Frank Dempster Sherman


Last Lines of Frank Dempster Sherman

A thought of the snake made the rose blanch white!And dwelleth now, that maiden's soul.And her smile is upon the world!And now Eternity has started!And slept in a poet's tomb!And sound of dancing on the floor.And the valley is hushed with wonder!And valentine!Another's taste may satisfy.As in olden days he did!Beside her face, -- drowned in the morning's light.Breathing the sweet breath of song.By the poet, Time!Dreams of his face.Echoes the gladness in his heart.Endure a second death!For love and you long after they are mute!Full with love to gladden him.Heard, and hurried twice as fast.Her answer and her love!Her lips touch mine!Her who sang it to my youth!Here is the harbor of dreams.Hic habitat Felicitas!I care not what the world may do!I take no heed of Time!In death!In melody be vouchsafed thus!Into a world of strife.Leave but this glass of memory!Love is dead!Love, only Love!Lyrics for me!May not let you slip me by!Moving along the shadowed shore of sleep.Of memory.One constant reader in his wife.Or Nature know a breath or sound.Pepita!Sealed by her kiss.Shall place your body in the tomb!She pledged this loving cup with Pan!'T is earth, -- and yonder soars a thrush!'T was Omar in the Occident!That hangs between the darkness and the light.That the sculptured verse shall live!The face of one whom he saw dead.The flight of some enamored bird!The Sun still leads them by a day.The twilight's fragrant dew!The yellow bees of sunlight dart.To catch the silver of the snow.To gladden and grow better.To make complete their melody of love!Twelve petals are wafted down.Unto the harbor of the Dawn!Up in this heart of mine.Which makes my wish worth while!With birds and blooms and May.