Definition of cut

"cut" in the noun sense

1. cut

a share of the profits

"everyone got a cut of the earnings"

2. cut

film) an immediate transition from one shot to the next

"the cut from the accident scene to the hospital seemed too abrupt"

3. cut, gash

a trench resembling a furrow that was made by erosion or excavation

4. cut

a step on some scale

"he is a cut above the rest"

5. cut, gash, slash, slice

a wound made by cutting

"he put a bandage over the cut"

6. cut, cut of meat

a piece of meat that has been cut from an animal carcass

7. stinger, cut

a remark capable of wounding mentally

"the unkindest cut of all"

8. cut, track

a distinct selection of music from a recording or a compact disc

"he played the first cut on the cd"

"the title track of the album"

9. deletion, excision, cut

the omission that is made when an editorial change shortens a written passage

"an editor's deletions frequently upset young authors"

"both parties agreed on the excision of the proposed clause"

10. cut

the style in which a garment is cut

"a dress of traditional cut"

11. cut

a canal made by erosion or excavation

12. snub, cut, cold shoulder

a refusal to recognize someone you know

"the snub was clearly intentional"

13. baseball swing, swing, cut

in baseball a batter's attempt to hit a pitched ball

"he took a vicious cut at the ball"

14. cut, undercut

sports) a stroke that puts reverse spin on the ball

"cuts do not bother a good tennis player"

15. cut, cutting

the division of a deck of cards before dealing

"he insisted that we give him the last cut before every deal"

"the cutting of the cards soon became a ritual"

16. cut, cutting

the act of penetrating or opening open with a sharp edge

"his cut in the lining revealed the hidden jewels"

17. cut, cutting

the act of cutting something into parts

"his cuts were skillful"

"his cutting of the cake made a terrible mess"

18. cut, cutting, cutting off

the act of shortening something by chopping off the ends

"the barber gave him a good cut"

19. cut

the act of reducing the amount or number

"the mayor proposed extensive cuts in the city budget"

20. cut

an unexcused absence from class

"he was punished for taking too many cuts in his math class"

"cut" in the verb sense

1. cut

separate with or as if with an instrument

"Cut the rope"

2. reduce, cut down, cut back, trim, trim down, trim back, cut, bring down

cut down on make a reduction in

"reduce your daily fat intake"

"The employer wants to cut back health benefits"

3. swerve, sheer, curve, trend, veer, slue, slew, cut

turn sharply change direction abruptly

"The car cut to the left at the intersection"

"The motorbike veered to the right"

4. cut

make an incision or separation

"cut along the dotted line"

5. cut

discharge from a group

"The coach cut two players from the team"

6. cut

form by probing, penetrating, or digging

"cut a hole"

"cut trenches"

"The sweat cut little rivulets into her face"

7. cut, tailor

style and tailor in a certain fashion

"cut a dress"

8. cut

hit (a ball) with a spin so that it turns in the opposite direction

"cut a Ping-Pong ball"

9. write out, issue, make out, cut

make out and issue

"write out a check"

"cut a ticket"

"Please make the check out to me"

10. edit, cut, edit out

cut and assemble the components of

"edit film"

"cut recording tape"

11. cut, skip

intentionally fail to attend

"cut class"

12. hack, cut

be able to manage or manage successfully

"I can't hack it anymore"

"she could not cut the long days in the office"

13. cut

give the appearance or impression of

"cut a nice figure"

14. cut

move (one's fist

"his opponent cut upward toward his chin"

15. cut

pass directly and often in haste

"We cut through the neighbor's yard to get home sooner"

16. cut

pass through or across

"The boat cut the water"

17. cut

make an abrupt change of image or sound

"cut from one scene to another"

18. cut

stop filming

"cut a movie scene"

19. cut

make a recording of

"cut the songs"

"She cut all of her major titles again"

20. cut

record a performance on (a medium

"cut a record"

21. cut, burn

create by duplicating data

"cut a disk"

"burn a CD"

22. cut

form or shape by cutting or incising

"cut paper dolls"

23. cut

perform or carry out

"cut a caper"

24. cut

function as a cutting instrument

"This knife cuts well"

25. cut

allow incision or separation

"This bread cuts easily"

26. cut

divide a deck of cards at random into two parts to make selection difficult

"Wayne cut"

"She cut the deck for a long time"

27. switch off, cut, turn off, turn out

cause to stop operating by disengaging a switch

"Turn off the stereo, please"

"cut the engine"

"turn out the lights"

28. cut

reap or harvest

"cut grain"

29. cut

fell by sawing hew

"The Vietnamese cut a lot of timber while they occupied Cambodia"

30. cut

penetrate injuriously

"The glass from the shattered windshield cut into her forehead"

31. ignore, disregard, snub, cut

refuse to acknowledge

"She cut him dead at the meeting"

32. cut

shorten as if by severing the edges or ends of

"cut my hair"

33. cut, prune, rationalize, rationalise

weed out unwanted or unnecessary things

"We had to lose weight, so we cut the sugar from our diet"

34. cut

dissolve by breaking down the fat of

"soap cuts grease"

35. cut

have a reducing effect

"This cuts into my earnings"

36. cut, cut off

cease, stop

"cut the noise"

"We had to cut short the conversation"

37. abridge, foreshorten, abbreviate, shorten, cut, contract, reduce

reduce in scope while retaining essential elements

"The manuscript must be shortened"

38. dilute, thin, thin out, reduce, cut

lessen the strength or flavor of a solution or mixture

"cut bourbon"

39. cut

have grow through the gums

"The baby cut a tooth"

40. cut

grow through the gums

"The new tooth is cutting"

41. geld, cut

cut off the testicles (of male animals such as horses

"the vet gelded the young horse"

"cut" in the adjective sense

1. cut

separated into parts or laid open or penetrated with a sharp edge or instrument

"the cut surface was mottled"

"cut tobacco"

"blood from his cut forehead"

"bandages on her cut wrists"

2. cut

fashioned or shaped by cutting

"a well-cut suit"

"cut diamonds"

"cut velvet"

3. cut, shortened

with parts removed

"the drastically cut film"

4. trimmed, cut

made neat and tidy by trimming

"his neatly trimmed hair"

5. mown, cut

used of grass or vegetation) cut down with a hand implement or machine

"the smell of newly mown hay"

6. cut

of pages of a book) having the folds of the leaves trimmed or slit

"the cut pages of the book"

7. cut, emasculated, gelded

of a male animal) having the testicles removed

"a cut horse"

8. cut, slashed

used of rates or prices) reduced usually sharply

"the slashed prices attracted buyers"

9. cut, thinned, weakened

mixed with water

"sold cut whiskey"

"a cup of thinned soup"

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WordNet®. Princeton University. 2010.

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Quotations for cut

No cut to unkindness. [ Proverb ]

Diamonds cut diamonds. [ Proverb ]

Measure twice, cut once. [ Proverb ]

Cut, or give me the bill. [ Proverb ]

Measure thrice and cut once. [ Proverb ]

You must not cut and deal too. [ Proverb ]

Surgeons cut that they may cure. [ Proverb ]

Cut men's throats with whisperings. [ Ben Jonson ]

Many kiss the hand they wish cut off. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

There are words which cut like steel. [ Balzac ]

Cut your coat according to your cloth. [ Proverb ]

An ass was never cut out for a lap-dog. [ Proverb ]

This was the most unkindest cut of all. [ William Shakespeare ]

Cut off even in the blossoms of my sin. [ William Shakespeare ]

The hungry belly thinks the throat cut. [ Proverb ]

Better cut the shoe than pinch the foot. [ Proverb ]

The first cut, and all the loaf besides. [ Proverb ]

According to her cloth she cut her coat. [ Dryden ]

O, he's a limb, that has but a disease;
Mortal, to cut it off; to cure it, easy. [ William Shakespeare ]

To cut down an oak, and plant a thistle. [ Proverb ]

It is safe taking a slice off a cut loaf. [ Proverb ]

What nature wants, commodious gold bestows;
'Tis thus we cut the bread another sows. [ Pope ]

You cut large thongs out of another's hide. [ Proverb ]

Apothegms form a short cut to much knowledge. [ Thomas Hood ]

You saw out your tree before you cut it down. [ Proverb ]

Long ere you cut down an oak with a penknife. [ Proverb ]

To laugh in one's face, and cut one's throat. [ Proverb ]

Many kiss the hands they wish to see cut off. [ Proverb ]

Unhappy he! who from the first of joys.
Society, cut off, is left alone
Amid this world of death. Day after day.
Sad on the jutting eminence he sits,
And views the main that ever toils below;
Still fondly forming in the farthest verge,
Where the round ether mixes with the wave.
Ships, dim-discovered, dropping from the clouds;
At evening, to the setting sun he turns
A mournful eye, and down his dying heart
Sinks helpless. [ Thomson ]

Would you cut down Falkland wood with a penknife? [ Proverb ]

He hath cut both his legs, and cannot go nor stand. [ Proverb ]

If you cut down the woods, you will catch the wolf. [ Proverb ]

When there is but little bread cut first if you can. [ Proverb ]

There is no short cut of a way without some ill way. [ Proverb ]

Night's swift dragons cut the clouds full fast.
And yonder shines Aurora's harbinger;
At whose approach, ghosts, wandering here and there,
Troop home to churchyards. [ William Shakespeare ]

Money is a sword that can cut even the Gordian knot. [ Proverb ]

A fool's tongue is long enough to cut his own throat. [ Proverb ]

Love your neighbour, but cut not up your hedge for him. [ Proverb ]

A good edge is good for nothing if it has nothing to cut. [ Proverb ]

A whetstone cannot itself cut, but yet it makes tools cut. [ Proverb ]

Use a spare diet; and thus cut off the enemies' provisions. [ Dr. Tronchin ]

He that leaves the highway to cut short, commonly goes about. [ Proverb ]

You may offer a bribe without fear of having your throat cut. [ Proverb ]

Let not another shuffle and cut the cards you are to deal out. [ Proverb ]

Cut the pizza in four pieces. I'm not hungry enough to eat eight. [ Yogi Berra ]

Sharp wits, like sharp knives, do often cut their owner's fingers. [ Arrowsmith ]

Our vices are like our nails: even as we cut them, they grow again. [ T. Bernard ]

I dislike clocks with second-hands; they cut up life into too small pieces. [ Mme. de Sevigne ]

The pure soul shall mount on native wings, . . . and cut a path into the heaven of glory. [ Blake ]

Mishaps are like knives, that either serve us or cut us, as we grasp them by the blade or the handle. [ Lowell ]

Milton was a genius that could cut a colossus from a rock, but could not carve heads upon cherrystones. [ Dr. Johnson ]

The value of statuary is owing to its difficulty. You would not value the finest head cut upon a carrot. [ Dr. Johnson ]

To tell a falsehood is like the cut of a saber; for though the wound may heal, the sear of it will remain. [ Sadi ]

A just cause and a zealous defender make an imperious resolution cut off the tediousness of cautious discussions. [ Sir P. Sidney ]

The woman who does not choose to love should cut the matter short at once, by holding out no hopes to her suitor. [ Marguerite de Valois ]

The cancer of jealousy on the breast can never wholly be cut out, if I am to believe great masters of the healing art. [ Jean Paul ]

It is with wits as with razors, which are never so apt to cut those they are employed upon as when they have lost their edge. [ Swift ]

The circle of life is cut up into segments. All lines are equal if they are drawn from the centre and touch the circumference. [ Edward Bulwer-Lytton ]

The pleasantest angling is to see the fish cut with her golden oars the silver stream, and greedily devour the treacherous bait. [ William Shakespeare ]

They that marry ancient people merely in expectation to bury them, hang themselves in hope that one will come and cut the halter. [ Fuller ]

To have the tongue cut out, and to be seated deaf and dumb in a corner, were preferable to his condition who cannot govern his tongue. [ Sadi ]

They that marry ancient people merely in expectation to bury them, hang themselves in hopes that some one will come and cut the halter. [ Thomas Fuller ]

There grows In my most ill-compos'd affection such A stanchless avarice, that, were I king, I should cut off the nobles for their lands. [ William Shakespeare ]

Oppose kindness to perverseness. The heavy sword will not cut soft silk; by using sweet words and gentleness you may lead an elephant with a hair. [ Saadi ]

The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labor and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away. [ Bible ]

A simple garb is the proper costume of the vulgar; it is cut for them, and exactly suits their measure; but it is an ornament for those who have filled up their lives with great deeds. I liken them to beauty in dishabille, but more bewitching on that account. [ Bruyere ]

From the crown of his head to the sole of his foot he is all mirth; he has twice or thrice cut Cupid's bowstring, and the little hangman dare not shoot at him: he hath a heart as sound as a bell, and his tongue is the clapper; for what his heart thinks his tongue speaks. [ William Shakespeare ]

The gracious and self-sacrificing and womanly women of our revolution wore dresses cut lower than those of their great-granddaughters, as any portrait gallery will show. The dress is indefensible, but let us not be too ready to condemn the wearer for worse sins than thoughtlessness and vanity. [ Mrs. L. G. Calhoun ]

I wouldn't be surprised if someday some fisherman caught a big shark and cut it open, and there inside was a whole person. Then they cut the person open, and in him is a little baby shark. And in the baby shark there isn't a person, because it would be too small. But there's a little doll or something, like a Johnny Combat little toy guy - something like that. [ Jack Handey, Deep Thoughts ]

As long as there are cold and nakedness in the land around you, so long can there be no question at all but that splendor of dress is a crime. In due time, when we have nothing better to set people to work at, it may be right to let them make lace and cut jewels; but as long as there are any who have no blankets for their beds, and no rags for their bodies, so long it is blanketmaking and tailoring we must set people to work at, not lace. [ Ruskin ]

Some authors write nonsense in a clear style, and others sense in an obscure one; some can reason without being able to persuade, others can persuade without being able to reason; some dive so deep that they descend into darkness, and others soar so high that they give us no light; and some, in a vain attempt to be cutting and dry, give us only that which is cut and dried. We should labor, therefore, to treat with ease of things that are difficult; with familiarity, of things that are novel; and with perspicuity, of things that are profound. [ Colton ]

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Words containing the sequence cut

Words with cut in them (259 words)


Word Growth involving cut

Shorter words in cut

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Longer words containing cut


brushcut brushcuts

buzzcut buzzcuts



clearcut clearcuts

clearcut clearcutting

consecutive consecutively nonconsecutively

consecutive consecutiveness

consecutive nonconsecutive nonconsecutively

crewcut crewcuts

crosscut crosscuts

crosscut crosscutted

crosscut crosscutter crosscutters

crosscut crosscutting crosscuttings

cutaneous cholecystocutaneous

cutaneous cutaneously percutaneously

cutaneous cutaneously subcutaneously

cutaneous fasciocutaneous

cutaneous intracutaneous

cutaneous mucocutaneous

cutaneous musculocutaneous

cutaneous neurocutaneous

cutaneous oculocutaneous

cutaneous percutaneous percutaneously

cutaneous periosteocutaneous

cutaneous subcutaneous subcutaneously

cutaneous transcutaneous

cutaway cutaways

cutback cutbacks

cutbank cutbanks

cutdown cutdowns

cute acute acutely subacutely

cute acute acutely superacutely

cute acute acuteness superacuteness

cute acute acuter

cute acute acutes acutest

cute acute subacute subacutely

cute acute superacute superacutely

cute acute superacute superacuteness

cute circumlocute circumlocuted

cute circumlocute circumlocutes

cute cutely acutely subacutely

cute cutely acutely superacutely

cute cuteness acuteness superacuteness

cute cuter acuter

cute cuter executer executers

cute cutesier

cute cutesiest

cute cutesiness

cute cutest acutest

cute cutesy

cute cutey cuteys

cute electrocute electrocuted

cute electrocute electrocutes

cute elocute elocuted

cute elocute elocutes

cute execute executed reexecuted

cute execute executed unexecuted

cute execute executer executers

cute execute executes reexecutes

cute execute reexecute reexecuted

cute execute reexecute reexecutes

cute noncute

cute persecute persecuted overpersecuted

cute persecute persecuted unpersecuted

cute persecute persecutee persecutees

cute persecute persecutes

cute prosecute prosecuted reprosecuted

cute prosecute prosecutes reprosecutes

cute prosecute reprosecute reprosecuted

cute prosecute reprosecute reprosecutes

cute scute scutellarein

cute scute scutes

cuticle cuticles

cutie discutient discutients

cutin circumlocuting

cutin cutinisation cutinisations

cutin cutinise cutinised

cutin cutinise cutinises

cutin cutinising

cutin cutinization cutinizations

cutin cutinize cutinized

cutin cutinize cutinizes

cutin cutinizing

cutin cutins

cutin electrocuting

cutin elocuting

cutin executing reexecuting

cutin persecuting persecutingly

cutin prosecuting reprosecuting

cutis acutish

cutlassfish cutlassfishes



cutlet cutlets

cutline cutlines

cutoff cutoffs

cutout cutouts

cutover cutovers


cutpurse cutpurses


cuts brushcuts

cuts buzzcuts

cuts clearcuts

cuts crewcuts

cuts crosscuts

cuts haircuts

cuts miscuts

cuts offcuts

cuts overcuts

cuts papercuts

cuts recuts precuts

cuts shortcuts

cuts undercuts

cuts uppercuts

cuts woodcuts

cuttable uncuttable

cutter boxcutter boxcutters

cutter cheesecutter cheesecutters

cutter cookiecutter cookiecutters

cutter crosscutter crosscutters

cutter cutters boxcutters

cutter cutters cheesecutters

cutter cutters cookiecutters

cutter cutters crosscutters

cutter cutters daisycutters

cutter cutters glasscutters

cutter cutters haircutters

cutter cutters hedgecutters

cutter cutters keycutters

cutter cutters leafcutters

cutter cutters meatcutters

cutter cutters pastrycutters

cutter cutters sidecutters

cutter cutters stonecutters

cutter cutters undercutters

cutter cutters wirecutters

cutter cutters woodcutters

cutter daisycutter daisycutters

cutter glasscutter glasscutters

cutter haircutter haircutters

cutter hedgecutter hedgecutters

cutter keycutter keycutters

cutter leafcutter leafcutters

cutter meatcutter meatcutters

cutter pastrycutter pastrycutters

cutter stonecutter stonecutters

cutter undercutter undercutters

cutter wirecutter wirecutters

cutter woodcutter woodcutters

cutthroat cutthroats

cutting cheesecutting

cutting clearcutting

cutting costcutting

cutting crosscutting crosscuttings

cutting cuttingly

cutting cuttings crosscuttings

cutting cuttings haircuttings

cutting cuttings woodcuttings

cutting downcutting

cutting glasscutting

cutting haircutting haircuttings

cutting miscutting

cutting overcutting

cutting papercutting

cutting pricecutting

cutting recutting precutting

cutting shortcutting

cutting stonecutting

cutting undercutting

cutting woodcutting woodcuttings

cuttle cuttlebone cuttlebones

cuttle cuttlefish cuttlefishes

cuttle scuttle scuttled unscuttled


cutup cutups

cutworm cutworms


electrocution electrocutional

electrocution electrocutioner electrocutioners

electrocution electrocutions




executable executables

executable nonexecutable

executant executants

execution executioner executioneress executioneresses

execution executioner executioners

execution executionism

execution executionist executionists

execution executions reexecutions

execution reexecution reexecutions

executive executively

executive executiveness

executive executives executiveship executiveships

executor executorial

executor executors executorship executorships

executor executory

executress executresses



executrix executrixes

executrix executrixship executrixships


haircut haircuts

haircut haircutter haircutters

haircut haircutting haircuttings

interlocutive interlocutively

interlocutor interlocutorily

interlocutor interlocutors

interlocutor interlocutory noninterlocutory

interlocutress interlocutresses

interlocutrice interlocutrices


locution circumlocution circumlocutional circumlocutionally

locution circumlocution circumlocutionary

locution circumlocution circumlocutionist circumlocutionists

locution circumlocution circumlocutions

locution elocution elocutionary

locution elocution elocutioner elocutioners

locution elocution elocutionist elocutionists

locution elocution elocutions

locution interlocution interlocutions

miscut miscuts

miscut miscutted

miscut miscutting

noncut noncute

offcut offcuts

overcut overcuts

overcut overcutting

papercut papercuts

papercut papercutting

persecution persecutional persecutionally

persecution persecutions

persecutive persecutiveness

persecutor persecutorial persecutorially

persecutor persecutors

persecutor persecutory

persecutress persecutresses



pricecut pricecutting

prolocutor prolocutors


prosecution prosecutions

prosecution reprosecution


prosecutor prosecutorial

prosecutor prosecutors

prosecutor prosecutory


prosecutrix prosecutrixes

recut precut precuts

recut precut precutting

recut recuts precuts

recut recutting precutting

recut wirecutter wirecutters


shortcut shortcuts

shortcut shortcutting


uncut uncuttable

undercut undercuts

undercut undercutter undercutters

undercut undercutting

uppercut uppercuts

woodcut woodcuts

woodcut woodcutter woodcutters

woodcut woodcutting woodcuttings