Percy Bysshe Shelley

Aug. 4, 1792 - July 8, 1822


Titles of Percy Bysshe Shelley

A gentle story of two lovers young...A Lament (O world! O life! O time!)A Lament (Swifter far than summer's flight)A Tale UntoldAn AllegoryAn ExhortationAt Bracknell (I.)At Bracknell (II.)Autumn: A DirgeDeathDespair
V. Despair
Dirge For The YearEpitaphEveningEvening: Ponte Al Mare, PisaFeelings Of A Republican On The Fall Of BonaparteFollow to the deep wood's weeds,...Fragment, or The Triumph Of Conscience
XVII. The Triumph of Conscience
Fragment. (I would not be a king ...)Fragment. (When soft winds and sunny skies ...)Fragment: To The MoonFragments (To thirst and find no fill...)Fragments To MusicFrom The Arabic: An ImitationGood-NightHope.
VII. Hope
Is it that in some brighter sphere...LibertyLines. (Far, far away, O ye...)Lines: We Meet Not As We PartedLoveLove The Universe To-dayLove's PhilosophyLove's RoseLove's Tender AtmosphereMusic And Sweet PoetryMutability (The flower that smiles to-day...)Mutability. (We are as clouds that veil the midnight moon...)November 1815On DeathOzymandiasPassage Of The Apennines.RainRevenge
XV. Revenge
Song. (Ah! sweet is the moonbeam...)
XII. Sweet is the moonbeam...
Song. (Come [Harriet]! sweet is the hour...)
IV. Come [Harriet]!...
Song. (Fierce roars the midnight storm...)
XI. Fierce roars the midnight storm...
Song. (Grasp the dire dagger...)
IX. Grasp the dire dagger...
Song. (Rarely, rarely, comest thou...)Song. (Stern, stern is the voice of fate's fearful command...)
XIII. Stern is the voice of fate's fearful command
Song. (What is the gain of restless care ...)
VIII. What is the gain of restless care ...
Sonnet - Ye hasten to the dead!...Sorrow
VI. Sorrow
Sufficient Unto The DaySummer And WinterThe AziolaThe Birth Of PleasureThe Death Knell Is Ringing...The FugitivesThe Indian SerenadeThe Irishman's Song
X. The Irishman's Song
The IsleThe Ode To Heaven
Ode To Heaven
The Ode To Heaven: Cancelled Fragments.
Ode To Heaven: Cancelled Fragments
The Sepulchre Of MemoryThe Tower Of FamineThe Waning MoonThe World's WanderersTimeTo [Harriet]. (Yet look on me...)To A StarTo ConstantiaTo Emilia VivianiTo Harriet (Thy look of love ...)To IantheTo ItalyTo Jane: The Keen Stars Were TwinklingTo Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin.To NightTo One Singing (A Fragment)To The Queen Of My HeartTo WordsworthTo___ . (One word is too often profaned...)To___ . (When passion's trance is overpast...)To___. (I fear thy kisses, gentle maiden,...)To____. (Music, when soft voices die...)Unrisen splendour of the brightest sun...Verses On A CatWake The Serpent NotWedded SoulsWhen a lover clasps his fairest...Wine Of The FairiesYe gentle visitations of calm thought...