Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell

July 27, 1777 - June 15, 1844


Earl March look'd on his dying child ...

by Thomas Campbell


Earl March look'd on his dying child,
And smit with grief to view her --
The youth, he cried, whom I exiled,
Shall be restored to woo her.

She's at the window many an hour
His coming to discover:
And he look'd up to Ellen's bower,
And she look'd on her lover --

But ah! so pale, he knew her not,
Though her smile on him was dwelling.
And am I then forgot -- forgot? --
It broke the heart of Ellen.

In vain he weeps, in vain he sighs,
Her cheek is cold as ashes;
Nor love's own kiss shall wake those eyes
To lift their silken lashes.


The Poetical Works Of Thomas Campbell
Copyright 1866
Little, Brown, And Company, Boston