Samuel Taylor Coleridge

1772 - 1834


On A Cataract

by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

From a cavern near the summit of a mountain precipice.
[After Stolberg's Unsterblicher Jüngling]


Unperishing youth!
Thou leapest from forth
The cell of thy hidden nativity;
Never mortal saw
The cradle of the strong one;
Never mortal heard
The gathering of his voices;
The deep-murmur'd charm of the son of the rock,
That is lisp'd evermore at his slumberless fountain.
There's a cloud at the portal, a spray-woven veil
At the shrine of his ceaseless renewing;
It embosoms the roses of dawn,
It entangles the shafts of the noon,
And into the bed of its stillness
The moonshine sinks down as in slumber,
That the son of the rock, that the nursling of heaven
May be born in a holy twilight!



The Golden Book Of Coleridge
Copyright 1914
London: J.M. Dent & Sons, Ltd.
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