Celia Thaxter

Jun 29, 1835 - Aug 25, 1894


A Sunny Nook

by Celia Thaxter


Illustrated by Walter Shirlaw

Amid bayberry, fern, sweet brier,
With many a nodding weed,
And the golden-rod's plume of fire,
I have made a nest indeed!
Against the earth's warm breast,
All fragrant with yielding moss
And spicy twigs, I rest,
While the leaves in the light airs toss,
And I feel a part of the good, glad earth
In her summer mood of joy and mirth.

O who would covet a throne
When a nook could be found like this
Any peasant might call his own,
With its boon of innocent bliss?
With the bird and the bee to share
Such largess of sunshine sweet,
Afar from the loud world's care,
And its turmoil of hurrying feet!
I envy no king in the world, not I,
As here on the earth's warm breast I lie!


Idyls And Pastorals: A Home Gallery Of Poetry And Art
Copyright 1886
D. Lothrop And Company,
Franklin And Hawley Streets,