Definition of bit

"bit" in the noun sense

1. spot, bit

a small piece or quantity of something

"a spot of tea"

"a bit of paper"

"a bit of lint"

"I gave him a bit of my mind"

2. bit, chip, flake, fleck, scrap

a small fragment of something broken off from the whole

"a bit of rock caught him in the eye"

3. moment, mo, minute, second, bit

an indefinitely short time

"wait just a moment"

"in a mo"

"it only takes a minute"

"in just a bit"

4. piece, bit

an instance of some kind

"it was a nice piece of work"

"he had a bit of good luck"

5. bit

piece of metal held in horse's mouth by reins and used to control the horse while riding

"the horse was not accustomed to a bit"

6. bit

a unit of measurement of information (from binary + digit the amount of information in a system having two equiprobable states

"there are 8 bits in a byte"

7. morsel, bit, bite

a small amount of solid food a mouthful

"all they had left was a bit of bread"

8. snatch, bit

a small fragment

"overheard snatches of their conversation"

9. act, routine, number, turn, bit

a short performance that is part of a longer program

"he did his act three times every evening"

"she had a catchy little routine"

"it was one of the best numbers he ever did"

10. bit

the part of a key that enters a lock and lifts the tumblers

11. bit

the cutting part of a drill usually pointed and threaded and is replaceable in a brace or bitstock or drill press

"he looked around for the right size bit"

"bit" in the verb sense

1. bite, seize with teeth

to grip, cut off, or tear with or as if with the teeth or jaws

"Gunny invariably tried to bite her"

2. bite, sting, burn

cause a sharp or stinging pain or discomfort

"The sun burned his face"

3. bite

penetrate or cut, as with a knife

"The fork bit into the surface"

4. sting, bite, prick

deliver a sting to

"A bee stung my arm yesterday"

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WordNet®. Princeton University. 2010.

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Quotations for bit

A hair of the dog that bit him. [ Proverb ]

'Tis an old maxim in the schools
That flattery's the food of fools;
Yet now and then your men of wit
Will condescend to take a bit. [ Swift ]

It is an old maxim in the schools
That flattery's the food for fools;
Yet now and then your men of wit,
Will condescend to take a bit. [ Swift ]

Take a hair of the dog that bit you. [ Proverb ]

A bit and a knock, as men feed apes. [ Proverb ]

The bit that one eats, no friend makes. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

I pray thee let me and my fellow have
A hair of the dog that bit us last night. [ John Heywood ]

A gilded bit does not make the horse better. [ Proverb ]

You bring a bit of wire and take away a bar. [ Proverb ]

There's many a good bit o' work done with a sad heart. [ George Eliot ]

A simpleton often suggests a significant bit of advice. [ Boileau ]

He's a little fellow, but every bit of that little is bad. [ Proverb ]

Take a hair of the same dog that bit you, and it will heal the wound. [ Proverb ]

Marta likes to talk about sensuality, but I don't think she would know sensuality if it bit her on the ass." [ Jack Handey, Deep Thoughts ]

Not to be provoked is best; but if moved, never correct till the fume is spent; for every stroke our fury strikes is sure to bit ourselves at last. [ William Penn ]

There are many arts among men, the knowledge of which is acquired bit by bit by experience. For it is experience that causes our life to move forward by the skill we acquire, while want of experience subjects us to the effects of chance. [ Plato ]

As a general rule, people who flagrantly pretend to anything are the reverse of that which they pretend to. A man who sets up for a saint is sure to be a sinner; and a man who boasts that he is a sinner is sure to have some feeble, maudlin, snivelling bit of saintship about him which is enough to make him a humbug. [ Edward Bulwer-Lytton ]

There is a hand that has no heart in it, there is a claw or paw, a flipper or fin, a bit of wet cloth to take hold of, a piece of unbaked dough on the cook's trencher, a cold clammy thing we recoil from, or greedy clutch with the heat of sin, which we drop as a burning coal. What a scale from the talon to the horn of plenty, is this human palmleaf! Sometimes it is what a knifeshaped, thin-bladed tool we dare not grasp, or like a poisonous thing we shake off, or unclean member, which, white as it may look, we feel polluted by! [ C. A. Bartol ]

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abiturient abiturients


albitic albitical albitically

albitise albitised

albitise albitises


albitite albitites


albitize albitized

albitize albitizes


ambit ambitendencies

ambit ambitendency

ambit ambition ambitionless

ambit ambition ambitions

ambit ambition overambition

ambit ambitious ambitiously overambitiously

ambit ambitious ambitiously unambitiously

ambit ambitious ambitiousness unambitiousness

ambit ambitious overambitious overambitiously

ambit ambitious unambitious unambitiously

ambit ambitious unambitious unambitiousness

ambit ambitransitive

ambit ambitransitivity

ambit ambits gambits countergambits

ambit gambit countergambit countergambits

ambit gambit gambits countergambits






arbitrary nonarbitrary

arbitrary unarbitrary

arbitration rearbitration rearbitrations

arbitrator arbitrators

backbit backbite backbiter backbiters

backbit backbite backbites

backbit backbiting backbitingly

backbit backbiting backbitings

backbit backbitten

barbituate barbituates

barbiturate barbiturates nonbarbiturates

barbiturate barbiturates thiobarbiturates

barbiturate nonbarbiturate nonbarbiturates

barbiturate thiobarbiturate thiobarbiturates

bitartrate bitartrates

bitboard bitboards

bitcoin bitcoins millibitcoins

bitcoin millibitcoin millibitcoins

bite albite albites

bite ambitendencies

bite ambitendency

bite backbite backbiter backbiters

bite backbite backbites

bite bitegmic

bite biteless

bite bitemark bitemarks

bite biteplate biteplates

bite biter arbiter arbiters

bite biter backbiter backbiters

bite biter biterminal

bite biter biters arbiters

bite biter biters backbiters

bite biter biters cohabiters

bite biter biters exhibiters

bite biter biters nailbiters

bite biter biters orbiters

bite biter biters oxbiters

bite biter biters photoinhibiters

bite biter biters prohibiters

bite biter cohabiter cohabiters

bite biter exhibiter exhibiters

bite biter nailbiter nailbiters

bite biter orbiter orbiters

bite biter oxbiter oxbiters

bite biter photoinhibiter photoinhibiters

bite biter prohibiter prohibiters

bite bites albites

bite bites backbites

bite bites bugbites

bite bites cenobites

bite bites checkbites

bite bites coenobites

bite bites crossbites

bite bites fleabites

bite bites frostbites

bite bites lovebites

bite bites niobites

bite bites overbites

bite bites plumbites magnetoplumbites

bite bites ratbites

bite bites rebites

bite bites snakebites

bite bites sorbites

bite bites soundbites

bite bites stilbites

bite bites tailbites

bite bites trilobites

bite bites underbites

bite bitewing

bite bugbite bugbites

bite cenobite cenobites

bite checkbite checkbites

bite coenobite coenobites

bite cohabited

bite cohabitee cohabitees

bite cohibited

bite crossbite crossbites

bite debited

bite exhibited nonexhibited

bite exhibited reexhibited

bite fleabite fleabites

bite frostbite frostbites

bite inhabited reinhabited

bite inhabited uninhabited

bite inhibited disinhibited

bite inhibited noninhibited

bite inhibited photoinhibited

bite inhibited uninhibited uninhibitedly

bite inhibited uninhibited uninhibitedness

bite jackrabbited

bite lovebite lovebites

bite niobite niobites

bite orbited deorbited

bite overbite overbites

bite plumbite magnetoplumbite magnetoplumbites

bite plumbite plumbites magnetoplumbites

bite prohibited reprohibited

bite prohibited unprohibited

bite ratbite ratbites

bite rebite rebited

bite rebite rebites

bite snakebite snakebites

bite sorbite sorbites

bite soundbite soundbites

bite stilbite stilbites

bite subitem subitems

bite tailbite tailbites

bite trilobite trilobites

bite tungstibite

bite underbite underbites


biting backbiting backbitingly

biting backbiting backbitings

biting bitingly backbitingly

biting bitings backbitings

biting cohabiting

biting cohibiting

biting crossbiting

biting debiting

biting exhibiting nonexhibiting

biting exhibiting reexhibiting

biting frostbiting

biting inhabiting reinhabiting

biting inhibiting disinhibiting

biting inhibiting noninhibiting

biting inhibiting photoinhibiting

biting jackrabbiting

biting nailbiting

biting orbiting deorbiting

biting overbiting

biting prohibiting reprohibiting

biting rebiting

biting tailbiting

biting underbiting

bitmap bitmapped

bitmap bitmapping

bitmap bitmaps

bitmill bitmills

bitpart bitparts

bitplane bitplanes

bitplayer bitplayers

bitrate arbitrate arbitrated rearbitrated

bitrate arbitrate arbitrated unarbitrated

bitrate arbitrate arbitrates rearbitrates

bitrate arbitrate rearbitrate rearbitrated

bitrate arbitrate rearbitrate rearbitrates

bitrate bitrates arbitrates rearbitrates

bits ambits gambits countergambits

bits bitset bitsets

bits bitsier

bits bitsiest

bits bitstock bitstocks

bits bitstream bitstreams

bits bitstring bitstrings

bits bitsy

bits checkbits

bits cohibits

bits cubits

bits cucurbits

bits debits

bits decabits

bits drillbits

bits exabits

bits exbibits

bits exhibits reexhibits

bits gibibits

bits gigabits

bits habits cohabits

bits habits inhabits reinhabits

bits hectobits

bits hobbits

bits inhibits disinhibits

bits inhibits photoinhibits

bits kilobits

bits mebibits

bits megabits

bits millibits

bits orbits deorbits

bits pebibits

bits petabits

bits prohibits reprohibits

bits qubits multiqubits

bits rabbits jackrabbits

bits rarebits

bits snafflebits

bits tebibits

bits terabits

bits tidbits

bits titbits

bits yottabits

bits zettabits

bitt bitted overbitted

bitt bitted underbitted

bitt bitten backbitten

bitt bitten crossbitten

bitt bitten fleabitten

bitt bitten frostbitten

bitt bitten overbitten

bitt bitten rebitten

bitt bitten snakebitten

bitt bitten unbitten

bitt bitten underbitten

bitt bitter bitterbrush bitterbrushes

bitt bitter bittercress bittercresses

bitt bitter bitterer

bitt bitter bitterest

bitt bitter bitterhearted bitterheartedness

bitt bitter bitterly

bitt bitter bitterness

bitt bitter bitters bittersweet bittersweets

bitt bitter bitters embitters

bitt bitter bitterweed bitterweeds

bitt bitter bitterwort bitterworts

bitt bitter embitter embittered

bitt bitter embitter embittering

bitt bitter embitter embitterment embitterments

bitt bitter embitter embitters

bitt bitter unbitter

bitt bitthead bittheads

bitt bittier

bitt bittiest

bitt bittiness

bitt bitting

bitt bitts

bitt bitty

bitumen bitumenoid

bitumen bitumens

bituminate bituminated

bituminate bituminates



bituminisation bituminisations

bituminise bituminised

bituminise bituminises


bituminization bituminizations

bituminize bituminized

bituminize bituminizes



bituminous nonbituminous


cenobitic cenobitical

cenobitic cenobiticism

checkbit checkbite checkbites

checkbit checkbits

coenobitic coenobitical coenobitically

cohibit cohibited

cohibit cohibiting

cohibit cohibition cohibitions

cohibit cohibitive

cohibit cohibits

crossbit crossbite crossbites

crossbit crossbiting

crossbit crossbitten

cubit cubits

cubit mediocubital

cucurbit cucurbits


debit debited

debit debiting

debit debits

decabit decabits

decumbiture decumbitures

drillbit drillbits

dubitate dubitated

dubitate dubitates

dubitating dubitatingly

dubitation addubitation addubitations

dubitation dubitations addubitations

dubitative dubitatively

exabit exabits

exbibit exbibits

exhibit exhibited nonexhibited

exhibit exhibited reexhibited

exhibit exhibiter exhibiters

exhibit exhibiting nonexhibiting

exhibit exhibiting reexhibiting

exhibit exhibition exhibitional

exhibit exhibition exhibitioner exhibitioners

exhibit exhibition exhibitionism

exhibit exhibition exhibitionist exhibitionistic exhibitionistically

exhibit exhibition exhibitionist exhibitionistic nonexhibitionistic

exhibit exhibition exhibitionist exhibitionists nonexhibitionists

exhibit exhibition exhibitionist nonexhibitionist nonexhibitionistic

exhibit exhibition exhibitionist nonexhibitionist nonexhibitionists

exhibit exhibition exhibitions

exhibit exhibition nonexhibition nonexhibitionist nonexhibitionistic

exhibit exhibition nonexhibition nonexhibitionist nonexhibitionists

exhibit exhibitive

exhibit exhibitor exhibitors

exhibit exhibitor exhibitory

exhibit exhibits reexhibits

exhibit nonexhibit nonexhibited

exhibit nonexhibit nonexhibiting

exhibit nonexhibit nonexhibition nonexhibitionist nonexhibitionistic

exhibit nonexhibit nonexhibition nonexhibitionist nonexhibitionists

exhibit reexhibit reexhibited

exhibit reexhibit reexhibiting

exhibit reexhibit reexhibits

frostbit frostbite frostbites

frostbit frostbiting

frostbit frostbitten

gibibit gibibits

gigabit gigabits

habit cohabit cohabitancy

habit cohabit cohabitant cohabitants

habit cohabit cohabitate

habit cohabit cohabitation cohabitational

habit cohabit cohabitation cohabitations

habit cohabit cohabited

habit cohabit cohabitee cohabitees

habit cohabit cohabiter cohabiters

habit cohabit cohabiting

habit cohabit cohabits

habit habitability

habit habitable inhabitable noninhabitable

habit habitable inhabitable uninhabitable

habit habitable nonhabitable

habit habitant cohabitant cohabitants

habit habitant habitants cohabitants

habit habitant habitants inhabitants

habit habitant inhabitant inhabitants

habit habitat cohabitate

habit habitat habitation cohabitation cohabitational

habit habitat habitation cohabitation cohabitations

habit habitat habitation habitations cohabitations

habit habitat habitation habitations reinhabitations

habit habitat habitation reinhabitation reinhabitations

habit habitat habitats microhabitats

habit habitat microhabitat microhabitats

habit habitforming

habit habitmaker habitmakers

habit habits cohabits

habit habits inhabits reinhabits

habit habitual habitually

habit habitual habituals

habit habitual nonhabitual

habit habituate habituated unhabituated

habit habituate habituates

habit habituating

habit habituation

habit inhabit inhabitable noninhabitable

habit inhabit inhabitable uninhabitable

habit inhabit inhabitant inhabitants

habit inhabit inhabited reinhabited

habit inhabit inhabited uninhabited

habit inhabit inhabiting reinhabiting

habit inhabit inhabits reinhabits

habit inhabit reinhabit reinhabitation reinhabitations

habit inhabit reinhabit reinhabited

habit inhabit reinhabit reinhabiting

habit inhabit reinhabit reinhabits

habit inhabit uninhabitably

hectobit hectobits

hexobarbital hexobarbitals

hobbit hobbits




inhibit disinhibit disinhibited

inhibit disinhibit disinhibiting

inhibit disinhibit disinhibition disinhibitions

inhibit disinhibit disinhibitory

inhibit disinhibit disinhibits

inhibit inhibited disinhibited

inhibit inhibited noninhibited

inhibit inhibited photoinhibited

inhibit inhibited uninhibited uninhibitedly

inhibit inhibited uninhibited uninhibitedness

inhibit inhibiting disinhibiting

inhibit inhibiting noninhibiting

inhibit inhibiting photoinhibiting

inhibit inhibition disinhibition disinhibitions

inhibit inhibition inhibitions disinhibitions

inhibit inhibition inhibitions noninhibitions

inhibit inhibition inhibitions photoinhibitions

inhibit inhibition noninhibition noninhibitions

inhibit inhibition photoinhibition photoinhibitions

inhibit inhibitive noninhibitive

inhibit inhibitor cardioinhibitor cardioinhibitors

inhibit inhibitor inhibitors cardioinhibitors

inhibit inhibitor inhibitors vasoinhibitors

inhibit inhibitor inhibitory disinhibitory

inhibit inhibitor inhibitory noninhibitory

inhibit inhibitor inhibitory vasoinhibitory

inhibit inhibitor vasoinhibitor vasoinhibitors

inhibit inhibitor vasoinhibitor vasoinhibitory

inhibit inhibits disinhibits

inhibit inhibits photoinhibits

inhibit photoinhibit photoinhibited

inhibit photoinhibit photoinhibiter photoinhibiters

inhibit photoinhibit photoinhibiting

inhibit photoinhibit photoinhibition photoinhibitions

inhibit photoinhibit photoinhibits

kibbitz kibbitzed

kibbitz kibbitzer kibbitzers

kibbitz kibbitzes

kibbitz kibbitzing

kibitz kibitzed

kibitz kibitzer kibitzers

kibitz kibitzes

kibitz kibitzing

kilobit kilobits

mebibit mebibits

megabit megabits

millibit millibitcoin millibitcoins

millibit millibits



obituarist obituarists


orbit deorbit deorbited

orbit deorbit deorbiting

orbit deorbit deorbits

orbit exorbitance

orbit exorbitancies

orbit exorbitancy

orbit exorbitant exorbitantly

orbit exorbitate exorbitated

orbit exorbitate exorbitates

orbit exorbitating

orbit exorbitation

orbit orbital circumorbital circumorbitally

orbit orbital cranioorbital

orbit orbital exorbital

orbit orbital extraorbital

orbit orbital infraorbital

orbit orbital intraorbital

orbit orbital orbitally circumorbitally

orbit orbital orbitally preorbitally

orbit orbital orbitally suborbitally

orbit orbital orbitally transorbitally

orbit orbital orbitals

orbit orbital postorbital

orbit orbital preorbital preorbitally

orbit orbital suborbital suborbitally

orbit orbital supraorbital

orbit orbital transorbital transorbitally

orbit orbital zygomaticoorbital

orbit orbited deorbited

orbit orbiter orbiters

orbit orbiting deorbiting

orbit orbitosphenoid

orbit orbitostat orbitostats

orbit orbitostyly

orbit orbitozygomatic

orbit orbits deorbits

orbit sorbitan

orbit sorbite sorbites

orbit sorbitic

orbit sorbitisation sorbitisations

orbit sorbitise sorbitised

orbit sorbitise sorbitises

orbit sorbitising

orbit sorbitization sorbitizations

orbit sorbitize sorbitized

orbit sorbitize sorbitizes

orbit sorbitizing

orbit sorbitol sorbitols

outbitch outbitched

outbitch outbitches

outbitch outbitching

overbit overbite overbites

overbit overbiting

overbit overbitted

overbit overbitten

pebibit pebibits

pentobarbital pentobarbitals

pentobarbitone pentobarbitones

petabit petabits

phenobarbital phenobarbitals

phenobarbitone phenobarbitones



phlebitis phlebitises

phlebitis thrombophlebitis


probity improbity

prohibit prohibited reprohibited

prohibit prohibited unprohibited

prohibit prohibiter prohibiters

prohibit prohibiting reprohibiting

prohibit prohibition antiprohibition

prohibit prohibition prohibitionist prohibitionists

prohibit prohibition prohibitions

prohibit prohibitive prohibitively

prohibit prohibitive prohibitiveness

prohibit prohibitor prohibitors

prohibit prohibitor prohibitory

prohibit prohibits reprohibits

prohibit reprohibit reprohibited

prohibit reprohibit reprohibiting

prohibit reprohibit reprohibits

qubit multiqubit multiqubits

qubit qubits multiqubits


rabbit jackrabbit jackrabbited

rabbit jackrabbit jackrabbiting

rabbit jackrabbit jackrabbits

rabbit rabbitfish rabbitfishes

rabbit rabbitlike unrabbitlike

rabbit rabbitproof

rabbit rabbits jackrabbits


rebit rarebit rarebits

rebit rebite rebited

rebit rebite rebites

rebit rebiting

rebit rebitten

secobarbital secobarbitals

snafflebit snafflebits

snakebit snakebite snakebites

snakebit snakebitten

tebibit tebibits

terabit terabits


tidbit tidbits

titbit titbits




underbit underbite underbites

underbit underbiting

underbit underbitted

underbit underbitten


yottabit yottabits

zettabit zettabits