Samuel Taylor Coleridge

1772 - 1834


Ad Vilmum Axiologum

by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

To William Wordsworth

This be the meed, that thy song creates a thousand-fold echo!
Sweet as the warble of the woods, that awakes at the gale of the morning!
List! the Hearts of the Pure, like caves in the ancient mountains
Deep, deep in the Bosom, and from the Bosom resound it,
Each with a different tone, complete or in musical fragments --
All have welcomed thy Voice, and receive and retain and prolong it!
This is the word of the Lord! it is spoken and Beings Eternal
Live and are borne as an Infant, the Eternal begets the Immortal,
Love is the Spirit of Life, and Music the Life of the Spirit!



The Golden Book Of Coleridge
Copyright 1914
London: J.M. Dent & Sons, Ltd.
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