Gerald Massey

May 29, 1828 - Oct 29, 1907


Song (Farewell, Sweet! may you find a nest...)

by Gerald Massey

Farewell, Sweet! may you find a nest
Of home in haven dearer;
And safelier rest upon the breast
Of truer love and nearer!
May favours fall, and blessings flow
For you, and cares come never!
But kiss me, dear, before you go,
And then shake hands for ever.

Her very heart within doth melt,
And gather while she lingers
A weeping warmth, as tho' it felt
A wee Babe's feeling fingers:
The minutes pass, they do not part,
And vain was all endeavour;
A touch had closed them heart to heart,
And hands WERE claspt for ever.


Copyright 1866
Boston: Ticknor And Fields