Rose Hartwick Thorpe Picture

Rose Hartwick Thorpe

July 18, 1850 - July 19, 1939


Lost At Sea

by Rose Hartwick Thorpe

I stood where the starlit heavens
Spread away over field and glen,
Like the hands of loving angels
Reaching down to the hearts of men.

And the sea, with a glow, reflected
The infinite lights above;
The quivering resplendent heavens
All smiling with peaceful love.

And the waves o'er the white sand creeping
Brought ripples of joyous glee,
As the lips of the purple heaven
Bent over to kiss the sea.

O treacherous sea! I murmured,
Restore to my arms, I pray,
The treasure I gave to your keeping
One beautiful autumn day.

A ship with its precious burden
Sailed out from my longing gaze,
Away from the peaceful harbor
In the bright October haze.

And a sweet face looking backward,
With a tear and a smile for me, --
The dearest of all my treasures
I gave to the treacherous sea.

Old Ocean, all darkly hidden
In thy secret bosom lies
The face that I fondly cherished,
The beautiful lovelit eyes.

For the ship that left the harbor
In the calm October haze
Bore its precious freight forever
Away from my longing gaze.


Ringing Ballads
Copyright 1887
D Lothrop Company,Franklin And Hawley Streets,Boston