Jean Ingelow



Though All Great Deeds

by Jean Ingelow

Though all great deeds were proved but fables fine,
Though earth's old story could be told anew,
Though the sweet fashions loved of them that sue
Were empty as the ruined Delphian shrine --
Though God did never man, in words benign,
With sense of His great Fatherhood endue,
Though life immortal were a dream untrue,
And He that promised it were not divine --
Though soul, though spirit were not, and all hope
Reaching beyond the bourne, melted away;
Though virtue had no goal and good no scope,
But both were doomed to end with this our clay --
Though all these were not, -- to the ungraced heir
Would this remain, -- to live, as though they were.


The Monitions Of The Unseen, And Poems Of Love And Childhood
Copyright 1871
Roberts Brothers, Boston