Madison Julius Cawein



Before The End

by Madison Julius Cawein

How does the Autumn in her mind conclude
The tragic masque her frosty pencil writes,
Broad on the pages of the days and nights,
In burning lines of orchard, wold, and wood?
What lonelier forms -- that at the year's door stood
At spectral wait -- with wildly wasted lights
Shall enter? and with melancholy rites
Inaugurate their sadder sisterhood? --
Sorrow, who lifts a signal hand, and slow
The green leaf fevers, falling ere it dies;
Regret, whose pale lips summon, and gaunt Woe
Wakes the wild-wind harps with sonorous sighs;
And Sleep, who sits with poppied eyes and sees
The earth and sky grow dream-accessories.


The Garden Of Dreams
Copyright 1896
John P. Morton & Company, Louisville