Gerald Massey

May 29, 1828 - Oct 29, 1907


Bridal Song

by Gerald Massey

Gaily the Sun woos the Spring for his Bride,
With kisses all warm and golden;
Till the life at her heart she no longer may hide,
And the wealth of her love is unfolden.

The wrinkled old Sea sidles up the sands,
And lavishes kisses in showers
On the Earth, till the Gray-beard's young darling stands
All dress'd in her bridal flowers!

With kisses, sweet kisses, the mellow Rains start
The virgin flowers a-blossom,
And ripen their beauty till fragrant lips part,
And Love's jewel gleams rich in their bosom.

Faint with love wingeth the wantoning Wind,
And yearns as its heart were a-breaking,
And kisses sweet kisses, till buds be untwined,
And the young leaves all are awaking.

And there's nothing so dainty-sweet in life
As to kiss the Maid glowing and tender,
Till the heart of the Wife giveth up in the strife,
Full-flowering in Love's splendour.


Copyright 1866
Boston: Ticknor And Fields