy head upon my breast,
And I will kiss thee unto rest. [ Byron ]

Passionate people lay up no malice. [ Proverb ]

Lay things by, they may come to use. [ Proverb ]

Lay the saddle upon the right horse. [ Proverb ]

Bear the burden of the present,
Let the morrow bear its own;
If the morning sky be pleasant.
Why the coming night bemoan?

Holy strivings nerve and strengthen,
Long endurance wins the crown;
When the evening shadows lengthen,
Thou shalt lay the burden down. [ Thomas Mackellar ]

We must bear what the gods lay on us.

To lordlings proud I tune my lay,
Who feast in bower or hall;
Though dukes they be, to dukes I say,
That pride will have a fall. [ Gay ]

Simpering is but a lay-hypocrisy:
Give it a corner and the clue undoes. [ George Herbert ]

Lay her in the earth;
And from her fair and unpolluted flesh
May violets spring! [ William Shakespeare ]

He cannot lay eggs, but he can cackle. [ Dutch Proverb ]

You cackle often but never lay an egg. [ Proverb ]

Presume to lay their hand upon the ark
Of her magnificent and awful cause. [ Cowper ]

A heaven of charms divine Nausicaa lay. [ Homer ]

You lay on your butter as with a trowel. [ Proverb ]

Night is the time for rest;
How sweet, when labours close,
To gather round an aching breast
The curtain of repose.
Stretch the tired limbs, and lay the head
Down on our own delightful bed. [ James Montgomery ]

Be not the first by whom the new is tried,
Nor yet the last to lay the old aside. [ Pope ]

An oath, an oath, I have an oath in heaven:
Shall I lay perjury upon my soul?
No, not for Venice. [ William Shakespeare ]

Discord oft in music makes the sweeter lay. [ Spenser ]

Do not trust nor contend,
Nor lay wagers nor lend,
And you will have peace to your life's end. [ Proverb ]

Do not insult calamity:
It is a barbarous grossness to lay on
The weight of scorn, where heavy misery
Too much already weighs men's fortunes down. [ Daniel ]

An old man, broken with the storms of state,
Is come to lay his weary bones among ye;
Give him a little earth for charity! [ William Shakespeare ]

Gone is the goose that the great egg did lay. [ Proverb ]

Lay not that flattering unction to your soul. [ William Shakespeare ]

Lay on more wood, the ashes will yield money. [ Proverb ]

A thousand years scarce serve to form a state;
An hour may lay it in the dust. [ Byron ]

The best-concerted schemes men lay for fame.
Die fast away; only themselves die faster.
The far-famed sculptor, and the laurelled bard,
Those bold insurancers of deathless fame,
Supply their little feeble aids in vain. [ Blair ]

Let go desire, and thou shalt lay hold on peace. [ Thomas à Kempis ]

My sole resources in the path I trod,
Were these - my bark - my sword - my love — my God.
The last I left in youth - He leaves me now -
And man but works His will to lay me low.
I have no thought to mock His throne with prayer,
Wrung from the coward crouching of despair;
It is enough - I breathe - and I can bear. [ Byron ]

They that have good store of butter may lay it on thick. [ Proverb ]

Twine round thee threads of steel, like thread on thread,
That grow to fetters, or bind down thy arms
With chains concealed in chaplets. Oh, not yet
Mayst thou embrace thy corselet, nor lay by
Thy sword; not yet, O Freedom, close thy lids
In slumber; for thine enemy never sleeps.
And thou must watch and combat till the day
Of the new earth and heaven. [ Bryant ]

All the tree-tops lay asleep, like green waves on the sea. [ Shelley ]

If you would have a hen lay, you must bear with her cackling. [ Proverb ]

It is foolish to lay out money in the purchase of repentance. [ Franklin ]

Lay your hand upon your halfpenny twice before you part with it. [ Proverb ]

A flute lay side by side with Frederick the Great's baton of command. [ Jean Paul ]

Death is not grievous to me, for I shall lay aside my pains by death. [ Ovid ]

When the dog is beaten out of the room, where will they lay their stink? [ Proverb ]

When we are young we lay up for old age; when we are old we save for death. [ La Bruyere ]

Upon thy cheek lay I this zealous kiss, as seal to the indenture of my love. [ William Shakespeare ]

As for environments, the kingliest being ever born in the flesh lay in a manger. [ Chapin ]

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. [ Jesus ]

Neatness is an inheritance to which the poor can lay claim equally with the rich. [ H. Greenough ]

Nature and nature's laws lay hid in night; God said. Let Newton be; and all was light. [ Pope ]

Stupid people move like lay-figures, while every joint of an intelligent man is eloquent. [ Arthur Schopenhauer ]

The rosebuds lay their crimson lips together, and the green leaves are whispering to themselves. [ Amelia B. Welby ]

We must be patient; but I cannot choose but weep, to think they should lay him in the cold ground. [ Shakespeare ]

He that would live clear of envy must lay his finger on his mouth, and keep his hand out of the inkpot. [ L'Estrange ]

These shall be thy arts, to lay down the law of peace, to spare the conquered, and to subdue the proud. [ Virgil ]

A body may as well lay too little as too much stress upon a dream; but the less he heed them the better. [ L'Estrange ]

Blessed is he that continueth where he is; here let us rest and lay out seed-fields; here let us learn to dwell. [ Carlyle ]

Whatever stress some may lay upon it, a death-bed repentance is but a weak and slender plank to trust our all upon. [ Sterne ]

You cannot give me an instance of any man who is permitted to lay out his own time contriving not to have tedious hours. [ Dr. Johnson ]

In all our reasonings concerning men, we must lay it down as a maxim that the greater part are moulded by circumstances. [ Robert Hall ]

Her eyes, like marigolds, had sheathed their light, and, canopied in darkness, sweetly lay, till they might open to adorn the day. [ William Shakespeare ]

Liberty knows nothing but victories. Soldiers call Bunker Hill a defeat; but liberty dates from it though Warren lay dead on the field. [ Wendell Phillips ]

The weariest and most loathed worldly life that age, ache, penury, and imprisonment can lay on nature is a paradise to what we fear of death. [ William Shakespeare ]

Never build after you are five and forty; have five years' income in hand before you lay a brick; and always calculate the expense at double the estimate. [ Kett ]

Were not the eye made to receive the rays of the sun, it could not behold the sun; if the peculiar power of God lay not in us, how could the godlike charm us? [ Goethe ]

Everything dies, and on this spring morning, if I lay my ear to the ground, I seem to hear from every point of the compass the heavy step of men who carry a corpse to its burial. [ Madame de Gasparin ]

Some men's censures are like the blasts of rams horns before the walls of Jericho; all a man's fame they lay level at one stroke, when all they go upon is only conceit, without any certain basis. [ J. Beaumont ]

I lay it down as a fact that if all men knew what others say of them, there would not be four friends in the world. This appears from the quarrels to which indiscreet reports occasionally give rise. [ Pascal ]

If a crooked stick is before you, you need not explain how crooked it is. Lay a straight one down by the side of it, and the work is well done. Preach the truth, and error will stand abashed in its presence. [ Spurgeon ]

So we fall asleep in Jesus. We have played long enough at the games of life, and at last we feel the approach of death. We are tired out and we lay our heads back on the bosom of Christ, and quietly fall asleep. [ H. W. Beecher ]

He that has complex ideas, without particular names for them, would be in no better case than a book-seller who had volumes that lay unbound and without titles, which he could make known to others only by showing the loose sheets. [ Locke ]

If one could look a while through the chinks of heaven's door, and see the beauty and bliss of paradise; if he could but lay his ear to heaven, and hear the ravishing music of those seraphic spirits, and the anthems of praise which they sing, how would his soul be exhilarated and transported with joy. [ Watson ]

Poetry reveals to us the loveliness of nature, brings back the freshness of youthful feeling, revives the relish of simple pleasures, keeps unquenched the enthusiasm which warmed the springtime of our being, refines youthful love, strengthens our interest in human nature, by vivid delineations of its tenderest and softest feelings, and, through the brightness of its prophetic visions, helps faith to lay hold on the future life. [ Channing ]

Your invitation honors me, and pleases me because you still keep me in your remembrance, but I am seventy; seventy, and would nestle in the chimney-corner, and smoke my pipe, and read my book, and take my rest, wishing you well in all affection; and that when you in your return shall arrive at pier No. 70 you may step aboard your waiting ship with a reconciled spirit, and lay your course toward the sinking sun with a contented heart. [ Mark Twain, Seventieth Birthday speech ]

Always the idea of unbroken quiet broods around the grave. It is a port where the storms of life never beat, and the forms that have been tossed on its chafing waves lie quiet forever more. There the child nestles as peacefully as ever it lay in its mother's arms, and the workman's hands lie still by his side, and the thinker's brain is pillowed in silent mystery, and the poor girl's broken heart is steeped in a balm that extracts its secret woe, and is in the keeping of a charity that covers all blame. [ Chapin ]

As a science, logic institutes an analysis of the process of the mind in reasoning, and investigating the principles on which argumentation is conducted; as an art, it furnishes such rules as may be derived from those principles, for guarding against erroneous deductions. Some are disposed to view logic as a peculiar method of reasoning, and not as it is, a method of unfolding and analysing our reason. They have, in short, considered logic as an art of reasoning. The logician's object being, not to lay down principles by which one may reason, but by which all must reason, even though they are not distinctly aware of them - to lay down rules not which may be followed with advantage, but which cannot possibly be deviated from in sound reasoning. [ R. Whately ]

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Words containing the sequence lay

Words with lay in them (384 words)


Word Growth involving lay

Shorter words in lay



Longer words containing lay

allay allayed

allay allayer allayers

allay allaying

allay allayment

allay allays

belay belayed

belay belayer belayers

belay belaying

belay belays

clay clayey nonclayey

clay clayier

clay clayiest

clay clayiness

clay clayish

clay claylike

clay claymation claymations

clay claypan claypans

clay clays claysize claysized

clay clays claystone claystones

clay clays fireclays

clay clays nanoclays

clay clayware claywares

clay fireclay fireclays

clay nanoclay nanoclays

clay nonclay nonclayey

clay underclay

delay delayable undelayable

delay delayed nondelayed

delay delayed undelayed

delay delayer delayered

delay delayer delayering delayerings

delay delayer delayers

delay delaying nondelaying

delay delayless

delay delays

flay flayed

flay flayer flayers

flay flaying

flay flays

inlay inlayer inlayers

inlay inlaying inlayings

inlay inlays

jambalaya jambalayas

layabout layabouts

layaway layaways

layback laybacking

layback playback playbacks

laydown laydowns playdowns

laydown playdown playdowns

layed allayed

layed belayed

layed delayed nondelayed

layed delayed undelayed

layed flayed

layed overlayed

layed parlayed

layed pipelayed

layed played counterplayed

layed played downplayed

layed played endplayed

layed played interplayed

layed played outplayed

layed played overplayed

layed played replayed

layed played roleplayed

layed played splayed displayed nondisplayed

layed played splayed displayed redisplayed predisplayed

layed played splayed displayed undisplayed

layed played splayed misplayed

layed played splayed unsplayed

layed played underplayed

layed played unplayed

layed relayed forelayed

layed slayed

layer allayer allayers

layer belayer belayers

layer bilayer bilayered

layer bilayer bilayering

layer bilayer bilayers

layer blocklayer blocklayers

layer bricklayer bricklayers

layer carpetlayer carpetlayers

layer delayer delayered

layer delayer delayering delayerings

layer delayer delayers

layer doublelayer

layer flayer flayers

layer inlayer inlayers

layer interlayer interlayered

layer interlayer interlayering

layer interlayer interlayers

layer layerage layerages

layer layercake

layer layered bilayered

layer layered delayered

layer layered interlayered

layer layered multilayered

layer layered nonlayered

layer layered singlelayered

layer layered unlayered

layer layering bilayering

layer layering delayering delayerings

layer layering interlayering

layer layering layerings delayerings

layer layering unlayering

layer layers allayers

layer layers belayers

layer layers bilayers

layer layers blocklayers

layer layers bricklayers

layer layers carpetlayers

layer layers delayers

layer layers flayers

layer layers inlayers

layer layers interlayers

layer layers microlayers

layer layers minelayers

layer layers monolayers

layer layers multilayers

layer layers overlayers

layer layers parlayers

layer layers pipelayers

layer layers platelayers

layer layers players ballplayers

layer layers players bitplayers

layer layers players cardplayers

layer layers players counterplayers

layer layers players horseplayers

layer layers players megaplayers

layer layers players microplayers

layer layers players multiplayers

layer layers players nonplayers

layer layers players photoplayers

layer layers players roleplayers

layer layers players splayers chessplayers

layer layers players splayers displayers

layer layers players superplayers

layer layers players swordplayers

layer layers relayers forelayers

layer layers ropelayers

layer layers slayers manslayers

layer layers slayers mislayers

layer layers stonelayers

layer layers sublayers

layer layers tracklayers

layer layers trilayers

layer layers underlayers

layer layers unlayers

layer layers waylayers

layer layery

layer microlayer microlayers

layer minelayer minelayers

layer monolayer monolayers

layer multilayer multilayered

layer multilayer multilayers

layer overlayer overlayers

layer parlayer parlayers

layer pipelayer pipelayers

layer platelayer platelayers

layer player ballplayer ballplayers

layer player bitplayer bitplayers

layer player cardplayer cardplayers

layer player counterplayer counterplayers

layer player horseplayer horseplayers

layer player megaplayer megaplayers

layer player microplayer microplayers

layer player multiplayer multiplayers

layer player nonplayer nonplayers

layer player photoplayer photoplayers

layer player playerless

layer player players ballplayers

layer player players bitplayers

layer player players cardplayers

layer player players counterplayers

layer player players horseplayers

layer player players megaplayers

layer player players microplayers

layer player players multiplayers

layer player players nonplayers

layer player players photoplayers

layer player players roleplayers

layer player players splayers chessplayers

layer player players splayers displayers

layer player players superplayers

layer player players swordplayers

layer player roleplayer roleplayers

layer player splayer chessplayer chessplayers

layer player splayer displayer displayers

layer player splayer splayers chessplayers

layer player splayer splayers displayers

layer player superplayer superplayers

layer player swordplayer swordplayers

layer relayer forelayer forelayers

layer relayer relayers forelayers

layer ropelayer ropelayers

layer slayer manslayer manslayers

layer slayer mislayer mislayers

layer slayer slayers manslayers

layer slayer slayers mislayers

layer stonelayer stonelayers

layer sublayer sublayers

layer tracklayer tracklayers

layer trilayer trilayers

layer underlayer underlayers

layer unlayer unlayered

layer unlayer unlayering

layer unlayer unlayers

layer waylayer waylayers

laying allaying

laying belaying

laying blocklaying

laying bricklaying

laying delaying nondelaying

laying egglaying

laying flaying

laying inlaying inlayings

laying minelaying

laying nonlaying

laying outlaying

laying overlaying overlayings

laying parlaying

laying pipelaying

laying playing cardplaying

laying playing counterplaying

laying playing downplaying

laying playing endplaying

laying playing interplaying

laying playing nonplaying

laying playing outplaying

laying playing overplaying

laying playing playingly

laying playing playings

laying playing replaying

laying playing roleplaying

laying playing splaying displaying redisplaying predisplaying

laying playing splaying displaying undisplaying

laying playing splaying misplaying

laying playing underplaying

laying playing unplaying

laying relaying forelaying

laying ropelaying

laying slaying manslaying

laying slaying mislaying

laying slaying slayings

laying stonelaying

laying tracklaying tracklayings

laying underlaying

laying waylaying


laymen allayment

laymen underlayment

layoff layoffs playoffs

layoff playoff playoffs

layout layouts

layover layovers


layperson laypersons

lays allays

lays belays

lays clays claysize claysized

lays clays claystone claystones

lays clays fireclays

lays clays nanoclays

lays delays

lays flays

lays inlays

lays layshaft layshafts

lays laystall laystalls

lays outlays

lays overlays

lays parlays

lays pipelays

lays plays afterplays

lays plays airplays

lays plays byplays

lays plays counterplays

lays plays downplays

lays plays endplays

lays plays gameplays

lays plays handplays

lays plays horseplays

lays plays interplays

lays plays nonplays

lays plays outplays

lays plays overplays

lays plays photoplays

lays plays playschool playschools

lays plays playscript playscripts

lays plays playsome playsomely

lays plays playsome playsomeness

lays plays playsuit playsuits

lays plays powerplays

lays plays replays foreplays

lays plays roleplays

lays plays screenplays

lays plays splays displays redisplays predisplays

lays plays splays displays undisplays

lays plays splays misplays

lays plays stageplays

lays plays underplays

lays plays unplays gunplays

lays plays wordplays swordplays

lays relays forelays

lays relays photorelays

lays slays mislays

lays underlays

lays waylays

laytime laytimes playtimes

laytime playtime playtimes

layup layups

laywoman playwoman

laywomen playwomen

outlay outlaying

outlay outlays

overlay overlayed

overlay overlayer overlayers

overlay overlaying overlayings

overlay overlays

parlay parlayed

parlay parlayer parlayers

parlay parlaying

parlay parlays

pipelay pipelayed

pipelay pipelayer pipelayers

pipelay pipelaying

pipelay pipelays

play afterplay afterplays

play airplay airplays

play byplay byplays

play counterplay counterplayed

play counterplay counterplayer counterplayers

play counterplay counterplaying

play counterplay counterplays

play downplay downplayed

play downplay downplaying

play downplay downplays

play endplay endplayed

play endplay endplaying

play endplay endplays

play gameplay gameplays

play handplay handplays

play horseplay horseplayer horseplayers

play horseplay horseplays

play interplay interplayed

play interplay interplaying

play interplay interplays

play matchplay

play nonplay nonplayer nonplayers

play nonplay nonplaying

play nonplay nonplays

play outplay outplayed

play outplay outplaying

play outplay outplays

play overplay overplayed

play overplay overplayful

play overplay overplaying

play overplay overplays

play photoplay photoplayer photoplayers

play photoplay photoplays

play playa playabilities

play playa playability unplayability

play playa playable displayable nondisplayable

play playa playable displayable undisplayable

play playa playable unplayable

play playa playact playacted

play playa playact playacting playactings

play playa playact playactor playactors

play playa playact playacts

play playa playas

play playback playbacks

play playbill playbills

play playbook playbooks

play playboyism playboyisms

play playboys

play playclothes

play playdate playdates

play playday playdays

play playdown playdowns

play played counterplayed

play played downplayed

play played endplayed

play played interplayed

play played outplayed

play played overplayed

play played replayed

play played roleplayed

play played splayed displayed nondisplayed

play played splayed displayed redisplayed predisplayed

play played splayed displayed undisplayed

play played splayed misplayed

play played splayed unsplayed

play played underplayed

play played unplayed

play player ballplayer ballplayers

play player bitplayer bitplayers

play player cardplayer cardplayers

play player counterplayer counterplayers

play player horseplayer horseplayers

play player megaplayer megaplayers

play player microplayer microplayers

play player multiplayer multiplayers

play player nonplayer nonplayers

play player photoplayer photoplayers

play player playerless

play player players ballplayers

play player players bitplayers

play player players cardplayers

play player players counterplayers

play player players horseplayers

play player players megaplayers

play player players microplayers

play player players multiplayers

play player players nonplayers

play player players photoplayers

play player players roleplayers

play player players splayers chessplayers

play player players splayers displayers

play player players superplayers

play player players swordplayers

play player roleplayer roleplayers

play player splayer chessplayer chessplayers

play player splayer displayer displayers

play player splayer splayers chessplayers

play player splayer splayers displayers

play player superplayer superplayers

play player swordplayer swordplayers

play playfellow playfellows

play playfield playfields

play playful overplayful

play playful playfuller

play playful playfullest

play playful playfully unplayfully

play playful playfulness

play playful unplayful unplayfully

play playgirls

play playgoer playgoers

play playgoing playgoings

play playground playgrounds

play playgroup playgroups

play playhouse playhouses

play playing cardplaying

play playing counterplaying

play playing downplaying

play playing endplaying

play playing interplaying

play playing nonplaying

play playing outplaying

play playing overplaying

play playing playingly

play playing playings

play playing replaying

play playing roleplaying

play playing splaying displaying redisplaying predisplaying

play playing splaying displaying undisplaying

play playing splaying misplaying

play playing underplaying

play playing unplaying

play playland playlands

play playleader playleaders

play playless

play playlet playlets

play playlike

play playlist playlisted

play playlist playlisting

play playlist playlists

play playmaker playmakers

play playmaking playmakings

play playmate playmates

play playmonger playmongers

play playoff playoffs

play playpen playpens

play playreader playreaders

play playroom playrooms

play plays afterplays

play plays airplays

play plays byplays

play plays counterplays

play plays downplays

play plays endplays

play plays gameplays

play plays handplays

play plays horseplays

play plays interplays

play plays nonplays

play plays outplays

play plays overplays

play plays photoplays

play plays playschool playschools

play plays playscript playscripts

play plays playsome playsomely

play plays playsome playsomeness

play plays playsuit playsuits

play plays powerplays

play plays replays foreplays

play plays roleplays

play plays screenplays

play plays splays displays redisplays predisplays

play plays splays displays undisplays

play plays splays misplays

play plays stageplays

play plays underplays

play plays unplays gunplays

play plays wordplays swordplays

play plaything playthings

play playtime playtimes

play playwear

play playwoman

play playwomen

play playwork playworks

play playwright playwrighting

play playwright playwrights

play playwriter playwriters

play playwriting playwritings

play powerplay powerplays

play replay foreplay foreplays

play replay replayed

play replay replaying

play replay replays foreplays

play roleplay roleplayed

play roleplay roleplayer roleplayers

play roleplay roleplaying

play roleplay roleplays

play screenplay screenplays

play splay childsplay

play splay display displayable nondisplayable

play splay display displayable undisplayable

play splay display displayed nondisplayed

play splay display displayed redisplayed predisplayed

play splay display displayed undisplayed

play splay display displayer displayers

play splay display displaying redisplaying predisplaying

play splay display displaying undisplaying

play splay display displays redisplays predisplays

play splay display displays undisplays

play splay display redisplay predisplay predisplayed

play splay display redisplay predisplay predisplaying

play splay display redisplay predisplay predisplays

play splay display redisplay redisplayed predisplayed

play splay display redisplay redisplaying predisplaying

play splay display redisplay redisplays predisplays

play splay display undisplay undisplayable

play splay display undisplay undisplayed

play splay display undisplay undisplaying

play splay display undisplay undisplays

play splay misplay misplayed

play splay misplay misplaying

play splay misplay misplays

play splay splayed displayed nondisplayed

play splay splayed displayed redisplayed predisplayed

play splay splayed displayed undisplayed

play splay splayed misplayed

play splay splayed unsplayed

play splay splayer chessplayer chessplayers

play splay splayer displayer displayers

play splay splayer splayers chessplayers

play splay splayer splayers displayers

play splay splayfeet

play splay splayfoot splayfooted splayfootedly

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