Words Extracted From The
Mammoth Censored Word List (343,463 Words)

Mammoth Censored Word List (343,463 Words)

10 letter words ending with ds in the mammoth censored word list.

This is a list of all words that end with the letters ds and are 10 letters long contained within the censored mammoth word list.

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779 Words

(0.226808 % of all words in this word list.)

actinopods adulthoods afterwards afterwords allantoids alloploids allozooids aloeswoods amaryllids aminoacids ampersands amperzands anabantids analysands aneuploids angelhoods antheroids antiworlds apartheids applewoods apprehends aquaboards arachnoids archfiends arcseconds arrowheads arrowweeds arrowwoods arthropods arytenoids asclepiads autoploids autozooids axleguards backboards backfields backswords bacteroids bakeboards ballfields balsawoods bandstands bangboards bargeloads basaltoids baseboards beachheads beasthoods bedspreads beechwoods belemnoids bellybands benchlands benzenoids betrotheds billboards biohazards biohybrids bipyramids birthlands blackbands blackbirds blackheads blacklands blackleads blackwoods blennioids blindfolds blockheads bloodbirds bloodsheds bloodwoods bluebeards bluebloods bluntheads boarhounds bodyboards bodyguards bookboards bookstands bosberaads boschvelds boulevards bountyheds bowerbirds bowermaids boyfriends braindeads brakehands brakeloads brassbands breadheads briarwoods brickyards bridemaids brierwoods broadbands bromeliads brookweeds broomweeds brushlands brushwoods buckboards buckhounds bugleweeds bungaloids buprestids cakebreads cakestands callboards camanachds campodeids canoewoods cantboards cantharids carangoids carcinoids cardboards caskstands catchweeds catchwords caucasoids cedarbirds cedarwoods celluloids cerebroids chaetopods chancroids cheerleads chickweeds childhoods chinguards chipboards chokeholds chokeweeds chowhounds chromatids chrysalids chunkheads cirrhopods clapboards clapbreads clartheads clearweeds clipboards clockhands closeheads cloudlands cloudseeds cloudwards coachloads coachwoods coalfields coastlands coastwards coatstands cocklairds cocuswoods coldbloods colicweeds colombards colubriads comatulids communards coonhounds copsewoods corkboards cornbraids cornbreads cornfields corticoids courtyards crackheads crashlands crateloads crazyweeds cressweeds cretinoids crispheads crossbands crossbreds crossheads crossroads crosswinds crosswords crownlands cycadeoids cyprinoids dachshunds dairymaids dartboards dashboards deathwards decachords decaploids deerhounds demantoids demiworlds deprehends dermestids devilwoods diceboards dickybirds didelphids dirtboards disaccords dishboards disregards doctorands dollybirds downtrends draghounds drawboards dreamlands dreriheads driftwoods drowsiheds duckblinds duckboards dumbfounds duplicands dustclouds eaglewoods earlywoods earthwards echiuroids ellipsoids elliptoids engarlands ephemerids epitoxoids eriophyids estrildids euglenoids eunuchoids euphausids euryapsids eutectoids euthyroids exaseconds exhusbands extrabolds eyegrounds eyeshields fairyhoods fairylands fallboards falsehoods farmsteads faughlands feedboards feverweeds fibrinoids fieldhands fieldwards fireboards firebrands firefloods fireguards flashcards flatbreads flavonoids flaxboards fleshhoods flintheads floorheads flowerbeds flowerbuds footboards footguards forcefeeds foreboards forespends formboards foulbroods freeboards fretboards friarbirds fringepods frontwards fruitwoods fullbloods furfuroids fuseboards fusulinids gameboards gangboards gastropods gavelkinds gawkihoods gazehounds geohazards geometrids gesneriads gianthoods gipsyhoods gnathopods goldenrods goldfields gonozooids gooseherds gorehounds grapeseeds grasslands gravelbeds graveyards graybeards grayhounds greenhands greenheads greensands greenweeds greenwoods grewhounds greybeards greyhounds guidewords gumshields gypsyhoods halfbreeds hallstands hamadryads handstands haphazards hardboards hardbounds hardiheads hardihoods hardstands headboards headguards headstands heapsteads heartlands heartseeds heartwoods heathbirds heathlands hedgefunds helaletids hellhounds hermandads heteropods hexachords hexaploids highboards hoarhounds hodmandods homestands homesteads horehounds hornyheads horseponds horseweeds households houseloads housemaids howlrounds humanhoods humankinds hypoploids ichthyoids integrands interfolds interlards interlends interwinds isoniazids ivorywoods jasperoids jewelweeds jimmyweeds jointweeds jollyheads juiceheads kailyairds karauroids kickboards kickstands kirkyairds kneeboards lampboards lancewoods landboards launchpads leaseholds lemonwoods lifebloods lifeguards lifeworlds lightminds lightwoods linkslands lithistids longboards lorryloads lotuslands lovechilds lowliheads lustiheads lustihoods mappemonds maquisards marchlands marshlands matchwoods mattboards megafarads megazooids mercaptids metalheads metalloids meteoroids microcards microgrids millboards minefields misgrounds misintends misrecords misregards mixoploids moldboards mongoloids monkeypods monkshoods monochords monoploids monorchids moosebirds moosewoods mooseyards moundbirds mousebirds movielands multibands multiheads multiwords mylohyoids nameboards nanoworlds nautiloids negroheads neverminds newsboards newshounds newsstands nightbirds nightwards nondemands nonhybrids nonligands nonliquids northlands northwards nosebleeds noseguards noteboards notochords nursemaids nymphalids oceanwards octachords octaploids octoploids ophiuroids outspreads overbounds overbreeds overbuilds overclouds overcrowds overfloods overgrinds overplaids overspends overstands oxysulfids packboards parascends passepieds patchcords pelecypods pennylands peraeopods pereiopods phalangids phonecards phyllopods picofarads pitchbends planeloads planetoids platinoids playfields plugboards polyploids polyzooids poppyheads poppyseeds prerecords prickwoods printheads proboscids proofreads pseudopods pterygoids pulpboards punchcards puppyhoods purebloods pyralidids quadrupeds queenhoods quicksands quinonoids rackboards radiogolds rainclouds ranchlands rangelands rearguards recommends redescends reprehends reprimands resuspends rheochords rickstands riflebirds rightwards ringstands riverheads riverwards riverweeds rivetheads roadsteads rockhounds rosinweeds roundhands roundwoods runarounds safegaurds safeguards sailboards sainthoods salmonoids sandboards sapanwoods sassywoods satinwoods saturniids sauropsids scaldheads scaphopods scaraboids scareheads schizopods schoolkids sciaenoids scolytoids scombroids scopeloids scorecards scorpioids scrapyards scrubbirds scrublands scumboards seastrands sedgelands seemliheds seemlyheds semifluids seminomads semiovoids semirounds semisolids serranoids sheepfolds sheepheads shewbreads shinguards shipboards shippounds shirtbands shopboards shorebirds shorewards shoreweeds shorthands shortheads showboards showbreads shrublands sicklepods sideboards sightreads signboards signifieds singlebeds sketchpads skimboards skunkbirds skunkweeds slinkweeds slipboards sluggabeds smackheads smartcards smartweeds smokehoods snakebirds snakeheads snakeweeds snakewoods snowboards snowfields softboards softbounds soundcards southlands southwards spacebands spearheads speedreads spellbinds spermatids sphingoids spikenards spoonfeeds springalds squawweeds stackyards stagehands staghounds stairheads starboards statefunds statehoods steelheads steelyards stellerids sternwards stickseeds stickweeds stiltbirds stinkweeds stinkwoods stockyards stokeholds stonehands stopboards stormbirds stowboards streambeds strophoids subinfeuds subperiods sugarbirds superacids superfoods superfunds superloads superminds superroads superstuds supervoids superweeds surfboards swamplands swearwords sweatbands sweetwoods swellheads swineherds swinehoods tabbyhoods tablemaids tackboards tailboards taxistands tayassuids terpenoids textfields thanehoods therapsids theropsids thickheads thinghoods threefolds thresholds thyasirids thylakoids tiltboards torchwoods tortricids touchwoods trackroads tradewinds trailheads trainbands trainloads transcends trapezoids trematoids trenchards tricuspids trihybrids trilliards truckloads trunkloads tubificids tulipwoods turnrounds undecideds undercards underclads underfeeds underfunds undergirds undergrads underhands underleads underloads underlords undermaids underreads underwinds underwoods unicuspids uninsureds unmarrieds unsuspends upperhands varioloids videolands volksraads wagonloads waistbands wakeboards wallboards wardsmaids warmbloods washboards washstands wastelands watchbands watchwords waterbirds waterheads watersheds waterweeds wavefields wheatbirds wheatlands whirlwinds whiteheads whitewoods wholefoods widowbirds widowhoods windspeeds witchhoods witchweeds withstands withywinds wolfhounds womanhoods womankinds womenkinds wonderkids workboards workstands wraprounds wristbands youthheads youthhoods zebrawoods