Jean Ingelow



A Snow Mountain

by Jean Ingelow

Can I make white enough my thought for thee,
Or wash my words in light? Thou hast no mate
To sit aloft in the silence silently
And twin those matchless heights undesecrate.
Reverend as Lear, when, lorn of shelter, he
Stood, with his old white head, surprised at fate;
Alone as Galileo, when, set free,
Before the stars he mused disconsolate.
Ay, and remote, as the dead lords of song,
Great masters who have made us what we are,
For thou and they have taught us how to long
And feel a sacred want of the fair and far:
Reign, and keep life in this our deep desire --
Our only greatness is that we aspire.


The Monitions Of The Unseen, And Poems Of Love And Childhood
Copyright 1871
Roberts Brothers, Boston