Definition of last

"last" in the noun sense

1. stopping point, finale, finis, finish, last, conclusion, close

the temporal end the concluding time

"the stopping point of each round was signaled by a bell"

"the market was up at the finish"

"they were playing better at the close of the season"

2. last

the last or lowest in an ordering or series

"he was the last to leave"

"he finished an inglorious last"

3. last

a person's dying act the final thing a person can do

"he breathed his last"

4. death, last

the time at which life ends continuing until dead

"she stayed until his death"

"a struggle to the last"

5. last

a unit of weight equal to 4,000 pounds

6. last

a unit of capacity for grain equal to 80 bushels

7. end, last

the final stage or concluding parts of an event or occurrence

"the end was exciting"

"I had to miss the last of the movie"

8. last, shoemaker's last, cobbler's last

holding device shaped like a human foot that is used to fashion or repair shoes

"last" in the verb sense

1. last, endure

persist for a specified period of time

"The bad weather lasted for three days"

2. survive, last, live, live on, go, endure, hold up, hold out

continue to live and avoid dying

"We went without water and food for 3 days"

"These superstitions survive in the backwaters of America"

"The race car driver lived through several very serious accidents"

"how long can a person last without food and water?" "One crash victim died, the other lived"

"last" in the adjective sense

1. last

immediately past

"last Thursday"

"the last chapter we read"

2. last

coming after all others in time or space or degree or being the only one remaining

"the last time I saw Paris"

"the last day of the month"

"had the last word"

"waited until the last minute"

"he raised his voice in a last supreme call"

"the last game of the season"

"down to his last nickel"

3. concluding, final, last, terminal

occurring at or forming an end or termination

"his concluding words came as a surprise"

"the final chapter"

"the last days of the dinosaurs"

"terminal leave"

4. last

most unlikely or unsuitable

"the last person we would have suspected"

"the last man they would have chosen for the job"

5. last

occurring at the time of death

"his last words"

"the last rites"

6. final, last, net

conclusive in a process or progression

"the final answer"

"a last resort"

"the net result"

7. last, utmost

highest in extent or degree

"to the last measure of human endurance"

"whether they were accomplices in the last degree or a lesser one be determined individually"

8. final, last

not to be altered or undone

"the judge's decision is final"

"the arbiter will have the last say"

9. last, last-place, lowest

lowest in rank or importance

"last prize"

"in last place"

"last" in the adverb sense

1. last

most recently

"I saw him last in London"

2. last, lastly, in conclusion, finally

the item at the end

"last, I'll discuss family values"

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Quotations for last

At last.

A last farewell. [ Ovid ]

On his last legs. [ Thos. Middleton ]

I am the last of my race.
My name ends with me. [ Schiller ]

The last evil smarts most. [ Proverb ]

Your last pig is farrowed. [ Proverb ]

I will die in the last ditch. [ William of Orange ]

You talk of last year's snow. [ Proverb ]

Live this day as if the last. [ Bishop Kerr ]

God giveth quietness at last. [ Whittier ]

Although the last, not least. [ William Shakespeare ]

Shoemaker, stick to your last. [ Pliny ]

The last suitor wins the maid. [ Proverb ]

Long looked for comes at last. [ Proverb ]

Hope is the last thing we lose. [ Italian Proverb ]

He has found a last for his shoe. [ Proverb ]

The year's last, loveliest smile. [ Bryant ]

Let the cobbler stick to his last. [ Pliny ]

Reason is the last resort of love. [ Helvetius ]

That last dignity of the wretched. [ Henry Giles ]

The first dark day of nothingness,
The last of danger and distress. [ Byron ]

Devotion is the last love of women. [ Saint-Evremond ]

No evil is great if it is the last. [ Nepos ]

He that pays last never pays twice. [ Proverb ]

He loses indeed that loses at last. [ Proverb ]

When the last reader reads no more. [ Oliver Wendell Holmes ]

He laughs well who laughs the last. [ French Proverb ]

Grace will last, beauty will blast. [ Proverb ]

That last infirmity of noble minds. [ Milton ]

It is not lost if it comes at last. [ Proverb ]

Make each day a critic on the last. [ Pope ]

Tranquil pleasures last the longest. [ Bovee ]

The muffled drum's sad roll has beat
The soldier's last tattoo;
No more on Life's parade shall meet
The brave and fallen few.
On Fame's eternal camping-ground
Their silent tents are spread.
And Glory guards, with solemn round
The bivouac of the dead. [ Theodore O'Hara ]

Then take me on your knee, mother;
And listen, mother of mine.
A hundred fairies danced last night.
And the harpers they were nine. [ Mary Howitt ]

Slowly, slowly falls night's curtain
Over all the wide-spread land;
And the angels of the twilight
At the gates of heaven stand.
Lo, they come, a band of angels.
Clad in robes of tender gray;
And before their gracious presence,
Fades the sun's last lingering ray. [ C. E, Charles ]

The last benefit is most remembered. [ Proverb ]

He that goes out with often loss
Comes home at last by weeping cross. [ Proverb ]

When darkness gathers over all,
And the last tottering pillars fall,
Take the poor dust Thy mercy warms,
And mould it into heavenly forms. [ O. W. Holmes ]

God stays long, but strikes at last. [ Proverb ]

A plank in a shipwreck; a last shift.

The first men that our Saviour dear
Did choose to wait upon Him here,
Blest fishers were; and fish the last
Food was, that He on earth did taste:
I therefore strive to follow those,
Whom He to follow Him hath chose. [ Izaak Walton ]

This, or any moment may be your last. [ Proverb ]

Time's noblest offspring is the last. [ Berkeley ]

Grass grows at last above all graves. [ Julia C. R. Dorr ]

The fairest rose at last is withered. [ Proverb ]

A hated government does not last long. [ Seneca ]

Death is the last limit of all things. [ Horace ]

Redeem the misspent time that's past,
And live this day as it were thy last. [ Ken ]

My last word to you is. Be courageous. [ J. Paul F. Richter ]

Well, when the eve has its last streak
The night has its first star. [ Robert Browning ]

Our first and last love is - self-love. [ Bovee ]

Thou beginnest better than thou endest.
The last is inferior to the first. [ Ovid ]

This is the last of earth! I am content. [ John Quincy Adams ]

Neither fear nor wish for your last day. [ Mart ]

The first and last frosts are the worst. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

Yelping curs may anger mastiffs at last. [ Proverb ]

They that live longest must die at last. [ Proverb ]

Then fill each hour with what will last;
Buy up the moments as they go;
The life above, when this is past,
Is the ripe fruit of life below. [ Horatius Bonar ]

Tired of the last, and eager of the new. [ Prior ]

Those evening bells! those evening bells!
How many a tale their music tells.
Of youth, and home, and that sweet time,
When last I heard their soothing chime! [ Tom Moore ]

That was new in last year's new almanack. [ Proverb ]

Oil and truth will get uppermost at last. [ Proverb ]

Master, go on, and I will follow thee
To the last gasp, with truth and loyalty. [ William Shakespeare ]

Courtesy on one side can never last long. [ Proverb ]

Charge, Chester, charge! On, Stanley, on!
Were the last words of Marmion. [ Scott ]

I pray thee let me and my fellow have
A hair of the dog that bit us last night. [ John Heywood ]

A work of real merit finds favour at last. [ A. B. Alcott ]

To the very altars; to the last extremity.

Be not the first by whom the new is tried,
Nor yet the last to lay the old aside. [ Pope ]

Gamesters and race-horses never last long. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time. [ William Shakespeare ]

He has exhausted at last the cup of grief. [ Cicero ]

A falling drop at last will carve a stone. [ Lucretius ]

Necessity is the last and strongest weapon. [ Livy ]

Bliss in possession will not last;
Remember'd joys are never past;
At once the fountain, stream, and sea.
They were, - they are, - they yet shall be. [ Montgomery ]

Here lies my wife, poor Molly, let her lie,
She finds repose at last, and so do I. [ Epitaph ]

Nothing is there to come, and nothing past,
But an eternal Now does always last. [ Abraham Cowley ]

It is folly to shiver over last year's snow. [ Whately ]

Thou hast wounded the spirit that loved thee
And cherished thine image for years;
Thou hast taught me at last to forget thee,
In secret, in silence, and tears. [ Mrs. David Porter ]

And rest at last where souls unbodied dwell.
In ever-flowing meads of Asphodel. [ Homer ]

Faster and more fast,
O'er night's brim, day boils at last;
Boils, pure gold, over the cloud-cup's brim. [ Robert Browning ]

Habits are at first cobwebs, at last cables. [ Proverb ]

Remorse is the last sigh of expiring virtue. [ La Beaumelle ]

The brave man thinks of himself last of all. [ Friedrich Schiller ]

Words are the only things that last forever. [ Hazlitt ]

Your Words are like the notes of dying swans,
Too sweet to last. [ Dryden ]

Blown roses hold their sweetness to the last. [ Dryden ]

The first sigh of love is the last of wisdom.

You licked not your lips since you lied last. [ Proverb ]

But wisdom, awful wisdom! which inspects,
Discerns, compares, weighs, separates, infers,
Seizes the right, and holds it to the last. [ Young ]

You didn't lick your lips since you lied last. [ Proverb ]

The love of a woman, and a bottle of wine,
Are sweet for a season, but last a short time. [ Proverb ]

But on he moves to meet his latter end,
Angels around befriending virtue's friend;
Sinks to the grave with unperceived decay,
While resignation gently slopes the way;
And all his prospects bright'ning to the last,
His heaven commences, ere the world be past! [ Goldsmith ]

Time shall unfold what plighted cunning hides;
Who covers faults, at last shame them derides. [ William Shakespeare ]

I know a mount, the gracious Sun perceives
First when he visits, last, too, when he leaves
The world; and, vainly favored, it repays
The day-long glory of his steadfast gaze
By no change of its large calm front of snow. [ Robert Browning ]

Flames rise and sink by fits; at last they soar
In one bright flame, and then return no more. [ John Dryden ]

While resignation gently slopes the way;
And, all his prospects brightening to the last,
His heaven commences ere the world be past. [ Goldsmith ]

That evil can never be great which is the last. [ Cornelius Nepos ]

Each man makes his own stature, builds himself:
Virtue alone outbuilds the Pyramids;
Her monuments shall last when Egypt's fall. [ Edward Young ]

What! are you afraid of him that died last year? [ Proverb ]

O days remembered well! remembered all!
The bitter sweet, the honey and the gall;
Those garden rambles in the silent night.
Those trees so shady, and that moon so bright.
That thickset alley by the arbor closed.
That woodbine seat where we at last reposed;
And then the hopes that came and then were gone.
Quick as the clouds beneath the moon past on. [ Crabbe ]

Trade hardly deems the busy day begun,
Till his keen eye along the sheet has run;
The blooming daughter throws her needle by.
And reads her schoolmate's marriage with a sigh;
While the grave mother puts her glasses on.
And gives a tear to some old crony gone.
The preacher, too, his Sunday theme lays down,
To know what last new folly fills the town;
Lively or sad, life's meanest, mightiest things.
The fate of fighting cocks, or fighting kings. [ Sprague ]

Thus, day by day, and month by month, we passed;
It pleased the Lord to take my spouse at last.
I tore my gown, I soiled my locks with dust.
And beat my breasts - as wretched widows must:
Before my face my handkerchief I spread,
To hide the flood of tears I did - not shed. [ Pope ]

Some praise at morning what they blame at night.
But always think the last opinion right. [ Pope ]

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. [ Bible ]

Better's the last smile than the first laughter. [ Proverb ]

Years following years, steal something every day;
At last they steal us from ourselves away. [ Pope ]

When wrapt in fire, the realms of ether glow,
And Heaven's last thunder shakes the world below,
Thou, undismayed, shalt o'er the ruins smile,
And light thy torch at Nature's funeral pile. [ Thomas Campbell ]

'Tis the last rose of summer, left blooming alone. [ Moore ]

Fame is the spur that the clear spirit doth raise,
(That last infirmity of noble minds,)
To scorn delights and live laborious days. [ Milton ]

Even a Venice-glass, if well kept, will last long. [ Proverb ]

There are no birds this year in last year's nests. [ Proverb ]

At last the golden oriental gate
Of greatest heaven began to open fair;
And Phoebus, fresh as bridegroom to his mate,
Came dancing forth shaking his dewy hair,
And hurled his glistering beams through gloomy air. [ Spenser ]

Love's arms were wreathed about the neck of Hope,
And Hope kiss'd Love, and Love drew in her breath
In that close kiss and drank her whispered tales.
They say that Love would die when Hope was gone.
And Love mourned long, and sorrowed after Hope;
At last she sought out Memory, and they trod
The same old paths where Love had walked with Hope,
And Memory fed the soul of Love with tears. [ Tennyson ]

Cuckolds themselves are the very last that know it. [ Proverb ]

Oh! if there be, on this earthly sphere,
A boon, an offering heaven holds dear,
'Tis the last libation Liberty draws
From the heart that bleeds and breaks in her cause. [ Moore ]

Simple pleasures are the last refuge of the complex. [ Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance ]

It is the last feather that breaks the horse's back. [ Proverb ]

God comes at last, when we think He is farthest off. [ Proverb ]

Woman, last at the cross, and earliest at the grave. [ E. S. Barrett ]

An old cart well used may last out a new one abused. [ Proverb ]

Believe that each day is the last to shine upon thee. [ Horace ]

Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul,
As the swift seasons roll!
Leave thy low-vaulted past!
Let each new temple, nobler than the last.
Shut thee from Heaven with a dome more vast,
Till thou at length art free,
Leaving thine outgrown shell by life's unresting sea. [ Oliver Wendell Holmes ]

My sole resources in the path I trod,
Were these - my bark - my sword - my love — my God.
The last I left in youth - He leaves me now -
And man but works His will to lay me low.
I have no thought to mock His throne with prayer,
Wrung from the coward crouching of despair;
It is enough - I breathe - and I can bear. [ Byron ]

Love, the last relay and ultimate outpost of eternity. [ D. G. Rossetti ]

Genius works in sport, and goodness smiles to the last. [ Ralph Waldo Emerson ]

Let our last sleep be in the graves of our native land! [ Osceola ]

Simplicity is Nature's first step, and the last of art. [ P. J. Bailey ]

Like the wife with many daughters, the best comes last. [ Proverb ]

Necessity is the last and the strongest of all weapons. [ Livy ]

Patience is a stout horse, but it will tire at the last. [ Proverb ]

Every day should be passed as if it were to be our last. [ Publius Syrus ]

Genius always gives its best at first, prudence at last. [ Lavater ]

Believe that each day which shines upon you is the last. [ Horace ]

The first years of man must make provision for the last. [ Samuel Johnson ]

O merciful Heaven! may my last season be still a spring! [ Beranger ]

The lust of fame is the last that a wise man shakes off. [ Tac ]

The first pig, but the last whelp of the litter is best. [ Proverb ]

If we follow the truth it will bring us out safe at last. [ Emerson ]

Every day travels toward death; the last only arrives at it. [ Alexander Smith ]

Quarrels could not last long, were but prudence on one side. [ Proverb ]

Be thankful for your ennui; it is your last mark of manhood. [ Carlyle ]

Is death the last sleep? No, it is the last final awakening. [ Walter Scott ]

Every day should be spent by us as if it were to be our last. [ Publius Syrus ]

The last taste of things gives them the name of sweet or sour. [ Proverb ]

All our days travel toward death, and the last one reaches it. [ Montaigne ]

Happy he whose last hour strikes in the midst of his children. [ Grillparzer ]

The last pleasure in life is the sense of discharging our duty. [ Hazlitt ]

You should not fear, nor yet should you wish for your last day. [ Martial ]

Quarrels would not last long if the fault was only on one side. [ La Rochefoucauld ]

Joys too exquisite to last, and yet more exquisite when passed. [ Montgomery ]

Desire of glory is the last garment that even wise men put off. [ Proverb ]

The pitcher goes so often to the well that it is broken at last. [ French ]

Virtue may be overclouded a while, but 'twill shine at the last. [ Proverb ]

The love of fame is the last weakness which even the wise resign. [ Tacitus ]

You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope. [ The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins (Katniss Everdeen) ]

The highest happiness, the purest joys of life, wear out at last. [ Goethe ]

She hugged the offender and forgave the offense - sex to the last! [ Dryden ]

The heart is the first part that quickens, and the last that dies. [ John Kay ]

It is good to be good in time, you know not how long it will last. [ Proverb ]

If great men would have care of little ones, both would last long. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

The pitcher that goes often to the well, comes home broken at last. [ Proverb ]

That last day does not bring extinction to us, but change of place. [ Cicero ]

Chastity is like an icicle; if it once melts, that's the last of it. [ Proverb ]

Ability involves responsibility. Power to its last particle is duty. [ Maclaren ]

The fly that plays too long in the candle, singes her wings at last. [ Proverb ]

Honesty is like an icicle; if it once melts, that is the last of it. [ Amer. Proverb ]

Most men employ their first years so as to make their last miserable. [ Proverb ]

Since you know all, and I nothing, tell me what I dreamed last night. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

The good man of the house is the last that knows what is done at home. [ Proverb ]

Beauty is as summer fruits, which are easy to corrupt and cannot last. [ Bacon ]

The best is yet to be, The last of life, for which the first was made. [ Browning ]

Even if women were immortal, they could never foresee their last lover. [ Lamennais ]

No man, be he who he may, but experiences a last happiness and a last day. [ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ]

The first and last thing which is required of genius is the love of truth. [ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ]

Like the last beam of evening thrown on a white cloud, just seen and gone. [ Walter Scott ]

Wisdom makes but a slow defense against trouble, though at last a sure one. [ Goldsmith ]

The snail slides up the tower at last, though the swallow mounts it sooner. [ Proverb ]

The way to make friendships that will last long is to be long in making them.

No man can be so entirely evil as to stifle the last ray of light in his soul. [ Körner ]

In the spot where liberty has made her last stand she was fated to be smitten. [ Lucan ]

Feelings, like flowers and butterflies, last longer the later they are delayed. [ Jean Paul ]

Man, be he who he may, experiences a last piece of good fortune and a last day. [ Goethe ]

Gold is, in its last analysis, the sweat of the poor and the blood of the brave. [ Joseph Napoleon ]

The mind that too frequently forgives bad actions will at last forget good ones. [ Reynolds ]

If you would have the nuptial union last, Let virtue be the bond that ties it fast. [ Rowe ]

Men always want to be a woman's first love - women like to be a man's last romance. [ Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance ]

The greatest part of mankind employ their first years to make their last miserable. [ Bruyere ]

The best preparation for the future is the present well seen to, the last duty done. [ George MacDonald ]

No man can be so entirely a devil as to extinguish in himself the last ray of light. [ Th. Körner ]

Habit is a cable. We weave a thread of it every day, and at last we cannot break it. [ Horace Mann ]

No great thought, no great object, satisfies the mind at first view, nor at the last. [ Abel Stevens ]

Reputation, like beavers and cloaks, shall last some people twice the time of others. [ Douglas Jerrold ]

Hope is so sweet with its golden wings, that, at his last sigh, man still implores it. [ De la Pena ]

Threefold the stride of Time, from first to last! Loitering slow, the Future creepeth. [ Schiller ]

The woman and the soldier who do not defend the first pass will never defend the last. [ Fielding ]

The first, as indeed the last, nobility of education is in the rule over our thoughts. [ John Ruskin ]

In all science error precedes the truth, and it is better it should go first than last. [ Horace Walpole ]

The last thing that we discover in writing a book is to know what to put at the beginning. [ Pascal ]

Man should ever look to his last day, and no one should be called happy before his funeral. [ Ovid ]

It is a reproach to be the first gentleman of his race, but it is a greater to be the last. [ Proverb ]

Nature has lent us tears - the cry of suffering when the man at last can bear it no longer. [ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ]

Prudence and love are inconsistent; in proportion as the last increases, the other decreases. [ Rochefoucauld ]

Let the character as it began be preserved to the last; and let it be consistent with itself. [ Horace ]

Successful writers learn at last what they should learn at first, - to be intelligently simple. [ Henry Wheeler Shaw (pen name Josh Billings) ]

He that does good for good's sake seeks neither praise nor reward, though sure of both at last. [ William Penn ]

The fortunate circumstances of our lives are generally found at last to be of our own producing. [ Goldsmith ]

In matters of conscience, first thoughts are best; in matters of prudence, last thoughts are best. [ Robert Hall ]

Resolved: Never to do any thing which I should be afraid to do if it were the last hour of my life. [ JONATHAN EDWARDS ]

The ear is the last resort of chastity: after it is expelled from the heart, it takes refuge there. [ Ritif de la Bretonne ]

The last act of life is sometimes like the last number in a sum, ten times greater than all the rest. [ Collier ]

This day which thou fearest so much, and which thou callest thy last, is the birthday of an eternity. [ Seneca ]

The zeal which begins with hypocrisy must conclude in treachery; at first it deceives, at last it betrays. [ Bacon ]

Persecution often does in this life what the last day will do completely - separate the wheat from the tares. [ Milner ]

Arms, ye men, bring me arms! their last day summons the vanquished. We shall never all die unavenged this day. [ Virgil ]

Let us cling to our principles as the mariner clings to his last plank when night and tempest close around him. [ Adam Woolever ]

Madness is the last stage of human debasement. It is the abdication of humanity. Better to die a thousand times! [ Napoleon ]

Love without end hath no end, says the Spaniard; meaning, if it were not begun on particular ends, it would last. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

We look to our last sickness for repentance, unmindful that it is during a recovery men repent, not during a sickness. [ Hare ]

Always! that is a dreadful word. Women are so fond of using it. They spoil every romance by trying to make it last forever. [ Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Grey ]

The last day must always be awaited by man, and no man should be pronounced happy before his death and his final obsequies. [ Ovid ]

Our ancestors are very good kind of folks; but they are the last people I should choose to have a visiting acquaintance with. [ Sheridan ]

If thou marry beauty, thou bindest thyself all thy life for that which, perchance, will neither last nor please thee one year. [ Raleigh ]

Integrity is the shortest and nearest way to our end, carrying us thither in a straight line, and will hold out and last longest. [ Tillotson ]

There are two sorts of pity: one is a balm and the other a poison; the first is realized by our friends, the last by our enemies. [ Charles Sumner ]

True glory takes root, and even spreads; all false pretenses, like flowers, fall to the ground: nor can any counterfeit last long. [ Cicero ]

The lust of gold succeeds the lust of conquest; The lust of gold, unfeeling and remorseless! The last corruption of degenerate man. [ Samuel Johnson ]

The truly proud man knows neither superiors nor inferiors. The first he does not admit of: the last he does not concern himself about. [ Hazlitt ]

Those who place their affections at first on trifles for amusement, will find these trifles become at last their most serious concerns. [ Goldsmith ]

A book may be compared to the life of your neighbor; if it be good, it cannot last too long; if bad, you cannot get rid of it too early. [ Brooke ]

However bright the comedy before, the last act is always stained with blood. The earth is laid upon our head, and there it lies forever. [ Pascal ]

O, grief hath changed me since you saw me last; and careful hours, with Time's deformed hand, have written strange defeatures in my face! [ William Shakespeare ]

We can say nothing but what hath been said. Our poets steal from Homer. Our storydressers do as much; he that comes last is commonly best. [ Burton ]

That were but a sorry art which could be comprehended all at once; the last point of which could be seen by one just entering its precincts. [ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ]

Nothing is so embarrassing as the first tête-à-tête when there is everything to say, unless it be the last, when everything has been said. [ N. Roqueplan ]

Life is constantly weighing us in very sensitive scales, and telling every one of us precisely what his real weight is to the last grain of dust. [ Lowell ]

Fame may be compared to a scold; the best way to silence her is to let her alone, and she will at last be out of breath in blowing her own trumpet. [ Fuller ]

Not to be provoked is best; but if moved, never correct till the fume is spent; for every stroke our fury strikes is sure to bit ourselves at last. [ William Penn ]

Garments will fall to pieces, jewels and gold will lose something of their lustre, but the fame that great poems acquire will last through all time. [ Ovid ]

There are such things as a man shall remember with joy upon his death-bed; such as shall cheer and warm his heart even in that last and bitter agony. [ South ]

The most painful part of our bodily pain is that which is bodiless or immaterial, - namely, our impatience, and the delusion that it will last forever. [ Richter ]

Fame is the echo of actions, resounding them to the world, save that the echo repeats only the last part; but fame relates all, and often more than all. [ Thomas Fuller ]

Cullen whispered in his last moments: I wish I had the power of writing or speaking, for then I would describe to you how pleasant a thing it is to die. [ Dr. Derby ]

His last day places man in the same state as he was before he was born; nor after death has the body or soul any more feeling than they had before birth. [ Pliny the Elder ]

The stroke that comes transmitted through a whole galaxy of elastic balls, is it less a stroke than if the last ball only had been struck and sent flying? [ Carlyle ]

Last scene of all, that ends this strange, eventful history, is second childishness, and mere oblivion; sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything. [ William Shakespeare ]

One man pursues power in order to possess wealth, and another pursues wealth in order to possess power; which last is the safer way, and generally followed. [ South ]

If a man would register all his opinions upon love, politics, religion, and learning, what a bundle of inconsistencies and contradictions would appear at last! [ Swift ]

Thrice happy they, and more than thrice, whom an unbroken link binds together, and whom love, unimpaired by evil rancour, will not sunder before their last day. [ Horace ]

Adverse fortune seldom spares men of the noblest virtues. No one can with safety expose himself often to dangers. The man who has often escaped is at last caught. [ Seneca ]

In this world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it. The last is much the worst ; the last is a real tragedy! [ Oscar Wilde, Lady Windemere's Fan ]

Gunpowder makes all men alike tall.... Hereby at last is the Goliath powerless and the David resistless; savage animalism is nothing, inventive spiritualism is all. [ Carlyle ]

Paradise, as described by the theologians, seems to me too musical: I confess that I should be incapable of listening to a cantata that would last ten thousand years. [ T. Gautier ]

At first one omits writing for a little while; and then one stays a little while to consider of excuses; and at last it grows desperate, and one does not write at all. [ Swift ]

Superstition is in its death-lair; the last agonies may endure for decades or for centuries; but it carries the iron in its heart, and will not vex the earth any more. [ Carlyle ]

It is delightful to transport one's self into the spirit of the past, to see how a wise man has thought before us, and to what a glorious height we have at last reached. [ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ]

He laid him down and slept, and from his side a woman in her magic beauty rose: dazzled and charmed, he called that woman bride, and his first sleep became his last repose. [ Besser ]

As the films of clay are removed from our eyes, Death loses the false aspect of the spectre, and we fall at last into its arms as a wearied child upon the bosom of its mother. [ Bulwer ]

Look not thou upon the wine when it is red, when it giveth his color in the cup, when it moveth itself aright: at the last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder. [ Bible ]

The last word is the most dangerous of infernal machines; and husband and wife should no more fight to get it than they would struggle for the possession of a lighted bombshell. [ Douglas Jerrold ]

No villainy or flagitious action was ever yet committed but, upon a due inquiry into the cause of it, it will be found that a lie was first or last the principal engine to effect it. [ South ]

The first creation of God in the works of the days was the light of the sense; the last was the light of the reason; and his Sabbath-work ever since is the illumination of the spirit. [ Bacon ]

The last word should be the last word. It is like a finishing touch given to color; there is nothing more to add. But what precaution is needed in order not to put the last word first [ Joubert ]

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace, from day to day, to the last syllable of recorded time; and all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death. [ William Shakespeare ]

Virginity of the heart, alas! so soon ravished! sweet dreams! expectations of happiness' and of love! fresh illusions of the morning of life! why do you not last till the end of the day! [ Gavarni ]

The petty cares, the minute anxieties, the infinite littles which go to make up the sum of human experience, like the invisible granules of powder, give the last and highest polish to a character. [ William Matthews ]

At the last, when we die, we have the dear angels for our escort on the way. They who can grasp the whole world in their hands can surely also guard our souls, that they make that last journey safely. [ Luther ]

There is a burden of care in getting riches, fear in keeping them, temptation in using them, guilt in abusing them, sorrow in losing them, and a burden of account at last to be given up concerning them. [ Matthew Henry ]

For every grain of sand is a mystery; so is every daisy in summer, and so is every snow-flake in winter. Both upwards and downwards, and all around us, science and speculation pass into mystery at last. [ William Mountford ]

To give pleasure to others and take it ourselves, we have to begin by removing the ego, which is hateful, and then keep it in chains as long as the diversions last. There is no worse killjoy than the ego. [ Charles Wagner ]

So we fall asleep in Jesus. We have played long enough at the games of life, and at last we feel the approach of death. We are tired out and we lay our heads back on the bosom of Christ, and quietly fall asleep. [ H. W. Beecher ]

The secret of happiness lies in the health of the whole mind, and in giving to each faculty due occupation, and in the natural order of their superiorities, the Divine first, the human second, the material last. [ Henry Ward Beecher ]

Night steals on; and the day takes its farewell, like the words of a departing friend, or the last tone of hallowed music in a minster's aisles, heard when it floats along the shade of elms, in the still place of graves. [ Percival ]

The last, best fruit which comes to late perfection, even in the kindliest soul, is tenderness toward the hard, forbearance toward the unforbearing, warmth of heart toward the cold, and philanthropy toward the misanthropic. [ Jean Paul ]

Burke's sentences are pointed at the end, instinct with pungent sense to the last syllable. They are like a charioteer's whip, which not only has a long and effective lash, but cracks and inflicts a still smarter sensation at the end. [ John Foster ]

When at last the angels come to convey your departing spirit to Abraham's bosom, depend upon it, however dazzling in their newness they may be to you. you will find that your history is no novelty, and you yourself no stranger to them. [ James Hamilton ]

Renown is not to be sought, and all pursuit of it is vain. A person may, indeed, by skillful conduct and various artificial means, make a sort of name for himself: but if the inner jewel is wanting, all is vanity, and will not last a day. [ Goethe ]

My first and last secret of Art is to get a thorough intelligence of the fact to be painted, represented, or, in whatever way, set forth - the fact deep as Hades, high as heaven, and written so, as to the visual face of it on this poor earth. [ Carlyle ]

No unity can last, in married life, unless the fellowship of hearts is accompanied by the fellowship of minds. As a woman loses the charms of her youth, her husband must perceive that her mind is developing, and love must be perpetuated by esteem. [ Dupanloup ]

Avarice is generally the last passion of those lives of which the first part has been squandered in pleasure, and the second devoted to ambition. lie that sinks under the fatigue of getting wealth lulls his age with the milder business of saving it. [ Dr. Johnson ]

An infallible way to make your child miserable is to satisfy all his demands. Passion swells by gratification; and the impossibility of satisfying every one of his demands will oblige you to stop short at last, after he has become a little headstrong. [ Henry Home ]

Frugality is good if liberality be joined with it. The first is leaving off superfluous expenses; the last is bestowing them to the benefit of others that need. The first without the last begets covetousness; the last without the first begets prodigality. [ William Penn ]

Genius has privileges of its own; it selects an orbit for itself; and be this never so eccentric, if it is indeed a celestial orbit, we mere star-gazers must at last compose ourselves, must cease to cavil at it, and begin to observe it and calculate its laws. [ Carlyle ]

If there is excellence in my composition, set it down, first of all things and last, to the general fact that I have no method. Modes of expression in writing, like modes of expression in speech, are referable purely to feeling, not studied, but of the moment. [ Gen. Lew Wallace, The Art Of Authorship, 1891 ]

There is a gentle, but perfectly irresistible coercion in a habit of reading well directed, over the whole tenor of a man's character and conduct, which is not the less effectual because it works insensibly, and because it is really the last thing he dreams of. [ Sir John Herschel ]

Custom is the law of one description of fools, and fashion of another; but the two parties often clash - for precedent is the legislator of the first, and novelty of the last. Custom, therefore, looks to things that are past, and fashion to things that are present. [ Colton ]

Even He that died for us upon the cross, in the last hour, in the unutterable agony of death, was mindful of His mother, as if to teach us that this holy love should be our last worldly thought - the last point of earth from which the soul should take its flight for heaven. [ Longfellow ]

Life has no smooth road for any of us; and in the bracing atmosphere of a high aim, the very roughness only stimulates the climber to steadier and steadier steps, till that legend of the rough places fulfills itself at last, per aspera ad astra, over steep ways to the stars. [ Bishop W. C. Doane ]

There are but three ways for a man to revenge himself of the censure of the world, - to despise it, to return the like, or to endeavor to live so as to avoid it; the first of these is usually pretended, the last is almost impossible, the universal practice is for the second. [ Swift ]

Life has no smooth road for any of us; and in the bracing atmosphere of a high aim, the very roughness only stimulates the climber to steadier and steadier steps, till that legend of the rough places fulfills itself at last, "per aspera ad astra", over steep ways to the stars. [ Bishop W. C. Doane ]

Art employs method for the symmetrical formation of beauty, as science employs it for the logical exposition of truth; but the mechanical process is, in the last, ever kept visibly distinct, while in the first it escapes from sight amid the shows of color and the curves of grace. [ Bulwer-Lytton ]

I love the acquaintance of young people; because, in the first place, I do not like to think myself growing old. In the next place, young acquaintances must last longest, if they do last; and then, sir, young men have more virtue than old men; they have more generous sentiments in every respect. [ Dr. Johnson ]

Extreme old age is childhood; extreme wisdom is ignorance, for so it may be called, since the man whom the oracle pronounced the wisest of men professed that he knew nothing; yea, push a coward to the extreme and he will show courage; oppress a man to the last, and he will rise above oppression. [ J. Beaumont ]

What is our death but a night's sleep? For as through sleep all weariness and faintness pass away and cease, and the powers of the spirit come back again, so that in the morning we arise fresh and strong and joyous; so at the Last Day we shall rise again as if we had only slept a night, and shall be fresh and strong. [ Martin Luther ]

A good author, and one who writes carefully, often discovers that the expression of which he has been in search without being able to discover it, and which he has at last found, is that which was the most simple, the most natural, and which seems as if it ought to have presented itself at once, without effort, to the mind. [ Bruyere ]

Metaphysicians have been learning their lessons for the last four thousand years, and it is high time that they should now begin to teach us something. Can any of the tribe inform us why all the operations of the mind are carried on with undiminished strength and activity in dreams, except the judgment, which alone is suspended and dormant? [ Colton ]

A man's first care should be to avoid the reproaches of his own heart; his next, to escape the censures of the world. If the last interferes with the former, it ought to be entirely neglected; but otherwise there cannot be a greater satisfaction to an honest mind, than to see those approbations which it gives itself seconded by the applause of the public. [ Addison ]

The habit of reading is the only enjoyment I know in which there is no alloy. It lasts when all other pleasures fade. It will be there to support you when all other resources are gone. It will be present to you when the energies of your body have fallen away from you. It will last you until your death. It will make your hours pleasant to you as long as you live. [ Trollope ]

The golden ripple on the wall came back again, and nothing else stirred in the room. The old, old fashion! The fashion that came in with our first garments, and will last unchanged until our race has run its course, and the wide firmament is rolled up like a scroll. The old, old fashion, - Death! Oh, thank God, all who see it, for that older fashion yet, - of Immortality! [ Charles Dickens ]

Occur or Transpire? The misuse of these words is very common. Occur means simply to take place, to happen; transpire to leak out, to come to light. Hence, it is incorrect to say, The annual school exhibition transpired last week. The proper word here is occurred. But transpire is correctly used in such a sentence as, The proceedings of the caucus have not yet transpired. [ Pure English, Hackett And Girvin, 1884 ]

The brute animals have all the same sensations of pain as human beings, and consequently endure as much pain when their body is hurt; but in their case the cruelty of torment is greater, because they have no mind to bear them up against their sufferings, and no hope to look forward to when enduring the last extreme pain. Their happiness consists entirely in present enjoyment. [ Chalmers ]

Where are Shakespeare's imagination, Bacon's learning, Galileo's dream? Where is the sweet fancy of Sidney, the airy spirit of Fletcher, and Milton's thought severe? Methinks such things should not die and dissipate, when a hair can live for centuries, and a brick of Egypt will last three thousand years. I am content to believe that the mind of man survives, somehow or other, his clay. [ Barry Cornwall ]

There is a world of science necessary in choosing books. I have known some people in great sorrow fly to a novel, or the last light book in fashion. One might as well take a rose-draught for the plague! Light reading does not do when the heart is really heavy. I am told that Goethe, when he lost his son, took to study a science that was new to him. Ah! Goethe was a physician who knew what he was about. [ Edward Bulwer-Lytton ]

O God, whom the world misjudges, and whom everything declares! listen to the last words that my lips pronounce! If I have wandered, it was in seeking Thy law. My heart may go astray, but it is full of Thee! I see, without alarm, eternity appear; and I can not think that a God who has given me life, that a God who has poured so many blessings on my days, will, now that my days are done, torment me for ever! [ The last prayer of Voltaire ]

I suppose as long as novels last, and authors aim at interesting their public, there must always be in the story a virtuous and gallant hero; a wicked monster, his opposite; and a pretty girl, who finds a champion. Bravery and virtue conquer beauty; and vice, after seeming to triumph through a certain number of pages, is sure to be discomfited in the last volume, when justice overtakes him, and honest folks come by their own. [ Thackeray ]

Good taste is essentially a moral quality. Taste is not only a part and an index of morality — it is the only morality. The first, last, and closest trial question to any living creature is, What do you like? - and the entire object of true education is to make people not merely do right things, but enjoy the right things. What we like determines what we are, and is the sign of what we are; and to teach taste is inevitably to form character. [ Ruskin ]

There are chords in the human heart - strange varying strings - which are only struck by accident; which will remain mute and senseless to appeals the most passionate and earnest, and respond at last to the slightest casual touch. In the most insensible or childish minds there is some train of reflection which art can seldom lead or skill assist, but which will reveal itself, as great truths have done, by chance, and when the discoverer has the plainest and simplest end in view. [ Dickens ]

I put myself, my experiences, my observations, my heart and soul into my work. I press my soul upon the white paper. The writer who does this may have any style, he or she will find the hearts of their readers. Writing a book involves, not a waste, but a great expenditure of vital force. Yet I can assure you I have written the last lines of most of my stories with tears. The characters of my own creation had become dear to me. I could not bear to bid them good-bye and send them away from me into the wide world. [ Amelia E. Barr, The Art of Authorship, 1891 ]

Wisdom is a fox who, after long hunting, will at last cost you the pains to dig out; it is a cheese, which, by how much the richer, has the thicker, the homlier, and the coarser coat; and whereof to a judicious palate, the maggots are best. It is a sack posset, wherein the deeper you go, you'll find it the sweeter. Wisdom is a hen, whose cackling we must value and consider, because it is attended with an egg. But lastly, it is a nut, which, unless you choose with judgment, may cost you a tooth, and pay you with nothing but a worm. [ Swift ]

If a man were only to deal in the world for a day, and should never have occasion to converse more with mankind, never more need their good opinion or good word, it were then no great matter (speaking as to the concernments of this world), if a man spent his reputation all at once, and ventured it at one throw; but if he be to continue in the world, and would have the advantage of conversation while he is in it, let him make use of truth and sincerity in all his words and actions; for nothing but this will last and hold out to the end. [ Tillotson ]

All the performances of human art, at which we look with praise or wonder, are instances of the resistless force of perseverance; it is by this that the quarry becomes a pyramid, and that distant countries are united by canals. If a man was to compare the effect of a single stroke of a pickaxe, or of one impression of the spade, with the general design and last result, he would be overwhelmed with the sense of their disproportion; yet those petty operations, incessantly continued, in time surmount the greatest difficulties, and mountains are leveled and oceans bounded, by the slender force of human beings. [ Dr. Johnson ]

The first being that rushes to the recollection of a soldier or a sailor, in his heart's difficulty, is his mother; she clings to his memory and affection in the midst of all the f orgetf ulness and hardihood induced by a roving life; the last message he leaves is for her; his last whisper breathes her name. The mother, as she instills the lessons of piety and filial obligation into the heart of her infant son, should always feel that her labor is not in vain. She may drop into the grave, but she has left behind her influences that will work for her. The bow is broken, but the arrow is sped, and will do its ofiice. [ A. H. Motte ]

True hope is based on energy of character. A strong mind always hopes, and has always cause to hope, because it knows the mutability of human affairs and how slight a circumstance may change the whole course of events. Such a spirit, too, rests upon itself, it is not confined to partial views, or to one particular object. And if at last all should be lost, it has saved itself, its own integrity and worth. Hope awakens courage, while despondency is the last of all evils, it is the abandonment of good, the giving up of the battle of life with dead nothingness. He who can implant courage in the human soul is the best physician. [ Von Knebel (German), Translated by Mrs. Austin ]

This is my seventieth birthday, and I wonder if you all rise to the size of that proposition, realizing all the significance of that phrase, seventieth birthday. The seventieth birthday! It is the time of life when you arrive at a new and awful dignity; when you may throw aside the decent reserves which have oppressed you for a generation and stand unafraid and unabashed upon your seven-terraced summit and look down and teach--unrebuked. You can tell the world how you got there. It is what they all do. You shall never get tired of telling by what delicate arts and deep moralities you climbed up to that great place. You will explain the process and dwell on the particulars with senile rapture. I have been anxious to explain my own system this long time, and now at last I have the right. [ Mark Twain, Seventieth Birthday speech ]

In the matter of diet - which is another main thing - I have been persistently strict in sticking to the things which didn't agree with me until one or the other of us got the best of it. Until lately I got the best of it myself. But last spring I stopped frolicking with mince-pie after midnight; up to then I had always believed it wasn't loaded. For thirty years I have taken coffee and bread at eight in the morning, and no bite nor sup until seven-thirty in the evening. Eleven hours. That is all right for me, and is wholesome, because I have never had a headache in my life, but headachy people would not reach seventy comfortably by that road, and they would be foolish to try it. And I wish to urge upon you this - which I think is wisdom - that if you find you can't make seventy by any but an uncomfortable road, don't you go. When they take off the Pullman and retire you to the rancid smoker, put on your things, count your checks, and get out at the first way station where there's a cemetery. [ Mark Twain, Seventieth Birthday speech ]

Poetry is the first and last of all knowledge: it is immortal as the heart of men. If the labors of the men of science should ever create any revolution, direct or indirect, in our condition, and in the impressions which we habitually receive, the poet will then sleep no more than at present; he will be ready to follow the steps of the man of science, not only in those general indirect effects, but he will be at his side, carrying sensation into the midst of the objects of the science itself. The remotest discoveries of the chemist, the botanist, or mineralogist will be as proper objects of the poet's art as any upon which it can be employed, if the time should ever come when these things shall be familiar to us, and the relations under which they are contemplated by the followers of the respective sciences shall be manifestly and palpably material to us as enjoying and suffering beings. If the time should ever come when what is now called science, thus familiarized to men, shall be ready to put on. as it were, a form of flesh and blood, the poet will lend his divine spirit to aid the transfiguration, and will welcome the being thus produced as a dear and genuine inmate of the household of man. [ Wordsworth ]

Morals are an acquirement - like music, like a foreign language, like piety, poker, paralysis - no man is born with them. I wasn't myself, I started poor. I hadn't a single moral. There is hardly a man in this house that is poorer than I was then. Yes, I started like that - the world before me, not a moral in the slot. Not even an insurance moral. I can remember the first one I ever got. I can remember the landscape, the weather, the - I can remember how everything looked. It was an old moral, an old second-hand moral, all out of repair, and didn't fit, anyway. But if you are careful with a thing like that, and keep it in a dry place, and save it for processions, and Chautauquas, and World's Fairs, and so on, and disinfect it now and then, and give it a fresh coat of whitewash once in a while, you will be surprised to see how well she will last and how long she will keep sweet, or at least inoffensive. When I got that mouldy old moral, she had stopped growing, because she hadn't any exercise; but I worked her hard, I worked her Sundays and all. Under this cultivation she waxed in might and stature beyond belief, and served me well and was my pride and joy for sixty-three years; then she got to associating with insurance presidents, and lost flesh and character, and was a sorrow to look at and no longer competent for business. She was a great loss to me. Yet not all loss. I sold her - ah, pathetic skeleton, as she was - I sold her to Leopold, the pirate King of Belgium; he sold her to our Metropolitan Museum, and it was very glad to get her, for without a rag on, she stands 57 feet long and 16 feet high, and they think she's a brontosaur. Well, she looks it. They believe it will take nineteen geological periods to breed her match. [ Mark Twain, Seventieth Birthday speech ]

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blast blastic odontoblastic

blast blastic osteoblastic

blast blastic parablastic parablastical parablastically

blast blastic periblastic

blast blastic planoblastic

blast blastic plasmablastic

blast blastic pluriblastic

blast blastic poikiloblastic

blast blastic polyblastic

blast blastic porphyroblastic

blast blastic protoblastic

blast blastic retinoblastic

blast blastic sarcoblastic

blast blastic scleroblastic

blast blastic sideroblastic

blast blastic spermatoblastic

blast blastic spermoblastic

blast blastic sphaeroblastic

blast blastic spongioblastic

blast blastic statoblastic

blast blastic sympathicoblastic

blast blastic sympathoblastic

blast blastic teloblastic

blast blastic tetrablastic

blast blastic thelyblastic

blast blastic triblastic

blast blastic trichoblastic

blast blastic triploblastic

blast blastic trophoblastic cytotrophoblastic

blast blastic trophoblastic syncytiotrophoblastic

blast blastic trophoblastic syntrophoblastic

blast blastic xenoblastic

blast blasting backblasting

blast blasting beadblasting

blast blasting reblasting

blast blasting sandblasting sandblastings

blast blastocele

blast blastoclad blastoclads

blast blastocoel blastocoele blastocoeles

blast blastocoel blastocoelic

blast blastocoel blastocoels

blast blastocyst blastocystic

blast blastocyst blastocystis

blast blastocyst blastocysts

blast blastocyte blastocytes

blast blastocytic

blast blastoderm blastodermatic

blast blastoderm blastodermic

blast blastoderm blastoderms

blast blastodisc blastodiscs

blast blastodisk blastodisks

blast blastoff blastoffs

blast blastogeneses

blast blastogenesis

blast blastogenetic blastogenetically

blast blastogenic

blast blastogenies

blast blastogeny

blast blastogranitic

blast blastoid blastoids

blast blastoma adamantoblastoma adamantoblastomas

blast blastoma archiblastoma archiblastomas

blast blastoma blastomas adamantoblastomas

blast blastoma blastomas archiblastomas

blast blastoma blastomas chondroblastomas

blast blastoma blastomas endothelioblastomas

blast blastoma blastomas fibroblastomas

blast blastoma blastomas glioblastomas ganglioblastomas

blast blastoma blastomas hemangioblastomas

blast blastoma blastomas hepatoblastomas

blast blastoma blastomas lymphoblastomas

blast blastoma blastomas medulloblastomas

blast blastoma blastomas myoblastomas

blast blastoma blastomas myxoblastomas

blast blastoma blastomas nephroblastomas

blast blastoma blastomas neuroblastomas

blast blastoma blastomas pineoblastomas

blast blastoma blastomas retinoblastomas

blast blastoma blastomas spongioblastomas

blast blastoma blastomas teratoblastomas

blast blastoma blastomata glioblastomata

blast blastoma blastomata retinoblastomata

blast blastoma chondroblastoma chondroblastomas

blast blastoma endothelioblastoma endothelioblastomas

blast blastoma fibroblastoma fibroblastomas

blast blastoma glioblastoma ganglioblastoma ganglioblastomas

blast blastoma glioblastoma glioblastomas ganglioblastomas

blast blastoma glioblastoma glioblastomata

blast blastoma hemangioblastoma hemangioblastomas

blast blastoma hepatoblastoma hepatoblastomas

blast blastoma lymphoblastoma lymphoblastomas

blast blastoma medulloblastoma medulloblastomas

blast blastoma myoblastoma myoblastomas

blast blastoma myxoblastoma myxoblastomas

blast blastoma nephroblastoma nephroblastomas

blast blastoma neuroblastoma neuroblastomas

blast blastoma neuroblastoma neuroblastomatous

blast blastoma osteoblastoma

blast blastoma pineoblastoma pineoblastomas

blast blastoma retinoblastoma retinoblastomas

blast blastoma retinoblastoma retinoblastomata

blast blastoma spongioblastoma spongioblastomas

blast blastoma sympathicoblastoma

blast blastoma teratoblastoma teratoblastomas

blast blastomere blastomeres

blast blastomycin blastomycins

blast blastomycosis chromoblastomycosis

blast blastophore

blast blastopore

blast blastosphere blastospheres

blast blastospheric blastospherical

blast blastospore blastospores

blast blastostylar

blast blastostyle blastostyles

blast blastozoan

blast blastozooid blastozooids

blast blastplate blastplates

blast blasts acroblasts

blast blasts actinoblasts

blast blasts adamantoblasts

blast blasts adenoblasts

blast blasts ameloblasts

blast blasts angioblasts

blast blasts antiblasts

blast blasts apoblasts

blast blasts arblasts

blast blasts archiblasts

blast blasts astroblasts

blast blasts autoblasts

blast blasts auxoblasts

blast blasts backblasts

blast blasts bacterioblasts

blast blasts beadblasts

blast blasts bioblasts

blast blasts calicoblasts

blast blasts calyptoblasts

blast blasts cardioblasts

blast blasts centroblasts

blast blasts ceratoblasts

blast blasts chondroblasts

blast blasts chromaphiloblasts

blast blasts chromoblasts

blast blasts cnidoblasts

blast blasts coeloblasts

blast blasts coenoblasts

blast blasts colloblasts

blast blasts counterblasts

blast blasts crystalloblasts

blast blasts cytoblasts erythrocytoblasts

blast blasts cytoblasts haemocytoblasts

blast blasts cytoblasts hematocytoblasts

blast blasts cytoblasts hemocytoblasts

blast blasts cytoblasts leucocytoblasts

blast blasts cytoblasts leukocytoblasts

blast blasts cytoblasts phaeochromocytoblasts

blast blasts cytoblasts phagocytoblasts

blast blasts dentinoblasts

blast blasts dermoblasts

blast blasts desmohemoblasts

blast blasts diploblasts

blast blasts ectoblasts

blast blasts elaeoblasts

blast blasts eleoblasts

blast blasts embryoblasts

blast blasts enantioblasts

blast blasts endoblasts

blast blasts entoblasts cementoblasts

blast blasts entosthoblasts

blast blasts eosinoblasts

blast blasts epiblasts

blast blasts erythroblasts

blast blasts fibroblasts myofibroblasts

blast blasts gigantoblasts

blast blasts glioblasts ganglioblasts

blast blasts granuloblasts

blast blasts haematoblasts

blast blasts haemoblasts

blast blasts hematoblasts

blast blasts hepatoblasts

blast blasts histoblasts

blast blasts holoblasts

blast blasts hypoblasts

blast blasts idioblasts

blast blasts lemmoblasts

blast blasts leucoblasts

blast blasts leukoblasts microleukoblasts

blast blasts lipoblasts

blast blasts lymphoblasts

blast blasts megakaryoblasts

blast blasts megaloblasts

blast blasts melanoblasts

blast blasts meroblasts

blast blasts mesoblasts coelomesoblasts

blast blasts mesoblasts ectomesoblasts

blast blasts myeloblasts micromyeloblasts

blast blasts myoblasts

blast blasts myxoblasts

blast blasts nematoblasts

blast blasts neoblasts

blast blasts neuroblasts

blast blasts normoblasts

blast blasts odontoblasts

blast blasts osteoblasts

blast blasts parablasts

blast blasts periblasts

blast blasts planoblasts

blast blasts plasmablasts

blast blasts pluriblasts

blast blasts poikiloblasts

blast blasts polyblasts

blast blasts porphyroblasts

blast blasts protoblasts

blast blasts reblasts fireblasts

blast blasts retinoblasts

blast blasts sandblasts

blast blasts sarcoblasts

blast blasts scleroblasts

blast blasts sideroblasts

blast blasts spermatoblasts

blast blasts spermoblasts

blast blasts sphaeroblasts

blast blasts splanchnoblasts

blast blasts splenoblasts

blast blasts spongioblasts

blast blasts sporoblasts disporoblasts

blast blasts sporoblasts monosporoblasts

blast blasts sporoblasts pansporoblasts

blast blasts statoblasts

blast blasts sympathetoblasts

blast blasts sympathicoblasts

blast blasts sympathoblasts

blast blasts teloblasts

blast blasts thelyblasts

blast blasts thunderblasts

blast blasts trichoblasts

blast blasts triploblasts

blast blasts trophoblasts cytotrophoblasts

blast blasts trophoblasts syncytiotrophoblasts

blast blasts trophoblasts syntrophoblasts

blast blasts windblasts

blast blasts xenoblasts

blast blasts zooblasts

blast blasts zygotoblasts

blast blastula amphiblastula amphiblastulae

blast blastula amphiblastula amphiblastulas

blast blastula blastulae amphiblastulae

blast blastula blastular

blast blastula blastulas amphiblastulas

blast blastula blastulation blastulations

blast blastula coeloblastula

blast blastula midblastula

blast counterblast counterblasts

blast epiblast epiblastic

blast epiblast epiblasts

blast oblast acroblast acroblastic

blast oblast acroblast acroblasts

blast oblast actinoblast actinoblastic

blast oblast actinoblast actinoblasts

blast oblast adamantoblast adamantoblastic

blast oblast adamantoblast adamantoblastoma adamantoblastomas

blast oblast adamantoblast adamantoblasts

blast oblast adenoblast adenoblastic

blast oblast adenoblast adenoblasts

blast oblast ameloblast ameloblastic

blast oblast ameloblast ameloblasts

blast oblast angioblast angioblastic

blast oblast angioblast angioblastosis

blast oblast angioblast angioblasts

blast oblast angioblast hemangioblastoma hemangioblastomas

blast oblast apoblast apoblastic

blast oblast apoblast apoblasts

blast oblast astroblast astroblastic

blast oblast astroblast astroblasts

blast oblast autoblast autoblastic

blast oblast autoblast autoblasts

blast oblast auxoblast auxoblasts

blast oblast bacterioblast bacterioblastic

blast oblast bacterioblast bacterioblasts

blast oblast basoblastic

blast oblast bioblast bioblastic

blast oblast bioblast bioblasts

blast oblast calicoblast calicoblasts

blast oblast calyptoblast calyptoblastic

blast oblast calyptoblast calyptoblasts

blast oblast cardioblast cardioblastic

blast oblast cardioblast cardioblasts

blast oblast centroblast centroblasts

blast oblast ceratoblast ceratoblasts

blast oblast chondroblast chondroblastic

blast oblast chondroblast chondroblastoma chondroblastomas

blast oblast chondroblast chondroblasts

blast oblast chromaphiloblast chromaphiloblasts

blast oblast chromoblast chromoblastic

blast oblast chromoblast chromoblastomycosis

blast oblast chromoblast chromoblasts

blast oblast cnidoblast cnidoblastic

blast oblast cnidoblast cnidoblasts

blast oblast coeloblast coeloblastic

blast oblast coeloblast coeloblasts

blast oblast coeloblast coeloblastula

blast oblast coenoblast coenoblastic

blast oblast coenoblast coenoblasts

blast oblast colloblast colloblastic

blast oblast colloblast colloblasts

blast oblast crystalloblast crystalloblastic

blast oblast crystalloblast crystalloblasts

blast oblast cytoblast cytoblastic erythrocytoblastic

blast oblast cytoblast cytoblastic haemocytoblastic

blast oblast cytoblast cytoblastic hematocytoblastic

blast oblast cytoblast cytoblastic hemocytoblastic

blast oblast cytoblast cytoblastic leucocytoblastic

blast oblast cytoblast cytoblastic leukocytoblastic

blast oblast cytoblast cytoblastic phagocytoblastic

blast oblast cytoblast cytoblasts erythrocytoblasts

blast oblast cytoblast cytoblasts haemocytoblasts

blast oblast cytoblast cytoblasts hematocytoblasts

blast oblast cytoblast cytoblasts hemocytoblasts

blast oblast cytoblast cytoblasts leucocytoblasts

blast oblast cytoblast cytoblasts leukocytoblasts

blast oblast cytoblast cytoblasts phaeochromocytoblasts

blast oblast cytoblast cytoblasts phagocytoblasts

blast oblast cytoblast erythrocytoblast erythrocytoblastic

blast oblast cytoblast erythrocytoblast erythrocytoblasts

blast oblast cytoblast haemocytoblast haemocytoblastic

blast oblast cytoblast haemocytoblast haemocytoblasts

blast oblast cytoblast hematocytoblast hematocytoblastic

blast oblast cytoblast hematocytoblast hematocytoblasts

blast oblast cytoblast hemocytoblast hemocytoblastic

blast oblast cytoblast hemocytoblast hemocytoblasts

blast oblast cytoblast leucocytoblast leucocytoblastic

blast oblast cytoblast leucocytoblast leucocytoblasts

blast oblast cytoblast leukocytoblast leukocytoblastic

blast oblast cytoblast leukocytoblast leukocytoblasts

blast oblast cytoblast phaeochromocytoblast phaeochromocytoblasts

blast oblast cytoblast phagocytoblast phagocytoblastic

blast oblast cytoblast phagocytoblast phagocytoblasts

blast oblast dentinoblast dentinoblastic

blast oblast dentinoblast dentinoblasts

blast oblast dermoblast dermoblastic

blast oblast dermoblast dermoblasts

blast oblast desmohemoblast desmohemoblasts

blast oblast diploblast diploblastic

blast oblast diploblast diploblasts

blast oblast diploblast diploblasty

blast oblast discoblastic

blast oblast ectoblast ectoblastic

blast oblast ectoblast ectoblasts

blast oblast elaeoblast elaeoblastic

blast oblast elaeoblast elaeoblasts

blast oblast eleoblast eleoblastic

blast oblast eleoblast eleoblasts

blast oblast embryoblast embryoblastic

blast oblast embryoblast embryoblasts

blast oblast enantioblast enantioblastic

blast oblast enantioblast enantioblastous

blast oblast enantioblast enantioblasts

blast oblast endoblast endoblastic

blast oblast endoblast endoblasts

blast oblast endothelioblastoma endothelioblastomas

blast oblast entoblast cementoblast cementoblastic

blast oblast entoblast cementoblast cementoblasts

blast oblast entoblast entoblastic cementoblastic

blast oblast entoblast entoblasts cementoblasts

blast oblast entosthoblast entosthoblasts

blast oblast eosinoblast eosinoblastic

blast oblast eosinoblast eosinoblasts

blast oblast erythroblast erythroblastic

blast oblast erythroblast erythroblasts

blast oblast fibroblast fibroblastic fibroblastical fibroblastically myofibroblastically

blast oblast fibroblast fibroblastic fibroblastical myofibroblastical myofibroblastically

blast oblast fibroblast fibroblastic myofibroblastic myofibroblastical myofibroblastically

blast oblast fibroblast fibroblastoma fibroblastomas

blast oblast fibroblast fibroblasts myofibroblasts

blast oblast fibroblast myofibroblast myofibroblastic myofibroblastical myofibroblastically

blast oblast fibroblast myofibroblast myofibroblasts

blast oblast gigantoblast gigantoblastic

blast oblast gigantoblast gigantoblasts

blast oblast glioblast ganglioblast ganglioblastoma ganglioblastomas

blast oblast glioblast ganglioblast ganglioblasts

blast oblast glioblast glioblastic

blast oblast glioblast glioblastoma ganglioblastoma ganglioblastomas

blast oblast glioblast glioblastoma glioblastomas ganglioblastomas

blast oblast glioblast glioblastoma glioblastomata

blast oblast glioblast glioblasts ganglioblasts

blast oblast granuloblast granuloblastic

blast oblast granuloblast granuloblasts

blast oblast haematoblast haematoblastic

blast oblast haematoblast haematoblasts

blast oblast haemoblast haemoblastic

blast oblast haemoblast haemoblastoses

blast oblast haemoblast haemoblastosis

blast oblast haemoblast haemoblasts

blast oblast hematoblast hematoblastic

blast oblast hematoblast hematoblasts

blast oblast hepatoblastoma hepatoblastomas

blast oblast hepatoblasts

blast oblast heteroblastic

blast oblast histoblast histoblastic

blast oblast histoblast histoblasts

blast oblast holoblast holoblastic

blast oblast holoblast holoblasts

blast oblast hyperkeratoblastic

blast oblast hypoblast hypoblastic

blast oblast hypoblast hypoblasts

blast oblast hypokeratoblastic

blast oblast idioblast idioblastic

blast oblast idioblast idioblasts

blast oblast lemmoblast lemmoblastic

blast oblast lemmoblast lemmoblasts

blast oblast leucoblast leucoblastic

blast oblast leucoblast leucoblasts

blast oblast leukoblast leukoblastic

blast oblast leukoblast leukoblasts microleukoblasts

blast oblast leukoblast microleukoblast microleukoblasts

blast oblast lipoblast lipoblasts

blast oblast lymphoblast lymphoblastic

blast oblast lymphoblast lymphoblastoma lymphoblastomas

blast oblast lymphoblast lymphoblastoses

blast oblast lymphoblast lymphoblastosis

blast oblast lymphoblast lymphoblasts

blast oblast medulloblastoma medulloblastomas

blast oblast megakaryoblast megakaryoblastic

blast oblast megakaryoblast megakaryoblasts

blast oblast megaloblast megaloblastic megaloblastically

blast oblast megaloblast megaloblasts

blast oblast melanoblast melanoblastic

blast oblast melanoblast melanoblasts

blast oblast meroblast meroblastic

blast oblast meroblast meroblasts

blast oblast mesoblast coelomesoblast coelomesoblastic

blast oblast mesoblast coelomesoblast coelomesoblasts

blast oblast mesoblast ectomesoblast ectomesoblastic

blast oblast mesoblast ectomesoblast ectomesoblasts

blast oblast mesoblast mesoblastic coelomesoblastic

blast oblast mesoblast mesoblastic ectomesoblastic

blast oblast mesoblast mesoblasts coelomesoblasts

blast oblast mesoblast mesoblasts ectomesoblasts

blast oblast mesokeratoblastic

blast oblast myeloblast micromyeloblast micromyeloblastic

blast oblast myeloblast micromyeloblast micromyeloblasts

blast oblast myeloblast myeloblastic micromyeloblastic

blast oblast myeloblast myeloblasts micromyeloblasts

blast oblast myoblast myoblastic

blast oblast myoblast myoblastoma myoblastomas

blast oblast myoblast myoblasts

blast oblast myxoblast myxoblastic

blast oblast myxoblast myxoblastoma myxoblastomas

blast oblast myxoblast myxoblasts

blast oblast nematoblast nematoblastic

blast oblast nematoblast nematoblasts

blast oblast neoblast neoblastic

blast oblast neoblast neoblasts

blast oblast neoblast pineoblastoma pineoblastomas

blast oblast nephroblastoma nephroblastomas

blast oblast neuroblast neuroblastic

blast oblast neuroblast neuroblastoma neuroblastomas

blast oblast neuroblast neuroblastoma neuroblastomatous

blast oblast neuroblast neuroblasts

blast oblast normoblast normoblastic normoblastically

blast oblast normoblast normoblasts

blast oblast odontoblast odontoblastic

blast oblast odontoblast odontoblasts

blast oblast osteoblast osteoblastic

blast oblast osteoblast osteoblastoma

blast oblast osteoblast osteoblasts

blast oblast planoblast planoblastic

blast oblast planoblast planoblasts

blast oblast poikiloblast poikiloblastic

blast oblast poikiloblast poikiloblasts

blast oblast porphyroblast porphyroblastic

blast oblast porphyroblast porphyroblasts

blast oblast protoblast protoblastic

blast oblast protoblast protoblasts

blast oblast retinoblast retinoblastic

blast oblast retinoblast retinoblastoma retinoblastomas

blast oblast retinoblast retinoblastoma retinoblastomata

blast oblast retinoblast retinoblasts

blast oblast sarcoblast sarcoblastic

blast oblast sarcoblast sarcoblasts

blast oblast scleroblast scleroblastic

blast oblast scleroblast scleroblasts

blast oblast sideroblast sideroblastic

blast oblast sideroblast sideroblasts

blast oblast spermatoblast spermatoblastic

blast oblast spermatoblast spermatoblasts

blast oblast spermoblast spermoblastic

blast oblast spermoblast spermoblasts

blast oblast sphaeroblast sphaeroblastic

blast oblast sphaeroblast sphaeroblasts

blast oblast splanchnoblast splanchnoblasts

blast oblast splenoblast splenoblasts

blast oblast spongioblast spongioblastic

blast oblast spongioblast spongioblastoma spongioblastomas

blast oblast spongioblast spongioblasts

blast oblast sporoblast disporoblast disporoblastic

blast oblast sporoblast disporoblast disporoblasts

blast oblast sporoblast monosporoblast monosporoblastic

blast oblast sporoblast monosporoblast monosporoblasts

blast oblast sporoblast pansporoblast pansporoblasts

blast oblast sporoblast sporoblasts disporoblasts

blast oblast sporoblast sporoblasts monosporoblasts

blast oblast sporoblast sporoblasts pansporoblasts

blast oblast statoblast statoblastic

blast oblast statoblast statoblasts

blast oblast sympathetoblast sympathetoblasts

blast oblast sympathicoblast sympathicoblastic

blast oblast sympathicoblast sympathicoblastoma

blast oblast sympathicoblast sympathicoblasts

blast oblast sympathoblast sympathoblastic

blast oblast sympathoblast sympathoblasts

blast oblast teloblast teloblastic

blast oblast teloblast teloblasts

blast oblast teratoblastoma teratoblastomas

blast oblast trichoblast trichoblastic

blast oblast trichoblast trichoblasts

blast oblast triploblast triploblastic

blast oblast triploblast triploblasts

blast oblast triploblast triploblasty

blast oblast trophoblast cytotrophoblast cytotrophoblastic

blast oblast trophoblast cytotrophoblast cytotrophoblasts

blast oblast trophoblast syncytiotrophoblast syncytiotrophoblastic

blast oblast trophoblast syncytiotrophoblast syncytiotrophoblasts

blast oblast trophoblast syntrophoblast syntrophoblastic

blast oblast trophoblast syntrophoblast syntrophoblasts

blast oblast trophoblast trophoblastic cytotrophoblastic

blast oblast trophoblast trophoblastic syncytiotrophoblastic

blast oblast trophoblast trophoblastic syntrophoblastic

blast oblast trophoblast trophoblasts cytotrophoblasts

blast oblast trophoblast trophoblasts syncytiotrophoblasts

blast oblast trophoblast trophoblasts syntrophoblasts

blast oblast xenoblast xenoblastic

blast oblast xenoblast xenoblasts

blast oblast zooblast zooblasts

blast oblast zygotoblast zygotoblasts

blast parablast parablastic parablastical parablastically

blast parablast parablasts

blast periblast periblastic

blast periblast periblasts

blast plasmablast plasmablastic

blast plasmablast plasmablasts

blast pluriblast pluriblastic

blast pluriblast pluriblasts

blast polyblast polyblastic

blast polyblast polyblasts

blast reblast fireblast fireblasts

blast reblast reblasted

blast reblast reblasting

blast reblast reblasts fireblasts

blast sandblast sandblasted

blast sandblast sandblaster sandblasters

blast sandblast sandblasting sandblastings

blast sandblast sandblasts

blast thelyblast thelyblastic

blast thelyblast thelyblasts

blast thunderblast thunderblasts

blast vinblastine vinblastines

blast windblast windblasts

blepharoplast blepharoplastic

blepharoplast blepharoplasties

blepharoplast blepharoplasts

blepharoplast blepharoplasty

ceroplast ceroplastic ceroplastics

ceroplast ceroplasty

chimeraplast chimeraplasty

chloroplast chloroplastal

chloroplast chloroplastic

chloroplast chloroplastid chloroplastids

chloroplast chloroplasts

chromoplast chromoplastid chromoplastids

chromoplast chromoplasts

clast angioclast angioclastic

clast angioclast angioclasts

clast chondroclast

clast clastic anaclastic anaclastics

clast clastic angioclastic

clast clastic anticlastic

clast clastic cataclastic

clast clastic clastically iconoclastically

clast clastic hyaloclastic hyaloclastics

clast clastic iconoclastic iconoclastical iconoclastically

clast clastic iconoclastic iconoclasticism iconoclasticisms

clast clastic leukocytoclastic

clast clastic lithoclastic

clast clastic nonclastic

clast clastic orthoclastic

clast clastic osteoclastic

clast clastic plagioclastic

clast clastic porphyroclastic

clast clastic pyroclastic pyroclastics

clast clastic siliciclastic siliciclastics

clast cranioclast cranioclasty

clast hyaloclastite hyaloclastites

clast hyaloclastitic

clast iconoclast iconoclastic iconoclastical iconoclastically

clast iconoclast iconoclastic iconoclasticism iconoclasticisms

clast iconoclast iconoclasts

clast leukocytoclast leukocytoclastic

clast leukocytoclast leukocytoclasts

clast lithoclast lithoclastic

clast lithoclast lithoclasts

clast lithoclast lithoclasty

clast odontoclasts

clast osteoclast osteoclastic

clast osteoclast osteoclastoma

clast osteoclast osteoclasts

clast osteoclast osteoclasty

clast porphyroclast porphyroclastic

clast porphyroclast porphyroclasts

clast pyroclast pyroclastic pyroclastics

clast pyroclast pyroclasts

cytoplast cytoplastic

cytoplast cytoplasts

elaioplast elaioplasts

elastase elastases

elastic aeroelastic aeroelasticity

elastic elastically inelastically

elastic elasticated

elastic elasticise elasticised

elastic elasticise elasticiser elasticisers

elastic elasticise elasticises

elastic elasticising

elastic elasticities

elastic elasticity aeroelasticity

elastic elasticity nonelasticity

elastic elasticity photoelasticity

elastic elasticity viscoelasticity

elastic elasticize elasticized nonelasticized

elastic elasticize elasticizer elasticizers

elastic elasticize elasticizes

elastic elasticizing

elastic elasticness

elastic elastics viscoelastics

elastic fibroelastic

elastic inelastic inelastically

elastic nonelastic nonelasticity

elastic nonelastic nonelasticized

elastic photoelastic photoelasticity

elastic thermoelastic

elastic unelastic

elastic viscoelastic viscoelasticity

elastic viscoelastic viscoelastics

elastin elastins


elastomechanical elastomechanically


elastomer elastomere elastomeres

elastomer elastomeric

elastomer elastomers

emplastrum emplastrums


keratoelastoidosis acrokeratoelastoidosis

kinetoplast kinetoplastids

kinetoplast kinetoplasts

lastborn lastborns


lasted ballasted unballasted

lasted blasted backblasted

lasted blasted beadblasted

lasted blasted reblasted

lasted blasted sandblasted

lasted blasted unblasted

lasted outlasted

lasting ballasting unballasting

lasting blasting backblasting

lasting blasting beadblasting

lasting blasting reblasting

lasting blasting sandblasting sandblastings

lasting everlasting everlastingly

lasting everlasting everlastingness

lasting everlasting everlastings

lasting lastingly everlastingly

lasting lastingness everlastingness

lasting longlasting

lasting outlasting



lasts aleuroplasts

lasts amyloplasts

lasts angioclasts

lasts ballasts unballasts

lasts bioplasts

lasts blasts acroblasts

lasts blasts actinoblasts

lasts blasts adamantoblasts

lasts blasts adenoblasts

lasts blasts ameloblasts

lasts blasts angioblasts

lasts blasts antiblasts

lasts blasts apoblasts

lasts blasts arblasts

lasts blasts archiblasts

lasts blasts astroblasts

lasts blasts autoblasts

lasts blasts auxoblasts

lasts blasts backblasts

lasts blasts bacterioblasts

lasts blasts beadblasts

lasts blasts bioblasts

lasts blasts calicoblasts

lasts blasts calyptoblasts

lasts blasts cardioblasts

lasts blasts centroblasts

lasts blasts ceratoblasts

lasts blasts chondroblasts

lasts blasts chromaphiloblasts

lasts blasts chromoblasts

lasts blasts cnidoblasts

lasts blasts coeloblasts

lasts blasts coenoblasts

lasts blasts colloblasts

lasts blasts counterblasts

lasts blasts crystalloblasts

lasts blasts cytoblasts erythrocytoblasts

lasts blasts cytoblasts haemocytoblasts

lasts blasts cytoblasts hematocytoblasts

lasts blasts cytoblasts hemocytoblasts

lasts blasts cytoblasts leucocytoblasts

lasts blasts cytoblasts leukocytoblasts

lasts blasts cytoblasts phaeochromocytoblasts

lasts blasts cytoblasts phagocytoblasts

lasts blasts dentinoblasts

lasts blasts dermoblasts

lasts blasts desmohemoblasts

lasts blasts diploblasts

lasts blasts ectoblasts

lasts blasts elaeoblasts

lasts blasts eleoblasts

lasts blasts embryoblasts

lasts blasts enantioblasts

lasts blasts endoblasts

lasts blasts entoblasts cementoblasts

lasts blasts entosthoblasts

lasts blasts eosinoblasts

lasts blasts epiblasts

lasts blasts erythroblasts

lasts blasts fibroblasts myofibroblasts

lasts blasts gigantoblasts

lasts blasts glioblasts ganglioblasts

lasts blasts granuloblasts

lasts blasts haematoblasts

lasts blasts haemoblasts

lasts blasts hematoblasts

lasts blasts hepatoblasts

lasts blasts histoblasts

lasts blasts holoblasts

lasts blasts hypoblasts

lasts blasts idioblasts

lasts blasts lemmoblasts

lasts blasts leucoblasts

lasts blasts leukoblasts microleukoblasts

lasts blasts lipoblasts

lasts blasts lymphoblasts

lasts blasts megakaryoblasts

lasts blasts megaloblasts

lasts blasts melanoblasts

lasts blasts meroblasts

lasts blasts mesoblasts coelomesoblasts

lasts blasts mesoblasts ectomesoblasts

lasts blasts myeloblasts micromyeloblasts

lasts blasts myoblasts

lasts blasts myxoblasts

lasts blasts nematoblasts

lasts blasts neoblasts

lasts blasts neuroblasts

lasts blasts normoblasts

lasts blasts odontoblasts

lasts blasts osteoblasts

lasts blasts parablasts

lasts blasts periblasts

lasts blasts planoblasts

lasts blasts plasmablasts

lasts blasts pluriblasts

lasts blasts poikiloblasts

lasts blasts polyblasts

lasts blasts porphyroblasts

lasts blasts protoblasts

lasts blasts reblasts fireblasts

lasts blasts retinoblasts

lasts blasts sandblasts

lasts blasts sarcoblasts

lasts blasts scleroblasts

lasts blasts sideroblasts

lasts blasts spermatoblasts

lasts blasts spermoblasts

lasts blasts sphaeroblasts

lasts blasts splanchnoblasts

lasts blasts splenoblasts

lasts blasts spongioblasts

lasts blasts sporoblasts disporoblasts

lasts blasts sporoblasts monosporoblasts

lasts blasts sporoblasts pansporoblasts

lasts blasts statoblasts

lasts blasts sympathetoblasts

lasts blasts sympathicoblasts

lasts blasts sympathoblasts

lasts blasts teloblasts

lasts blasts thelyblasts

lasts blasts thunderblasts

lasts blasts trichoblasts

lasts blasts triploblasts

lasts blasts trophoblasts cytotrophoblasts

lasts blasts trophoblasts syncytiotrophoblasts

lasts blasts trophoblasts syntrophoblasts

lasts blasts windblasts

lasts blasts xenoblasts

lasts blasts zooblasts

lasts blasts zygotoblasts

lasts blepharoplasts

lasts chloroplasts

lasts chromoplasts

lasts cytoplasts

lasts elaioplasts

lasts iconoclasts

lasts kinetoplasts

lasts leucoplasts

lasts leukocytoclasts

lasts leukoplasts

lasts lithoclasts

lasts meloplasts

lasts odontoclasts

lasts ooplasts

lasts osteoclasts

lasts osteoplasts

lasts outlasts

lasts phragmoplasts

lasts porphyroclasts

lasts protoplasts

lasts pyroclasts

lasts rhodoplasts

lasts spermatoplasts

lasts spheroplasts

leucoplast leucoplastid leucoplastids

leucoplast leucoplasts

leukoplast leukoplastid leukoplastids

leukoplast leukoplasts

megaloplastocyte megaloplastocytes

meloplast meloplastic

meloplast meloplasties

meloplast meloplasts

meloplast meloplasty

microplastocyte microplastocytes

microplastometer microplastometers

ooplast ooplasts

ooplast zooplastic

ooplast zooplasties

ooplast zooplasty

osteoplast osteoplastic

osteoplast osteoplasties

osteoplast osteoplasts

osteoplast osteoplasty

outlast outlasted

outlast outlasting

outlast outlasts


phragmoplast phragmoplasts


pilaster pilastered

pilaster pilasters


plaster emplaster emplastered

plaster emplaster emplastering

plaster emplaster emplasters

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plaster replaster replastering

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plaster shinplaster shinplasters

plastic achondroplastic

plastic angioplastic angioplastically

plastic antiplastic

plastic aplastic cataplastic

plastic bioplastic bioplastics

plastic blepharoplastic

plastic bronchoplastic

plastic cacoplastic

plastic canthoplastic

plastic cardioplastic

plastic ceroplastic ceroplastics

plastic chloroplastic

plastic cytoplastic

plastic desmoplastic

plastic dysplastic myelodysplastic

plastic emplastic emplastics

plastic galvanoplastic galvanoplastics

plastic granuloplastic agranuloplastic

plastic hemiarthroplastic

plastic hypoplastic

plastic meloplastic

plastic neoplastic antineoplastic

plastic neoplastic paraneoplastic

plastic nonplastic

plastic oculoplastic oculoplastics

plastic oncoplastic

plastic osteoplastic

plastic plastically angioplastically

plastic plasticine plasticines

plastic plasticisation plasticisations

plastic plasticise plasticised unplasticised

plastic plasticise plasticiser plasticisers superplasticisers

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plastic plasticise plasticises

plastic plasticising

plastic plasticities thermoplasticities

plastic plasticity neuroplasticity

plastic plasticity thermoplasticity

plastic plasticity viscoplasticity

plastic plasticization plasticizations

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plastic plasticky

plastic plasticly

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plastic thromboplastic

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plastic xyloplastic

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plastid amidoplastid

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plastid cyanoplastid cyanoplastids

plastid erythroplastid erythroplastids

plastid leucoplastid leucoplastids

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plastid plastidozoa

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plasties abdominoplasties

plasties acromioplasties

plasties alveoloplasties

plasties angioplasties

plasties arthroplasties hemiarthroplasties

plasties blepharoplasties

plasties bronchoplasties

plasties canthoplasties

plasties cardioplasties

plasties cheiloplasties

plasties clitoroplasties

plasties coloplasties

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plasties labiaplasties

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plasties vaginoplasties

plasties zooplasties

plastochron plastochrone plastochrones

plastochron plastochrons

plastocyanin plastocyanins

plastomere plastomeres

plastoquinone plastoquinones


plastron xiphiplastron xiphiplastrons

plasty abdominoplasty

plasty acromioplasty

plasty alveoloplasty

plasty angioplasty

plasty arterioplasty

plasty arthroplasty hemiarthroplasty

plasty blepharoplasty

plasty bronchoplasty

plasty cacoplasty

plasty canthoplasty

plasty cardioplasty

plasty ceroplasty

plasty cheiloplasty

plasty chimeraplasty

plasty clitoroplasty

plasty coloplasty

plasty cranioplasty

plasty dermatoplasty

plasty enteroplasty

plasty facioplasty

plasty fascioplasty

plasty fimbrioplasty

plasty frenuloplasty

plasty galvanoplasty

plasty gastroplasty

plasty genoplasty

plasty gingivoplasty

plasty hernioplasty

plasty keratoplasty

plasty khyphoplasty

plasty kyphoplasty

plasty labiaplasty

plasty laryngoplasty

plasty mammoplasty

plasty meloplasty

plasty mentoplasty

plasty osteoplasty

plasty otoplasty scrotoplasty

plasty palatoplasty uvulopalatoplasty

plasty perineoplasty

plasty phalloplasty

plasty phleboplasty

plasty punctoplasty

plasty pyeloplasty

plasty rhinoplasty septorhinoplasty

plasty rotationplasty

plasty septoplasty

plasty snoreplasty

plasty somnoplasty

plasty thoracoplasty

plasty thyroplasty

plasty trabeculoplasty

plasty tuboplasty

plasty tympanoplasty

plasty urethroplasty

plasty uvulopalatopharyngoplasty

plasty vaginoplasty

plasty vertebroplasty

plasty zooplasty

protoplast protoplastic

protoplast protoplasts


rhodoplast rhodoplasts

scholastic nonscholastic nonscholastical nonscholastically

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scholastic scholasticism

scholastic scholastics

spermatoplast spermatoplasts

spheroplast spheroplastic

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thromboplastin cothromboplastin

verticillaster verticillasters

wollastonite wollastonites

xiphiplastra xiphiplastral xiphiplastrals