Rose Terry Cooke




by Rose Terry Cooke

Then the queen looked into his face, and said, 'O beloved, awake!' but Maimouna the fairy immersed him in sleep, and pressed down his head with her wing, so he awoke not. -- Arabian Nights.

Deep in the lily its odor lies,
Hidden in beauty cold as snow;
Only the south wind stoops as it flies,
Stealing sweetness that dreams below.

Deep in the heart of the Arab tale
Sleeps the breath of a truth divine;
Open thy petals, oh lily pale,
Make the splendor and perfume mine.

When the rapture of life shall call,
Low or loud, through my weary dream;
When its lips on my slumber fall,
And its eyes of summer above me gleam, --

Patient angel of strength and power,
Guarding ever my wandering way,
Pour thy sleep on the fateful hour,
Hide mine eyes from the dawning day.

When the thrill of its kisses spread
Life and bliss till the sleep must flee,
Press thy wing on my restless head,
Keep me sleeping and safe for thee!


Copyright 1888
William S. Gottsberger
11 Murray Street
New York