Words Extracted From The
Mammoth Censored Word List (343,463 Words)

Mammoth Censored Word List (343,463 Words)

11 letter words starting with Cr In The Censored Mammoth Word List

This is a list of all words that start with the letters cr and are 11 letters long contained within the censored mammoth word list.

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284 Words

(0.082687 % of all words in this word list.)

crabbedness crabgrasses crackajacks crackbrains crackerjack crackleware cracovienne cradleboard cradlemaker cradlesongs cradlewalks craftsmanly craftswoman craftswomen craftworker craggedness craigflukes cramboclink crampfishes cranberries cranesbills craniectomy cranioaural cranioclasm cranioclast craniognomy craniograph craniomancy craniometer craniometry craniopagus craniophore cranioscopy craniostats craniotabes craniotomes crankhandle cranknesses crankshafts crapehanger crapshooter crapulences crapulently crapulosity crapulously craquelures crashdiving crashlanded crashproofs crashworthy crassamenta crassitudes crassnesses cratemakers cratemaking crateriform craunchable craunchiest crawdaddies crawfishers crawfishing crawlspaces crayfishing crazinesses creamcheese creammakers creammaking creaseproof creatianism creatinines creationism creationist creatorship creatresses credentials credibility credulities credulously crematorial crematories crematorium cremnophobe cremnophyte crenelating crenelation crenellated crenellates crenulation creophagies creophagism creophagist creophagous crepehanger crepinesses crepitating crepitation crepitative crepuscular crepuscules crescendoed crescendoes crescentade crescenting crescentoid crescograph crestfallen cretinising cretinistic cretinizing crewelworks crewmembers cribrations cribriliths cricketings criminaldom criminalese criminalise criminalism criminalist criminality criminalize criminaloid criminating crimination criminative criminators criminatory criminology criminously crimsonness cringelings crinigerous crinkliness crinoideans crinolettes crippledoms crippleware cripplingly crispations crispatures crispbreads crispnesses crithomancy criticality criticaster criticastry criticisers criticising criticizers criticizing crochetings crocidolite crocodilian crocoisites crookbacked crookedness cropdusters cropdusting croquignole crossandras crossbanded crossbarred crossbearer crossbedded crossbirths crossbiting crossbitten crossbolted crossbowers crossbowman crossbowmen crossbreeds crossbridge crosschecks crossclaims crosscutted crosscutter crossfiring crossfishes crossfurrow crossgrains crosslegged crosslights crosslinked crosslinker crossmember crossnesses crosspieces crosspoints crosspolars crossruffed crossshaped crossstitch crossstrata crosstalked crosstieing crosstracks crossworder crotalarias crotcheteer crotcheters crotchetier crotcheting crouchingly crowbarring crowberries crowdedness crowdsource crowkeepers crownmakers crownmaking crownpieces crowstepped crowstepper crucethouse cruciations cruciferous crucifiable crucificial crucifixion cruciformly cruciverbal crudenesses cruelnesses cruisewears crumbcloths crumbliness crunchiness crurotarsal crustaceans crustaceous crustations cryesthesia cryobiology cryocautery cryoconites cryohydrate cryological cryometries cryophobias cryophobics cryophysics cryoscopies cryosection cryoseismic cryospheres cryospheric cryosurgeon cryosurgery cryotherapy cryptarithm cryptically crypticness cryptobiont cryptococci cryptofauna cryptogamic cryptogenic cryptograms cryptograph cryptologic cryptomancy cryptomeria cryptometer cryptomonad cryptonymic cryptophyte cryptorchid cryptostoma cryptozoite crystalball crystalised crystaliser crystalises crystalitic crystalized crystalizer crystalizes crystalline crystallise crystallite crystallize crystalloid crystalwort