Emily Dickinson

Dec. 10, 1830 - May 15, 1886


Last Lines of Emily Dickinson

A loosened spirit brings!A too presumptuous psalm.After playing Crown!Afterwards -- day!Almost a loneliness.An overcoat of clay.And blotted out the mills!And claim the rank to die!And covered up our names.And Dnieper wrestlers run.And handled with a chain.And hands beseeching thrown.And I choose -- just a throne.And is lost in balms!And leave the soul alone.And led the flock away.And might o'erwhelm me so!And only the waves reply.And signed the fête away.And still the punctual snow!And tantalize, just so.And uniforms of snow.And You're hurt exclaim!Antiquity.As ever in the sky.As if the chart were given.As soon impeach my crown!Bears me along that way.Between our feet and day!Break, agonized and clear.But Calvary.But I shall never tell!But not an hour more!But turning back 't was slow.But what of that?By homely anguish strung.Despair!Dip, and vanish with fairy sails.Doubtful if it be crowned!Dwell timidly with thee!Fancy the sunrise left the door ajar!For an approving God.Had he the power to spurn!Himself could have the skies.How still the riddle lies!I am poor once more!I shall not live in vain.I take the clew divine.I will of you!I wish I were the hay!I'll put a trinket on.I'm going all along!I'm not afraid to know.I'm wife! stop there!In a New England town!In human nature's west!In seamless company.Indolent housewife, in daisies lain!Into renown!Is aristocracy.It's sorer to believe!Judge tenderly of me!Keeps esoteric time.Leaning against the sun!Like stone.Meet -- and the junction be Eternity?Mine, while the ages steal!Must awaken her.Must tell!My little craft was lost!New periods of pain.Night's possibility!Nor vengeance ever comes!Of clovers and of noon!Of dawn the ancestor.Of our old neighbor, God!Of the first league out from land?Oh, find it, sir, for me!On revelation's wall.On the look of death.Or what Circassian land?Our faith to regulate.Out upon the bay.Parched the flowers they bear along.Raffle for my soul.So is liberty.Some burning noon go dry!Soundless as dots on a disk of snow.'T were blessed to have seen.Take me!Taste thine immortal wine!That darkness is about to pass.That frightened but an hour.That is the break of day.That made existence home!That passed, an hour ago.That scalds me now, that scalds me now.That we can show to-day?That will not state its sting.The fathoms they abide.The liberty to die.The most familiar guest.The opening of a door!Through Calvaries of Love!To him seems misery.To say good-by to men.Until eternity.Was large enough for me.Were toward eternity.When cancelled by the frost.Wherefore, O summer's day?Will peep, and prance again.With my granite lip!Without her diadem.Your consciousness and me.Your inference therefrom!