Phoebe Carey

Sept 4, 1824 - 1871


The Poem

by Phoebe Carey

I am dreaming o'er a poem
Of affection's strength sublime,
Loved, because that once I read it
In the dear, dear olden time,
While you sat and praised my reading
Of the poet's touching rhyme.

And how often, very gently,
Did you check my cadence, when
I read the sweetest verses
Over to you once again!
I have read that blessed poem
Many, many times since then!

Then you softly closed the volume,
When I paused at the last line,
While your eyes said sweeter poems, --
Poems that were more divine;
And all Hybla sweets were clustered
On the lips that dropped to mine.

This is over now, all over, --
And 't is better thus to be;
Yet I often sit and wonder
Who is reading soft to thee,
And if any voice is sweeter
To thy heart than mine would be!


The Poems Of Phoebe Carey
Copyright 187_?
New York: Hurst And Company