Walter M. Lindsay


Do You Remember

by Walter M. Lindsay

Do you remember
One who wandered at your side,
In the dusk of eventide,
Many months ago,
While the snow
Yet lingered in the valley green?

The, ember
Smoulders on the hearth, unseen,
Throughout the weary day,
When those, for whom it kindled first,
Are far away.
Thus I remember!

For thee,
The skies are calm and bright,
And to thy far-off sunset shall
Succeed a starry night.
But we shall be
Apart on life's unresting sea.

Like to an isle in Tropic seas,
For ever fair
Thy life shall stand;
While we
The storm, or Summer breeze,
Alike shall bear
Yet farther from the land,
'Till some to-morrow's dawning light
Shall glance upon the troubled wave,
And here and there reveal a spar,
Tossed high above an ocean grave.


Copyright 1856
D. Appleton And Company,
346 And 348 Broadway
New York