Words Extracted From The
Mammoth Censored Word List (343,463 Words)

Mammoth Censored Word List (343,463 Words)

10 letter words ending with us in the mammoth censored word list.

This is a list of all words that end with the letters us and are 10 letters long contained within the censored mammoth word list.

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673 Words

(0.195945 % of all words in this word list.)

abdominous abiogenous abstemious acanaceous acarpelous acephalous aceraceous acetarious acinaceous acinarious acrogenous acronymous adactylous adenovirus adephagous adulterous aeruginous agapanthus alacritous albuminous algivorous alliaceous allogamous allomerous allonymous allosaurus amaranthus amatorious amphibious amylaceous anadromous anarthrous anasarcous anatropous ancipitous anilinctus anoestrous anonaceous antilogous antimonous antitragus antitypous antonymous apocarpous aposporous apotropous aquiferous arborvirus arenaceous armigerous artocarpus asphyctous astomatous astragalus auriferous auspicious autoecious autogamous autogenous autologous automatous autonomous autotomous autozygous avaricious avenaceous barratrous barretrous basiferous battailous benedictus bigarreaus bimorphous binominous biophorous bipetalous bismuthous bituminous blisterous blusterous boisterous butcherous byssaceous caconymous cactaceous cacuminous cadaverous calamitous calcareous calcivirus caliginous calumnious cancellous canephorus capricious catarrhous catawampus cauliculus censorious ceriferous ceruminous chalumeaus chivalrous choriambus chunderous chylaceous circuitous cistaceous clamourous clangorous coccineous coetaneous cointreaus colliculus colostrous commodious concinnous coniferous conspectus contagious contiguous continuous coriaceous cornaceous coryphaeus courageous cretaceous cryophorus cupidinous curvaceous curvacious cymiferous cynomolgus cynopodous datastatus decagynous decamerous decandrous decapodous deceptious degenerous deltoideus denticulus despiteous diadromous diaphanous dibrachius didelphous didjeridus didynamous dimorphous dipetalous diphyllous diplodocus diprosopus disastrous discobolus disepalous dispermous dispiteous distichous dithionous dolichurus drivethrus drupaceous ectogenous eczematous edentulous electrobus elegiambus endogamous endogenous ephemerous epicanthus epiphanous equanimous ericaceous erinaceous eucalyptus eumorphous euphonious exceptious exophagous exosporous extraneous facinorous factitious fallacious fasciculus fastidious felicitous fetiparous fibrillous fictitious fimicolous flagitious flatterous flavivirus flavourous florideous flosculous foederatus foliaceous folivorous fonticulus foraminous fortuitous founderous fucivorous fuliginous fulmineous gangrenous gaspereaus gelatinous gemmaceous geophagous geophilous glamourous glanderous glandulous gliomatous glomerulus glumaceous gluttonous goloptious goluptious gonococcus gramineous gratuitous gregarious gumivorous gynandrous halogenous hantavirus harmonious helianthus hellacious hemizygous herbaceous hexagynous hexamerous hirudinous hocuspocus holodiscus homogamous homogenous homogonous homologous homonymous homotonous homozygous homunculus horrendous humicolous hylotomous hyoglossus hyoscyamus hypogaeous hypogenous hypogynous hyponymous iambelegus idolatrous illuminous illustrous immeritous impervious implexuous impostrous impromptus impundulus incautious incestuous indecorous indigenous inducteous infectious inglorious iniquitous innumerous insensuous insomnious interlocus iridaceous isochroous isopachous isopterous isosporous isotropous jaspideous jeopardous juncaceous keratinous kevogyrous kumarahous languorous laniferous lanigerous lanuginous lardaceous lascivious lauraceous leguminous lentivirus libidinous licentious liliaceous limicolous limivorous lipoferous lipogenous lipomatous longaevous loquacious lubricious luciferous lucifugous lugubrious lysigenous malodorous malvaceous marlacious marvellous meliaceous membranous mendacious menstruous meronymous mesohippus mesoporous metacarpus metamerous metatarsus metestrous meticulous metoestrus metonymous miasmatous migrainous miraculous misandrous miscanthus misogynous moliminous mollitious molluscous monandrous monanthous monestrous monocerous monoculous monoecious monogamous monogenous monogynous monomerous mononymous monosemous monotocous monotonous monotypous monoxylous monozygous monsterous monstruous monticulus morbillous mordacious morigerous mosasaurus mucedinous muciferous multivious myophilous myophorous myrtaceous mystagogus mysterious myxococcus myxomatous nanoporous nectareous nidicolous nidifugous nonamorous nonaqueous noncurious nonferrous nonfibrous nongaseous nonigneous nonjealous nonobvious nonodorous nononerous nonserious nonviscous nonzealous nubiferous nubigenous nuciferous nucivorous nutritious obsequious ochraceous octamerous octandrous octogynous octonarius octopodous oedematous oesophagus oleaginous oleiferous oleraceous olivaceous omniferous omnigenous omniparous omnivorous omophagous oncogenous orchideous ossiferous ossivorous ostraceous outdacious outrageous oxyphilous palaverous paleaceous palladious palmaceous paludinous panniculus papaverous paralogous paroecious paronymous parvovirus pediculous pedipalpus pellagrous pemphigous pennaceous penumbrous perfidious perforatus periculous perigynous perjurious pernicious petroleous phosphorus phototonus piliferous plumaceous plunderous poliovirus polyanthus polygamous polygenous polygynous polymerous polypodous polyporous polysemous polytocous pomiferous pompelmous poriferous porogamous porphyrous porraceous portentous posthumous precarious precocious predaceous predacious preludious procacious procoelous prodigious prolixious pronucleus propitious propositus prospectus prosperous proteinous prothallus psellismus puberulous pugnacious pultaceous pupigerous pupiparous pyrogenous pyrophorus qinghaosus quarrelous quotatious rabdovirus rachipagus rampacious rampageous rancourous ranivorous ranunculus rebellious recidivous rendezvous reptilious retrovirus rhinovirus rhoicissus ridiculous robustious roisterous rotiferous roysterous rubiaceous rubiginous rupicolous ruthenious saliferous salubrious sarmentous saxicavous saxicolous scandalous scarabaeus scindapsus scrofulous scrupulous scrutinous scurrilous sebiferous semichorus sequacious serotinous sestertius setiferous setigerous siliculous sinistrous slanderous slumberous solicitous solipedous soniferous spadiceous spinaceous spirituous splendrous spondylous stamineous stemmatous stertorous stomachous strabismus streperous strepitous stridulous stromatous strophulus struthious stupendous subaqueous subbureaus subfibrous subfuscous subnucleus subspinous sulfureous sulfurious sulphurous suspicious suspirious symphilous symphylous synandrous synanthous syncarpous synoecious synonymous synthronus tartareous telegonous tendrilous tenebrious tersanctus testaceous theonomous theonymous thunderous thwarteous tiliaceous tophaceous toponymous tormentous toxiferous traitorous treasonous tremendous triandrous trichinous tricrotous trifarious trioecious tripterous tristylous triticeous trochiscus trolleybus trousseaus tubicolous tuffaceous tumultuous typhaceous typonymous ubiquitous ultravirus ultroneous umbrageous uncautious uncovetous underfocus undesirous ungenerous ungracious unhumorous uniflorous unperilous unpopulous unstudious unvirtuous uproarious uredosorus vaginismus velutinous veneficous ventricous veridicous victorious villainous viniferous violaceous viraginous viticolous vitiferous vituperous viviparous vociferous voluminous voluptuous voraginous xanthopous xenogamous xenogenous xiphopagus xylogenous xylophagus xylotomous zoochorous zoolatrous zoophagous zoophilous zoophobous zoosporous zygocactus zymogenous