Lydia Howard Sigourney



The Twin Babes

by Lydia Howard Sigourney

Twin rose-buds crush'd! How sad to see
Their radiant beauty fled,
And Love's most tender ministry
Unheeded round their bed,
And Sorrow's melancholy hue
Shading the spot where erst they grew.

Twin harps destroy'd! We say 't is so,
But err we not the while?
Methought I heard a cadence low
At day's departing smile,
As though an anigel stoop'd to say
Heaven's message to the sons of clay:

Twin cherubs came to our embrace,
Our white-rob'd host they join,
They gaze upon the Saviour's face,
And taste of bliss divine,
While still with voices sweetly strong
They join our everlasting song.


The Weeping Willow
Copyright 1847
Henry S. Parsons, Hartford.