John McCrae

John McCrae

Nov 30, 1872 - Jan 28, 1918



by John McCrae

I saw two sowers in Life's field at morn,
To whom came one in angel guise and said,
Is it for labour that a man is born?
Lo: I am Ease. Come ye and eat my bread!
Then gladly one forsook his task undone
And with the Tempter went his slothful way,
The other toiled until the setting sun
With stealing shadows blurred the dusty day.

Ere harvest time, upon earth's peaceful breast
Each laid him down among the unreaping dead.
Labour hath other recompense than rest,
Else were the toiler like the fool,
I said;
God meteth him not less, but rather more
Because he sowed and others reaped his store.


In Flanders Fields, And Other Poems
Copyright 1919
G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York and London