Words Extracted From The
Mammoth Censored Word List (343,463 Words)

Mammoth Censored Word List (343,463 Words)

11 letter words ending with cs in the mammoth censored word list.

This is a list of all words that end with the letters cs and are 11 letters long contained within the censored mammoth word list.

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269 Words

(0.078320 % of all words in this word list.)

acrophobics aeronautics aerophobics aerophysics aerostatics agraphobics agrichemics agrochemics agrypnotics algophobics alphabetics alphamerics alphametics anaclastics anesthetics anhidrotics antibiotics antiemetics antilithics antiseptics antistatics antizootics anxiolytics aphephobics apolaustics apologetics apoplectics aquaerobics aquanautics aquaphobics arithmetics astigmatics astronymics attophysics autochemics autophobics aviophobics barometrics barophobics bimetallics biodynamics biogenetics biokinetics biomimetics bioorganics bioplastics blastodiscs bolometrics bronchitics caoutchoucs catalectics cataleptics cataphonics catatoniacs catechetics cellulosics chocaholics chocoholics choliambics choriambics cibophobics cliometrics congenerics cospecifics cryophobics cryophysics cybernetics cynophobics cytochemics cytostatics diabulimics diacaustics diacoustics diagnostics diagraphics dielectrics diplomatics doromaniacs dysthymiacs eccoprotics ecogenetics ecphractics egocentrics electronics emphractics emphysemics endodontics epigenetics epispastics ergomaniacs ergophobics escharotics eudaemonics eurhythmics fiberoptics fluidistics futuristics galliambics gamomaniacs gamophobics gasometrics genethliacs genophobics geodynamics geoglyphics geographics geopolitics geotechnics gynephobics gynophobics gyroscopics gyrostatics hadephobics haematinics harmolodics helminthics hemiplegics hemophilics hemophobics hemostatics hippiatrics histrionics hodophobics holophonics homophobics humoristics hydroponics hylophobics hyperbolics hypersonics hypodermics informatics infrasonics inquilinics ischuretics isodynamics isoseismics kiloparsecs kinnikinics koniphobics linguistics lipophobics logopaedics loxodromics lygophobics mathematics matronymics megaparsecs megaphonics melomaniacs metachemics metaphysics metempirics meteoritics metronymics microoptics monochroics monomaniacs monophobics monoplegics murophobics musophobics myasthenics nanophysics neomorphics neophiliacs nomophobics nonascetics nonplastics nosophobics numismatics ochophobics oecophobics oenophobics oikophobics oleophobics omniphobics ophthalmics opsomaniacs optophobics orthogenics orthopedics osmophobics paediatrics paedonymics pagophobics panophobics panpsychics pantomimics papaphobics paradisiacs paralympics paraphilics paraplegics pataphysics patronymics pedodontics pedophobics peelgarlics phantastics physiatrics phytogenics plyometrics polyclinics polycyclics polyphobics ponophobics potophobics presbyopics prognostics prosthetics protreptics pupaphobics pyromaniacs pyrometrics pyrophobics robophobics rupophobics rypophobics sacroiliacs schismatics scholastics sciaphobics sciophobics selaphobics semaphobics semitropics shopaholics sinophobics sitomaniacs sitophobics skiametrics slimnastics sonophobics spintronics stereoptics stochastics supersonics supertonics suriphobics syphilitics systematics tabophobics telearchics theomaniacs thermionics tocophobics tokophobics topophobics toxiphobics transgenics trichromics turophobics ultrabasics ultramafics ultrasonics undertunics uricolytics uricotelics urodynamics volumetrics workaholics xenobiotics xenomaniacs xenophobics xerophobics xylophobics zelophobics zootechnics