Definition of form

"form" in the noun sense

1. form, word form, signifier, descriptor

the phonological or orthographic sound or appearance of a word that can be used to describe or identify something

"the inflected forms of a word can be represented by a stem and a list of inflections to be attached"

2. kind, sort, form, variety

a category of things distinguished by some common characteristic or quality

"sculpture is a form of art"

"what kinds of desserts are there?"

3. form, shape, pattern

a perceptual structure

"the composition presents problems for students of musical form"

"a visual pattern must include not only objects but the spaces between them"

4. shape, form, configuration, contour, conformation

any spatial attributes (especially as defined by outline

"he could barely make out their shapes"

5. human body, physical body, material body, soma, build, figure, physique, anatomy, shape, bod, chassis, frame, form, flesh

alternative names for the body of a human being

"Leonardo studied the human body"

"he has a strong physique"

"the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak"

6. shape, form

the spatial arrangement of something as distinct from its substance

"geometry is the mathematical science of shape"

7. form, shape, cast

the visual appearance of something or someone

"the delicate cast of his features"

8. form

a printed document with spaces in which to write

"he filled out his tax form"

9. form, variant, strain, var.

biology) a group of organisms within a species that differ in trivial ways from similar groups

"a new strain of microorganisms"

10. form

an arrangement of the elements in a composition or discourse

"the essay was in the form of a dialogue"

"he first sketches the plot in outline form"

11. form

a particular mode in which something is manifested

"his resentment took the form of extreme hostility"

12. phase, form

physical chemistry) a distinct state of matter in a system matter that is identical in chemical composition and physical state and separated from other material by the phase boundary

"the reaction occurs in the liquid phase of the system"

13. class, form, grade, course

a body of students who are taught together

"early morning classes are always sleepy"

14. form

an ability to perform well

"he was at the top of his form"

"the team was off form last night"

15. mannequin, manikin, mannikin, manakin, form

a life-size dummy used to display clothes

16. form

a mold for setting concrete

"they built elaborate forms for pouring the foundation"

"form" in the verb sense

1. form, organize, organise

create (as an entity

"social groups form everywhere"

"They formed a company"

2. form, constitute, make

to compose or represent

"This wall forms the background of the stage setting"

"The branches made a roof"

"This makes a fine introduction"

3. form, take form, take shape, spring

develop into a distinctive entity

"our plans began to take shape"

4. shape, form

give shape or form to

"shape the dough"

"form the young child's character"

5. shape, form, work, mold, mould, forge

make something, usually for a specific function

"She molded the rice balls carefully"

"Form cylinders from the dough"

"shape a figure"

"Work the metal into a sword"

6. imprint, form

establish or impress firmly in the mind

"We imprint our ideas onto our children"

7. form

assume a form or shape

"the water formed little beads"

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Quotations for form

Death in very many a form. [ Virgil ]

Fools form a numerous people. [ Florian ]

Wisdom is infused into every form. [ Emerson ]

To form a brave man, educate boldly. [ Richter ]

Talent is form, genius is substance. [ Gutzkow ]

'Tis not the fairest form that holds
The mildest, purest soul within;
'Tis not the richest plant that holds
The sweetest fragrance in. [ Dawes ]

Every form of human life is romantic. [ T. W. Higginson ]

Biography is the best form of history. [ H. W. Shaw ]

Sweet is the lore which Nature brings;
Our meddling intellect
Misshapes the beauteous form of things:
We murder to dissect. [ Wordsworth ]

Peace is the fairest form of happiness. [ William Ellery Channing ]

Every form as nature made it is correct. [ Propertius ]

Clothes form the intellect of the dandy. [ H. W. Shaw ]

A combination, and a form, indeed
Where every god did seem to set his seal
To give the world assurance of a man. [ William Shakespeare, Hamlet ]

Sorrow's faded form, and solitude behind. [ Gray ]

Sacred religion! Mother of Form and Fear! [ Samuel Daniel ]

Things base and vile, holding no quantity,
Love can transpose to form and dignity. [ William Shakespeare, Midsummer Night's Dream, Act I. Sc.1 ]

Equal nature fashion'd us
All in one mould.
All's but the outward gloss
And politic form that does distinguish us. [ Massinger ]

Hard toil can roughen form and face,
And want can quench the eye's bright grace. [ Sir Walter Scott ]

That, sir, which serves and seeks for gain,
And follows but for form,
Will pack, when it begins to rain,
And leave thee in a storm. [ William Shakespeare ]

A six-foot suckling, mincing in its gait.
Affected, peevish, prim and delicate;
Fearful it seemed, tho' of athletic make,
Lest brutal breezes should so roughly shake
Its tender form, and savage motion spread
O'er its pale cheeks, the horrid manly red. [ Churchill ]

In form so delicate, so soft his skin.
So fair in feature, and so smooth his chin.
Quite to unman him nothing wants but this;
Put him in coats, and he's a very miss. [ Horace ]

Grief fills the room up of my absent child,
Lies in his bed, walks up and down with me;
Puts on his pretty looks, repeats his words,
Remembers me of all his gracious parts,
Stuffs out his vacant garment with his form. [ William Shakespeare ]

Pure logic is a science of form of thinking. [ W. Thomson ]

Faith is love taking the form of aspiration. [ Channing ]

But dreams full oft are found of real events
The form and shadows. [ Joanna Baillie ]

The flush of youth soon passes from the face,
The spells of fancy from the mind depart;
The form may lose its symmetry, its grace.
But time can claim no victory over the heart. [ Mrs. Dinnies ]

The tender flower that lifts its head, elate,
Helpless must fall before the blasts of fate,
Sunk on the earth, defaced its lovely form,
Unless your shelter ward th' impending storm. [ Burns ]

Apothegms form a short cut to much knowledge. [ Thomas Hood ]

A thousand years scarce serve to form a state;
An hour may lay it in the dust. [ Byron ]

Her form was fresher than the morning rose
When the dew wets its leaves; unstained and pure
As is the lily, or the mountain snow. [ Thomson ]

Dead scandals form good subjects for dissection. [ Byron ]

Oh! nature's noblest gift - my grey goosed quill:
Slave of my thoughts, obedient to my will,
Torn from thy parent bird to form a pen,
That mighty instrument of little men! [ Byron ]

We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones. [ President Donald J. Trump, Presidential Inaugeration Speech, Jan 20, 2017 ]

Spring has no blossom fairer than thy form;
Winter no snow-wreath purer than thy mind;
The dew-drop trembling to the morning beam
Is like thy smile, pure, transient, heaven refin'd. [ Mrs. Lydia Jane Pierson ]

For there are deeds
Which have no form, sufferings which have no tongue. [ Shelley ]

Home, in one form or another, is the great object of life. [ J. G. Holland ]

Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom. [ Friedrich Schiller ]

The way in which we form our ideas gives character to our minds. [ Rousseau ]

Even virtue appears more lovely when enshrined in a beautiful form. [ Virgil ]

Enemies carry a report in a quite different form from the original. [ Plautus ]

In common things the law of sacrifice takes the form of positive duty. [ Froude ]

All thinkers have about the same principles, and form but one republic. [ Voltaire ]

O lady, nobility is thine, and thy form is the reflection of thy nature! [ Euripides ]

Real worth requires no interpreter; Its everyday deeds form its blazonry. [ Chamfort ]

No tempting form of error is without some latent charm derived from truth. [ Keith ]

What is justice but another form of the reality we love - a truth acted out? [ Carlyle ]

Genius is nothing more than the effort of the idea to assume a definite form. [ Fichte ]

Beauty depends more on the movement of the face than the form of the features. [ Mrs. Hall ]

In effective womanly beauty form is more than face, and manner more than either. [ Thackeray ]

Actions, looks, words, steps, form the alphabet by which you may spell Character. [ J. C. Lavater ]

Cautious age suspects the flattering form, and only credits what experience tells. [ Johnson ]

An individual man is a fruit which it cost all the foregoing ages to form and ripen. [ Ralph Waldo Emerson ]

The profession of riches without their possession leads to the worst form of poverty. [ Spurgeon ]

The object of art is to crystallize emotion into thought, and then to fix it in form. [ Francois Delsarte ]

Beauty is a hovering, shining, shadowy form, the outline of which no definition holds. [ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ]

There is a time of life beyond which we cannot form a tie worth the name of friendship. [ Burns ]

We are all of us imaginative in some form or other; for images are the brood of desire. [ George Eliot ]

Individuals may form communities, but it is institutions alone that can create a nation. [ Earl of Beaconsfield ]

Then sculpture and her sister arts revived; stones leaped to form, and rocks began to live. [ Pope ]

The vision of the Divine Presence ever takes the form which our circumstances most require. [ Alexander Maclaren ]

Circumstances form the character; but, like petrifying matters, they harden while they form. [ Landor ]

Exquisite beauty resides rather in the female form than face, where it is also more lasting. [ Lamartine ]

There is no point where art so nearly touches nature as when it appears in the form of words. [ J. G. Holland ]

Great endowments often announce themselves in youth in the form of singularity and awkwardness. [ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ]

Pedantry in learning is like hypocrisy in religion - a form of knowledge without the power of it. [ Addison ]

Refined taste forms a good critic; but genius is further necessary to form the poet or the orator. [ Blair ]

If angels ever condescend to walk on this earth of ours, it is when clad in the form of good mothers. [ W. T. Burke ]

Every form of freedom is hurtful, except that which delivers us over to perfect command of ourselves. [ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ]

Restraint of discipline, emulation, examples of virtue and of justice, form the education of the world. [ Burke ]

Our enemies come nearer the truth in the opinions they form of us than we do in our opinion of ourselves. [ La Rochefoucauld ]

There is a remedy in human nature against tyranny, that will keep us safe under every form of government. [ Johnson ]

It is not the defects but the beauties which should form our criterion of judgment in all matters of art. [ Chapin ]

It seems to me as if not only the form, but the soul of man was made to walk erect, and look upon the stars. [ Bulwer-Lytton ]

Man is the metre of all things, the hand is the instrument of instruments, and the mind is the form of forms. [ Aristotle ]

There is no beautifier of complexion or form or behavior like the wish to scatter joy, and not pain, around us. [ Emerson ]

What we like determines what we are and is the sign of what we are; and to teach taste is inevitably to form character. [ Ruskin ]

In the art of design, color is to form what verse is to prose, - a more harmonious and luminous vehicle of the thought. [ Mrs. Jameson ]

O form! how oft dost thou with thy case, thy habit, wrench awe from fools, and tie the wiser souls to thy false seeming! [ William Shakespeare ]

To educate a man is to form an individual who leaves nothing behind him; to educate a woman is to form future generations. [ E. Laboulaye ]

Many have genius, but, wanting art, are forever dumb. The two must go together to form the great poet, painter, or sculptor. [ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ]

O place! O form, how often dost thou with thy case, thy habit, wrench awe from fools, and tie the wiser souls to thy false seeming! [ William Shakespeare ]

A beautiful form is better than a beautiful face; it gives a higher pleasure than statues or pictures; it is the finest of the fine arts. [ Emerson ]

A beautiful form is better than a beautiful face; a beautiful behavior is better than a beautiful form. It is the finest of the fine arts. [ Ralph Waldo Emerson ]

Great souls attract sorrows as mountains do storms. But the thunder-clouds break upon them, and they thus form a shelter for the plains around. [ Jean Paul ]

A single thought is that which it is from other thoughts as a wave of the sea takes its form and shape from the waves which precede and follow it. [ Coleridge ]

In our natural body every part has a necessary sympathy with every other; and all together form, by their harmonious conspiration, a healthy whole. [ Sir W. Hamilton ]

Nothing ought to be more weighed than the nature of books recommended by public authority. So recommended, they soon form the character of the age. [ Burke ]

Generosity, when once set going, knows not how to stop; as the more familiar we are with the lovely form, the more enamored we become of her charms. [ Pliny the Younger ]

Death makes a beautiful appeal to charity. When we look upon the dead form, so composed and still, the kindness and the love that are in us all come forth. [ Chapin ]

Home is the chief school of human virtue. Its responsibilities, joys, sorrows, smiles, tears, hopes, and solicitudes, form the chief interests of human life. [ Channing ]

God's creature is one. He makes man, not men. His true creature is unitary and infinite, revealing himself indeed in every finite form, but compromised by none. [ Henry James ]

The head learns new things, but the heart forevermore practices old experiences. Therefore our life is but a new form of the way men have lived from the beginning. [ Henry Ward Beecher ]

Exaggeration is not only one form of falsehood, it is one of its worst forms: since the swollen and contagious body gains admission by walking in upon healthy legs. [ Berz ]

The history of woman is the history of the worst form of tyranny the world has ever known: the tyranny of the weak over the strong. It is the only tyranny that lasts. [ Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance ]

Literature consists of all the books--and they are not many--where moral truth and human passion are touched with a certain largeness, sanity, and attraction of form. [ John Morley ]

The finer the nature, the more flaws it will show through the clearness of it; and it is a law of this universe that the best things shall be seldomest seen in their best form. [ John Ruskin ]

Sculpture is not the mere cutting of the form of anything in stone; it is the cutting of the effect of it. Very often the true form, in the marble, would not be in the least like itself. [ John Ruskin ]

Poverty breeds wealth; and wealth in its turn breeds poverty. The earth, to form the mould, is taken out of the ditch; and whatever may be the height of the one will be the depth of the other. [ J. C. and A. W. Hare ]

In the library of the world men have hitherto been ranged according to the form, and the binding; the time is coming when they will take rank and order according to their contents and intrinsic merits. [ Chamfort ]

I am persuaded that music is designed to prepare for heaven, to educate for the choral enjoyment of Paradise, to form the mind to virtue and devotion, and to charm away evil and sanctify the heart to God. [ Legh Richmond ]

It is from Cadmus, the inventor of the alphabet, this ingenious art comes to us of painting words, speaking to the eyes, and by the different form of traced figures, giving color and body to the thoughts. [ De Brebeuf ]

She was in the lovely bloom and spring-time of womanhood; at the age when, if ever angels be for God's good purpose enthroned in mortal form, they may be, without impiety, supposed to abide in such as hers. [ Dickens ]

Not only so, but scarcely any attempt is entirely a failure; scarcely any theory, the result of steady thought, is altogether false; no tempting form of error is without some latent charm derived from truth. [ Whewell ]

At present, the novels which we owe to English ladies form no small part of the literary glory of our country. No class of works is more honorably distinguished for fine observation, by grace, by delicate wit, by pure moral feeling. [ Macaulay ]

Beauty is a form of Genius - is higher indeed, than Genius, as it needs no explanation. People say sometimes that Beauty is only superficial, but at least it is not so superficial as thought. It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. [ Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Grey ]

Taste, if it mean anything but a paltry connoisseurship, must mean a general susceptibility to truth and nobleness; a sense to discern and a heart to love and reverence all beauty, order, goodness, wheresoever found and in whatsoever form and accompaniment. [ Carlyle ]

When we live habitually with the wicked, we become necessarily either their victim or their disciple; when we associate, on the contrary, with virtuous men, we form ourselves in imitation of their virtues, or, at least, lose every day something of our faults. [ Agapet ]

Friendship is like a debt of honor; the moment it is talked of it loses its real name, and assumes the more ungrateful form of obligation. From hence we find that those who regularly undertake to cultivate friendship find ingratitude generally repays their endeavors. [ Goldsmith ]

The liberty of a people consists in being governed by laws which they have made themselves, under whatsoever form it may be of government; the liberty of a private man, in being master of his own time and actions, as far as may consist with the laws of God and of his country. [ Cowley ]

Not only the individual experience slowly acquired, but the accumulated experience of the race, organized in language, condensed in instruments and axioms, and in what may be called the inherited intuitions - these form the multiple unity which is expressed in the abstract term experience. [ G. H. Lewes ]

To continue love in marriage is a science. It requires so little to kill those sweet emotions, those precious illusions, which form the charm of life; and it is so difficult to maintain a man at the height on which an exalted passion has placed him, especially when that man is one's husband! [ Mme. Reybaud ]

Every moment instructs, and every object; for wisdom is infused into every form. It has been poured into us as blood; it convulsed us as pain; it slid into us as pleasure; it enveloped us in dull, melancholy days, or in days of cheerful labor; we did not guess its essence until after long time. [ Emerson ]

This is he that kiss'd away his hand in courtesy; This is the ape of form, monsieur the nice. That when he plays at tables, chides the dice in honorable terms; nay, he can sing a mean most meanly; and in ushering, mend him who can; the ladies call him sweet; The stairs, as he treads on them, kiss his feet. [ William Shakespeare ]

Albeit failure in any cause produces a correspondent misery in the soul, yet it is, in a sense, the highway to success, inasmuch as every discovery of what is false leads us to seek earnestly after what is true, and every fresh experience points out some form of error which we shall afterward carefully eschew. [ Keats ]

Wise, cultivated, genial conversation is the best flower of civilisation, and the best result which life has to offer us--a cup for gods, which has no repentance. Conversation is our account of ourselves. All we have, all we can, all we know is brought into play, and as the reproduction, in finer form, of all our havings. [ Ralph Waldo Emerson ]

Thought is the seed of action; but action is as much its second form as thought is its first. It rises in thought, to the end that it may be uttered and acted. The more profound the thought, the more burdensome. Always in proportion to the depth of its sense does it knock importunately at the gates of the soul, to be spoken, to be done. [ Ralph Waldo Emerson ]

Vulgar habit people have nowadays of asking one, after one has given them an idea, whether one is serious or not. Nothing is serious except passion. The intellect is an instrument on which one plays, that is all. The only serious form of intellect is the British intellect. And on the British form of intellect the illiterates play the drum. [ Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance ]

Beauty of form affects the mind, but then it must be understood that it is not the mere shell that we admire; we are attracted by the idea that this shell is only a beautiful case adjusted to the shape and value of a still more beautiful pearl within. The perfection of outward loveliness is the soul shining through its crystalline covering. [ Jane Porter ]

You will get more profit from trying to find where beauty is, than in anxiously inquiring what it is. Once for all, it remains undemonstrable; it appears to us, as in a dream, when we behold the works of the great poets and painters; and in short, of all feeling artists; it is a hovering, shining, shadowy form, the outline of which no definition holds. [ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ]

If you're a Thanksgiving dinner, but you don't like the stuffing or the cranberry sauce or anything else, just pretend like you're eating it, but instead, put it all in your lap and form it into a big mushy ball. Then, later, when you're out back having cigars with the boys, let out a big fake cough and throw the ball to the ground. Then say, Boy, these are good cigars! [ Jack Handey, Deep Thoughts ]

Take the title of nobility which thou hast received by birth, but endeavor to add to it another, that both may form a true nobility. There is between the nobility of thy father and thine own the same difference which exists between the nourishment of the evening and of the morrow. The food of yesterday will not serve three for today, and will not give thee strength for the next. [ Jamakchari ]

It is not so much in buying pictures as in being pictures, that you can encourage a noble school. The best patronage of art is not that which seeks for the pleasures of sentiment in a vague ideality, nor for beauty of form in a marble image, but that which educates your children into living heroes, and binds down the flights and the fondnesses of the heart into practical duty and faithful devotion. [ Ruskin ]

You must study to give colour by apt images, and warmth by natural passion and earnestness. The music of words and the cadence of sentences is a matter which depends on the ear. Above all things monotony in the form of the sentences is to be avoided; variety means wealth and always pleases. Condensation also ought to be particularly studied, and a loose, rambling, ill-compacted form of sentence avoided. [ John Stuart Blackie, The Art Of Authorship, 1891 ]

Good taste is essentially a moral quality. Taste is not only a part and an index of morality — it is the only morality. The first, last, and closest trial question to any living creature is, What do you like? - and the entire object of true education is to make people not merely do right things, but enjoy the right things. What we like determines what we are, and is the sign of what we are; and to teach taste is inevitably to form character. [ Ruskin ]

Irony is an insult conveyed in the form of a compliment placing its victim naked on a bed of briars and bristles, thinly covered with rose-leaves, adorning his brow with a crown of gold, which burns into his brain; teasing, and fretting, and riddling him through and through with incessant discharges of hot shot from a masked battery; laying bare the most sensitive and shrinking nerves of his mind, and then blandly touching them with ice, or smilingly pricking them with needles. [ E. P. Whipple ]

Whatever we may say against such collections which present authors in a disjointed form, they nevertheless bring about many excellent results. We are not always so composed, so full of wisdom, that we are able to take in at once the whole scope of a work according to its merits. Do we not mark in a book passages which seem, to have a direct reference to ourselves? Young people especially, who have failed in acquiring a complete cultivation of the mind, are roused in a praiseworthy way by brilliant quotations." [ Goethe ]

He must have an artist's eye for color and form who can arrange a hundred flowers as tastefully, in any other way, as by strolling through a garden, and picking here one and there one, and adding them to the bouquet in the accidental order in which they chance to come. Thus we see every summer day the fair lady coming in from the breezy side hill with gorgeous colors and most witching effects. If only she could be changed to alabaster, was ever a finer show of flowers in so fine a vase? But instead of allowing the flowers to remain as they were gathered, they are laid upon the table, divided, rearranged on some principle of taste, I know not what, but never again have that charming naturalness and grace which they first had. [ Beecher ]

Poetry is the first and last of all knowledge: it is immortal as the heart of men. If the labors of the men of science should ever create any revolution, direct or indirect, in our condition, and in the impressions which we habitually receive, the poet will then sleep no more than at present; he will be ready to follow the steps of the man of science, not only in those general indirect effects, but he will be at his side, carrying sensation into the midst of the objects of the science itself. The remotest discoveries of the chemist, the botanist, or mineralogist will be as proper objects of the poet's art as any upon which it can be employed, if the time should ever come when these things shall be familiar to us, and the relations under which they are contemplated by the followers of the respective sciences shall be manifestly and palpably material to us as enjoying and suffering beings. If the time should ever come when what is now called science, thus familiarized to men, shall be ready to put on. as it were, a form of flesh and blood, the poet will lend his divine spirit to aid the transfiguration, and will welcome the being thus produced as a dear and genuine inmate of the household of man. [ Wordsworth ]

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conform conformist nonconformist antinonconformist antinonconformists

conform conformist nonconformist nonconformistic antinonconformistic

conform conformist nonconformist nonconformistic nonconformistical nonconformistically

conform conformist nonconformist nonconformists antinonconformists

conform conformist nonconformist nonconformists seminonconformists

conform conformist nonconformist seminonconformist seminonconformists

conform conformist semiconformist semiconformists

conform conformist superconformist superconformists

conform conformist unconformist unconformists

conform conformities disconformities

conform conformities inconformities

conform conformities nonconformities

conform conformities preconformities

conform conformities semiconformities

conform conformities unconformities

conform conformity anticonformity

conform conformity disconformity

conform conformity hyperconformity

conform conformity inconformity

conform conformity nonconformity

conform conformity preconformity

conform conformity semiconformity

conform conformity superconformity

conform conformity unconformity

conform conforms hyperconforms

conform conforms nonconforms

conform conforms reconforms preconforms

conform disconform disconformable

conform disconform disconformably

conform disconform disconformities

conform disconform disconformity

conform hyperconform hyperconformer hyperconformers

conform hyperconform hyperconformist hyperconformists

conform hyperconform hyperconformity

conform hyperconform hyperconforms

conform nonconform nonconformabilities

conform nonconform nonconformability

conform nonconform nonconformable

conform nonconform nonconformably

conform nonconform nonconformal

conform nonconform nonconformance nonconformances

conform nonconform nonconformant

conform nonconform nonconformed

conform nonconform nonconformer nonconformers

conform nonconform nonconforming

conform nonconform nonconformism nonconformisms

conform nonconform nonconformist antinonconformist antinonconformistic

conform nonconform nonconformist antinonconformist antinonconformists

conform nonconform nonconformist nonconformistic antinonconformistic

conform nonconform nonconformist nonconformistic nonconformistical nonconformistically

conform nonconform nonconformist nonconformists antinonconformists

conform nonconform nonconformist nonconformists seminonconformists

conform nonconform nonconformist seminonconformist seminonconformists

conform nonconform nonconformitant nonconformitants

conform nonconform nonconformities

conform nonconform nonconformity

conform nonconform nonconforms

conform reconform preconform preconformed

conform reconform preconform preconforming

conform reconform preconform preconformities

conform reconform preconform preconformity

conform reconform preconform preconforms

conform reconform reconformation reconformations

conform reconform reconformed preconformed

conform reconform reconforming preconforming

conform reconform reconforms preconforms

conform unconform unconformabilities

conform unconform unconformability

conform unconform unconformable unconformableness

conform unconform unconformably

conform unconform unconformed unconformedly

conform unconform unconforming

conform unconform unconformism

conform unconform unconformist unconformists

conform unconform unconformities

conform unconform unconformity

coniform coniforms









crateriform hypocrateriform



cruciform cruciforms





cuneiform cuneiforms





deform deformabilities

deform deformability

deform deformable indeformable

deform deformable nondeformable

deform deformable undeformable

deform deformalisation deformalisations

deform deformalise deformalised

deform deformalise deformalises

deform deformalising

deform deformalization deformalizations

deform deformalize deformalized

deform deformalize deformalizes

deform deformalizing

deform deformation deformational

deform deformation deformations microdeformations

deform deformation deformations nondeformations

deform deformation microdeformation microdeformations

deform deformation nondeformation nondeformations

deform deformative

deform deformed deformedly

deform deformed deformedness

deform deformed microdeformed

deform deformed nondeformed

deform deformed undeformed

deform deformer deformers

deform deforming microdeforming

deform deforming nondeforming

deform deformities nondeformities

deform deformity nondeformity

deform deforms microdeforms

deform indeformably

deform microdeform microdeformation microdeformations

deform microdeform microdeformed

deform microdeform microdeforming

deform microdeform microdeforms





digitiform digitiforms

electroform electroformed

electroform electroforming electroformings

electroform electroforms







filiform filiformed

filiform filiforming

filiform filiforms



formabilities conformabilities nonconformabilities

formabilities conformabilities unconformabilities

formabilities deformabilities

formabilities reformabilities

formabilities transformabilities

formability conformability nonconformability

formability conformability subconformability

formability conformability unconformability

formability deformability

formability performability

formability reformability

formability transformability

formable conformable conformableness inconformableness

formable conformable conformableness unconformableness

formable conformable disconformable

formable conformable inconformable inconformableness

formable conformable nonconformable

formable conformable subconformable

formable conformable superconformable

formable conformable unconformable unconformableness

formable deformable indeformable

formable deformable nondeformable

formable deformable undeformable

formable performable

formable reformable

formable thermoformable

formable transformable untransformable

formably conformably disconformably

formably conformably inconformably

formably conformably nonconformably

formably conformably subconformably

formably conformably unconformably

formably indeformably

formably reformably

formal conformal nonconformal

formal formalazine

formal formaldehyde formaldehydes formaldehydesulphoxylate formaldehydesulphoxylates

formal formaldehyde formaldehydes formaldehydesulphoxylic

formal formaldehyde formaldehydes paraformaldehydes

formal formaldehyde metaformaldehyde

formal formaldehyde paraformaldehyde paraformaldehydes

formal formalest

formal formalin formalins

formal formalisable

formal formalisation deformalisation deformalisations

formal formalisation formalisations deformalisations

formal formalisation formalisations informalisations

formal formalisation formalisations overformalisations

formal formalisation informalisation informalisations

formal formalisation overformalisation overformalisations

formal formalise deformalise deformalised

formal formalise deformalise deformalises

formal formalise formalised deformalised

formal formalise formalised informalised

formal formalise formalised overformalised

formal formalise formaliser formalisers

formal formalise formalises deformalises

formal formalise formalises informalises

formal formalise formalises overformalises

formal formalise informalise informalised

formal formalise informalise informalises

formal formalise overformalise overformalised

formal formalise overformalise overformalises

formal formalising deformalising

formal formalising overformalising

formal formalism formalisms informalisms

formal formalism informalism informalisms

formal formalism nonformalism

formal formalist antiformalist antiformalists

formal formalist formalistic formalistical formalistically nonformalistically

formal formalist formalistic formalistical formalistically unformalistically

formal formalist formalistic nonformalistic nonformalistically

formal formalist formalistic unformalistic unformalistically

formal formalist formalists antiformalists

formal formalist formalists informalists

formal formalist formalists nonformalists

formal formalist informalist informalists

formal formalist nonformalist nonformalistic nonformalistically

formal formalist nonformalist nonformalists

formal formalist unformalist unformalistic unformalistically

formal formalith formaliths

formal formalities informalities

formal formality informality

formal formalizable nonformalizable

formal formalization deformalization deformalizations

formal formalization formalizations deformalizations

formal formalization formalizations informalizations

formal formalization formalizations overformalizations

formal formalization formalizations reformalizations

formal formalization informalization informalizations

formal formalization overformalization overformalizations

formal formalization reformalization reformalizations

formal formalize deformalize deformalized

formal formalize deformalize deformalizes

formal formalize formalized deformalized

formal formalize formalized informalized

formal formalize formalized nonformalized

formal formalize formalized overformalized

formal formalize formalized reformalized

formal formalize formalized unformalized

formal formalize formalizer formalizers reformalizers

formal formalize formalizer reformalizer reformalizers

formal formalize formalizes deformalizes

formal formalize formalizes informalizes

formal formalize formalizes overformalizes

formal formalize formalizes reformalizes

formal formalize formalizes unformalizes

formal formalize informalize informalized

formal formalize informalize informalizes

formal formalize overformalize overformalized

formal formalize overformalize overformalizes

formal formalize reformalize reformalized

formal formalize reformalize reformalizer reformalizers

formal formalize reformalize reformalizes

formal formalize unformalize unformalized

formal formalize unformalize unformalizes

formal formalizing deformalizing

formal formalizing overformalizing

formal formalizing reformalizing

formal formalizing unformalizing

formal formaller

formal formallest

formal formally informally

formal formally nonformally

formal formally unformally

formal formalness informalness

formal formalness nonformalness

formal formalness unformalness

formal formals

formal formalwear

formal informal informalisation informalisations

formal informal informalise informalised

formal informal informalise informalises

formal informal informalism informalisms

formal informal informalist informalists

formal informal informalities

formal informal informality

formal informal informalization informalizations

formal informal informalize informalized

formal informal informalize informalizes

formal informal informally

formal informal informalness

formal informal superinformal

formal nonformal nonformalism

formal nonformal nonformalist nonformalistic nonformalistically

formal nonformal nonformalist nonformalists

formal nonformal nonformalizable

formal nonformal nonformalized

formal nonformal nonformally

formal nonformal nonformalness

formal omniformal

formal semiformal

formal superformal

formal ultraformal

formal unformal unformalist unformalistic unformalistically

formal unformal unformalize unformalized

formal unformal unformalize unformalizes

formal unformal unformalizing

formal unformal unformally

formal unformal unformalness

formamide azoformamide azoformamides

formamide formamides azoformamides

formanilide formanilides thioformanilides

formanilide thioformanilide thioformanilides

format chloroformate

format conformator conformators

format cyanformate cyanformates

format formated reformated

format formating reformating

format formation conformation conformational conformationally

format formation conformation conformations malconformations

format formation conformation conformations reconformations

format formation conformation malconformation malconformations

format formation conformation reconformation reconformations

format formation deformation deformational

format formation deformation deformations microdeformations

format formation deformation deformations nondeformations

format formation deformation microdeformation microdeformations

format formation deformation nondeformation nondeformations

format formation formations conformations malconformations

format formation formations conformations reconformations

format formation formations deformations microdeformations

format formation formations deformations nondeformations

format formation formations informations disinformations

format formation formations informations misinformations

format formation formations informations preinformations

format formation formations malformations

format formation formations misformations

format formation formations reformations counterreformations

format formation formations reformations preformations

format formation formations transformations biotransformations

format formation formations transformations nontransformations

format formation formations transformations retransformations

format formation formations transformations selftransformations

format formation information disinformation disinformations

format formation information informational informationally noninformationally

format formation information informational noninformational noninformationally

format formation information informations disinformations

format formation information informations misinformations

format formation information informations preinformations

format formation information misinformation misinformations

format formation information noninformation noninformational noninformationally

format formation information parainformation

format formation information preinformation preinformations

format formation malformation malformations

format formation misformation misformations

format formation reformation antereformation antereformational

format formation reformation counterreformation counterreformations

format formation reformation preformation preformationary

format formation reformation preformation preformationism preformationisms

format formation reformation preformation preformationist preformationists

format formation reformation preformation preformations

format formation reformation reformational antereformational

format formation reformation reformationary preformationary

format formation reformation reformationist preformationist preformationists

format formation reformation reformationist reformationists preformationists

format formation reformation reformations counterreformations

format formation reformation reformations preformations

format formation transformation biotransformation biotransformations

format formation transformation nontransformation nontransformations

format formation transformation retransformation retransformations

format formation transformation selftransformation selftransformations

format formation transformation transformational transformationalist transformationalists

format formation transformation transformational transformationally

format formation transformation transformationist transformationists

format formation transformation transformations biotransformations

format formation transformation transformations nontransformations

format formation transformation transformations retransformations

format formation transformation transformations selftransformations

format formative afformative afformatives

format formative deformative

format formative informative informatively noninformatively

format formative informative informatively uninformatively

format formative informative informativeness noninformativeness

format formative informative misinformative

format formative informative noninformative noninformatively

format formative informative noninformative noninformativeness

format formative informative uninformative uninformatively

format formative nonformative

format formative performative performatively

format formative performative performatives

format formative reformative preformative

format formative reformative reformatively

format formative reformative reformativeness

format formative transformative selftransformative

format formative transformative untransformative

format formative vasoformative

format formats misformats

format formats reformats preformats

format formatted misformatted

format formatted nonformatted

format formatted reformatted preformatted

format formatted unformatted

format formatter formatters reformatters

format formatter reformatter reformatters

format formatting misformatting

format formatting reformatting preformatting

format informatician informaticians

format informatics bioinformatics

format informatics neuroinformatics

format informatorily

format informatory

format misformat misformation misformations

format misformat misformats

format misformat misformatted

format misformat misformatting

format neuroinformatic neuroinformatics

format orthoformate orthoformates

format performatory

format reformat preformat preformation preformationary

format reformat preformat preformation preformationism preformationisms

format reformat preformat preformation preformationist preformationists

format reformat preformat preformation preformations

format reformat preformat preformative

format reformat preformat preformativity

format reformat preformat preformats

format reformat preformat preformatted

format reformat preformat preformatting

format reformat reformated

format reformat reformating

format reformat reformation antereformation antereformational

format reformat reformation counterreformation counterreformations

format reformat reformation preformation preformationary

format reformat reformation preformation preformationism preformationisms

format reformat reformation preformation preformationist preformationists

format reformat reformation preformation preformations

format reformat reformation reformational antereformational

format reformat reformation reformationary preformationary

format reformat reformation reformationist preformationist preformationists

format reformat reformation reformationist reformationists preformationists

format reformat reformation reformations counterreformations

format reformat reformation reformations preformations

format reformat reformative preformative

format reformat reformative reformatively

format reformat reformative reformativeness

format reformat reformatories

format reformat reformatory

format reformat reformats preformats

format reformat reformatted preformatted

format reformat reformatter reformatters

format reformat reformatting preformatting

formboard formboards

formed chloroformed

formed conformed nonconformed

formed conformed reconformed preconformed

formed conformed unconformed unconformedly

formed deformed deformedly

formed deformed deformedness

formed deformed microdeformed

formed deformed nondeformed

formed deformed undeformed

formed electroformed

formed filiformed

formed hydroformed

formed illformed

formed informed disinformed

formed informed illinformed

formed informed informedly

formed informed misinformed

formed informed overinformed

formed informed reinformed preinformed

formed informed underinformed

formed informed uninformed

formed informed wellinformed

formed malformed nonmalformed

formed misformed

formed performed outperformed

formed performed overperformed

formed performed reperformed

formed performed underperformed

formed performed unperformed

formed platformed

formed reformed antireformed

formed reformed counterreformed

formed reformed preformed

formed reformed unreformed

formed rexformed

formed semiformed

formed slipformed

formed thermoformed

formed transformed biotransformed

formed transformed nontransformed

formed transformed retransformed

formed transformed selftransformed

formed transformed untransformed

formed unformed

formed uniformed ununiformed

formed wellformed

former conformer conformers hyperconformers

former conformer conformers nonconformers

former conformer conformers superconformers

former conformer hyperconformer hyperconformers

former conformer nonconformer nonconformers

former conformer superconformer superconformers

former deformer deformers

former formerly

former formers conformers hyperconformers

former formers conformers nonconformers

former formers conformers superconformers

former formers deformers

former formers hydroformers

former formers informers misinformers

former formers performers nonperformers

former formers performers overperformers

former formers performers underperformers

former formers platformers

former formers reformers antireformers

former formers reformers counterreformers

former formers reformers sporeformers nonsporeformers

former formers reformers structureformers

former formers slipformers

former formers transformers autotransformers

former formers transformers selftransformers

former hydroformer hydroformers

former informer informers misinformers

former informer misinformer misinformers

former performer nonperformer nonperformers

former performer overperformer overperformers

former performer performers nonperformers

former performer performers overperformers

former performer performers underperformers

former performer underperformer underperformers

former platformer platformers

former reformer antireformer antireformers

former reformer counterreformer counterreformers

former reformer reformers antireformers

former reformer reformers counterreformers

former reformer reformers sporeformers nonsporeformers

former reformer reformers structureformers

former reformer sporeformer nonsporeformer nonsporeformers

former reformer sporeformer sporeformers nonsporeformers

former reformer structureformer structureformers

former slipformer slipformers

former transformer autotransformer autotransformers

former transformer selftransformer selftransformers

former transformer transformers autotransformers

former transformer transformers selftransformers

former uniformer

formfeed formfeeds


formic acetylformic

formic azoformic

formic benzoylformic

formic cyanformic



formidable formidableness formidablenesses

formidable unformidable

formidably unformidably

formin claviformin

formin forming acidforming

formin forming chloroforming

formin forming conforming conformingly

formin forming conforming nonconforming

formin forming conforming reconforming preconforming

formin forming conforming unconforming

formin forming deforming microdeforming

formin forming deforming nondeforming

formin forming electroforming electroformings

formin forming filiforming

formin forming habitforming

formin forming hydroforming hydroformings

formin forming informing disinforming

formin forming informing misinforming

formin forming informing overinforming

formin forming informing reinforming preinforming

formin forming informing uninforming

formin forming matforming

formin forming misforming

formin forming performing nonperforming

formin forming performing outperforming

formin forming performing overperforming

formin forming performing reperforming

formin forming performing underperforming

formin forming platforming

formin forming pusforming

formin forming reforming antireforming

formin forming reforming counterreforming

formin forming reforming oreforming sporeforming nonsporeforming

formin forming reforming preforming

formin forming reforming reformings

formin forming rexforming

formin forming selectoforming

formin forming slipforming

formin forming starchforming

formin forming thermoforming

formin forming transforming biotransforming

formin forming transforming nontransforming

formin forming transforming retransforming

formin forming transforming selftransforming

formin forming transforming transformingly

formin forming transforming transformings

formin forming transforming untransforming

formin forming unforming

formin forming uniforming

formin metformin metformins

formin phenformin phenformins

formless formlessly

formless formlessness formlessnesses

formless platformless

formless uniformless

forms bandforms

forms bedforms

forms chloroforms

forms cloudforms

forms coliforms

forms conforms hyperconforms

forms conforms nonconforms

forms conforms reconforms preconforms

forms coniforms

forms cruciforms

forms cuneiforms

forms deforms microdeforms

forms digitiforms

forms electroforms

forms filiforms

forms hydroforms

forms informs chainforms

forms informs disinforms

forms informs misinforms

forms informs overinforms

forms informs reinforms preinforms

forms informs uninforms

forms iodoforms

forms isoforms

forms landforms

forms lifeforms

forms microforms

forms misforms

forms netforms

forms papilliforms

forms paraboliforms

forms performs outperforms

forms performs overperforms

forms performs reperforms

forms performs underperforms

forms platforms

forms reforms antireforms

forms reforms counterreforms

forms reforms preforms

forms slipforms

forms thermoforms

forms transforms biotransforms

forms transforms retransforms

forms transforms selftransforms

forms unforms

forms uniforms

forms waveforms

formula counterformula counterformulas

formula formulable unformulable

formula formulae

formula formulaic formulaical formulaically

formula formulaic nonformulaic

formula formulaize formulaized

formula formulaizing

formula formulamilk

formula formular formularies

formula formular formularisation formularisations

formula formular formularise formularised

formula formular formularise formulariser formularisers

formula formular formularise formularises

formula formular formularising

formula formular formularism formularisms

formula formular formularist formularistic formularistically

formula formular formularist formularists

formula formular formularization formularizations

formula formular formularize formularized

formula formular formularize formularizer formularizers

formula formular formularize formularizes

formula formular formularizing

formula formular formulary nonformulary

formula formulas counterformulas

formula formulas subformulas

formula formulate formulated reformulated preformulated

formula formulate formulated unformulated

formula formulate formulates reformulates preformulates

formula formulate reformulate preformulate preformulated

formula formulate reformulate preformulate preformulates

formula formulate reformulate reformulated preformulated

formula formulate reformulate reformulates preformulates

formula formulating reformulating preformulating

formula formulation formulations nonformulations

formula formulation formulations reformulations preformulations

formula formulation nonformulation nonformulations

formula formulation reformulation preformulation preformulations

formula formulation reformulation reformulations preformulations

formula formulator coformulator coformulators

formula formulator formulators coformulators

formula formulator formulatory

formula subformula subformulas

formula unformulably

formulisation formulisations

formulise formulised

formulise formuliser formulisers

formulise formulises


formulism formulisms

formulist formulistic formulistically

formulist formulists

formulization formulizations

formulize formulized

formulize formulizer formulizers

formulize formulizes


formwork formworks

formylate formylated

formylate formylates


formylation formylations

formylation hydroformylation





fusiform bifusiform

fusiform subfusiform











hydroform hydroformed

hydroform hydroformer hydroformers

hydroform hydroforming hydroformings

hydroform hydroforms

hydroform hydroformylation

inform chainform chainforms

inform disinform disinformation disinformations

inform disinform disinformed

inform disinform disinforming

inform disinform disinforms

inform informal informalisation informalisations

inform informal informalise informalised

inform informal informalise informalises

inform informal informalism informalisms

inform informal informalist informalists

inform informal informalities

inform informal informality

inform informal informalization informalizations

inform informal informalize informalized

inform informal informalize informalizes

inform informal informally

inform informal informalness

inform informal superinformal

inform informant informants misinformants

inform informant misinformant misinformants

inform informatician informaticians

inform informatics bioinformatics

inform informatics neuroinformatics

inform information disinformation disinformations

inform information informational informationally noninformationally

inform information informational noninformational noninformationally

inform information informations disinformations

inform information informations misinformations

inform information informations preinformations

inform information misinformation misinformations

inform information noninformation noninformational noninformationally

inform information parainformation

inform information preinformation preinformations

inform informative informatively noninformatively

inform informative informatively uninformatively

inform informative informativeness noninformativeness

inform informative misinformative

inform informative noninformative noninformatively

inform informative noninformative noninformativeness

inform informative uninformative uninformatively

inform informatorily

inform informatory

inform informed disinformed

inform informed illinformed

inform informed informedly

inform informed misinformed

inform informed overinformed

inform informed reinformed preinformed

inform informed underinformed

inform informed uninformed

inform informed wellinformed

inform informer informers misinformers

inform informer misinformer misinformers

inform informing disinforming

inform informing misinforming

inform informing overinforming

inform informing reinforming preinforming

inform informing uninforming

inform informs chainforms

inform informs disinforms

inform informs misinforms

inform informs overinforms

inform informs reinforms preinforms

inform informs uninforms

inform misinform misinformant misinformants

inform misinform misinformation misinformations

inform misinform misinformative

inform misinform misinformed

inform misinform misinformer misinformers

inform misinform misinforming

inform misinform misinforms

inform neuroinformatic neuroinformatics

inform overinform overinformed

inform overinform overinforming

inform overinform overinforms

inform reinform preinform preinformation preinformations

inform reinform preinform preinformed

inform reinform preinform preinforming

inform reinform preinform preinforms

inform reinform reinformed preinformed

inform reinform reinforming preinforming

inform reinform reinforms preinforms

inform uninform uninformative uninformatively

inform uninform uninformed

inform uninform uninforming

inform uninform uninforms


iodoform iodoforms



landform landforms



lifeform lifeforms


microform microforms

misform misformat misformation misformations

misform misformat misformats

misform misformat misformatted

misform misformat misformatting

misform misformed

misform misforming

misform misforms



netform netforms


papilliform papilliforms

paraboliform paraboliforms

perform outperform outperformed

perform outperform outperforming

perform outperform outperforms

perform overperform overperformance overperformances

perform overperform overperformed

perform overperform overperformer overperformers

perform overperform overperforming

perform overperform overperforms

perform performability

perform performable

perform performance nonperformance

perform performance overperformance overperformances

perform performance performancebased

perform performance performances overperformances

perform performance performances reperformances

perform performance performances underperformances

perform performance reperformance reperformances

perform performance underperformance underperformances

perform performant

perform performative performatively

perform performative performatives

perform performatory

perform performed outperformed

perform performed overperformed

perform performed reperformed

perform performed underperformed

perform performed unperformed

perform performer nonperformer nonperformers

perform performer overperformer overperformers

perform performer performers nonperformers

perform performer performers overperformers

perform performer performers underperformers

perform performer underperformer underperformers

perform performing nonperforming

perform performing outperforming

perform performing overperforming

perform performing reperforming

perform performing underperforming

perform performs outperforms

perform performs overperforms

perform performs reperforms

perform performs underperforms

perform reperform reperformance reperformances

perform reperform reperformed

perform reperform reperforming

perform reperform reperforms

perform superformal

perform underperform underperformance underperformances

perform underperform underperformed

perform underperform underperformer underperformers

perform underperform underperforming

perform underperform underperforms


platform multiplatform

platform platformed

platform platformer platformers

platform platforming

platform platformless

platform platforms








reform antireform antireformed

reform antireform antireformer antireformers

reform antireform antireforming

reform antireform antireformist antireformists

reform antireform antireforms

reform counterreform counterreformation counterreformations

reform counterreform counterreformed

reform counterreform counterreformer counterreformers

reform counterreform counterreforming

reform counterreform counterreforms

reform preform preformat preformation preformationary

reform preform preformat preformation preformationism preformationisms

reform preform preformat preformation preformationist preformationists

reform preform preformat preformation preformations

reform preform preformat preformative

reform preform preformat preformativity

reform preform preformat preformats

reform preform preformat preformatted

reform preform preformat preformatting

reform preform preformed

reform preform preforming

reform preform preformism

reform preform preformist preformistic preformistically

reform preform preformist preformists

reform preform preforms

reform preform preformulate preformulated

reform preform preformulate preformulates

reform preform preformulating

reform preform preformulation preformulations

reform reformabilities

reform reformability

reform reformable

reform reformably

reform reformalization reformalizations

reform reformalize reformalized

reform reformalize reformalizer reformalizers

reform reformalize reformalizes

reform reformalizing

reform reformat preformat preformation preformationary

reform reformat preformat preformation preformationism preformationisms

reform reformat preformat preformation preformationist preformationists

reform reformat preformat preformation preformations

reform reformat preformat preformative

reform reformat preformat preformativity

reform reformat preformat preformats

reform reformat preformat preformatted

reform reformat preformat preformatting

reform reformat reformated

reform reformat reformating

reform reformat reformation antereformation antereformational

reform reformat reformation counterreformation counterreformations

reform reformat reformation preformation preformationary

reform reformat reformation preformation preformationism preformationisms

reform reformat reformation preformation preformationist preformationists

reform reformat reformation preformation preformations

reform reformat reformation reformational antereformational

reform reformat reformation reformationary preformationary

reform reformat reformation reformationist preformationist preformationists

reform reformat reformation reformationist reformationists preformationists

reform reformat reformation reformations counterreformations

reform reformat reformation reformations preformations

reform reformat reformative preformative

reform reformat reformative reformatively

reform reformat reformative reformativeness

reform reformat reformatories

reform reformat reformatory

reform reformat reformats preformats

reform reformat reformatted preformatted

reform reformat reformatter reformatters

reform reformat reformatting preformatting

reform reformed antireformed

reform reformed counterreformed

reform reformed preformed

reform reformed unreformed

reform reformer antireformer antireformers

reform reformer counterreformer counterreformers

reform reformer reformers antireformers

reform reformer reformers counterreformers

reform reformer reformers sporeformers nonsporeformers

reform reformer reformers structureformers

reform reformer sporeformer nonsporeformer nonsporeformers

reform reformer sporeformer sporeformers nonsporeformers

reform reformer structureformer structureformers

reform reforming antireforming

reform reforming counterreforming

reform reforming oreforming sporeforming nonsporeforming

reform reforming preforming

reform reforming reformings

reform reformism preformism

reform reformist antireformist antireformists

reform reformist preformist preformistic preformistically

reform reformist preformist preformists

reform reformist reformists antireformists

reform reformist reformists preformists

reform reforms antireforms

reform reforms counterreforms

reform reforms preforms

reform reformulate preformulate preformulated

reform reformulate preformulate preformulates

reform reformulate reformulated preformulated

reform reformulate reformulates preformulates

reform reformulating preformulating

reform reformulation preformulation preformulations

reform reformulation reformulations preformulations

reniform schizophreniform

reniform subreniform

restiform juxtarestiform




selectoform selectoforming

slipform slipformed

slipform slipformer slipformers

slipform slipforming

slipform slipforms








thermoform thermoformable

thermoform thermoformed

thermoform thermoforming

thermoform thermoforms

transform biotransform biotransformation biotransformations

transform biotransform biotransformed

transform biotransform biotransforming

transform biotransform biotransforms

transform retransform retransformation retransformations

transform retransform retransformed

transform retransform retransforming

transform retransform retransforms

transform selftransform selftransformation selftransformations

transform selftransform selftransformative

transform selftransform selftransformed

transform selftransform selftransformer selftransformers

transform selftransform selftransforming

transform selftransform selftransforms

transform transformabilities

transform transformability

transform transformable untransformable

transform transformance transformances

transform transformant transformants

transform transformation biotransformation biotransformations

transform transformation nontransformation nontransformations

transform transformation retransformation retransformations

transform transformation selftransformation selftransformations

transform transformation transformational transformationalist transformationalists

transform transformation transformational transformationally

transform transformation transformationist transformationists

transform transformation transformations biotransformations

transform transformation transformations nontransformations

transform transformation transformations retransformations

transform transformation transformations selftransformations

transform transformative selftransformative

transform transformative untransformative

transform transformed biotransformed

transform transformed nontransformed

transform transformed retransformed

transform transformed selftransformed

transform transformed untransformed

transform transformer autotransformer autotransformers

transform transformer selftransformer selftransformers

transform transformer transformers autotransformers

transform transformer transformers selftransformers

transform transforming biotransforming

transform transforming nontransforming

transform transforming retransforming

transform transforming selftransforming

transform transforming transformingly

transform transforming transformings

transform transforming untransforming

transform transformism transformisms

transform transformist transformistic transformistically

transform transformist transformists

transform transforms biotransforms

transform transforms retransforms

transform transforms selftransforms





uniform cuniform

uniform nonuniform nonuniformities

uniform nonuniform nonuniformity

uniform uniformed ununiformed

uniform uniformer

uniform uniforming

uniform uniformisable

uniform uniformisation uniformisations

uniform uniformise uniformised

uniform uniformise uniformises

uniform uniformising

uniform uniformist uniformists

uniform uniformitarian uniformitarianism uniformitarianisms

uniform uniformitarian uniformitarianist uniformitarianists

uniform uniformitarian uniformitarians

uniform uniformities nonuniformities

uniform uniformity nonuniformity

uniform uniformizable

uniform uniformization uniformizations

uniform uniformize uniformized

uniform uniformize uniformizes

uniform uniformizing

uniform uniformless

uniform uniformly

uniform uniformness

uniform uniforms




waveform waveforms